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The DLF, (Democratic League of Fools) Has Launched an All-Out War – Against Itself

The liberal socialists cannot possibly silence us all! Trump is doing his part, now we need to do ours. What are you doing to do today?



(The Olive) Just when you think you have seen it all, when you think the Democrats could not possibly become even more foolish – the Democrats have accomplished the ultimate in stupidity in one fell swing. That being said, the Dems do not seem to have enough collective intelligence to realize their own actions are leading to their eventual demise.

I almost hate to say this; it almost bothers me to lay such a harsh statement at the feet of the Democratic Party. Almost…

I hope the Democrats continue in their wildly uproarious, stupid and erroneous comments, not to mention their mentally ill-conceived actions. The Dems are even pulling out the race cardonce again to defend of all people Maxine Waters after her idiotic comments concerning Trump and his staff. So, if you are black, or a member of any other supposed minority, you can apparently spout off in public in any way you choose, and then whip out the race card or just pin the blame on evil Trump. This writer would like to see the complete and utter implosion of the Democratic Party – and this is exactly what the DLF (Democratic League of Fools) is heading for.

The current malignancy within the Democratic Party, the stage four cancer that is signaling the death knell for the Democrats was summed up nicely in a recent article written by Mike Adams over at Natural News:

Trending: MARK LEVIN: The Next Democrat President Must be Impeached

You may remember a time when Democrats called for free speech, civil liberties and a stronger America. Now, they’ve gone “full retard,” as the saying goes, and their mindless minions are marching nationwide, demanding: 

  • Abolishing all U.S. borders and welcoming an unlimited tidal wave of illegals to flood the country.
  • Abolishing all U.S. prisons and releasing violent criminal felons into the streets of America.
  • Abolishing all private-sector businesses and implementing a centrally-planned, government-run fascist economy to control everything. (source)

In other words, the Dems are looking to usher in full-on socialism combined with outright stupidity. The leftists have even condemned Bernie Sanders for not being far left enoughLet that sink in, Bernie Sanders who ran on a socialistic platform in 2016, and was considered a fringe leftist candidate – is no longer far enough to the left for the alt-left.

There is already a serious crime problem in this country as it relates to illegals and unwanted “refugees.” Under President Obama, immigration rules were conveniently ignored, and catch and release was the game of choice with illegals. Many dangerous criminals were released into the general U.S. population via catch and release, and many of these released illegals went on to commit serious crimes including murder. Lets not forget the Democratic strongholds that consider themselves to be sanctuary cities and even states – like California, where illegals are warned ahead of time to avoid capture. Pathetic.

Just imagine the Left getting its way – no borders, no enforcement of borders. Now imagine the influx of the Mexican cartels and their drugs, completely unimpeded. Imagine also vicious gangs like MS-13 having free reign to enter the U.S. at will. Next imagine all the welfare cases (sorry but it is true) from Mexico moving here to escape the miserable conditions in their country, so that they can claim their Democrat mandated government handouts that YOU pay for, including healthcare, drivers license, schooling for children, food stamps, and welfare payments.

Next imagine prisons being abolished, forget the druggies that are in prison, think about all the serial murderers, the serial rapists, the child abusers, the extremely violent offenders etc., next imagine them being your new neighbors – nothing says welcome home like having violent criminals for neighbors.

Last but not least, imagine ALL businesses are confiscated and are now run by the U.S. government, no individual ownership of anything. We call this socialism – I’m sure most of you do not for a moment believe this can happen in America.

Well, all those who don’t believe these things can happen had better pull their heads out of the sand and take a close look at what is happening in our society.

You need not imagine these things, because if Americans are foolish enough to continue to elect these left-wing sacrosanct idiots, the above-mentioned scenarios WILL come to fruition, guaranteed.

Most of you will refuse to believe that any of the above scenarios that are the desired endgame of the Democrats can happen here in America. Well, the Germans never thought it would happen to them either, and America is largely asleep at the wheel – while the very same things are happening in America – that allowed a vicious dictator like Hitler to rise to power in Germany.

For those who have a little life experience and yet don’t believe radical changes can happen in America because, well because it’s America man! Ask yourself these questions:

  • Did you ever think same-sex marriage would be the law of the land?
  • Did you ever think Christianity and Jesus would be dirty words, while Islam, Satanic worship, and magic (Wicca, satanic magic, Free Masons) are considered mainstream and acceptable?
  • Did you ever think it would be socially unacceptable to say “Merry Christmas?
  • Did you ever think there would be a push for men (who claim to be women) to be allowed to use the women’s restroom no questions asked?
  • Did you ever think openly homosexual and lesbian men and women would be allowed to be ordained as pastors?
  • Did you ever think prayer and the pledge of allegiance in schools would be disallowed, while the five pillars of Islam, homosexuality and transgenderism are taught in schools, as well as After School Satan?
  • Did you ever think a U.S. president would openly say that if Congress did not do as asked, this president would simply write executive orders to get what he wanted? (Obama)
  • Did you ever think that your daughter could obtain an abortion without your consent in the schools?
  • Did you ever think your children would be taught in school for Sex Ed – how to put on a condom using a pickle, or be shown graphic sex videos, or be told how to get an abortion?
  • Did you ever think an American citizen running for president would be opposed and plotted against by our own government?

I think you get the idea here; America as a whole needs to wake up and realize that today’s America is a wholly different America from years ago. There is a lot at stake here in this country, and if people don’t wake up and get with the program – one day, people in this country will wake up only to realize that the land of the free and the home of the brave has become the land of the enslaved and the home of the socialists/communists.

One of two things needs to happen as far as the Democratic Party is concerned in this writer’s opinion, and I hesitate to mention the second one as it IS the key to the lifeblood of the Democratic Party:

1. The Democrat Party needs to cease to exist all together

2. The Democratic Party needs to have a completely new and visionary set of leaders who understand rational thought and analysis while putting America and Americans FIRST.

The present day Democrats are doomed in this writer’s opinion. There are more people waking up every day to the reality of the supposedly tolerant left, the left leaning imbeciles that say they are for the people, but are anything but – which in reality are hate filled fools bent on the destruction of the United States of America.

Many are still however definitely not getting the message. The recent win in the primary elections of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who ran openly on a socialism platform and defeated Joseph Crowley, a 19-year long, powerful Democratic incumbent attests to this truth. Socialism is historically proven to NOT work, any right thinking person who does not blindly follow the given Democratic predilection to socialism understands this. Apparently Bernie Sanders, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez missed the memo, and are blissfully unaware of this little factoid.

It needs to be mentioned here as well the antics of Maxine Waters, the U.S. Democratic Representative who is openly advocating for violence against President Trump and Trump supporters. On top of this,

Chuck-you Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are actually being criticized for not defending Maxine Waters, whose actions are or should be indefensible. Maxine Waters calls for violence against other U.S. government officials comes perilously close to insurrection in this author’s mind.

It is well past time for the Democrats rule of destruction and animosity to come to an end. The Right is in no way perfect either and those who think so are only fooling themselves. The difference is that those on the right are not calling for policies that will mean the end of the U.S. as we know it.

Policies such as:

  • Gun confiscation
  • Abortion
  • Open borders
  • Letting other countries take advantage of us in trade
  • Appeasement off tyrannical regimes such as Iran and North Korea
  • Criminalization of Christianity while supporting Islam which is built on murder and hatred
  • Destruction of the family
  • Supporting illegals financially
  • Allowing all to enter the U.S. regardless of whether or not they benefit this country
  • Teaching hatred of the USA and Israel in colleges while supporting terrorists like Iran, the Palestinians, Hamas, and Islam
  • The One World Order, New World Order – likely implemented through the United Nations whom is currently seeking to disarm Americans

The Democrats are NOT the righteous supporters of a great America that they make themselves out to be, they are out to destroy America. Even some in the LGBT crowd (#WalkAway) are leaving the Democratic Party, and this should tell you something! The only ones who benefit from Democratic rule are those who are too lazy to work for a living, those looking for government handouts, those who are here illegally (they will vote Democratic), and all those perfectly willing to give up their freedom to have the government take care of them – in other words those who do not value their freedom as our forefathers did. Daisy Luther wrote a fantastic article on this over at The Organic Prepper, and I highly recommend it.

America – nothing is going to change until WE the people stand up and change it. America – YOU need to speak up, let your voice be heard, on blogs, on forums, write your own articles, vote these morally bankrupt evil Democrats out of office, and that goes for dirty Republicans as well. The liberals spout off about Trump and the evils of conservatism – we need to be even louder. Hollywood fools and other loudmouths like David Hogg who think they know what is best for America need to be put in their place. Speak out on Twitter, on Facebook and Instagram, on MeWe and Gab, let YOUR voice be heard America!

The liberal socialists cannot possibly silence us all! Trump is doing his part, now we need to do ours. What are you doing to do today?

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Adam Schiff Insinuates That Impeachment is Just 2020 Election Meddling for Dems

So Ukraine can’t interfere in our election, but Adam Schiff can?



The Democrats have one fear that tends to permeate the party above all others:  That Donald Trump will get reelected in 2020’s election.

They are wholly justified in this fear, as well.  Trump remains incredibly popular among Republicans, both those in Congress and those in the general constituency, and is even winning over a decent swath of independent voters on account of his intrepid mission to drain the swamp and battle the so-called “Deep State” on the behalf of Americans everywhere.  Witnessing the swamp itself rise up to “resist” him has only tempered the resolve of Trump’s supporters as well, as this carte-blanche opposition to the President’s agenda is simply further proof that not all is well in our nation’s capital or Capitol.

Now, with articles of impeachment introduced into the equation, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is admitting what Democrats are really up to here:  Damaging the President’s chances at reelection.

Schiff briefly addressed critics who say that Democrats should simply wait for the American people to judge the president in the 2020 election.

Democrats, Schiff suggested, cannot allow that, because it would essentially allow Trump to “cheat” in one more election. His remarks echo the Democrats’ longheld belief that the Trump campaign “colluded” with Russia in 2016, despite the fact that the Mueller report debunked the narrative, finding no evidence of collusion or conspiracy between the two.

“The argument, ‘why don’t you just wait?’ comes down to this: Why don’t you just let him cheat in just one more election?” Schiff stated. “Why not let him have foreign help one more time?”…

Of course, impeachment itself has already been determined likely to fail during the Senate trial, making this entire process all for naught in the long run.  The Democrats are simply using this extra TV time to lambast the Commander in Chief before the nation heads to the polls next November.

And isn’t that just election meddling by another name?

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Biden Team Releases Campaign Ad Showing World Leaders Laughing at US President

Biden’s team has played right into the hands of Vladimir Putin with their latest stunt.



Perhaps it’s time that we have a talk about patriotism and how it relates to our national interests over our personality differences.

We have, for too long, been on a steady slide toward partisan implosion here in America.  We are taking the political processes that are required to operate America and turning them into personal, ugly attacks on one another.  This drives us apart, as opposed to uniting us, and it allows the rest of the world to look in and laugh at us.

This is precisely the sort of thing that Vladimir Putin of Russia would like to see; a divided, pedantic, childish America who can’t come together on any issue, and who then becomes the laughing stock of the global community.

Worse still, there are Democrats out there who are actively helping to promote this immaturity by attempting to embarrass our President on the world’s stage.

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden’s presidential campaign released a digital ad Wednesday evening that includes the now-infamous footage of world leaders appearing to mock President Trump.

The ad includes clips of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron, and U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson at a reception amid the backdrop of a NATO summit in England, where Mr. Trudeau was caught making an off-the-cuff remark about Mr. Trump’s lengthy question-and-answer sessions.

It also features a clip of Mr. Trump eliciting laughter from the United Nations when he declared last year that his administration had accomplished “more than almost any administration in the history of our country.”

“The world sees Trump for what he is — insincere, ill-informed, dangerously incompetent, and incapable, in my view, of world leadership,” Mr. Biden says in the ad.

Our global adversaries, particularly those in the Kremlin, want the American people to turn on Donald Trump, and Vladimir Putin himself would like nothing more than to see a weakening of the office of the President.

Biden is now simply doing his bidding.

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Sayonara Kamala! 2020 Long Shot Makes Long Overdue Announcement

We’ve seen this coming since February, if we’re honest.



For well over nine months now, the writing has been on the wall for Senator Kamala Harris’ bid for the Democratic primary in 2020.

It was back in February that Harris foolishly attempted to defend her record as a hard-nosed prosecutor by joking about “smoking marijuana” and “listening to Tupac” when grilled in an interview about her tough treatment of non-violent drug offenders.  Worse still, the story was a lie – a fact that only took several minutes for the internet to discover.  Then, to top it all off, Kamala made the ill-advised attempt at humor during Black History Month.


This incident sent Harris’ polling numbers crashing down into the low single digits, where they have remained since.

Now, someone in her camp has finally pulled the plug on the long-doomed campaign.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) ended her bid for the White House on Tuesday amid dropping poll numbers and reports of turmoil in her campaign.

“I’ve taken stock and looked at this from every angle, and over the last few days have come to one of the hardest decisions of my life. My campaign for president simply doesn’t have the financial resources we need to continue,” Harris said in a statement. “I’m not a billionaire. I can’t fund my own campaign. And as the campaign has gone on, it’s become harder and harder to raise the money we need to compete.”

“In good faith, I can’t tell you, my supporters and volunteers, that I have a path forward if I don’t believe I do,” the California Democrat concluded.

The development comes after Harris canceled a Tuesday fundraiser at the Paul Weiss law firm in New York City over what her campaign described as a “personal matter,” reports CNBC. The event, which was expected to draw Wall Street investors Marc Lasry and Blair Effron, had not been rescheduled by the campaign.

The Democratic Senator’s exit from the race should act as a catalyst for others to abandon their ill-fated bids as well, allowing the Democratic Party to finally get down to business of trying to push Joe Biden over the top despite his constant, creepy gaffes.


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Wide Receiver from Kaepernick Workout Stunt Gets Call from Cleveland Browns

Meanwhile, Colin Kaepernick has been reduced to hocking casual wear sneakers for the sweatshop kings over at Nike.



Colin Kaepernick, the former second string NFL quarterback famous for the trend of kneeling during the National Anthem, has had a rough few weeks.

A recent “NFL workout” stunt portrayed as an attempt to find a job in the NFL didn’t go quite according to plan, with Kaepernick receiving zero calls in the days following the event.  The workout itself was lackluster, with observers noting that Kaepernick didn’t appear particularly sharp with his passes.

But, that lack of accuracy allowed one of the wide receivers involved in the workout to get noticed.

Colin Kaepernick’s high-profile workout on Nov. 16 for NFL scouts, coaches and executives has yet to generate any opportunities for the free agent quarterback.

However, Jordan Veasy —one of his wide receivers from the workout — has earned an opportunity to tryout with the Cleveland Browns.

According to Howard Balzer, Veasy was among the six players who the Browns worked out on Monday.

Veasy is no stranger to the NFL, and no slouch.

Veasy played his college football at California but has yet to find a long-term NFL home. He’s had stops on the practice squads of the Titans, Jaguars, Colts and most recently the Bills. He was released in October from Buffalo.

In two seasons with the Golden Bears, Veasy had 63 catches for 797 yards and nine touchdowns.

Meanwhile, Colin Kaepernick has been reduced to hocking casual sneakers for the sweatshop kings over at Nike.

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TSA Testing Invasive New ‘Digital Dog Nose’ for Airport Screenings

Now, in addition to being disrobed, groped, and nuked by the TSA, you’re also going to get sniffed.



Folks, it’s time to come to a startling and uncomfortable realization about the Transportation Security Administration: They are useless.

These are the blue-shirted, low-authority buffoons that we must navigate in order to board an airplane.  They will make us remove our shoes in search of bombs, they will zap us with unwanted doses of radiation from a machine that can see us naked, and, if all else fails, they will simply grope us and our children with legal protection from the Federal Government.

Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that they have never caught a terrorist – which was the very intention of their impetus.

Yet, still, they continue to waste taxpayer money on new and nonsensical equipment that not only makes our lives more complicated without any additional safety benefits, but also drives us further into the surveillance state that our Founding Fathers warned us about.

Their latest toy sounds like something out of the Inspector Gadget cartoon.

In a field outside Providence, University of Rhode Island researchers are working on new ways to detect and stop explosives popular with terrorists. They’re partnering with the Department of Homeland Security on a sensor – called a “digital dog nose” – that will soon be the size of cell phone. Able to be mounted on a drone, it could can detect homemade explosives as well or better than a bomb-sniffing dog.

They’ve also created a gel called “Schmoo” that can surround an explosive or chemical agent and flash-freeze it so it can be safely removed from a transit hub.

“We think about how to detect and mitigate the threats for today, while we’re still realizing that if we get really good about today’s threats, there’s going to be a different threat tomorrow,” said professor Jimmie Oxley, of the university’s Center for Excellence for Explosives Detection, Mitigation and Response. “What would that look like, and how would we attack it?”

Now, in addition to being disrobed, groped, and nuked by the TSA, you’re also going to get sniffed.

Given how few, (zero), airline-based terror attacks that we’ve seen even attempted since 9/11, and knowing what we know about mass shootings at schools, why haven’t we as a nation reallocated this “security” force to handle an actual danger to our nation?

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Female Student Breaks Down In Tears As School Board Grants Boys Access To Girls Locker Room

I’d pull my daughter out of this school in a heartbeat.



Female Student Breaks Down In Tears As School Board Grants Boys Access To Girls Locker Room

The school board of District 211 in Illinois voted 5 to 2 in favor of the new policy, which states in part that students “shall be treated and supported in a manner consistent with their gender identity, which shall include students having access to restrooms and locker rooms that correspond to their gender identity.”

Transgender student Nova Maday said he’s “ecstatic” about a “step forward in progress,” and student Julia Burca tearfully explained why she feels “uncomfortable my privacy’s being invaded, as I am a swimmer.”

“I do change multiple times, naked, in front of the other students in the locker room,” she continued. “I understand that the board has an obligation to all students, but I was hoping that they would go about this in a different way that would also accommodate students such as myself.”


The school board of District 211 in Illinois voted last week, in a 5 – 2 decision, to allow biological males into the female locker room at Palatine High School. The board said that all students should be “treated and supported in a manner consistent with their gender identity.” This “support” apparently necessitates obliterating the privacy and safety of every girl at the school.

A student named Nova Maday, a biological male who identifies as transgender, filed a lawsuit in 2017. The lawsuit came after a Department of Education mandate in 2015 forced Palatine High to allow boys like himself into bathrooms and locker rooms with girls. The school tried to strike a compromise, inviting the gender-confused males into girl-designated areas but setting aside a separate, private area for them to use. Maday was not happy with this compromise. He demanded access not just to the girls locker room, but to the exact same area where the girls change. His basic human rights are apparently violated in horrific fashion if he is not able to actually see girls get naked and himself get naked in front of them.

The school board found his deranged arguments convincing, and now every girl in the school must shut up and cooperate as biological males invade their private spaces. More

So his feelings were hurt and they caved? What about the feelings of the girls? Did anyone ask them? They’re forcing them to see a naked boy and that’s okay to them? Not in my book.

Give the transgender students their own private locker room to change and shower in. And if that’s not enough for them too bad.

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Yet Another Mainstream Stunt by Clinton Bolsters Belief That She’ll Crash 2020

Hillary has only a few days left to file her paperwork for the all-important state of New Hampshire, so we’ll have our answer soon enough.



Some people just don’t know when to leave well enough alone.  Former First Lady Hillary Clinton is just such a person.

Back in 2016, Clinton cemented her reputation as that of a sleazy and conniving political lifer; the kind of character that would put any of the antagonists from House of Cards to shame.  Her rigging of the Democratic primaries, with the assistance of the DNC, was seen as a betrayal by the left’s base.  The former Secretary of State quickly became a persona non grata within the party itself.

That’s why there was no uproar from the Democrats when Hillary looked to be sitting out 2020.  They were likely glad to be rid of her.

Unfortunately for them, they may have spoken too soon.

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton joined James Corden on Tuesday’s edition of the Late Late Show to mock President Donald Trump, fuelling speculation that she may be preparing a 2020 presidential run.

Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance alongside her daughter Chelsea during Corden’s monologue, with the pair receiving a prolonged standing ovation from the audience.

“I’m really fed up with all your Trump jokes. Every single night,” Hillary joked. “If anyone should be telling Trump jokes … it’s me.”

With that, Corden stepped aside and gave the two women a chance to take shots at Trump and his former press secretary Sean Spicer, who has received support from Trump as he continues to compete and win on the dance competition show Dancing on the Stars. 

Clinton recently responded to a tweet by President Trump, daring her to run again in 2020, with “don’t tempt me” – the first of several indications that 2016’s runner up may be getting the band back together.

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