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Senate Will Vote On Pro-Life Bills To Stop Infanticide And Ban Late-Term Abortions

Why didn’t the Senate do this two years ago when the Republicans had the House?



Senate to vote on banning late-term abortion, infanticide.

Family Research Council staffer Patricia Mosley told senators: “There have been no cases involving prosecutions under the [2002] Born-Alive Infants Protection Act that we know of. Why? Because there is currently no federal criminal statute specifically prohibiting taking the lives of born-alive infants.”


The Senate will soon vote on two major pro-life bills, to ban late-term abortions on babies capable of feeling excruciating pain during abortions and on the Born Alive bill that would stop infanticide and protect babies who survive abortions.

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell today filed a procedural motion that would set up a vote for after the Senate takes its President’s Day recess. Once the Senate comes back into session next week, votes could take place on the Pain Capable Unborn Child Act and Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. President Trump has already promised to sign both pro-life bills into law should Congress approve them.

Both pieces of legislation would require a 60-vote threshold since pro-abortion Democrats are likely to filibuster both of them. And the votes on ending the filibuster would give Americans another indication of just how radical two of the leading Democrats running for president are on abortion — Senators Bernie Sanders and Amy Klobuchar. Neither would be expected to vote to end the filibuster and allow votes on either common-sense bill.

The Senate recently held a hearing on the Born Alive bill.

In a hearing called, “The Infant Patient: Ensuring Appropriate Medical Care for Children Born Alive,” Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska made it clear why the bill is needed:

“This hearing is not about overturning Roe v. Wade. In fact, this hearing is not actually about limiting access to abortion at all. This hearing isn’t a debate about third-trimester, or second-trimester, or first-trimester abortion. This hearing is about making sure that every newborn baby has a fighting chance — whether she’s born in a labor and delivery ward or whether she’s born in an abortion clinic.” For once, he urged, can we not “immediately retreat into the fortified and familiar trenches our two parties have occupied for most of the past 47 years?” More

Should babies who survive failed abortions be given the same care as other newborns, or should they be left to die? Should there be any limit on abortions of babies who feel pain? The bills address these questions.


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Planned Parenthood Affiliates Improperly Applied For $80 Million & Got It

Well, well, well.



Planned Parenthood affiliates improperly applied for and received $80 million in coronavirus stimulus funds. Now the government wants the money back.

Thirty-seven Planned Parenthood affiliates applied for and received a total of $80 million in loans from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” has learned — and now the federal government wants the money back, saying the affiliates should have known they weren’t eligible for the coronavirus stimulus payouts.

Planned Parenthood affiliates improperly applied for and received $80 million in coronavirus stimulus funds

Thirty-seven Planned Parenthood affiliates applied for and received a total of $80 million in loans from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), Fox News' "Tucker Carlson Tonight" has learned — and now the federal government wants the money back, saying the affiliates should have known they weren't eligible for the coronavirus stimulus payouts.

Posted by Barracuda Brigade on Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Get the money back and fine the bank that gave it to them.


According to the federal government, thirty-seven Planned Parenthood affiliates filed for a total of $80 in loans from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) despite the fact that they weren’t eligible for the loans.

The Planned Parenthood affiliates received the money. Now the federal government wants the money back.

As Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” reports, the Small Business Administration (SBA) is contacting the Planned Parenthood affiliates to point out affiliates of larger organizations with more than 500 employees cannot receive PPP funds. Fox News noted, “The Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PFFA) alone has had more than 600 employees.”

SBA noted that if the Planned Parenthood affiliates made knowingly false statements, criminal or civil sanctions could be imposed, adding, “PPFA’s bylaws, a version of which is publicly available, reveal that becoming a PPFA affiliate requires a certification by the PPFA board. Once certified, each Affiliate shall be governed by written bylaws, which conform to PPFA polices.” More

Hundreds of innocent babies die every hour. Where are the sirens? Where are the rescue workers for them? Can you imagine if a lullaby played for every time a baby is aborted? The song would never-ending.

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“Price is Right” Donates Almost $100,000 To Planned Parenthood



On Monday night, CBS aired a special episode of The Price is Right at Night featuring RuPaul and it sparked heated reactions from viewers on social media.

The longest-running game show in television history aired last night with regular host Drew Carey joined by the host of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” RuPaul. The famous drag queen was on hand to help raise money for charity, with the show promising to match all the contestants’ prize winnings with a donation to Planned Parenthood.

Life News:

One of America’s favorite game shows “The Price Is Right” donated nearly $100,000 to the abortion chain Planned Parenthood on Monday night.

Yahoo News reports the CBS special “The Price Is Right at Night” featured celebrity guest drag queen RuPaul playing for donations to the billion-dollar abortion group.

According to the report, the show matched the contestants’ winnings with a donation to RuPaul’s charity of choice, and the contestants won prizes valued at $97,266.

On the show, RuPaul said he chose Planned Parenthood because it “provides vital and often free services to both men and women.”

But many fans were not happy about the donation to the abortion chain, Decider reports.

“Giving away $97K to Planned Parenthood – you have got to be kidding me!! You’ve lost a lifelong fan!!” one viewer responded on Twitter.

“Price is Right on CBS is raising money to ABORT BABIES tonight in primetime,” another added.

“Do you realize how much money Planned Parenthood already gets handed to them from the government?!?!” another former fan wrote online. “Now you give the abortion clinic MORE money?? You should be ashamed of yourselves. You lost a longtime viewer.” More

Slavery was once legal too… One day they will look back on abortion in the same way!

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Democrat Party Kicks Out 26-Year State Legislator Because He’s Pro-Life



The Tennessee Democratic Party voted today to remove state Rep. John DeBerry, Jr. off the Aug. 6 primary ballot as a Democratic candidate.

DeBerry, an ordained Church of Christ minister, said he has “stood against abortion consistently” since the 1970s. His father, who also was a preacher, spoke out against it too.

Life News:

When Democrats say there’s no room for pro-life people in the Democrat party, they really mean it. And Democrats in the state of Tennessee literally just removed a 26-year state legislator from the August primary ballot because he’s pro-life on abortion.

The Tennessee Democratic Party voted Wednesday to remove state Rep. John DeBerry from the August 6th primary ballot. berry represents District 90 and is from Memphis. But he can no longer represent the party before voters because he doesn’t stand for the “value” of killing babies in abortions. And the vote wasn’t even close — as the radical abortion activists who run the Democrat Party voted 41-18 to kick him out.

As the Tennessean reports:

Tennessee Democratic Party chair Mary Mancini said it was standard procedure for the State Democratic Primary Board to vote on challenges to candidates appearing on the ballot.

“After a long meeting in which we heard challenges and evidence, we did what we thought was best to protect the Tennessee Democratic Party and the values we stand for,” Mancini said.

The former Democrat didn’t mince words in a statement issued after the vote. More

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Bernie Sanders: Free Abortions For Everyone



2020 presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) rolled out his new radical abortion agenda: ‘Free’ abortion for everyone, banning abstinence sex ed, and defunding crisis pregnancy centers.

The plan drew applause from NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue, who called it “robust” and “a very solid plan on its merits” while saying they “would like to see the same” from former Vice President Joe Biden.

Life News:

Bernie Sanders is radically pro-abortion. He’s also a Socialist. So his new campaign plan should not be surprising: Free abortions for everyone!

Sanders, like most Democrats, may talk a good game about health care for everyone and supporting women, but Sanders has no plan to provide health care for unborn children and instead of supporting pregnant women he merely pushes abortions. But Sanders doesn’t want abortions to just be legal and available for any reason up to birth, he wants them to be free — completely paid for at taxpayer expense.

Here’s more:  To begin, Sanders’ plan promises that, under his signature “Medicare for All” plan, “the Hyde Amendment will be repealed and all reproductive health services will be provided free at the point of service.” Of course, the government cannot really make any commodity or service truly “free,” but merely change how it is paid for and who pays for it, meaning that this would leave American taxpayers to pick up the tab for all abortion services.  More

There are no reproductive rights issues. Aborting babies isn’t a reproductive right. Funny how the devil can give murder a new name and have gullible people applaud it. It’s over Bern, you got DNC’ed, again!

Fortunately, this will never happen. The majority of Americans will never allow a socialist for president.

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MSM Blackout: Radical Pro-Abortion Feminists Smash Car Windows, Set Buildings On Fire, Injure 65 People (Video)



Radical Pro-Abortion Feminists Smash Car Windows, Set Buildings On Fire, Injure 65 People (Video)

Law enforcement arrested dozens of radical pro-abortion feminists Sunday for throwing self-made bombs at authorities, buildings and smashing automobiles during the International Women’s Day protests.

Reuters reports at least 65 people ended up injured in the violence in Mexico City, which includes a female journalist who sustained 2nd-degree burns. In Santiago, Chile, 19 law enforcement officers also injured.

Life News:

Police arrested dozens of radical pro-abortion feminists Sunday for throwing homemade bombs at government buildings and smashing vehicles during International Women’s Day protests in Mexico and Chile.

Reuters reports at least 65 people were injured during the violence in Mexico City, including a female journalist who sustained second-degree burns. In Santiago, Chile, 19 police officers also were injured during the pro-abortion protest there, according to the news outlet.

International Women’s Day focuses on a variety of issues, but legalizing the killing of unborn babies in abortions was at the center of many of the protests. Most Central and South American countries protect the right to life for unborn babies.

On Sunday in Mexico City, “women in black masks and armed with hammers smashed the windshield of a car, overturned a van and burnt doors of buildings,” Reuters reports. Others ripped down pro-life banners placed around the city. According to the report, many protesters wore green bandannas to symbolize their support for abortion on demand. More

Here are two more videos. In the second one, the idiots set themselves on fire. Oops!

How do you say, “She throws like a girl” in Spanish?

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U.S. Appeals Court Hands Trump a Victory, Upholds New Abortion Rules

A U.S. appeals court upheld Trump’s rules barring taxpayer-funded family-planning clinics from referring women to abortion clinics.



On Monday, a U.S. appeals court upheld President Trump’s rules barring taxpayer-funded family-planning clinics from referring women to abortion clinics.

“The 7-4 ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned decisions issued by judges in Washington, Oregon and California. The court had already allowed the administration’s changes to start taking effect while the government appealed those rulings,” the Associated Press reported.

The Trump rule prevents clinics that take Title-X funding from referring women to abortion clinics. The administration maintains that the funding amounts to taxpayer funded abortions.

The new rules also prevent Title-X funded clinics from sharing the same offices with abortion providers. Consequently, clinics in that position will be forced to relocate, or shut down.

Title-X funds are already precluded by federal law to fund abortions — as are all federal funds. But the Obama administration found a back door to the ban by allowing clinics to work hand-in-hand with abortion providers.

While federal funds were not directly used to pay off abortionists, the clinics were essentially acting as agents for the abortionists.

Per the AP:

“Congress has long prohibited the use of Title X funds in programs where abortion is a method of family planning and (the Department of Health and Human Service’s) recent rule makes that longstanding prohibition a reality,” U.S. Justice Department spokeswoman Mollie Timmons said in a written statement celebrating the 9th Circuit’s ruling. “We look forward to continuing to defend this vital rule against all challenges.”

The AP added tat the new rules follow the “spirit” of the law.

The administration’s new rules are a return to the spirit of rules that were adopted in 1988 and subsequently upheld by the Supreme Court in the 1991 case Rust v. Sullivan. Under the Clinton administration, those rules were abandoned in favor of a requirement that the clinics provide neutral abortion counseling and referrals upon request.

“In light of Supreme Court approval of the 1988 regulations and our broad deference to agencies’ interpretations of the statutes they are charged with implementing, plaintiffs’ legal challenges to the 2019 rule fail,” 9th Circuit Judge Sandra Ikuta wrote in her majority opinion.

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Trump Announces Advisory Board To Expose Research Using Aborted Baby Parts



The Trump administration announced an advisory board to expose research using aborted baby parts.

Amazing how many Christian presidents in the past did not create safeguards to keep this from occurring. Thank you, President Trump, for being a voice for the voiceless!

Life News:

The Trump administration took another step to defend unborn babies Wednesday when it announced the formation of a new ethics board to look into the use of aborted baby body parts in government-funded research.

The new National Institutes of Health (NIH) Human Fetal Tissue Research Ethics Advisory Board is one of several ways the Trump administration has been working to end the unethical practice of using aborted baby body parts in taxpayer-funded scientific research.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar is overseeing the creation of the board, which will be made up of 15 non-government employees, including doctors, scientists, ethicists, attorneys and theologians.

The ethics board is tasked with researching the use of aborted baby body parts in scientific research and determining whether it is ethical. The board will create a final report to recommend whether HHS should stop funding such research.

“In providing advice and recommendations on these matters, the Ethics Board will consider, among other things, the use of alternative models, and review and verify the core ethical principles and procedures used in the process to obtain written voluntary informed consent for the donation of tissue,” the HHS announcement states.

Over the past several years, the Trump administration has been listening to pro-life leaders’ pleas to stop using taxpayer funding for research using aborted baby body parts through the NIH. More

Thank God President Trump and the Advisory Board for doing this finally. We need to know who is buying them and what they are doing with the baby’s body parts.

It’s the foulest thing to be doing after a baby is aborted. Then the next thing to do is to shut down and ban the selling of the baby’s aborted body parts. Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry have no right to do this with aborted baby body parts.

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