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Venezuelan Socialist Admits Only Way to Maintain Control is to Take All the Guns

Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro admits that the best way to keep people enslaved to government is to make sure no citizen can own a gun.



Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro admits that the best way to keep people enslaved to the government is to make sure no citizen can have a privately-owned gun.

Indeed, one of the ways that Maduro has been able to destroy what was once one of the richest nations in South America is to control who is allowed to have guns.

Maduro has organized what he calls his “Bolivarian Militias,” groups of thugs he arms and allows special privileges while the common citizens are left disarmed, poor, and starving.

And now Maduro has announced his plan to expand that illicit force to an incredible four million thugs bent to his will.

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The failed nation’s previous dictator, Hugh Chavez, formally disarmed the populace in 2012 and since Maduro came to power, he has organized 3.3 million thugs into his “Bolivarian Militias.”

He likes these militias because they are armed well enough to beat down the population, but not so well armed that he can’t take them out with the military forces he controls.

Last week, Maduro celebrated his militias.

Per Breitbart News:

“We have made advances,” he told a crowd at an event in which thousands of members of the guerrilla Maduro is calling the “National Bolivarian Militia” swore fealty to Maduro. “3 million, 300,000 militiamen and militiawomen and now the goal for the year 2020 is 4 million nationwide. According to Maduro, the over 3 million armed socialists are divided among over 14,000 “popular” bases, meaning informal gang cells, one for every school in the country, as well as another set of gangs known a the “Popular Groups for Integral Defense” (APDI). The rest are divided into nearly 64,000 popular “units,” which are different from the groups in that they terrorize Venezuelan civilians block by block, rather than being divided by church parishes like the APDI.

Thousands of roving, deadly socialist gangs threatening dissidents nationwide who have no legal right to own a weapon “is only possible in participative and protagonistic democracy,” Maduro proclaimed.

Maduro swore the socialists into the militia with an oath that reads in part, “I swear … I will be loyal to the dream of the liberators, the sword of Simón Bolívar, the legacy of Hugo Chávez.” The oath does require the fighters to be loyal to the armed forces, which tethers them nominally to the legitimate military of the nation.

This is exactly what Democrats want here in the U.S.A. They want us all disarmed so they can fully control all of us without fear of opposition.

Democrats are no different than Maduro.

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