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Sen. Chuck Schumer Threatens Supreme Court Justices, McConnell Blasts Him

Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer threatened to retaliate against the U.S. Supreme Court if they rule against abortion.



On Wednesday, Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer threatened to retaliate against the U.S. Supreme Court if they rule contrary to Schumer’s ideas on abortion.

At Wednesday’s abortion rally, Schumer went on the attack and disgorged threats against U.S. Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

“I want to tell you, Gorsuch. I want to tell you, Kavanaugh,” Schumer said to the applause of the radical crowd. “You have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”

But Chief Justice John Roberts later took the unusual step of replying directly to Schumer’s threats condemning the New York senator’s “dangerous” rhetoric.

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“Justices know that criticism comes with the territory, but threatening statements of this sort from the highest levels of government are not only inappropriate, they are dangerous,” Roberts said.

Republican Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, excoriated Schumer for his ignorant and dangerous rhetoric.

“I fully anticipate our colleague would quickly withdraw his comments and apologize,” McConnell said on the floor of the Senate. “Instead our colleague doubled down. He tried to gaslight the entire country and stated that he was actually threatening fellow Senators as though that would be much better.”

“The distinguished men and women of the Supreme Court do not and must not serve at the pleasure of angry partisans,” he continued. “They do not need to pay any mind to unhinged threats, as shameful as they may be.”

“I would suggest that my Democratic colleagues spend less time trying to threaten impartial judges, and more time coming up with ideas that are actually constitutional,” McConnell added.

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The Farce Continues: Federal Court Agrees to Rehear Flynn Case

The D.C. Court of Appeals has bowed to the wishes of a rogue judge in the Michael Flynn case.



The D.C. Court of Appeals has bowed to the wishes of a rogue judge who has demanded that the entire court rehear the case against former Trump advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

Instead of directing Judge Emmet Sullivan to dismiss the case outright — as the law demands — the court has agreed to rehear the case and allow Sullivan to explain why he has refused to follow the law in the case.

The latest in this farcical assault on justice prolongs a court battle already three years in the making. The case is now being pushed onward even though the Department of Justice dropped the case and said it no longer stands behind the persecution of the former Trump national security adviser.

But instead of following the law, the Clinton-appointed Sullivan decided he has the legal right to become judge, jury, and executioner in the case and wants to keep it going despite his clear duty to dismiss the case.

Sullivan even brought in a hardcore, left-wing, politically active former judge to plead the case that he should be allowed to take the law into his own hands.

The rouge judge brought in his leftist shill as cover several months ago when the D.C. Court ordered him to explain why he thought he had the right to continue the case. Ultimately the court’s three-judge panel told him to dismiss the case. But Sullivan then filed a request to have the case reheard by the whole slate of D.C. Appeals Court judges (called an en banc hearing).

Now the court has agreed to give Sullivan his druthers.

This is an outrageous abuse of power. This case should have been dismissed months ago and moves should be under way to impeach Sullivan.

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D.C. Judge Slams Sullivan’s Choice to Argue His Reasons to Continue Persecuting Michael Flynn

A D.C. Circuit judge slammed Judge Emmet Sullivan’s choice of lawyers to argue why he should be allowed to continue persecuting Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.



A D.C. Circuit judge slammed Judge Emmet Sullivan’s choice of lawyers to argue why he should be allowed to continue persecuting Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, calling Sullivan’s pick of counsel an “intemperate” choice.

D.C Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Karen LeCraft Henderson clearly feels that Sullivan’s choice of outside counsel John Gleeson is not a suitable person to be Sullivan’s advocate. Henderson’s words are a direct slap at Gleeson who dumped a long-winded, 72-page “explanation” on the D.C. Circuit court to “explain” why Judge Sullivan should be allowed to continue harassing Michael Flynn even though his case has been dropped by the Department of Justice.

However, Henderson’s distaste over Gleeson does not apparently mean that the D.C. Circuit is ready to overrule Sullivan and force him to dismiss the case… at least not at this time.

“Granted, he may have chosen an intemperate amicus, but that doesn’t mean that he is going to deny this motion,” Henderson, a George H.W. Bush appointee, said of Sullivan. “And considering the drastic remedy that mandamus is, considering there’s no precedent that allows us to move without an order, and considering that there’s been a hearing set for July 16, I don’t see why we don’t observe regular order and allow him to rule.”

In other words, Henderson seems to be in favor of allowing Sullivan to make a move first since the next court date is July 16, only a month away.

Henderson added: “For all we know [Sullivan] will say this amicus brief is over the top, the dismissal motion is granted.”

But Flynn’s attorney disagreed. Attorney Sidney Powell noted that the burden on Flynn is tremendous, not to mention the government resources that Sullivan has already wasted.

“We would simply be delaying the inevitable,” she said. “He just got dumped on a 72-page brief that we have to answer by Wednesday … the toll it takes on a defendant to go through this is absolutely enormous.”

Powell added, “The government’s just wasting resources out the wazoo.”

Government lawyer Jeff Wall also noted that if the D.C. Circuit feels Gleeson is “intemperate,” that is yet another reason to dismiss the case now.

“The reason I think you should go a step further is” if Sullivan eventually approves the dismissal of the Flynn case, “it’s still not the case that the parties haven’t suffered harms,” Wall said. “The harms to Gen. Flynn are obvious from the prosecution… But the harms to the government are really what I’m focused on. You have, as you say, a potentially ‘intemperate’ amicus, you have all these allegations being lobbed at the executive branch. We’re going to have to answer them in a public forum in a politicized environment.”

Wall also offered a good compromise on the whole situation. He suggested that the D.C. Circuit could order Sullivan to only rule on the motion to dismiss. This means, if they drop that order on Sullivan, his options to continue the case for his own political reasons will be blocked.

We still do not know how the D.C. Court will rule, but if Henderson is persuasive with her two fellow judges, they will wait until Sullivan makes his July 16 ruling before they take any further steps.

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The Dangerous Illogic of Judge Emmet Sullivan’s Continued Attack on Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn



Clinton-appointed Judge Emmet Sullivan has come up with a dangerous and illogical “reason” for his continued illicit attack on Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

For Judge Sullivan, retired Judge John Gleeson set up the dubious “reasons” that Sullivan claims to justify his continued persecuting the lt. gen. even though the Department of Justice dropped its case against him after revelations of serious misconduct by the Obama FBI and prosecutors.

Once prosecutors drop a case, what is supposed to happen is that the judge hearing that case must dismiss it and throw it all out. But in this case, the Clinton-appointed, left-wing Judge Sullivan has decided he should be allowed to take the role of judge, prosecutor, jury, AND executioner and keep the case alive.

Sullivan was recently required to explain himself to the D.C. Circuit Court and tell them on what legal grounds he thinks he can do all this. So, Sullivan hired Gleeson to argue his case before the D.C. Circuit.

But Gleeson’s explanation is absolute nonsense. Worse, if the D.C. Court accepts his “reasons” and lets Sullivan continue his wild, left-wing crusade, it will seriously damage our justice system.

Law professor Jonathan Turley recently explained who this is dangerous on his twitter account.

These are important points:

Let us hope that the D.C. Court finds Gleeson’s ideas as dangerous as Turley does.

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Judge Says His Dislike of Trump Tweets Justifies Persecution of Michael Flynn

A left-wing “judge” claims that because he does not like Donald Trump’s tweets, he should be allowed to continue persecuting Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.



A left-wing “judge” claims that because he does not like Donald Trump’s tweets, Clinton-appointed Judge Emmet Sullivan should be allowed to continue persecuting Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

After a mountain of evidence emerged that Obama’s FBI and federal prosecutors were corrupt and committed serious misconduct as they persecuted Michael Flynn, the U.S. Dept. of Justice dropped its case against the general.

But Judge Emmet Sullivan has refused to obey the law and close out the case. Indeed, he has insisted that he should be allowed to be prosecutor, judge, jury, AND executioner and that he should be allowed to continue persecuting the general regardless of the law.

His obstinate and lawless actions were so stark that the D.C. Circuit Court has called Sullivan on the carpet and ruled that he must explain why he thinks he has the right to continue pushing the case against Flynn even though the case has been dropped.

The D.C. Circuit gave Sullivan ten days to respond in writing to tell them why he thinks he has this power.

Sullivan eventually replied (at the last second of his allotted time), but the court did not waste much time on his paltry explanation and quickly scheduled oral arguments to force a more serious explanation of out Sullivan.

The craven Sullivan then engaged an extreme left-wing activist former judge to act as his mouthpiece. This week retired Judge John Gleeson filed a brief with the D.C. Circuit arguing that because leftists don’t like Trump’s tweets, that is enough to justify the continued attack on Flynn.

In his filing, Gleeson insisted that because Trump has tweeted about the Flynn case, that is enough to be “interference” with the case.

President Trump has since engaged in running public commentary about Flynn’s criminal case through the media and on Twitter. In total, he has tweeted or retweeted about Flynn at least 100 times from March 2017 to present.48 This commentary has made clear that the President has been closely following the proceedings, is personally invested in ensuring that Flynn’s prosecution ends, and has deep animosity toward those who investigated and prosecuted Flynn.

Of course, Trump’s tweets are not “interference” because Trump did not order anyone to do anything in the tweets. He just decried the illicit attack on the general.

Breitbart News further explains:

Gleeson also tries to argue the facts of the case, repeating dubious claims about Flynn’s conduct in early 2017 — for instance, claiming that he “urge[d] a hostile country to undermine current U.S. policy” when what he had actually done is ask Russia not to retaliate overly harshly to U.S. sanctions. Gleeson also argues that Flynn “lied to the FBI,” when the FBI agents who met with him later said themselves that they did not believe he had lied to them at the time.

In concluding, Gleeson acknowledges that the executive branch has sole discretion over the decision to prosecute, but claims it “forfeited” that discretion once it filed charges against Flynn. It could not withdraw those charges, he argued, “simply because Flynn is a friend and political ally of the President.” He said Flynn should immediately be sentenced.

The case against Flynn is now a case against Judge Sullivan.

And this farce continues…

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Michael Flynn Case Closer to Ending as District Appeals Court Announces Next Step

The trumped-up charges against Lt. Gen Michael Flynn appears to be one step closer to being dropped.



The trumped-up charges against Lt. Gen Michael Flynn appears to be one step closer to being dropped as the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals has announced that it is preparing for oral arguments as soon as next week.

This travesty of justice has dragged on for years, now, even though the U.S. government demanded that the case be dropped and told Federal District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan end these farcical proceedings.

But for political reasons as part of a general left-wing attack on Donald Trump, this Clinton-appointed judge has worked to keep the case alive despite having no legal role to do so.

Sullivan’s illicit actions have been so outrageous that last month the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals took the very unusual step of demanding that Sullivan explain to them in writing why he thinks he has the legal right to keep the case alive even when the prosecutors have dropped the case.

The court gave Sullivan ten days to respond on writing to their demand that he explain himself. He waited until the very last day to submit his filing. And he had the paper written by attorney Beth Wilkinson, a high profile, Obama-connected lawyer

Now, in another blow to Sullivan’s position on prolonging the case, the court is preparing to hear oral arguments to take Sullivan off the case.

The Department of Justice also filed a motion on the day Sullivan handed in his explanation to the court. The DOJ filed a motion saying that Sullivan “has no authority” to continue the case.

At last the DOJ is fighting FOR Flynn instead of against him.

Indeed, the D.C. Court plainly did not even give much consideration to Sullivan’s filing because the day after he filed his response, the court announced it will hold oral arguments over Sullivan’s refusal to dismiss the case as he should.

So, this case is likely one step closer to being over. Sullivan has no business setting himself up as the judge, jury, and executioner.

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Michael Flynn Attny Sidney Powell Blasts FBI Corruption After Release of Transcripts Prove Innocence

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s attorney excoriated the FBI’s corruption after the release of the transcripts that prove Flynn’s innocence.



Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, excoriated the FBI’s corruption after the release of the transcripts that prove Flynn’s innocence.

On Friday afternoon, DNI John Ratcliffe declassified and released the transcripts of the calls made by Michael Flynn to Russian diplomat Sergey Kislyak as Flynn was preparing to take over as President Trump’s national security adviser.

In a statement, Ratcliffe said:

“As I stated throughout the confirmation process, transparency is vital to allowing the American people to have confidence in the Intelligence Community.

“As the Director of National Intelligence, it is my obligation to review declassification requests with the overarching priority of protecting sources and methods, while also providing transparency whenever possible. Accordingly, today the Office of the Director of National Intelligence declassified transcripts concerning Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.”

Democrats have claimed that the calls Flynn made to Kislyak is the evidence proving his guilt of lying and acting as a “Russian agent” and traitor.

But now that the full transcripts are public, it is clear that the Democrat’s case is built on lies. The transcripts do not prove any of the charges against Flynn. And Powell want on a tear, ripping the corrupt claims against her client.

Powell posted statement to her social media:

The transcripts of General Flynn’s calls with Ambassador Kislyak released today by Senator Grassley prove there was no conceivable “Logan Act” violation—nothing wrong at all with General Flynn’s conversations with the Ambassador.

In fact, General Flynn should be applauded for asking for “cooler heads to prevail” and trying to keep things on “an even keel”—encouraging the mutual interest of Russia and the United States in stability in the Middle East and fighting radical Islam.

The conduct of the FBI, certain members of the DOJ, the Special Counsel Operation, and those in the House, Senate and elsewhere who have obstructed the release of the truth have all obstructed justice and put this man, his family, and the entire country through three years of hell—for their LIES and deceit.

There are no words sufficient to convey our disgust and disdain for all those responsible in any way for this baseless and purely evil persecution.

If you would like to read them for yourself, PBS has posted the full set of transcript papers.

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Who Are the Three Judges Set to Decide Slap Down of Flynn Judge Emmet Sullivan?

So, just who are the D.C. Circuit Court judges who last week delivered the unusual order to force Judge Emmet Sullivan to explain himself.



So, just who are the D.C. Circuit Court judges who last week delivered the unusual order to force Judge Emmet Sullivan to explain himself over his continued attack on Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn?

Last week we reported that the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit gave Clinton-appointed judge Emmet Sullivan ten days to reply to a demand that he explain why he has kept the case against Flynn open and invited amicus briefs instead of dropping it like he should have when the Department of Justice dropped the case against the general.

The D.C. Circuit Court ordered Sullivan to respond to the petition for a writ of mandamus filed by Michael Flynn’s legal team. In doing so, the court also cited United States v. Fokker Services B.V., which is a 2016 case where the court slapped down a judge who refused to end a case after prosecutors dropped the case.

Clearly the D.C. Circuit was warning Sullivan that he is in the wrong and he better get back in line.

So, just who is on the three-judge panel that delivered this order to Sullivan?

The panel includes Judge Karen L. Henderson (a G.H.W. Bush appointee), Judge Robert L. Wilkins (an Obama appointee), and Judge Naomi Rao (a Trump appointee).

Judge Karen L. Henderson

Henderson assumed her seat on the bench in 1990 when she was appointed by George H.W. Bush. But she was a Reagan appointee before that when she was appointed to the U.S. District Court for South Carolina.

Her decisions and opinions show that she is a strong voice for individual freedom.

Some of her past opinions include a 2008 case where she ruled that terrorists in Guantanamo Bay have no right to sue the United States government, and in February she joined the majority opinion to deny the Democrat’s effort to force former White House Council Don McGhan to testify before a House Democrat kangaroo committee hearing. Also, in a 2014 case, the judge stood up for a small game company that found its postage rates come in far higher than Netflix mailings for comparable sized items and said that her ruling was meant to level the playing field for smaller businesses. In 2007, Henderson also penned an opinion that was seen as friendly to the Second Amendment. Finally, in 2018, Henderson quickly dismissed a large number of the fake ethics complaints that Democrats flooded the courts with to try and get Brett Kavanaugh eliminated as a Supreme Court Justice nominee.

Henderson graduated from Duke University with her B.A. in 1966, and later earned her J.D. from the University of North Carolina School of Law in 1969

Judge Robert L. Wilkins

Wilkins does not have a lot of very consequential decisions under his belt yet on the D.C. Circuit, having only sat on the court for just over five years. But he does have a history as a liberal activist.

Wilkins earned his B.S. in 1986 from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and his J.D. in 1989 from Harvard Law School. He later worked for the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia from 1990 to 2002.

Just after completing law school, Wilkins filed a lawsuit against the Maryland State Police for violating his rights with a purportedly illegal search during a traffic stop. His case popularized the phrase “driving while black.”

As far as his work on the D.C. Circuit, he did opine in favor of slapping down an action by the Trump administration after the Federal Trade Commission reversed an Obama rule in 2018. In 2014, Wilkins ruled that a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Postal Service against athlete Lance Armstrong could continue after Armstrong asked for the case to be dropped.

Judge Naomi Rao

Rao has the shortest tenure on the court having only taken her seat last year after being appointed by Donald Trump and confirmed by the U.S. Senate in March of 2019.

Rao took her seat on the court against all odds as she is a conservative-minded judge that the Democrats worked hard to torpedo.

Rao earned a B.A. from Yale University in 1995 and a J.D. from the University of Chicago Law School in 1999. But she had an excellent opportunity to learn at the side of a master when she clerked for United States Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas from 2001 to 2002. After that, she was a special assistant and associate counsel to former President George W. Bush (R) from March 2005 to July 2006.

Rao is a strong advocate for the legislature to maintain its prerogatives and not to keep handing over its powers to the executive. She maintains that it is the duty of Congress to write and maintain laws, not the duty of a president to keep creating defacto law with a constant stream of regulations.

She is also a proponent of allowing the president to remove independent agency heads any time he wants for cause.

Finally, last year Rao wrote a minority opinion that said Congress had no right to subpoena President Trump’s records from accounting firm Mazars USA LLP. In her opinion she wrote that, “allegations of illegal conduct against the president cannot be investigated by Congress except through impeachment.”

These are the judges who will decide if Judge Emmet Sullivan did the right thing in his actions against Michael Flynn.

But it must also be noted that it appears that these three judges agreed that Sullivan must explain himself in his continued attack on Michael Flynn and it appears they think his actions are wrong.

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