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University of Texas Athletes Demanding School’s Entire History Be Wiped Out

In fealty to the dangerous Black Lives Matter terrorists, black student athletes at the University of Texas are demanding that the school’s entire history be re-written.



In fealty to the dangerous Black Lives Matter terrorists, black student athletes at the University of Texas are demanding that the school’s entire history be re-written.

These leftist students are Soviet-like attempting to whitewash the school’s 137 years of history to satisfy the fascist BLM movement.

Firstly, these fascist students want to force the school to re-write or eliminate the school song, The Eyes of Texas.

They are also demanding that all the school’s buildings be re-named to satisfy BLM activists, according to ESPN.

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The athletes also said they would continue practicing and participating in team activities but “will not be participating in the recruitment of incoming players or other alumni events,” until the changes are made.

“The recent events across the country regarding racial injustice have brought to light the systemic racism that has always been prevalent in our country as well as the racism that has historically plagued our campus,” a statement from some of these infant tyros states.


Among their requests are the renaming of four campus buildings that are named after Confederate or racist figures; more diverse statues by people of color; a permanent black athletic history in the school’s athletics Hall of Honor; and the renaming of part of Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium after Julius Whittier, the Longhorns’ first black player.

The school song, The Eyes of Texas, is played before and after every Texas Longhorns football game. But recently, the song has been under increased scrutiny because of its first performance in a minstrel show, which featured several blackface performances, in 1903.

School administrations said they were aware of the demands, but they did not respond directly to them.

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Left-Wing Writer Wishes Death by Coronavirus on Trump Aide Stephen Miller

A lwriter for a site popular with liberals disgorged a hateful post last Friday where she wished death on Trump aide Stephen Miller.



A left-wing writer for a site popular with liberals disgorged a hateful post last Friday where she wished death on Trump aide Stephen Miller.

Extremist writer Molly Osberg of the radical, LGBTQ hateblog Jezebel didn’t dance around her death threats. Indeed she brazenly titled her post, “I Will Personally Be Thrilled If Stephen Miller Dies of Covid-19.”

Now, before we get any more into what this Osberg cretin wrote, we must point out that any conservative who had written a post hoping for someone’s death, well, that writer would instantly be fired. Such a person may even find his career as a writer at an end for such hate.

Also, such hate if spewed by a writer from the right, it would become national news.

But, when a liberal does it, not a word is spoken about it by the usual suspects.

In any case, leftist writer Osberg was writing about how a member of Vice President Mike Pence’s staff had tested positive for COVID-19. That person was Katie Miller.

Osberg continues:

Katie’s husband, of course, is Stephen Miller, the architect of the White House’s arcane immigration policy. The two married earlier this year. Trump is close enough to the couple to have attended the wedding. And while I am generally loathe to wish physical harm on those I disagree with, and while I do wish Katie a speedy recovery, I’m comfortable shedding whatever objectivity I have here to say I desperately hope Stephen Miller contracts covid-19.

What a disgusting woman.

Senator Ted Cruz took a swipe at this creep:

Lots of others did, too. And after the backlash, Osberg took to Twitter and defended her hateful article saying that she has no problem being “mean to people who enjoy inflicting pain.” Naturally, in her opinion everyone who disagrees with her fits in that category.

She is a typical, inhuman liberal.

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City of San Francisco Giving Free Drugs and Alcohol to Homeless Set Up in Free Hotels

The City of San Francisco admitted via Twitter Tuesday that it is now giving free drugs and free alcohol to homeless people.



The City of San Francisco admitted via Twitter Tuesday that it is now giving free drugs and free alcohol to homeless people to whom they have given free hotel rooms.

The San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) took to its Twitter account to reply to someone claiming to be a “former homeless” person who tweeted that he heard from friends that the city is giving out the drugs and alcohol.

“I just found out that homeless placed in hotels in SF are being delivered Alcohol, Weed and Methadone because they identified as an addict/alcoholic for FREE. You’re supposed to be offering treatment. This is enabling and is wrong on many levels,” Twitter user “T Wolf” said.

The SFDPH replied and confirmed that, yes, they most certainly ARE giving away drugs and alcohol to substance abusers who are living for free n hotel rooms paid forby the city’s taxpayers.

“These harm reduction-based practices,” the SFDPH wrote, “which are not unique to San Francisco, and are not paid for with taxpayer money, help guests successfully complete isolation and quarantine and have significant individual and public health benefits in the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The SFDPH claimed that tax dollars are not being used to the freebies.

On the other hand, the agency didn’t try to inform the city just where that cash is coming from, either.

The city has been flailing tremendously in trying to deal with its homeless problem. According to city data from last year, there were 8,011 homeless people in the city.

So… where is all this cash coming from, if not from taxes? Who is paying for the for free hotels, and for free drugs and alcohol?

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To Attack Trump, Liberals Rehash Lie of LBJ ‘Overcome by Emotion’ in Vietnam Era Photo



Liberals went wild on Monday rehashing a decades-old lie about how President Lyndon Johnson was seen in a 1968 White House photo being “overcome” by the loss of life during the Vietnam War.

The image went viral on Monday as historically illiterate liberals began posting the photo they claimed showed LBJ being overcome with emotion about the loss of American lives. Naturally, it went viral because liberals were using it to claim President Donald Trump is heartless in the face of the death of Americans who have died from the coronavirus.

A typical tweet juxtaposing the falsified photo of LBJ with the supposed heartlessness of Trump was posted by lying liberal Ben LaBolt who moaned that today we don’t have a president with “empathy” like that wonderful LBJ.

The claim that the photo depicts well-known racist, and foul-mouthed ass Lyndon Baines Johnson as crumbling in the face of the toll of American deaths during the Vietnam war has been around for as long as that photo has been in the public eye.

But that characterization is a lie. That photo simply was not snapped when LBJ was hearing about the death toll in Vietnam.

The truth of that moment in time ends up having nothing at all to do with Vietnam, nor does it factually depict LBJ “breaking down,” having “empathy,” or being “overcome” about anything.

In truth, what LBJ was doing in that photo was lowering his head in concentration so he could more clearly hear a tape recording he was trying to listen to.

Indeed, the other photos taken in line with the more famous snapshot clearly show LBJ adjusting his head numerous times as he strains to understand what is being said on the speaker in front of him.

The description o the photo in the White House archive reads: “The President had a tape from Chuck which had been hard to hear so Recording put it on a new tape – but it was still pretty difficult to hear it.”

Here are some of the other photos taken on that roll of film during the “tape listening” incident:

The other photos in the series could not be more clear. LBJ is straining to listen to a tape recording. He is not reacting to news about Vietnam. He is not “showing empathy,” or being “overcome” by anything.

So, as you can see, liberals are lying again, using their typical Soviet-styled historical revisionism to lie to America to push their agenda.

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Starbucks Has Lost Millions Since Starting Open Bathroom Policy

After Starbucks changed its bathroom policies, the left-wing company lost millions. Get woke, go broke!



You may recall two years ago when left-wing corporation Starbucks implemented a policy of allowing non-customers to use their bathrooms. Well, since that policy, the chain has lost millions.

The company piously made its policy announcement in May of 2018 with a dual strategy of allowing people who do not buy anything to sit around all day inside their locations and to use bathrooms without being a customer.

This policy was instituted after a black man claimed that the chain was “racist” for refusing to let him use a bathroom even though he had not made any purchase after sitting in the store for some time.

Starbucks also shut down every location for a day and forced staffers to undergo “sensitivity training.”

Well, since that time, we now have some numbers to judge what happened to the chain after the policy was implemented, and the numbers show that the chain came out a loser.

A new paper by two researchers, one from Boston College and one at the University of Texas, has been published. It is entitled, “The Perils of Private Provision of Public Goods.”

The paper might better have been called “Get Work, Go Broke, the Starbucks Edition,” because the numbers show that Starbucks lost money thanks to this absurd policy.

Here is the summary (my bold):

In May 2018, in response to protests, Starbucks changed its policies nationwide to allow anybody to sit in their stores and use the bathroom without making a purchase. Using a large panel of anonymized cellphone location data, we estimate that the policy led to a 7.3% decline in store attendance at Starbucks locations relative to other nearby coffee shops and restaurants. This decline cannot be calculated from Starbucks’ public disclosures, which lack the comparison group of other coffee shops. The decline in visits is around 84% larger for stores located near homeless shelters. The policy also affected the intensive margin of demand: remaining customers spent 4.1% less time in Starbucks relative to nearby coffee shops after the policy enactment. Wealthier customers reduced their visits more, but black and white customers were equally deterred. The policy led to fewer citations for public urination near Starbucks locations, but had no effect on other similar public order crimes. These results show the difficulties of companies attempting to provide public goods, as potential customers are crowded out by non-paying members of the public.

Elsewhere in the study the authors note that “the new policy appears to have significantly reduced visits to Starbucks.” And later they write, “These results suggest that the new policy has been costly to Starbucks.”

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving business! May the decline continue.

(Hattip Powerline)

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Liberals Flood Internet with Wish Trump Was in Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter

The hate-filled left is at it again, wishing death on their political opponents.



The hate-filled left is at it again, wishing death on their political opponents. This time liberals rushed to social media to express their wish that President Trump was the one killed on Kobe Bryant’s helicopter.

Bryant died tragically when his helicopter went down on Sunday morning. Eight others, including Bryant’s 13-year-old daughter, were also killed when the player’s privately-owned helicopter slammed into a hillside in Calabasas, California, while flying under foggy conditions.

As soon as he heard of the tragic accident, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to express his condolences to the Bryant family.

Naturally, selfish, heartless, leftists inappropriately used the president’s condolences as an excuse to attack Trump. Instead of simply taking a step back and mourning the loss of the former L.A. Laker and his party, these leftists had to gear up or political warfare.

THIS is why liberals are universally evil people. Just take a look at some of these ignorant, inhuman pieces of garbage:

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