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Watch MSM Journalist Ask Kayleigh McEnany Truly Insane Question



An MSM journalist asked Kayleigh McEnany a truly insane question: “What is the number of dead Americans that they should tolerate?”

Journalist Asks Kayleigh McEnany a Truly Insane Question

"What is the number of dead Americans that they should tolerate?"

Posted by Barracuda Brigade on Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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MS. MCENANY:  Yes.  Yeah, let me — let me get a few people in the back because I want to make sure — equal opportunity question caller.  So, yes.

Q    Kayleigh, we’re about to cross the 100,000 dead American milestone.  What would — what does the White House view as having — by Election Day, what does the White House view as the number of dead Americans, where you can say that we successfully defeated this pandemic?  Is there a number?

MS. MCENANY:  Yeah, you know, every loss of life counts.  We say 100,000, but like the President says, you know, one death is something to be mourned.  These 100,000 individuals have a face.  The President takes this very seriously.  It’s why he lowered the flag to half-staff for three days, to remember these men and women.

I think, you know, Dr. Birx said it best when she said that in their estimates they had anywhere between 1.5 and 2.2 million people in the U.S. succumbing to the virus if we didn’t shut down the economy.  The President made the very hard choice of shutting down the economy, so we avoided that extraordinary number.

Every — one death is too many.  We never want to see a single individual lose their life.  But that being said, to be under, significantly, that high mark shows that the President did everything in his power and helped to make this number as low as humanly possible.

Q    When Americans — when voters go to the polls in November, and they want to judge the President on his response to this pandemic, what is the number of dead Americans that they should tolerate as have — and where they can argue that, yes, he successfully defeated the pandemic?

MS. MCENANY:  I think, you know, you’re asking the wrong question.  The right question is where did —

Q    Well, no, no —

MS. MCENANY:  — where did the data —

Q    — that’s the question I want to ask, Kayleigh.  So please don’t tell me —

MS. MCENANY:  Where did —

Q    — whether I’m asking the right or wrong question.

MS. MCENANY:  And I answered your question once, but if you ask it twice, it doesn’t make it any better of a question.  So I’ll respond in kind.  I’ve given you one answer, and I’ll continue to extrapolate upon that: that he always listened to the science.  The President — when Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx said, “You need to shut down the economy,” that was hard for the President.  You know, in a typical year 120,000 people die of suicide and drug overdose.  That’s in a typical year.

And doctors have said, when you shut down an economy for an extended period of time, that number gets greater.  People don’t show up for their cancer diagnoses.  There are a litany of results when you close down an economy.  But closing down the economy for this amount of time kept us far below the 2.2 million number.

As we start to reopen, we keep in mind the people who are missing their screening appointments, the people who are not — who are succumbing to suicide and drug overdose because of economic hardship.  This President made the right choice.  It was a delicate balance, and he did it exactly as he should, guided by data, and we are far below 2.2 million dead Americans because of the actions of President Trump.


Q    Hi.  I have — I’m going to read something really quickly.  Timothy Klausutis wrote, quote, “Conspiracy theorists, including most recently the President of the United States, continue to spread their vile and misinformation on the platform, disparaging the memory of my wife.”  Why won’t the President give this widower peace, and stop tweeting about this conspiracy theory involving his wife?  Why won’t — why can’t this widower get peace from the President?

MS. MCENANY:  I’ve already asked and answered this question, and our hearts are —

Q    You did not.  You did not ask and answer this question.

MS. MCENANY:  — our hearts are with — our hearts are with Lori.  And I think I’ll — the onus is on Joe Scarborough to explain —

Q    The onus is on the President.  The widower is talking specifically about the President.

MS. MCENANY:  — his interaction with Don Imus and his laughing on this very matter on Don Imus’s show.


Q    But the widower — the widower —

Q    Hey, Kayleigh.  So, going back to the FISA Courts and the FISA warrants —

Q    Excuse me, the widower is talking specifically about the President.  Are you not going to answer that?

Q    — with regards to ex-CIA chief, John Brennan: How far or how willing are you able to go forward and say that he lied to the FBI or obstructed justice in the process of discussing Russian collusion and the Trump family?

And on that note, we now have new information showing that Obama himself used foreign intelligence to actually request surveillance on the 5th and 26th floor of Trump Towers.  So to what extent was John Brennan behind that?  To what extent can you share with us what you know?

MS. MCENANY:  Yeah, John Brennan, of all of the — I’ll call them bad actors, because indeed they were — of the Obama administration, John Brennan probably has the most to answer, because it was John Brennan who sat before Congress and said the Steele dossier — paid for by Hillary Clinton, paid for by the DNC — that that document played no part of the role in opening the Russia probe, when, in fact, we know it did; when, in fact, we know it was the impetus.  And testified before a FISA Court for its truthfulness to spy on the Trump campaign.

So John Brennan, of all people, probably has more to answer.  So too do Samantha Power and Susan Rice and these individuals who had admitted under oath that they, in fact, spoke to foreign leaders and representatives of foreign leaders during their transition, but yet somehow, during the Trump transition, that was uncalled for; what has been done all throughout history was uncalled for and meriting unmasking and meriting cornering General — Lieutenant General Michael Flynn.

All of these people have really legitimate questions to answer.  I think we’re slowly getting to the bottom of this, but it’s a real travesty and really one of the biggest political scandals in modern history.


Q    Thank you, Kayleigh.  It’s about the G7 Summit.  So the area still has a very high number of cases.  Prime Minister Trudeau spoke yesterday with Chancellor Merkel and President Macron.  Is the President still confident of being able to organize the event in, like, three weeks?  It’d be three weeks from now, if we stick to the date.

MS. MCENANY:  Yeah, it’s a really great question and an important one because the G7 — the President wants to see this take place.  As America reopens, as we try to approach a place of normalcy where people go back to work, where people do recreational activities but socially distance while they do it, the President thinks no greater example of reopening in this transition to greatness would be the G7, and G7 happening here and happening probably more towards the end of June.

Robert O’Brien, I believe it was, was asked about this, this weekend.  And Robert O’Brien said that he’s getting a great reception from world leaders who are asked about coming.  We will protect world leaders who come here, just like we protect people in the White House.

So we want to see it happen.  We think it will happen.  And, so far, foreign leaders are very much on board with the idea.

Q    So it will be last week of June and here in D.C. or at Camp David?

MS. MCENANY:  I don’t know if it will be the last week of June, but towards the end of June.  And the goal for it is for it to be here at the White House.


Q    Right.  So after the lowering of the flags this past weekend, does the President have any other plans in the works to honor the victims of the virus?  And —

MS. MCENANY:  Yeah, I think he’s — oh, go ahead.

Q    Sorry.  And a larger question is: Does he see his role as mourner-in-chief, in some way, which would be the traditional role of President?

MS. MCENANY:  Yeah, I think he takes that, that responsibility, very seriously.  He said that this is the hardest part of his presidency — going through this pandemic.  He says so many times that he thinks about many of his friends — some of his friends, I should say — who have perished because of this disease.  It’s real to him.  It’s personal to him.  It’s why he says, you know, one death is too many.  And he thinks about it all of the time.

So he does see his role as that — comforting the nation, but reopening the country, giving the country hope at this time as we look forward to going back to work and resuming our lives, although in a new reality with new CDC guidelines.

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CDC ‘Accidentally’ Put Out False Info Saying COVID Spreads in Air Farther Than Six Feet

The Centers for Disease Control admitted on Monday that it had put out false information on its website saying that the coronavirus can spread through the air.



The Centers for Disease Control admitted on Monday that it had put out false information on its website saying that the coronavirus can spread through the air farther than the previously accepted six-foot range.

The CDC insisted that it was an “accident” that its website was updated to include the false information on the previous Friday, according to CNBC.

The incorrect information stated that the virus could spread farther than six feet and recommended that people use air purifiers indoors to reduce airborne germs.

But less than 72 hours later, the CDC was saying that its update was all wrong.

“A draft version of proposed changes to these recommendations was posted in error to the agency’s official website,” the CDC said Monday.

“CDC is currently updating its recommendations regarding airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19). Once this process has been completed, the update language will be posted,” the agency added.

The World Health Organization had become confused by the website update and contacted the CDC for clarification.

“The WHO had not seen any ‘new evidence’ on airborne particles and was checking with the CDC to “better understand” the exact nature of the change, Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO’s health emergencies program, said during a news conference at the agency’s Geneva headquarters,” CNBC reported.

There is still no widely accepted evidence, even among the hysterical CDC, that COVID-19 can be spread easily through the air.

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University Suspends Professor Who Said She Hopes Trump Voters Die of Coronavirus

A Marshall University professor has been suspended for saying in a video rant that she hopes Trump’s voters die of the coronavirus.



A Marshall University professor has been suspended for saying in a video rant that she hopes Trump’s voters die of the coronavirus before the Nov. 3 General Election.

Professor Jennifer Mosher, who is reportedly a College of Science assistant professor at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia, went on a rant in a video that went viral.

During an e-learning session on the biology of the Wuhan virus, Mosher’s dander was raised by people who refuse to wear masks during this era of coronavirus “pandemic.”

“I think yesterday he held one inside, no one wore a mask. And I’ve become the type of person where I hope they all get it and die,” she said.

“I’m sorry but I am so frustrated, and I don’t know what else to do. I, you can’t argue with and you can’t talk sense into them. I said to somebody yesterday, I hope they all die before the election. That’s the only, that’s the only saving hope I have right now,” Mosher added.

“Definitely bootlickers,” she exclaimed.

“Anyhow, OK, I’m gonna stop talking politics,” Mosher suddenly said, “because I really should not be talking politics in here.”

She should have started from that last sentiment! Because now she has been suspended for her ignorant rant.

The university released a statement on Friday saying Mosher was removed from her classroom duties while they investigate the matter.

“Marshall University this morning announced it is aware of an overtly political statement made by a faculty member in a recent virtual classroom session and widely circulated on social media,” read the statement.

“The university does not support or condone the use of any of its educational platforms to belittle people or wish harm on those who hold differing political views,” the statement continued. “The professor was removed from the classroom yesterday and is on administrative leave, pending an investigation.”

Let’s hope she is fired and never teaches again.

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Federal Judge Rules that Pennsylvania Gov. Wolf’s Coronavirus Policies are Unconstitutional



A federal judge has dealt Pennsylvania Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf a blow by ruling that his coronavirus policies are unconstitutional.

In his 66-page decision, U.S. District Judge William S. Stickman IV said that Wolf’s policies violated the First Amendment right to freedom of religion, as well as the 14th Amendment.

Thomas W. King III, who represented the plaintiffs in the case, was thrilled by the win. “It’s a complete and total victory for the counties, the businesses and the representatives,” King said, adding, “You can’t order the entire population of Pennsylvania to stay at home.”

President Trump also celebrated the ruling with a tweet reading, “Congratulations Pennsylvania. Now we await the decision on the Rigged Ballot Scam, which is so bad for our Country!”

A spokesperson for the left-wing gov. said that they were disappointed in the decision.

Per TribLive:

The plaintiffs in the case included seven businesses and their owners, U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Butler, state Reps. Daryl Metcalfe, Marci Mustello and Tim Bonner, as well as Butler, Fayette, Greene and Washington counties. The businesses included three hair salons, an appliance store, a farm and two drive-in theaters.

The complaint was filed May 7, arguing that the governor’s orders — limiting the size of gatherings, the stay-at-home order and the closure of non-life-sustaining businesses — were unconstitutional.

The judge did not ascribe any ill-will on behalf of the gov., saying that he “believes that defendants undertook their actions in a well-intentioned effort to protect Pennsylvanians from the virus. However, good intentions toward a laudable end are not alone enough to uphold governmental action against a constitutional challenge.”

Judge Stickman added that “even a vigilant public may let down its guard over its constitutional liberties only to find that liberties, once relinquished, are hard to recoup and that restrictions — while expedient in the face of an emergency situation — may persist long after immediate danger has passed.”

“There is no question that this country has faced, and will face, emergencies of every sort,” Stickman added. “But the solution to a national crisis can never be permitted to supersede the commitment to individual liberty that stands as the foundation of the American experiment.”

Stickman added that the COVID crisis is certainly unprecedented.

“Never before has the government taken a direct action which shuttered so many businesses and sidelined so many employees and rendered their ability to operate, and to work, solely dependent on government discretion,” he said.

“A total shutdown of a business with no end-date and the specter of additional, future shutdowns can cause critical damage to a business’s ability to survive, to an employee’s ability to support him/herself, and adds a government-induced cloud of uncertainty to the usual unpredictability of nature and life,” the judge wrote.

Well, looks like a judge making sense at last.

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Chinese Virologist Confirms that Coronavirus Was Weaponized by Chinese Government

A Chinese virologist who defected to the west has confirmed that the coronavirus was altered by Chinese scientists and purposefully loosed on the world.



A Chinese virologist who defected to the west has confirmed that the coronavirus was altered by Chinese scientists and purposefully loosed on the world.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a former virologist in Chinese-controlled Hong Kong, recently appeared on the British TV show, Loose Women, and spoke about her knowledge of the Chinese Wuhan virus.

Yan claimed that the virus was altered by Chinese scientists and that the claim that the virus mutated in a Chinese wet market is nonsense.

“It comes from the lab— the lab in Wuhan and the lab is controlled by China’s government,” Yan told the show’s hosts.

Yan holds both an MD and a PhD and said she got her information straight from China’s own health services.

The Dr. said that she will soon publish all her information soon. But she added that the evidence is clear just looking at the virus.

“The genome sequence is like our human fingerprint,” Yan said of the evidence. “So, based on this you can identify these things. I use the evidence … to tell people why this has come from the lab in China, why they are the only ones who made it.”

“Everyone, even if you have no biology knowledge, you can read it, and you can check and identify and verify by yourself,” she continued. “This is the critical thing for us to know the origin of the virus. If not, we cannot overcome it — it will be life-threatening for everyone alive.”

Yan has noted that she left Hong Kong because she began to worry that she knew too much and feared being “disappeared” by Chinese authorities.

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Media Lies Again: Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Was NOT a ‘COVID Superspreader’

The media proclaimed the 2020 motorcycle event in Sturgis, South Dakota, a “COVID superspreader” since last month. Now we know that the claims are false.



The media has been proclaiming the 2020 motorcycle event in Sturgis, South Dakota a “COVID superspreader” since it occurred last month. Now we know that the claims are false.

The rally has been held since 1938 and has an 82-year history of annual gatherings (except for 1942 and 1944 when WWII saw strict gasoline rationing). So, the organizers weren’t about to let something as absurd as the coronavirus keep them from meeting.

But since before the event occurred, liberals have been attacking the Sturgis event by calling it a “superspreader” of COVID. And after the rally finished on August 16, the media dredged up the claim that more than half of the 460,000 participants contracted the virus.

Now we know for a fact that this claim is a lie.

The lie was spread by a “study” that was so flawed that no legitimate science outlet would publish it.

Per PJMedia:

In a report titled “IZA DP No. 13670: The Contagion Externality of a Superspreading Event: The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and COVID-19,” claimed that “large crowds, coupled with minimal mask-wearing and social distancing by attendees” turned the rally into a “superspreader” infecting 260,000 people.

Authors Dhaval M. Dave, Andrew I. Friedson, Drew McNichols, and Joseph J. Sabia concluded that “the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally generated public health costs of approximately $12.2 billion.”

The public health risks of Sturgis were so rigorously studied by the authors that “no medical journal would touch it,” as bestselling author and public health writer Alex Berenson noted on Tuesday. Instead, the report was posted on the website of the obscure Insitute of Labor Economics, a leftwing German thinktank.

Naturally, the media gobbled it up and regurgitated it as if it were fact.

But to date less than 30 people have been said to have contracted COVID from attending the rally.

And weeks later, one man who attended the biker event is said to have died from COVID, though he had other conditions pre-existing.

This week, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem slammed the fake study.

“This report isn’t science; it’s fiction. Under the guise of academic research, this report is nothing short of an attack on those who exercised their personal freedom to attend Sturgis. Predictably, some in the media breathlessly report on this non-peer reviewed model, built on incredibly faulty assumptions that do not reflect the actual facts and data here in South Dakota,” she said.

“At one point, academic modeling also told us that South Dakota would have 10,000 COVID patients in the hospital at our peak. Today, we have less than 70. I look forward to good journalists, credible academics, and honest citizens repudiating this nonsense,” she added.

The study led the media to claim there would at least be hundreds, if not thousands of dead due to the rally. They ended up with less than 30 cases and one already sick man dead.

And yet, no media outlets are retracting their lies.

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BIAS: In Jan. Media Slammed Trump for Causing COVID Panic, Today They Ding Him for ‘Downplaying’ It

The current media claim that Trump somehow downplayed the coronavirus threat is directly opposite to their accusation that he over hyped in only eight months ago.



The current media claim that Trump somehow downplayed the coronavirus threat is directly opposite to their accusation that he over hyped in only eight months ago.

This new Trump “gotcha” is a perfect example of how the media lies.

You may recall that in January, the media and the Democrats were attacking President Trump for causing panic and over hyping the threat of the coronavirus.

For instance, on January 31, 2020, the Washington Post excoriated Trump for over hyping the threat of the coronavirus. The paper attacked the president saying he had “dramatically escalated” his “response to the fast-spreading coronavirus epidemic by announcing quarantines and major travel restrictions that officials said were meant to limit contagion.”

Trump then restricted travel from China where the virus originated.

The Democrats called those moves an example of Trump stoking “hysteria.”

Later that month, Biden called the travel ban an example of Trump’s “hysteria, xenophobia and fear-mongering.” Bernie Sanders said that Trump was obviously “Xenophobic” because of the ban. And a few weeks later, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called Trump a racist and urged people to visit San Francisco’s Chinatown area because the virus was no threat to public life.

Those are only a very few examples. There are many more.

But today, the media and the Democrats are taking the exact opposite tract. Where in January and February they were screeching that Trump was causing panic and over hyping the virus, today they are saying he downplayed the virus and “lied to America.”

This week, the Post went on the attack saying:

At that time, Trump was telling the nation that the virus was no worse than a seasonal flu, predicting it would soon disappear and insisting that the U.S. government had it totally under control. It would be several weeks before he would publicly acknowledge that the virus was no ordinary flu and that it could be transmitted through the air

So, they want it both ways. And they have been lying since the beginning.

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Dr. Anthony Fauci Denies Media’s Claim that Donald Trump ‘Distorted’ Coronavirus

Dr. Anthony Fauci, doused the left’s fire by saying that he does not think the president “distorted” anything Fauci said about the virus



The left’s favorite coronavirus expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, doused the left’s fire by saying that he does not think the president “distorted” anything Fauci said about the virus as the media tries yet another “gotcha” to destroy Trump ahead of the November elections.

Fauci denied the left’s latest accusations that Trump misled the nation about the coronavirus telling Fox News, “I don’t recall anything that was any gross distortion in things that I spoke to him about.”

On Wednesday, aging “journalist” Bob Woodward claimed that Trump downplayed the threat of the coronavirus pandemic to prevent the public from panicking.

Woodward makes the claims in his new book, Rage.

Minutes after the excerpt was made public, the media began accusing Trump of “intentionally misleading” Americans about the virus.

As Breitbart News reports, Fauci threw cold water on that claim:

But Fauci, who is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told Fox News later: “I don’t think [Trump] ever distorted things that I spoke to him about.”

Referring to Trump’s coronavirus press briefings, Fauci said, “I don’t think he said much different than what we said [to him] when we were in the Oval Office.”

In public statements about the coronavirus pandemic, going all the way back to January, Trump took a very optimistic view — arguably, an overly optimistic one.

But he also frequently mentioned the fact that the virus could pose a risk to the country.

On January 30, 2020, for example, Trump told a rally in Des Moines, Iowa…

At the rally Trump said:

Hopefully everything’s going to be great. They have somewhat of a problem, but hopefully it’s all going to be great. But, we’re working with China just so you know, and other countries very, very closely, so it doesn’t get out of hand, but it’s something that we have to be very, very careful with, right? We have to be very careful.

The very next day, Trump restricted travel from China, the home of the virus.

Once again, the media is lying to you, America.

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