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Ted Cruz Says Only Jimmy Carter is Happy With Obama!



Rising GOP Star Senator Ted Cruz was on ABC’s “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos, where he discussed several issues — the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, Obama’s disastrous foreign policy, and Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi stonewalling and reasons she is unfit to be President.


SEN. TED CRUZ (R), TEXAS: I think where we are today is uncannily, is eerily like the late 1970s. By the way, if there is one person on earth thrilled about the job President Obama is doing, it’s Jimmy Carter.

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STEPHANOPOULOS: First let’s get your reaction to the Bergdahl deal.

CRUZ: Well, look, all of us celebrate with Sergeant Bergdahl, with his family, I mean, looking at his parents there, I mean, that’s emotional and it’s powerful.

At the same time the terms of the deal are very troubling.


CRUZ: Well, for one thing, how many soldiers lost their lives to capture those five Taliban terrorists that we just released? You know, Ambassador Rice basically said to you, yes, U.S. policy has changed. Now we make deals with terrorists.

And the question going forward is, have we just put a price on other U.S. soldiers? What does this tell terrorists, that if you capture a U.S. soldier, you can trade that soldier for five terrorists we’ve gone after.


CRUZ: I mean, that’s a very dangerous price.

TedCruzConstitutionCRUZ: I think it is very disturbing that we are releasing five acknowledged terrorist Taliban leaders in a deal with terrorists. That precedent and — you know, unfortunately, George, it’s part and parcel with the pattern we’ve seen of the Obama administration across the board.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And you saw Secretary — I mean, Ambassador Rice’s response to your criticism of that pattern. Your response to that?

CRUZ: Well, you know, I just got back last week from traveling to Israel and Ukraine and Poland and Estonia. And it was striking — you know, one of the things Ambassador Rice said that was absolutely correct is that American is the indispensable leader.

But what our allies are expressing over and over again is that leadership is missing. And the most frequent thing you hear when you talk to an ambassador, a foreign minister of our friends and allies is they pull you aside quietly in hushed tones; they say, “Where is America?”

When America’s weak, when the American president is weak, it leaves our friends and allies vulnerable and it makes the world a lot more —

STEPHANOPOULOS: So you say — you say you were in Ukraine.

What would you have done different there?

Would you have sent — would you have used military force?

Would you have threatened military force?

CRUZ: There’s a whole range of activity short of what President Obama did at the West Point speech, for example, is he set two straw men.

One, invade or two, do nothing. And there’s a whole range of intermediate steps.

Number one, President Obama should have spoken out clearly in support of freedom, in support of the protesters when the protesters began in the Maidan Square.

I had the privilege of traveling through the Maidan Square, being led by 16-year-old high school girl who saw her compatriots shot by army snipers. And they continue to protest for freedom. America should speak out for freedom.

But then after that, we should stand with our allies and not give into Russia. We should, number one, right now, install the anti-ballistic missile batteries in Eastern Europe, in Poland, the Czech Republic, that were scheduled to go in 2009, that President Obama canceled in an effort to appease Putin. That hadn’t worked.

And number two, we should be using energy as a tool to help liberate the Ukrainian people and to impose costs on Putin. There are over 20 applications to export liquid natural gas bottled up in the Obama administration. He should approve them because that would be a meaningful step to stand with the Ukrainian people and free them from Russia’s economic blackout.

STEPHANOPOULOS: We’ve seen the first chapter of Hillary Clinton’s memoir, “Hard Choices;” it’s about Benghazi. Pretty defiant chapter. Here’s what she had to say about Republicans in Congress.

She says she “will not be a part of a political slugfest on the backs of dead Americans. It’s just plain wrong and it’s unworthy of our great country. Those who insist on politicizing the tragedy will have to do so without me.”

It sounds like she’s says — suggesting, perhaps, that she’s not going to testify in these new investigations.

Should committees force her to testify?

TedCruzCRUZ: You know, the sad thing with Secretary Clinton is that it seems to be all politics all the time, that from what we know about this book chapter, it’s pure political spin. And she’s more focused on blaming the so-called vast right-wing conspiracy than on the terrorists.

The truth shouldn’t be partisan and there’s a pattern in this administration. The pattern is when a crisis, when a scandal emerges, to express outrage.

We all remember President Obama during the debate with Mitt Romney getting angry and emotional, saying no one is more upset about what happened in Benghazi than I am. And yet it seems that’s the last time he ever uttered the word “Benghazi,” because after that, after expressing outrage, they stonewall for months or years.

And then they say it’s old news —


CRUZ: — we need to get to the truth.

STEPHANOPOULOS: — Rand Paul said her handling of Benghazi is disqualifying her from the presidency.

Do you agree?

CRUZ: What I think is that she has deliberately stonewalled. We know, for example, that her chief political aide, Cheryl Mills (ph), went to senior foreign service officers and told them, don’t talk to the press; don’t talk to members of Congress.

You know, I had an exchange on the Senate floor, when I asked the Senate, introduced a unanimous consent resolution for the Senate to form a joint select committee with the House to get to the truth of Benghazi. And Bob — Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey stood up and objected. And I laid out a dozen questions that still haven’t been answered.

And his response was, he said, I have no idea — this is Menendez speaking — whether President Obama was awake or asleep while this terrorist attack was happening. And he went on to say, I have no idea whether there was anything President Obama could have done to have saved those four brave Americans who died.

But those questions aren’t worthy of being answered.

Listen, if the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee doesn’t know the answers to those questions, we’re not getting the truth and we deserve — the American people deserve the truth; our men and women in harm’s way deserve the truth.

STEPHANOPOULOS: What’s the 30-second case against Hillary for president?

CRUZ: That her policies, domestically and internationally, haven’t worked, that domestically the Obama economic agenda is a disaster; we’ve got the lowest labor force participation since 1978; millions of hardworking Americans, their lives have gotten harder.

And internationally the Obama-Clinton foreign policy is a disaster. Every region of the world has gotten worse; America has weakened, our enemies have been strengthened. We’re in the middle of cutting a deal right now with Iran that I fear is repeating the mistakes of the Clinton administration in 1990s, setting up Iran, acquiring nuclear weapons capability.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You took on what you called the gray beards in the Republican establishment yesterday at that Republican leadership conference.

But hasn’t the establishment had something of a role in these primaries, beating back the Tea Party again and again and again? And aren’t factions of the Republican Party going to have to come together if you’re going to have any hope of defeating Hillary Clinton or any Democrat in 2016?

CRUZ: Look, there is a debate in Washington, how Republicans win. I think 2014 is going to be a fantastic year for Republicans. I think we’re likely to retake the Senate and I think 2016 is going to be a very strong year for Republicans.

But the debate we’re having right now is how do you win.

Some in Washington think the way you win is you put your head; you don’t rock the boat, you don’t stand for anything.

Every time we do that, George, we lose. From the perspective of the Democrats, they’ve got to be thrilled when Republicans do that because in ’06 it failed; in ’08, it failed; in ’12, it failed.

The way we win is doing what we did in 2010 or, for that matter, in 1980, drawing a line in the sand, standing for principle, drawing a clear distinction and making the case to the American people than an election matters.

So for example, in 2014, we should be saying — and I think a great many Republicans are saying — we will repeal every word of ObamaCare because it isn’t —

STEPHANOPOULOS: A lot of Republicans starting to run away from that.

But you sound like you’re ready to run for president.

CRUZ: You know, what I’m ready to do is to make the case to the American people that the path we’re on isn’t working, that the people who have been hurt the most by the Obama economy are the most vulnerable among us. They’re young people; they’re Hispanics; they’re African Americans. They’re single moms.

In a few weeks ago I was in Nebraska and a single mom came up to me to rally and she hugged my neck, George. And she said — she said, I have six kids at home. My husband left me. He’s not paying child support. I’m working five jobs. None of them are even 30 hours a week because of ObamaCare.

I’m having a hard even putting basic food on the table for my kids and I never see my kids.

What we’re doing isn’t working and those are the people we need to be fighting for so that Americans can have a chance at the American dream.

STEPHANOPOULOS: We just heard a preview at a speech. Come back when you’re ready and make the official announcement.

Senator Cruz, thanks very much.

CRUZ: Thank you, George.

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DOJ Labels NYC, Portland, Seattle ‘Anarchist Jurisdictions,’ Targets Federal Funds




DOJ Labels NYC, Portland, Seattle ‘Anarchist Jurisdictions,’ Targets Federal Funds

The Justice Department declared New York City, Portland, and Seattle as “anarchist jurisdictions” that can have federal funding ripped away for failing to clamp down on violence according to its criteria. 

“When state and local leaders impede their own law enforcement officers and agencies from doing their jobs, it endangers innocent citizens who deserve to be protected, including those who are trying to peacefully assemble and protest,” Barr said in a statement set to be released Monday. “We cannot allow federal tax dollars to be wasted when the safety of the citizenry hangs in the balance. It is my hope that the cities identified by the Department of Justice today will reverse course and become serious about performing the basic function of government and start protecting their own citizens.”

NY Post:

New York City was among three cities labeled “anarchist jurisdictions” by the Justice Department on Sunday and targeted to lose federal money for failing to control protesters and defunding cops, The Post has learned.

Portland, Ore., and Seattle, Wash., were the other two cities on the list, which was approved by US Attorney General William Barr.


White House budget director Russ Vought is set to issue guidance to federal agencies on withdrawing funds from the cities in less than two weeks.

The list of cities eligible for defunding will be updated periodically, the feds have said.

It is not yet clear what funds are likely to be cut, but the amount of money siphoned from New York City could be massive, given the Big Apple gets about $7 billion in annual federal aid.  More

Mayor Bill de Blasio responds:

The whiny bastards will sue, but who cares? But if you read Amendment XIV, Section 3 this has the potential to go way beyond simply withholding funds, those who’ve aided the sedition financially or otherwise face some spectacular problems in the near future should he decide to go this route and the left is leaving him little choice in the matter.

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Fox News’ Harris Faulkner Addresses Cutting Off Newt When He Talked About Soros




Fox News' Harris Faulkner Addresses Cutting Off Newt When He Talked About Soros

On Fox News, former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich was met with an awkward silence as he brought up the role of how billionaire left-wing financier George Soros is funding the election of left-wing prosecutors in many cities over the last several years.

“Look, the number one problem in almost all these cities is George Soros-elected, left-wing, anti-police, pro-criminal district attorneys who refuse to keep people locked up. Just yesterday they put somebody back on the streets who’s wanted for two different murders in New York City.”

As TWS reported here Fox News cut Newt off. Here’s Fox News Host Harris Faulkner’s explanation and it’s lacking.

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Fox News Silences Newt Gingrich From Explaining How George Soros Has Corrupted District Attorney Elections




On Fox News, former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich was met with an awkward silence as he brought up the role of how billionaire left-wing financier George Soros is funding the election of left-wing prosecutors in many cities over the last several years.

His comments prompted the show’s co-hosts to confront him on why he was invoking the liberal philanthropist, which was their way of essentially trying to get him to stop talking about it.

However, Gingrich did not let up.

He argued that the rise in crime in many Democrat-run cities is partly the result of the election of many left-wing district attorneys who had received financial assistance from Soros. He said:

“Look, the number one problem in almost all these cities is George Soros-elected, left-wing, anti-police, pro-criminal district attorneys who refuse to keep people locked up. Just yesterday they put somebody back on the streets who’s wanted for two different murders in New York City.”

He continued: “You cannot solve this problem — and both [Kamala] Harris and [Joe] Biden have talked very proudly out what they call ‘progressive district attorneys’. Progressive district attorneys are anti-police, pro-criminal, and overwhelmingly elected with George Soros’s money.

“And they’re a major cause of the violence we’re seeing because they keep putting the violent criminals back on the street,” Gingrich said.

“I’m not sure we need to bring George Soros into this,” Francis replied.

“He paid for it,” Gingrich, who was obviously taken aback by the interruption. “I mean, why can’t we discuss that fact that millions of dollars….”.

“No he didn’t,” Harf interjected. “I agree with Melissa. George Soros doesn’t need to be a part of this conversation.”

“Okay, so it’s verboten,” Gingrich said, using the German word for “forbidden.”

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1,666 Uncounted Ballots From NJ Primary Found In A Bin

Hey, mail-in ballots, what could go wrong?




1,666 Uncounted Ballots From NJ Primary Found In A Bin

Officials have counted 1,666 ballots from New Jersey’s July primary that were found last week in a “mislabeled” bin. The ballots are from Sussex County were placed in a “secure area” at the county election office and were not discovered until Thursday.

It continues to astonish me that ballots, even when kept in “secured areas” go missing and then “magically appear” months later. Leftists are prepping US citizens to accept ballots found after the election.


Officials have counted more than 1,600 ballots from New Jersey’s July primary that were found last week in a “mislabeled” bin.

The 1,666 ballots from Sussex County were placed in a “secure area” at the county election office and were not discovered until Thursday, the New Jersey Herald reported.

After notifying the state of the error, the remaining votes were counted Saturday, said Board of Elections Administrator Marge McCabe. She said the newly tallied votes “did not change the outcome” of any races.

“The Board of Elections is confident that all ballots received have been processed and the security of all the ballots has remained in place,” McCabe said. More

This is exactly why Democrats want mail-in voting, and this is why Hillary Clinton said that Joe Biden shouldn’t concede under any circumstances. Whether or not those 1666 votes would have changed it, it means that there is legitimate cause to question the validity of the election.

President Trump will win by a huge landslide on election night because most pro-Trump voters will go to the polls since they don’t trust Democrats. Democrats will then try to argue that they have some unknowable number of mail-in votes that overturn the election. Nobody will believe them.

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TREASON? Gen. Mattis Considered Taking ‘Collective Action’ To Stop Trump



James “Mad Dog” Mattis has never seen a war he won’t support. This put him squarely in conflict with President Donald Trump during his time as Defense Secretary, eventually leading to his departure from the position in early 2019. 

Now it is becoming clear that his departure was far less smooth than previously known, and could have ended violently, according to journalist Bob Woodward.

To preface, much of Bob Woodward’s new book, “Rage” is almost certainly fake news to smear the President. Woodward is known for launching these kinds of hit jobs to keep himself relevant. But there is a lot of evidence backing the claims made about Mattis.

In the book, Woodward claims that then-General Mattis often expressed his concerns about President Trump, believing he isn’t fit for the job he holds. In particular, he was known to air these grievances to former Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats.

Woodward cites one particular occasion, occurring during the heat of the 2017 conflict with North Korea. Woodward states that Mattis was at the Washington National Cathedral in prayer when he confided in Coats, suggesting that they may need to take action against Trump, saying:

“There may come a time when we have to take collective action” since Trump is “dangerous. He’s unfit.”

Considering both Mattis and Coats are among the highest ranking military officials, it is difficult not to interpret that as a threat of a military coup, as many on Twitter are stating.

Woodward is not the first to accuse Mattis of attempting to take down President Trump during his time in as Defense Secretary.

In 2019, Big League Politics published evidence of Mattis planning to challenge President Trump in the 2020 election during his final months in his position. Their report includes pictures of detailed notes taken by a political consultant who was approached about joining the team to launch the presidential bid.

So there is evidence showing that Mattis was not below working to undermine President Trump while working under him.




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15 Armed USPIS Agents from New York Sent to Arrest Triple Amputee War Hero Brian Kolfage

It’s a political hit.




15 Armed USPIS Agents from New York Sent to Arrest Triple Amputee War Hero Brian Kolfage

Another US Government Abuse of Power! Two weeks ago war hero and triple amputee Brian Kolfage was arrested along with former Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and two others for charges related to building a wall on the Southern Border. –TGP

Fifteen (15) members from the New York United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) showed up on Brian Kolfage’s doorstep to arrest him on the August 20, 2020. It took 15 USPIS officers to arrest a triple amputee war hero in a wheelchair!

The USPIS agents looked through his children’s rooms.

On the morning of August 20th at least five cars, all with New York state plates, showed up outside war hero Brian Kolfage’s house.  Out came 15 USPIS agents, armed and ready.  The agents no doubt thought through their actions on the long drive from New York to Florida.  They came prepared with guns, gloves and masks so COVID wouldn’t slow them down.

Kolfage states:

I’ve taken direct hits from mortars fighting for my country overseas, now I’m taking mortars from a politically corrupted and weaponized judicial system who has made it their #1 goal to target all Trump associates. With reckless regard for the constitution they have set out on a mission to destroy people’s lives by intimidation through a weaponized mainstream media platform that regurgitates and tries defendants in the court of public opinion before facts are even known. This is not the type of freedom I raised my right hand to defend, this is totalitarianism to take political prisoners.

They are coming after us for one reason, we embarrassed them, we proved that Americans wanted border security. ‘We the people’ then built the wall and cut off major human smuggling routes. We showed Americans that we can accomplish the “impossible” with a little good old fashioned hard work. Everything we accomplished went against the tainted beliefs of these socialists from NY who are after us. They want the permanent political class to stay in power. And in order to achieve that they need globalism and open borders to keep the power on their side.

When the facts come out over the next few months they are going to have to drop this case; it’s that’s simple, this case is 100% TAINTED by political motivations. That’s why they timed it to the eve of the Republican National Convention, just as Steve Bannon was beginning to advise the Trump Campaign again.

You can donate to Brian’s fund to cover his legal expenses here.

No wonder the USPS can’t turn a profit. Arresting one person probably cost them $100,000 when they could have just called him and asked him to come in.

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New York Gov. Cuomo: Trump Had ‘Better Have An Army’ To Protect Him If He Comes To NYC

Sounds like a threat.




New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo: “He better have an army if he thinks he’s gonna walk down the street in New York. New Yorkers don’t want to have anything to do with him.”

Liberals just never learn. Don’t challenge the president because he enjoys it. 

NY Post:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday all but threatened President Trump’s safety if he returns to New York City in a rant responding to an exclusive story by The Post that Trump is looking to pull federal funds from “lawless” cities including New York.

Cuomo called an emergency press briefing within a half-hour on Wednesday night to tear into Trump for the order, which cites New York’s rising murder rate and defunding of the NYPD.

“He better have an army if he thinks he’s gonna walk down the street in New York. New Yorkers don’t want to have anything to do with him,” the Democrat said, all but threatening the commander-in-chief.

But Cuomo — who, like Trump, hails from Queens — wasn’t done. “He can’t have enough bodyguards to walk through New York City, people don’t want to have anything to do with him.” More

So think about this for a minute. Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the POTUS would need an army to walk the streets of NY. What a rousing endorsement of his and De Blasio’s policies and there effect in New York.

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