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Rep. Jim Jordan Slams Big Tech Execs: ‘You’re Out to Get Conservatives’

Rep Jim Jordan told Big Tech that it was clear they are “out to get conservatives.”



Rep Jim Jordan went hard against the Big Tech executives that appeared before a House committee on Wednesday, saying that it was clear they were “out to get conservatives.”

The Ohio congressman said that the issue of censoring conservative voices will be front and center when Republicans question Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and other tech leaders.

“I’ll just cut to the chase: Big Tech is out to get conservatives,” Jordan said. “That’s not a suspicion. That’s not a hunch. That’s a fact.”

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Exactly right and it’s about time someone says it out loud.

Jordan pointed out Google’s recent algorithm changes that Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow said is “systematic bias” against conservatives. The top-ranking GOP member of the committee also noted Twitter’s “shadow-banning” of conservative users.

Just as a personal note, I have been writing conservative news and commentary since 2001 and I watched the Internet grow to become a powerhouse outlet for information all the way until about 2015 when conservative sites suddenly began to find their traffic disappearing. Then, over the next few years they also began seeing their advertising shut down and their social media accounts drop off tonothing. And then, by 2017, they began finding their accounts banned altogether.

This was not because they were losing fans. It was strictly because Big Tech was working to destroy them. I have watched site after site go bankrupt because Big Tech giants squashed them in every way they could.

I have personally lost jobs because of this assault on conservative thought on the Internet.

Another congressman took out after Big Tech on Wednesday, too. Rep. Matt Gaetz noted that all the biggest conservative sites have suddenly experienced a flat line in Google search results.

Gaetz said that Google is “engaging in election interference” by banning only conservative sites from its search results.

This is exactly what is going on, too.

The Trump administration should fine Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram billions for election fraud for not reporting their in-kind contributions to Joe Biden over its clearly political actions, here.

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PROOF: Google Makes Sure Users Can’t Find Stories Posted by Conservative Websites

A new look at Google search results proves that Google has purposefully squelched the ability of users to find any conservative pages in relevant searches.



A new look at Google search results proves that Google has purposefully squelched the ability of users to find any conservative pages in relevant searches.

While it is true that Google gives users immediate results when they type in the name of “Breitbart News,” or “Daily Caller,” or other conservative news outlets, what Google does to destroy the traffic of these sites is to artificially prevent users from getting links to conservative sites when they search for stories in the news.

For instance, when a user types in “Biden visits Wisconsin,” not a single link will take them to a story by any of the prominent conservative websites. The only results a user gets are to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, the New York Times, and other far left news outlets.

But it is worse than that. Google also artificially buries the work of the individual writers.

In his article for RealClearPolitics, Maxim Lott noted that when you type in the names of any Breitbart News’ most prominent writers, no Breitbart links appear on the first page.

Joel Pollak is one of the site’s frequent TV guests, is the Breitbart legal counsel, and one of its most high-profile writers. But if you type his name into Google, Lott notes that not a single Breitbart link comes up until the seventh page of the results.

Googling the name “Breitbart” still pulls up the website, but it is nearly eliminated from any searches that don’t explicitly name it. For example, Googling the names of Breitbart’s reporters sometimes forces users to click through page after page of less-relevant results before hitting a Breitbart link. In the case of Joel Pollak, the first Breitbart link appears on the bottom of page 7 of Google search results. In comparison, a search on the small Google competitor DuckDuckGo gives multiple links to Pollak’s Breitbart work on the first page.

Breitbart saw that stark reduction in search, even as little else in the news outlet’s reporting model changed. Other conservative news sites, such as the Daily Caller, also were de-ranked at similar times.

Google purposefully, and artificially skews its results to exclude conservative sources of information.

This is how Google makes sure that conservatives are shut out.

Meanwhile, search engines such as the surging give pure results.

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EXPOSED: The ‘Conservative’ Traitors Working with Google to Allow Big Tech to Destroy Free Speech

The list has now leaked of the go-to “conservatives” that Google uses to help it justify the destruction of conservative thought online.



The list has now leaked of the go-to “conservatives” that Google uses to help it justify the destruction of conservative thought online.

This list of “conservatives” is filled to the brim with never-Trumpers, inside-the-Beltway squishes, and traitors like Jonah Goldberg, and James Pethokoukis.

The list was exposed by The National Pulse writers Raheem Kassam and Natalie Winters on Monday.

“As the battle over Big Tech rages in Western capitals, The National Pulse was provided with an exclusive leak of the list of think tanks and activists who Google lobbyist Max Pappas reached out to on the back of the Federalist/Zero Hedge demonetization story,” the National Pulse reported.

Papas reportedly took his ideas for damage control to this list of more than 100 highly placed think tank operatives to quiz them on how he should phase his response to smooth things over with conservatives who were outraged that Google had been working with the media and foreign entities to silence conservatives online.

This list is filled with operatives at big think tanks that are supposed to be protectors of conservative thought such as the Heritage Foundation, the CATO Institute, Americans for Tax Reform, R Street, the Competitive Enterprise Institute and more.

Most of these “conservatives” have taken to Twitter, to their journals, and to their white papers to variously claim that there is no anti-conservative bias in Big Tech, that if it is there is is a good thing, or that “competition” will even out the bias soon enough.

None of this, of course, is true. There is no “competition” in big tech that might help favor conservatives. ALL the big tech companies are working hand-in-hand to eliminate the free speech of conservatives… and these idiots on the google go-to list are HELPING big tech do it!

These quisling conservatives to a man argue that there should be no government regulation of speech on the Internet because conservatives are not being systematically deleted by Big Tech.

Click over to the National Pulse report to see more and to see the list of names.

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