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Trump Maintains 51% Approval During Coronavirus Despite Media’s Constant Attacks

Trump is enjoying some of the highest approval ratings he has ever had during this coronavirus crisis despite the media’s daily attempt to destroy him.



President Trump is enjoying some of the highest approval ratings he has ever had during this coronavirus crisis despite the media’s daily attempts to destroy him.

The latest Zogby Analytics survey finds the president with a 51 percent approval rating.

This rating is the number that analysts always say is needed for a politician to get re-elected. Those under 50 percent approval are often considered “underwater,” and unlikely to be re-elected.

The same poll also found his ratings improving among Millennials and black voters, too.

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Still, even though few are ready to blame Trump for the coronavirus crisis, the poll did find that 52 percent disapprove of how Trump is handling the outbreak. 42 percent approve of his actions during the crisis.

However, this is pretty amazing since the media does nothing but tear down every move Trump makes concerning the coronavirus. The media attacks Trump every single hour of every single day, yet his ratings are not crashing at all.

“It might make the mainstream media and his detractors scream, but to his supporters and almost half the country, he is producing results,” Zogby said of the president’s actions over the last few months.

In fact, Zogby found Trump is winning respect for his work fighting the spread.

“He is also speaking honestly when he says we cannot stay in lockdown forever. It might not be what we ultimately do, or the right thing, but he’s being honest that life will have to go back to a semblance of normality in the future. It might not be reality but it’s comforting to some people in this moment of unpredictability,” he said.

The president’s numbers are rising among blacks, too. The survey added: “Trump’s numbers continue to improve with African American voters; his current job approval rating is 36% at least somewhat approve/63% at least somewhat disapprove.”

Here is the survey’s bottom line:

Despite cries that Donald Trump has not taken the coronavirus pandemic seriously, or waited too long to act swiftly before the virus spread, voters still believe he is doing a good job. He has shown a tremendous amount of energy during a difficult crisis. When it comes to President Trump certain things must be separated—primarily his personality, rhetoric and his actions. Can the argument be made the government wasn’t prepared, didn’t have the right amount of supplies, or was unable to come up with a sound plan to make available millions of test kits, the answer is yes! But at the same time, the president heeded the advice of his task force, worked with Congress to pass the biggest stimulus bill ever (The CARES Act), and provided aid to multiple states that were hit hardest by the crisis.

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The Election Model that Got 25 President Elections Right predicts Trump Will Win

An election prediction model that has been right for years says there’s a 91% chance that Trump will win re-election.



A man whose election prediction model has been freakishly right for years says that there is a 91 percent chance that Trump will win a second term.

Stony Brook political science professor Helmut Norpoth is claiming that President Donald Trump has a near lock on being re-elected in November against Joe Biden.

Norpoth made this political forecast by using his “Primary Model,” an election prediction model that has a proven track record that accurately predicted five out of the last six elections.

“The Primary Model gives Trump a 91 percent chance of winning in November,” Norpoth recently told Mediaite. “This model gets it right for 25 of the 27 elections since 1912, when primaries were introduced.”

Norpoth’s was also one of the few election models in 2016 that correctly predicted that Trump would beat Hillary Clinton.

The professor created his model in 1996 and it has been very accurate. Norpoth even went back and used the data from precious elections to test his model. The only two presidential elections his model did not get with near pinpoint accuracy was John Kennedy’s in 1960 and George W. Bush’s win in 2000.

Norpoth said his model relies heavily on voter enthusiasm during the primaries and Biden’s voters just aren’t that jazzed over his candidacy.

“If you can get people to come out for a primary that isn’t even a contest, you have them hooked,” Norpoth said.

To gauge interest in Trump, the New York Post made an astonishing point in June saying, “But in 23 of the 27 states that held primaries both this year and in 2012, when President Obama ran for re-election, Trump has racked up higher raw vote totals than Obama did — often doubling or tripling his predecessor’s numbers.”

In any case, if Norpoth is correct like he has been for years, we’ll have Trump in the White House for four more years.

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Joe Biden Reveals The Most Radical, Leftist Party Platform in U.S. History

Joe Biden has released his recommendations for the Democrat platform for 2020 and it is the most radical one ever.



Joe Biden has released his recommendations for the Democrat Party platform for 2020 and it is the most radical, extremist, left-wing platform ever proposed by a major party in U.S. history.

Biden’s people worked on the platform with anti-American loser Bernie Sanders and they have called it the “unity task force” meant to bring the Sanders extremists back into the party with Joe to help the Democrats unify ahead of the November elections.

If you’ll remember, when he was running early in the primaries, Biden was touted as the “moderate candidate.” But this hardcore socialist platform has buried that claim. Biden’s “moderate” tendency is now dead and gone.

Per Breitbart News’ Joel Pollack, here are nine of the more radical things in the platform proposal.

1. “Rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement … on Day One.” Even many on the left agree that the Paris Climate Agreement does little to slow climate change. It is a symbolic commitment by the rest of the world to reduce emissions, while most of the burden falls on the United States. Our economy has reduced emissions anyway on its own, thanks to the shift to natural gas and the advent of fracking technology, which the left hates and wants to phase out over time.

2. Shift the entire “fleet of 500,000 school buses to American-made, zero-emission alternatives” in five years. This is among the more wild-eyed proposals in the platform’s climate change section. It is not clear who will produce these buses (presumably to run on battery power), or what is to be done with half a million currently functional buses that run on ordinary fuel, and how local school districts are meant to afford the cost. The platform provides no further details.

3. “End cash bail.” The platform calls for eliminating cash bail across the country — a radical experiment in criminal justice reform that has only just begun in California and New York, with results that are deeply concerning. The idea is to reduce inequities, but in practice the end of cash bail means releasing violent criminals to commit more crimes. One suspect in antisemitic attacks in New York City late last year, for example, was repeatedly re-arrested after her releases.

4. “Stop the practice of arresting children for behavior that ought to be handled in the principal’s office.” The Democrats want to stop what they call the “school-to-prison pipeline,” arguing students of color suffer disproportionate suspensions and arrests (which would mean that liberal teachers are racist). But as Andrew Pollack points out, failing to arrest violent children could allow them to buy guns as adults, which is how the Parkland, Florida, shooting happened.

5. “We will repeal so-called ‘right to work’ laws.” It is not clear how Democrats will actually do this, since these laws are made at the state level. But “right to work” laws — freeing employees from being forced to join unions — have been a huge economic boost to states that have adopted them. Working-class Americans — especially minorities — have voted with their feet, moving from the highly unionized Rust Belt to the “right to work” South, where there are more jobs.

6. “Democrats will recognize unions with majority sign-up—via so-called ‘card check’ processes.” The “card check” violates the right to a secret ballot, and allows organizers to intimidate workers into voting to certify unions. The idea is so radical that even George McGovern, the left-wing Democratic presidential nominee in 1972 who lost to President Richard Nixon in a landslide, came out against it the last time Democrats tried to mandate it, in 2009.

7. “Oppose private school vouchers.” There is growing support for school vouchers that allow students to escape failing public schools in their local districts by choosing alternative schools — including private and religious schools. Vouchers are especially popular with minority families, who are desperate to escape the failing system in which the teachers’ unions have trapped their children. Democrats also want to restrict the expansion of charter schools, too.

8. Provide a “public option” toward universal health care. This idea was so radical ten years ago that Democrats left it out of Obamacare. But it is the beginning of “Medicare for All,” which Sanders wants to impose on everyone, and Biden wants to offer as a choice (for now). There is no thought of achieving universal health care outside government, building on the recent reforms under the Trump administration, such as tele-medicine — just more federal bureaucracy.

9. End the border wall and “provide a roadmap to citizenship for the millions of undocumented workers.” A Biden administration would stop the construction of the “unnecessary, wasteful, and ineffective wall on the southern border” — thus allowing an open border — while also giving voting citizenship to the eleven million-plus illegal aliens who are already here, permanently changing the American electorate and enshrining Democrats in power forever.

This is some hardcore stuff, folks. And the Democrat Party will just get more radical if Joe wins.

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Black Georgia Democrat Rep. Says He ‘Ain’t Voting for Biden’

Democratic GA State Rep. Vernon Jones excoriated the Democrat Party this week and pledged to vote for Donald Trump.



Democratic Georgia state House Rep. Vernon Jones excoriated the Democrat Party this week and pledged to vote for Donald Trump and NOT the senile Joe Biden.

Jones slammed the Democrats saying they have “betrayed black Americans throughout his career in Washington.”

In an op-ed for the Daily Caller, the Georgia State House representative laid it all on the line.

“I am black, and I am a Democrat. But ‘I ain’t’ voting for Joe Biden this November,” Jones wrote in a reference to Joe Biden’s comment in May that you aren’t allowed to be black unless you vote for Joe.

Jones went on to touch on the major issues important to blacks, such as black unemployment, police reform, and criminal justice reform, and said that Biden has failed the country on each one of these issue during his 50 years in government.

The black unemployment rate under Biden and the Obama administration averaged a horrific 12.8 percent. The number of black Americans in poverty barely fell during the Obama administration, going down by just 145,000 over eight years.

By comparison, more than double that number — 350,000 black Americans — were lifted out of poverty during just the first two years of the Trump administration.

Jones then hammered Biden on criminal justice issues and praised Trump on the same points:

Joe Biden is directly responsible for the mass incarceration policies of the 1980s and 1990s, which decimated the black community. Biden authored the 1994 crime bill which imposed mandatory minimum sentences, disproportionately putting hundreds of thousands of young black men in prison.

President Trump has worked to undo injustices within our criminal justice system. He signed the First Step Act, the first major reform to our criminal justice system in a decade. Thanks to the president’s leadership on this issue, our criminal justice system is fairer, and our communities are safer.

Jones ended by saying that the choice in November is clear. Trump is the man blacks should vote for.

“As black Americans, we need to be aware of the clear choice in front of us. Joe Biden has betrayed black Americans throughout his career in Washington. President Trump has spent his 3.5 years in office fighting to improve the lives of black Americans,” he said. “We cannot be tricked again. Democrats like Biden will conveniently appear in our neighborhoods and pander to us from now until November. Why? Because they only care about black people during election years.”

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REVEALED: Even Democrat Insiders Secretly Say Joe Biden is Senile

Semocrats are quietly admitting that they know that Joe Biden has gone senile and is mentally unfit to be president.



It really is the most amazing thing that one of our major political parties is putting up a decrepit man who is obviously going senile, and now Democrat insiders are admitting it.

A reporter for a DC-based newspaper just admitted that Democrat insiders are well aware that Joe Biden “does not have the mental acuity that he even had a couple of years ago.”

Biden has lost his mental capacity. The man is a shell. And the Democrats KNOW this as a fact.

Joe Concha, the media reporter for the political newspaper, the Hill, admitted on Fox & Friends that Democrats have told him over and over again that they know Joe Biden is mentally unfit to become president of the United States.

Per Daily Wire:

“A lot of Democrats will tell you, at least privately, that he does not have the mental acuity that he even had a couple of years ago and this is a candidate that simply would not able to withstand the type of press conferences that the current president has, as far as them going on for an hour, an hour and a half, taking questions with multiple outlets with no ground rules attached,” Concha said.

Biden hasn’t held a press conference in nearly three months. The Democratic nominee instead occasionally sits for interviews with left-leaning news organizations, often setting ground rules first.

“It’s a lot easier … to have, say, a handpicked interview, where you have ground rules for interviews, with certain outlets that may be friendly to your candidate, as opposed to having a press conference, which Mr. Biden has not done for 80 days,” Concha said.

And yet, the media and the Democrat Party are covering for this mentally impaired old man by refusing to hold his campaign accountable for the candidate’s deteriorating condition.

It seems like the American people are waking up to this fact, too.

Last week, Zogby conducted a survey of 1,007 “likely voters” and 55% said they think the former vice president is “in the early stages of dementia.”

Early stages? The man can’t even put two words together half the time.

How is it possible that a major party continues with this fiction that Joe Biden will become president of the United States.

These debates are just going to be sad.

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Free Speech Candidate Laura Loomer Opens 9-Point Lead in Florida Congressional Race

Florida Republican congressional candidate Laura Loomer has opened up a huge nine-point lead over Democrat Lois Frankel.



With only 137 days until the November Elections, Florida Republican congressional candidate Laura Loomer has opened up a huge nine-point lead over Democrat Lois Frankel.

Laura Loomer is running for Florida’s 21st Congressional District, which includes the cities of Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, and Delray Beach, just north of Fort Lauderdale in South Florida.

According to Loomer’s polling, she is doing very well with voters who call themselves independents and others who don’t affiliate with a particular party.

There are nearly 160,000 voters in the district who do not claim a party affiliation, so finding support among these non-affiliated voters is crucial in the 21st District.

The latest surveys find that Loomer has 65 percent support while her opponent has a mere 19 percent.

Republican voters are also supporting Loomer in big numbers. Her support among Republicans is an incredible 92.5 percent.

Even 22 percent of Democrats said they will vote for Laura Loomer.

Loomer’s favorability numbers are also high:

Loomer noted that she is actively campaigning even as her opponent stays home.

“While my opponent Lois Frankel continues to socially distance herself from the concerns and needs of Florida 21 voters,” Loomer said, “I’m excited to listen to the voters around the district including 2020 graduates who were forced to have virtual graduations and were robbed of meaningful life milestones. Additionally, Florida 21 small businesses need our help and my campaign will do all that we can to assist their efforts to rebuild while we work to flip this seat red!”

President Trump has twice retweeted his support for Loomer’s campaign since she filed to run for Congress in the Mar a Lago district.

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Joe Biden ACTUALLY Called Confederate Flag Supporters ‘Many Fine People’

It turns out that Joe Biden actually did say that a Confederate heritage group was “An organization made up of many fine people.”



Liberals have lied that President Donald Trump said that the Nazis at Charlottesville were “fine people,” but it turns out that Joe Biden actually did say that a Confederate heritage group was “An organization made up of many fine people.”

And the media gives us… crickets.

You’ll recall that in 2017 liberals accused Trump of saying that the Nazis and white nationalists that caused a riot at Charlottesville, Virginia, were “some very fine people.”

This, of course, if a flat out lie. Trump absolutely did not call Nazis “fine people.”

The media lied about what Trump said and about who he said it. The truth is that the riot in Charlottesville was preceded by the city’s attempt to remove two Confederate statues. A group of local history buffs came out to protest the removal. THAT was the incident Trump was speaking about when he made his “fine people” comment.

When the president first remarked about Charlottesville, he said that there were “fine people” who had come out to oppose the destruction of the Robert E. Lee statue in a Charlottesville public park. And he was right. Of the protesters gathered in the town long before the riot, Trump said, “You also had some very fine people on both sides.”

Again, Trump was right. The first group that arranged the rally at the statue was a local group only looking to save the city’s historic monument that had stood in its place for nearly 100 years. They were not “white nationalists” or looking to start any violence. They were just local history preservationists.

The rioters then flocked to the city later. Trump was not speaking about them. But the media lied and conflated his “fine people” comment to the rioters who came later.

Now, remember that liberals claim you can’t be a decent person and support the remembrance of Confederate history. And yet, Joe Biden praised a group that promulgates Confederate history, calling them “fine people.”

So, where is the leftist cancel culture?

Biden’s comments run absolutely afoul of the left’s strict rules about praising people who are interested in Confederate history.

Per Fox News:

A recently resurfaced video clip shows Joe Biden calling members of a Confederate heritage group “fine people” in 1993 — nearly mirroring President Trump’s 2017 remarks that some protesters opposing the removal of Confederate statues in Charlottesville, Va., were “very fine people.”


…speaking at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on July 22, 1993, during the confirmation process for Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Biden himself offered something of a positive endorsement for the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC), which has been linked to the Ku Klux Klan.

“I, too, heard that speech and, for the public listening to this, the senator made a very moving and eloquent speech,” Biden said, referring to remarks by then-Alabama Democratic Sen. Howell Thomas Heflin. “As a son of the Confederacy, acknowledging that it was time to change and yield to a position that Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun raised on the Senate floor, not granting a federal charter to an organization made up of many fine people who continue to display the Confederate flag as a symbol.”

Once again we see that liberals are universally liars.

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There Will Be War



The following is an excerpt of the IA Analytica White Paper The Inevitability of Military Conflict in 2020 published last week.

In a previous White Paper, 150 Days: America in Jeopardy Approaching Election Day, we made the
following conclusion:

In the next five months, from June to Election Day (November 3), the United States is likely to be confronted with a series of events that would not only bring down the Trump Presidency and significantly alter the American political landscape, but have a decades-long impact on the world.


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