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VIDEO: Woman in Miami Gets the Better of TSA While Stripping Through Airport

The video has to be seen to be believed.



In airports throughout the nation, a menagerie of blue-shirted goons have been groping the American public for decades, and it has created a kind of prison-planet psychosis among Americans.

When we enter the airport, often in good spirits and on our way to some tropical destination, we are soon knocked back into a sad reality:  In order to travel by air in America, you must subject yourself to unwarranted x-rays, groping, and invasive searches, all conducted by the scourge known as the Transportation Security Administration, or TSA.

The TSA sure sounds like an official and efficient piece of the law enforcement puzzle, but they certainly haven’t earned the clout that other three-letter agencies maintain.  No, these agents are not of that caliber, and their job is not security; it’s security theater.

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Now, perhaps as a result of this bizarre and uncomfortable ritual abuse we face when traveling, one woman seems to have just snapped at the Miami Airport.

A woman walking through the baggage claim area of Miami International Airport while casually removing all of her clothes is now in custody for a mental evaluation.

It was just before midnight when stunned passengers spotted the woman walking by in her dark blue underwear.

Cellphone video shows the woman appears to be singing as she calmly takes off her clothes while walking through the area.

Eventually, she is nude in the middle of the airport.

Moments later, video shows her on top of a police car near the airport exit. She jumps off in traffic and runs over to a waiting police officer who takes her into custody.

The video is simply wild.

And, it should be noted, this clearly troubled young woman was not helped or attended to by a TSA agent.

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Disgraceful! Troy Aikman And Joe Buck BUSTED Mocking The U.S. Military On Hot Mic




Disgraceful! Troy Aikman And Joe Buck BUSTED Mocking The U.S. Military On Hot Mic

Fox Sports’ top NFL broadcast team Troy Aikman and Joe Buck mocked military flyovers before Sunday’s Packers-Buccaneers broadcast, calling them a wasteful exercise that a Kamala/Biden ticket wouldn’t do.

TROY AIKMAN: That’s a lot of jet fuel just to do a little flyover.
BUCK: That’s your hard-earned money and your tax dollars at work!
AIKMAN: That stuff ain’t happening with [a] Kamala-Biden ticket. I’ll tell you that right now, partner.

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WATCH: Corrections Officer Seen on Video Mocking and Imitating George Floyd’s Death

This behavior has no place in the United States of America.



America is changing, and rapidly, thanks to the pure and unadulterated rage that ensued after the brutal death of George Floyd.

Floyd was killed during a police interaction in which former officer Derek Chauvin of the Minneapolis police department knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes, with Floyd appearing to have succumbed to asphyxiation minutes before Chauvin relented.

Video of the incident was soon being passed around online, and the sheer horror of it was enough to prompt decent Americans into action.

But, then again, there are some who walk among us who aren’t decent, as evidenced by a disgusting display in New Jersey.

A group of white men seen mocking George Floyd’s death as Black Lives Matter protesters passed by included a corrections officer in South Jersey, officials confirmed to NBC10.

A man – whose identity has not been verified – was seen kneeling on another man laying down along Delsea Drive as a group marched past in Franklin Township on Monday. Another man with the group filmed the others.

The NJ Department of Corrections said in a statement that one of the men involved was a corrections officer at Bayside State Prison.

Two of the men in the video found themselves suddenly in employment limbo after the incident.

“We have been made aware that one of our officers from Bayside State Prison participated in the filming of a hateful and disappointing video that mocked the killing of George Floyd,” an NJ Department of Corrections statement said. That person, who the statement did not identify, has been suspended and banned while the agency investigates.

FedEx told Memphis, Tennessee, NBC affiliate WMC-TV late Tuesday that another person involved in the counter protest is no longer employed by the logistics company. FedEx said “we do not tolerate the kind of appalling and offensive behavior depicted in this video.”

The unsightly sight is below, if you can stomach it.

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Iran Hits Its Own Warship With Missile, Killing 19




An Iranian warship was sunk by a missile in a friendly-fire incident during a training exercise in the Gulf of Oman that struck a support vessel near its target, killing 19 Iranian sailors and wounding 15.

“#Iran’s Military now confirms Navy accident killing 19 and injured 15 of its sailors,” tweeted Joyce Karam, a Washington-based correspondent for the United Arab Emirates news outlet, The National. “Iranian Missile hit by mistake an Iranian ship in Gulf of Oman.”


At least 19 Iranian Navy personnel are dead and 15 more injured after the warship “Konarak” was struck by Iran’s own missile near Jask Port in southern Iran.

Iran’s official Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) confirmed the 19 deaths and 15 injuries in a report Monday.

IRNA revised the casualty toll after it initially reported 16 personnel had been hospitalized with injuries following the accident, including one person who later died, three who were soon released, and 12 who remain hospitalized.

The IRNA reports noted the accident occurred during a training exercise, but did not mention any friendly fire accident.

“Expert investigations are underway about the cause of the incident,” the IRNA reported, asking everyone to avoid raising speculations.

The Associated Press later reported, citing a later state TV segment, that the Konarak was struck during what was indeed a friendly fire accident. The accident occurred during a missile training exercise in the Gulf of Oman when the vessel reportedly ventured too close to a target. The Konarak was in charge of placing targets out in the water for the anti-ship-missile training when it was struck. More

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VIDEO: Tesla’s ‘Cybertruck’ Release Tainted by Botched ‘Bulletproof’ Glass Demonstration

Today, Tesla, (the car company), released their Cybertruck – a futurist utility vehicle that was equal parts Delorean and Lamborghini, with perhaps a dash of Tonka Truck thrown in for the sake of Musk’s manufactured eccentricity.



Elon Musk is a bit of a character, that’s for sure.

He’s a man who, at every turn, seems to channel his inner-Nikola Tesla – quite blatantly in the naming of his car company – but also a bit more subtly through his enthusiasm for conjuring his own mythos.  Tesla, the man, was eccentric and odd, and so Musk puts on that mask when he can, attempting to glean something from the behavior that might help him to truly unlock the Nikola narrative.

But it doesn’t work that way.  Tesla’s eccentricities were a product of his genius, not the other way around, and Musk’s frantic character development just feels forced.

Today, Tesla, (the car company), released their Cybertruck – a futurist utility vehicle that was equal parts Delorean and Lamborghini, with perhaps a dash of Tonka Truck thrown in for the sake of Musk’s manufactured mania.

Also, as has become a staple of Elon’s eccentricity, the truck was over-built – including what was advertised as “bulletproof glass”.

Turns out that this was perhaps a feature to be added after launch.

You see those wholes in the “bulletproof” windows?  A metal ball thrown with the gusto of a pre-teen little leaguer created them.

I’ve seen more heat in tee ball.

Surely, Musk will get the window issued fixed before these angular activity pods hit the streets, but will he do anything to repair how they look?


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Total Devastation As Monster Hurricane Dorian Destroys Everything In Its Path

Florida is on the knife’s edge of Dorian’s track.



Monster Hurricane Dorian made landfall in Elbow Cay in The Bahamas at 12:40 pm EDT Sunday with 185 mph winds, gusting to 220 mph, making it the strongest land-falling Atlantic hurricane on record.

Typically hurricanes move at around 10-15 mph. The front side of the eye of the storm is much smaller than the backside, especially with Dorian. Hurricane force winds extend 40-60 miles on front side and 70-100 backside moving at around 5mph. It was moving 10mph around 9am. Then it started slowing. Winds went from 170 to 185 sustained. It’s the fastest winds in recorded history and slowest moving Category 5 in history. Some say ‘Total destruction. Biblical proportions.”

Here is what we know so far:

  • Hurricane Dorian is a Category 5. Unlike Hurricane Andrew in 1992 that was 30 miles wide, 174mph, Dorian is much wider at 60 miles wide, 185-220mph and moving slowly at around 5-8mph.
  • At 5mph this storm will deliver hurricane force winds for 30 hours. It is expected to slow to 4mph overnight.
  • Marsh Harbor is destroyed along with many other areas.
    • “Storm Chaser Josh Morgerman of is in Marsh Harbor on Great Abaco Island, and reported via Twitter at 11:15 am Sunday: “978 mb & falling fast. Just outside eyewall, but winds damaging. Holed up with six others in concrete room with chairs against the door.” At 11:40 am, he reported: “Pounding. CRASHING. Boards prying off windows. We’re moving children to a safe space, wrapping them in blankets. 969 mb.”
  • Grand Bahamas could be completely destroyed. Dorian may wobble enough to the northwest to prevent Grand Bahama Island from receiving such a long pounding, but that island is still likely to experience extreme damage.
  • Palm Beach (including Mar-A-Lago) have been issued a mandatory evacuation order.
  • Dorian will now be the most powerful hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean to date.

As reported by the Associated Press:

Hurricane Dorian struck the northern Bahamas on Sunday as a catastrophic Category 5 storm, its record 185 mph winds ripping off roofs, overturning cars and tearing down power lines as hundreds hunkered in schools, churches and shelters.

Dorian slammed into Elbow Cay in the Abaco Islands at 12:40 p.m., and then made a second landfall near Marsh Harbour on Great Abaco Island at 2 p.m., after authorities made last-minute pleas for those in low-lying areas to evacuate.

“It’s devastating,” said Joy Jibrilu, director general of the Bahamas’ Ministry of Tourism and Aviation. “There has been huge damage to property and infrastructure. Luckily, no loss of life reported.”

With its maximum sustained winds of 185 mph (295 kph) and gusts up to 220 mph , Dorian tied the record for the most powerful Atlantic hurricane ever to come ashore, equaling the Labor Day hurricane of 1935, before the storms were named.

Please stay weather aware if you are in the path of this storm.

Local  10 News is reporting non-stop and doing a great job.

More Videos Coming in on social media by the second.



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Omar Demands United Nations Intervene In The Immigration Crisis

Before Omar made those remarks she suggested without evidence that the United States government was arresting and deporting illegal aliens because they were poor.




Omar Demands United Nations Intervene In The Immigration Crisis

Rep. Ilhan Omar demanded that the UN handle the migration crisis at our southern border.

“We should do what any other country does, by dealing with this situation in a serious way. So we have to bring in the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees – an agency that has the expertise and the training to handle massive flows of refugees humanely.”


Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) demanded this week that the United States bring in the United Nations to handle the border crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border, a move that would undermine the United States’ national sovereignty.

Omar made the remarks on Tuesday while speaking to her constituents during an immigration forum in south Minneapolis.

Omar, who was accused this week of having an affair with a married man, lectured the audience about losing the “moral high ground” on the issue of immigration.

“We should do what any other country does by dealing with this situation in a serious way,” Omar said. “So, we have to bring in the United Nations high commissioner on refugees, an agency that has the expertise and the training to handle massive flows of refugees humanely.”

Before Omar made those remarks she suggested without evidence that the United States government was arresting and deporting illegal aliens because they were poor. More

Here’s a longer clip from Fox News:

We don’t need the United Nations to handle anything. Six months ago Democrats said there was no crisis at our border, that president Trump made it up. What we do need is for Democrats to stop interfering with the process of protecting our border.

If she doesn’t like how our country is operated, then she should probably go back to where she came from.

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AOC Warns That ‘Diseases Could Escape’ From Melting Glaciers

Please keep in mind she has a following that believes every word she says.




AOC Warns That ‘Diseases Could Escape’ From Melting Glaciers

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez frets about glaciers melting and exposing humans to diseases tens of thousands of years old.

If AOC is so worried about diseases from years ago from glaciers when she should be worried about the diseases that are running rampant on the streets of California right now. Like Typhus and the Bubonic plague. Those should be more concerning. Clean up the homeless mess off the streets!


Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told fans on a live stream Tuesday that if climate change isn’t stopped, glaciers could melt and expose humans to diseases tens of thousands of years old.

“There are a lot of diseases that are frozen in some of these glaciers that scientists fear that there is a potential that a lot of diseases could escape these melted glaciers,” Ocasio-Cortez said on Instagram Live.

“Things that were frozen for thousands of years, and that they’re going to get into our water, and that humans could contract them, and they’re going to be diseases that are thousands of years old that have vectors that we are not prepared for, that we have never seen. Um…and so that’s a concern… Even if there are no diseases frozen at all in these glaciers, you have diseases that are spread by mosquitoes, and now mosquitoes are starting to fly further north that carry diseases like malaria, and a whole slew of other things.” More

She’s so worried about glaciers but has no concern for Liberal run cities teeming with human feces, rats, fleas, and used needles.

Oh, there’s so much more:

AOC and her socialist agenda are an ancient disease.

While her stupidity is humorous at times, please keep in mind she has a following that believes every word she says.

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