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Culture Shuts Down Fellowship of the Minds With NO Warning for Supposedly Violating ‘Terms of Service’ – Who’s Next?



(The Olive) I learned this morning that Fellowship of the Minds has been shut down by without warning for allegedly violating their “terms of service”. This writer is not at all surprised as FOTM goes against the grain questioning and exposing the dark side, meaning the progressive Democratic liberal bias that is so prevalent in the U.S. media.

First we heard that Alex Jones was banned by Apple, YouTube, Facebook, Spotify and a whole bunch of other platforms. Then this morning I learned shut down Fellowship of the Minds, a very popular blog. Then this afternoon I read a story on investigative journalist Laura Loomer being banned by Facebook. It looks like she is back on, but Facebook did remove the video of the Congress woman-to-be assaulting Laura. (At least temporarily)

It is quite clear here that the Leftist purge of non-conforming free thinkers is underway. Anyone who opposes the leftist mantra is a target. Laura Loomer was asking a Congressional candidate a question, and said future Congress woman ripped Laura’s phone right out of her hand. Physical assault by the Left is allowed, but a reporter questioning them is not. Sound like a dictatorship to you? Or how about a communist run government?

Laura Loomer cannot post a video of herself being accosted by a soon-to-be Congress woman no less – because that violates Facebook community standards, but nasty, vicious, and evil comments on her page are within Facebook’s community standards – after all Laura is a conservative and it’s open season on conservatives. Take a look:

Trending: Black Lives Matter Threatens KY Businesses: Give Us Money Or We’ll Loot Your Store

Folks this is liberal privilege run amok and then some. If you are a liberal, and therefore are automatically entitled to liberal privilege – you can:

Make vicious threats against President Trump and his family and get away with it
Pose with Trump’s severed head and call it comedy
Protest the National Anthem, our flag, and our great military
Use social media to post extremely vulgar messages about Trump
Get in a Fox News contributor’s face and throw her off the set of The View

This is merely the tip of the iceberg, but I’m sure you get the idea. Liberals can basically say and do anything they want to including threatening harm to people, attacking people physically, assassinating their character, spreading lies and innuendos, lying under oath, and committing crimes. In the political arena if you know the right people it is astounding what you can get away with. It is likely that even though Peter Strzok was fired, that will be the most serious penalty he will have to pay – despite having been one of the primary architects of letting Hillary go free, and setting in motion the attacks on Donald Trump. I could write a book on what Hillary and Bill Clinton have gotten away with. Remember – liberal privilege.

A liberal can also make outrageously stupid comments – and still remain the darling of the Democratic Party. I am of course referring to the empty-headed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Cortez said:

unemployment is low “because everyone has two jobs.”

ICE is “required to fill 34,000 beds with detainees every single night.”

a recent study found Medicare-for-all would cut health expenditures

I ask you – who in their right mind would vote for this woman? Can anyone actually be that stupid???

If you are a Conservative or express any conservative values, the rules are vastly different, you are held to a completely different standard. As a conservative, your opinion is automatically null and void. If you dare to fight back, you are immediately trashed in the media. Speaking out about your conservative beliefs not to mention fighting back against the liberal nonsense gets you banned on social media.

Tim Allen had a very successful show called Last Man Standing, ABC cancelled it because Tim Allen is an outspoken conservative, a seriously taboo sin in Hollywood. Roseanne Barr made an admittedly unwise tweet, just one, and ABC cancelled her very popular show. Yet ABC is ok with Keith Olbermann’s (ESPN star) extremely vulgar tweets about Trump. As well, the Disney Channel (parent company of ABC) features Andi Mack, a show about a teenager exploring his homosexual identity.

They came for Alex Jones and I said nothing, because I did not really care for Alex Jones Info Wars

They shut down Natural News social media sites and I said nothing, because I did not have time

They shut down Fellowship of the Minds and I said nothing, because I did not want to get involved

Then they shut down The Olive Branch Report, and there were no more conservative voices left to speak in my defense

Wake up and speak up America! After they come for those of us who write and speak on conservative issues – defending America’s freedoms – they will come for the rest of you.

Since 2013, Christian news magazine The Olive Branch Report has featured the insightful writing and reporting of Greg Holt. His writing has been featured on American Prophet, American Clarion, Eagle Rising, Capitol Hill Outsider, Sons of Liberty Media, Rev. Austin Miles, and others. Greg is also the Publisher and Editor of Inspirational Christian Blogs.


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Pro-Trump Herschel Walker Slams Pro Sports For Supporting BLM




Pro-Trump Herschel Walker Slams Pro Sports For Supporting BLM

Herschel Walker: America wake up…if we love our Country, let’s speak up, stand up and protect it!

“For the first time in a long time, I stopped in the middle of my workout because last night I saw something that really, really disturbed me. I saw a bunch of people holding a BLM sign burning the Holy Bible. Burning the flag of the United States of America, also burning a cross. And I started thinking that NFL, NBA, WNBA, MLB: is this the people you’re supporting right now? Is it the movement? Is it the organization? Because I don’t think that’s right.”

“Maybe, Washington: we cannot continue to sweep stuff underneath the rug, ’cause sooner or later we’re gonna stumble,” he continued. “People, are we being fooled?”


On Sunday, upset by the scene in Portland where leftist activists burned Bibles, former NFL star and Heisman Trophy Winner Herschel Walker called out professional sports for supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, asserting, “I don’t think that’s right.”

Walker, who graduated his high school as the valedictorian and won the Heisman Trophy in 1982 to become the only player in NCAA history to finish in the top three in Heisman voting in all three of his collegiate seasons. More

Appearing on Fox News this weekend, Walker stated of people afraid to speak out: “You have so many people today afraid to speak out because of what they’ll be labeled as. I’ve been labeled as so many names; people have called me so many names. We’re fighting for America right now. We’re fighting for America. Do not be afraid to speak out for what is right. What is right is — we don’t defund the police. Let’s be real. If you want to win a Super Bowl, you don’t take money away from your team; what you do is go out and pay players more money to get a better team … you put more money in; you don’t take money out.”

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Ignorantly Says Man Who Gave Life to Serve Lepers is a ‘White Supremacist’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently said that a Belgian Catholic saint who gave his life to care for lepers is a “white supremacist.”



The historically illiterate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently said that a Belgian Catholic saint who gave his life to care for lepers is a “white supremacist.”

In a recent video posted to Instagram, AOC belched out the claim that Hawaii’s Father Damien, a Belgium-born 19th century priest, is an evil white man even though he dedicated the last years of his life to serve a leper colony on the island of Molokai and contracted the disease and died from it himself.

“This is what patriarchy and white supremacist culture looks like! It’s not radical or crazy to understand the influence white supremacist culture has historically had in our overall culture & how it impacts the present day,” Ocasio-Cortez said of the selfless Father Damien.

“It’s not Queen Lili’uokalani of Hawaii, the only Queen Regent of Hawaii, who is immortalized and whose story is told. It is Father Damien. This isn’t to litigate each and every individual statue, but to point out the patterns that have emerged among the totality of them in who we are taught to defy in our nation’s Capitol: virtually all men, all white, and mostly both,” Ocasio-Cortez continued.

AOC truly does live the maxim, “don’t sit quietly and let people think you are a moron. Speak up and prove it.”

Father Damien, who was made a saint by the Catholic Church in 2009, gave his lie ministering to people who no one else would help.

But all leftists like Ocasio-Cortez see is their anti-white man agenda. The Belgian saint is evil merely because he is a “white colonizer.”

“Even when we select figures to tell the stories of colonized places, it is the colonizers and settlers whose stories are told – and virtually no one else,” Ocasio-Cortez screeched.

Donated to the United States by Hawaii along with the statue of King Kamehameha I, Father Damien’s tribute has stood in the U.S. Capitol since 1969.

Follow Warner Todd Huston on Facebook at:

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Trader Joe’s Decides NOT to Bow to BLM Terrorists on Eliminating Ethnic Products

Trader Joe’s has ultimately decided to eliminate plans to dump its lines of ethnic foods because of woke, BLM threats.



Trader Joe’s has ultimately decided to eliminate plans to dump its lines of ethnic foods because of woke, BLM threats.

In the third week of July, the grocery chain said it would move to cancel its foreign food products including its “Trader José’s” line for Mexican cuisine, its “Trader Ming’s” for Chinese products, and “Arabian Joe’s” for Middle Eastern dishes.

However, the company made an about face not long after it was reported that it had bowed to the woke mob.

“A few weeks ago, an online petition was launched calling on us to ‘remove racist packaging from [our] products,'” Trader Joe’s said in a statement last week. “Following were inaccurate reports that the petition prompted us to take action. We want to be clear: we disagree that any of these labels are racist. We do not make decisions based on petitions.”

Looks like the company’s initial feeling that it should bow to the mob got reversed internally.

The petition was entirely displeased with Trader Joe’s product lines.

The petition attacked Trader Joe’s itself, alleging the company was inspired by a “racist book and a controversial theme park attraction” and saying it perpetuates “exoticism.”

The company added that it does make changes in its practices, but it doesn’t bow to petitions. The company says it “make[s] decisions based on what customers purchase, as well as the feedback we receive from our customers and Crew Members.”

“We thought then — and still do — that this naming of products could be fun and show appreciation for other cultures,” the company added. “For example, we named our Mexican beer ‘Trader José Premium’ and a couple guacamole products are called ‘Avocado’s Number’ in a kitschy reference to a mathematical theory. These products have been really popular with our customers, including some budding mathematicians.”

“Trader Joe’s has been a unique, fun and neighborly place to shop for over 50 years,” the company said. “We look forward to taking care of our wonderful customers for many future decades.”

The company finally came to its senses.

Good for them.

Follow Warner Todd Huston on Facebook at:

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Virginia Military Institute Refuses to Dump Confederate Statues and Building Names

Virginia Military Institute has announced that it will not be cancelling its Confederate heritage by removing Confederate statues.



Virginia Military Institute, one of the nation’s oldest military schools, has announced that it will not be cancelling its Confederate heritage by removing statues or renaming buildings.

VMI released a seven-page letter to explain its intention to buck the left-wing agenda and retain its history.

The school is famous for its links to the U.S. Civil War. On campus are statues of Confederate General Stonewall Jackson and C.S. Colonel Francis H. Smith. There is also the New Market Monument, which honors the VMI cadets who fought for the Confederacy at the Battle of New Market.

VMI superintendent Ret. Gen. J.H. Bindford Peay III said that instead of focusing on the Civil War era, the 200-year-old school would emphasize the heroes and personalities of its second century of existence.

In the letter, Superintendent Peay said:

We do not currently intend to remove any VMI statues or rename any VMI buildings. Rather, in the future we will emphasize recognition of leaders from the Institute’s second century.We will place unvarnished context on the value and lessons to be learned from the Institute’s rich heritage, while being mindful of the nation’s challenges and sensitivities to being fair and inclusive to all. Nevertheless, this and other issues related to the Plan will be discussed in the September Board of Visitors meeting.

Peay also talked of the battlefield park that the school maintains:

The New Market Battlefield will undergo a comprehensive review with emphasis on articulating through programs and displays the unvarnished and accurate story of the Battle of New Market

Peay concluded saying:

I have listened to and learned from the input from past Superintendents and key leaders of the Institute, current and past members of the Board of Visitors, leaders in the military, politicians from all parties, alumni (young and old), cadets, faculty, and staff. I want to reiterate, I am listening and appreciate your opinions and ideas. While we may not always agree, I recognize that “civil discourse” is very important to the future of VMI. The VMI leadership Team is committed daily to improving the Institute. As always, I appreciate the passion and support and my door remains open. I look forward to working with all of you as we implement this plan. I encourage everyone to come together and work as a family to improve the Institute we all know and love so well

It is about time someone stood up to the America-hating goon squad of the left.

Follow Warner Todd Huston on Facebook at:

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Norway Flag Removed from Business Because BLM Terrorists Thought it was Confederate Flag

The moronic terrorists of Black Lives Matter threatened a Michigan bed and breakfast for flying a Norwegian flag.



The moronic terrorists of Black Lives Matter threatened a Michigan bed and breakfast for flying a Norwegian flag from its porch because the idiots thought it was a Confederate flag.

Greg and Kjersten Offbecker decided to remove from the front of their Saint Johns, Michigan, business the flag that represents their ancestry because of the threats, according to WILX-TV.

“They are the same color, but there are no stars on the Norwegian flag, and the Confederate flag is a big ‘x’ and the Norwegian flag is part of the Nordic countries, they’re all crosses,” Offbecker told the station’s reporter.

“We started to have this concern that it was deterring people away from coming to our bed and breakfast,” Offbecker continued. “That they would see it and make this judgement.”

Offbecker said the flag was meant to honor her heritage.

“What we’re getting is so much more negative now,” she said. “It’s not just, ‘hey you’re flying the Confederate flag.’ It’s, ‘you should be ashamed to fly the Confederate flag. You’re a bigot because you fly the Confederate flag.'”

Once again, we see that Democrats have no knowledge about anything. Democrats are universally stupid people thanks to our useless, anti-American schools.

Even more idiotically, some local BLM halfwits began saying that the home vintage home was built by ex-Confederates.

Morons, the house in in frikkin’ MICHIGAN!

Offbecker noted that the home was actually built by union workers for the daughter of the town’s founder.

If you are a Democrat, you are misinformed, full of lies, and dumb as a box of rocks.

Follow Warner Todd Huston on Facebook at:

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Democrat Chicago Mayor Insists Her Critics Are “Out Of Touch With Reality” As Violence Surges




Democrat Chicago Mayor Insists Her Critics Are “Out Of Touch With Reality” As Violence Surges

As Chicago violence surges, Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot insisted that her critics are “out of touch with reality” she said on an appeared on CNN.

The sad part is, she actually believes what she is saying.

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Texas: One Person Dead After Shooting At BLM Protest In Austin




A driver plowed through a crowd of Black Lives Matter demonstrators in Austin, Texas, and then shot dead an armed protester who confronted him, according to police and the NYP.

The unidentified victim was thought to have been “carrying a rifle and approached [the] suspect’s vehicle” just before 10 p.m. Saturday, Austin police spokeswoman Katrina Ratliff told reporters at the scene.

The car had sped through the crowd of protesters and slammed into an orange barrier before coming to a stop, witness Michael Capochiano told the Statesman.


AUSTIN, Texas — One person is dead after a shooting at a Black Lives Matter protest in Downtown Austin near East Sixth Street and Congress Avenue on Saturday night.

The incident happened around 9:52 p.m., according to Austin-Travis County EMS. One victim was taken to a local trauma center with critical, life-threatening injuries, ATCEMS said.

Police later said the incident was a homicide.

In a video from social media taken by journalist Hiram Gilberto, multiple gunshots could be heard at what appeared to be the same intersection where police are responding.

On Sunday morning, several candidates up for elections in November spoke out about the shooting on Twitter.

State Rep. Eddie Rodriguez, who is running for State Senate District 14 against former Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt, said in part, “Our country was built on the freedom of assembly. No one should lose their life while protesting.” More

Police give an update after a shooting at a BLM protest in Downtown Austin that left one person dead.

Police update on shooting at Downtown Austin protest

#LIVE: Police are giving an update after a shooting at a protest in Downtown Austin tonight left one person dead.📝 See more:

Posted by KVUE on Saturday, July 25, 2020

This is reportedly the guy that was shot.

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