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Racist College Democrats Dump Latino President Because She Isn’t Black

The Hispanic president of the College Democrats of America was ousted from her position solely because she isn’t black.



The Hispanic president of the College Democrats of America was ousted last month from her position solely because she isn’t black.

Last week, at the end of June, Tikaela Guido was removed from her role as president of the college organization that boasts 500 chapters and 47 state federations. Before leaving, Guido appointed Matthew Nowling, the group’s former communications director, to be vice president because he is black.

As it happens, Nowling accused Guido of being a racist against him. She treated him badly, Nowling exclaimed. Soon calls for Guido to resign began flooding the organization. Not only that, but calls were made for her to never try to run for any position with the organization again.

At first, the Hispanic woman tried to defend herself against charges of racism.

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“What I do not stand for is being labeled a racist or complacent in racism. The gross mischaracterization that I contributed to this environment is unequivocally false. Moreover, these unsubstantiated claims of racism towards me have an appearance of being used as a front for personal disagreements, which is morally reprehensible,” she wrote on an email to the membership.

Eventually, Guido did resign and in doing so she appointed Nowling to be her successor.

Amusingly, Guido ultimately slobbered all over herself to apologize for her “racism.”

In an email she said, “I may not be the person that membership feels represents them currently, and I may need to make space for someone who does,” later adding she would “slow down, reflect on my mistakes and spend time with family.”

Nowling crowed about his victory saying any other group may “have been brushed under the rug, and I would have simply resigned and nothing would have changed.” He added, “This is not just a College Democrats of America thing. This is a broader societal issue, and I just happened to have a platform where when I spoke out about it, people took action.”

The wokesters are eating their own, folks.

… And it’s hilarious.

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Biden Gets Blasted For Non-Apology Over His Black Community Remarks




Joe Biden issued a non-apology last night for widely-panned remarks he made about African-Americans earlier in the day, saying that he did not “mean” what he said.

“Earlier today, I made some comments about diversity in the African American and Latino communities that I want to clarify. In no way did I mean to suggest the African American community is a monolith—not by identity, not on issues, not at all,” Biden wrote on Twitter. “Throughout my career I’ve witnessed the diversity of thought, background, and sentiment within the African American community. It’s this diversity that makes our workplaces, communities, and country a better place.”

“My commitment to you is this: I will always listen, I will never stop fighting for the African American community and I will never stop fighting for a more equitable future.”

Joe Biden said during an earlier interview: “What you all know, but most people don’t know, unlike the African American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things.”

Twitter took Biden to task for his non-apology:

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New York Announces Attempt to Disband National Rifle Association Over Budget Fraud

New York announced an effort to destroy the NRA with a lawsuit demanding that the group disband over fraudulent budget expenses.



The State of New York announced an effort to destroy the National Rifle Association with a lawsuit demanding that the group disband over fraudulent budget expenses.

New York Attorney General Letitia James said his investigation found top NRA executives had committed financial misconduct that contributed to a loss of more than $64 million to the group’s budget.

James claims that the NRA’s leadership is “fraught with fraud” and the group’s top officials wasted millions on personal vacations, private jets, gifts, and expensive meals.

“The NRA’s influence has been so powerful that the organization went unchecked for decades while top executives funneled millions into their own pockets,” James said during a Thursday morning news conference. “The NRA is fraught with fraud and abuse, which is why, today, we seek to dissolve the NRA, because no organization is above the law.”

The AG added that the NRA was “a breeding ground for greed, abuse, and brazen illegality.”

NRA President Carolyn Meadows blasted the lawsuit:

This was a baseless, premeditated attack on our organization and the Second Amendment freedoms it fights to defend. You could have set your watch by it: the investigation was going to reach its crescendo as we move into the 2020 election cycle. It’s a transparent attempt to score political points and attack the leading voice in opposition to the leftist agenda. This has been a power grab by a political opportunist – a desperate move that is part of a rank political vendetta. Our members won’t be intimidated or bullied in their defense of political and constitutional freedom. As evidenced by the lawsuit filed by the NRA today against the NY AG, we not only will not shrink from this fight – we will confront it and prevail.

The lawsuit alleges that Ackerman McQueen — head of the NRA’s advertising firm — spent $70 million on “out-of-pocket expenditures” and “public relations and advertising” in 2017 and 2018. James says the expenditures were a cover-up for travel by NRA executives, including eight trips to the Bahamas and all-expense-paid safaris in Africa. There were also alleged payments for personal hair and makeup for Susan LaPierre, wife of the NRA CEO.

This is obviously an attempt to rally the troops for the 2020 election, though. And it just may rally conservatives for Trump, too!

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Biden’s Interview Gets Worse, With A Question About How He’s Going To Deal With China




Biden's Interview Gets Worse, With A Question About How He’s Going To Deal With China

Joe Biden explains how he’s going to take on China: “The way China will respond is when we gather the rest of the world that in fact [unintelligible] in in fr- in in in in open trade and making sure that we’re in a position that the world uh that that we deal with WHO the right way that in fact, that’s when things begin to change.”


All joking aside, this man is not well. He is absolutely NOT fit to perform the grueling job of President of the United States!

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Joe Biden Lashes Out At Black Reporter, Asks If He’s a Junkie After Asked If He’ll Take Cognitive Test




Joe Biden Lashes Out At Black Reporter, Asks If He’s a Junkie After Asked If He’ll Take Cognitive Test

Joe Biden was asked by Errol Barnett of CBS News if he’d taken a cognitive test during an interview on Wednesday morning.

“No, I haven’t taken a test. Why the hell would I take a test? C’mon man. That’s like saying you before you got in this program if you take a test where you’re taking cocaine or not, what do you think, huh? Are you a junkie?”

Can you imagine if Trump asked if a black reporter was a junkie?

Twitter goes wild:

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Mayor Bill de Blasio In Hot-Water After Admitting City Skipped Permit Process To Paint BLM Murals




Mayor Bill de Blasio In Hot-Water After Admitting City Skipped Permit Process To Paint BLM Murals

Mayor Bill de Blasio is facing increasing backlash from angry residents in New York City Monday after the Democrat admitted his administration skipped the permit process required to paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ murals on city streets.

“City officials ignored their own application process for public art projects to paint Black Lives Matter murals around the five boroughs, in order to mark an important moment in history, Mayor de Blasio said as his administration faces claims of First Amendment violations for refusing to greenlight other proposals,” reports the New York Post.

NY Post:

City officials ignored their own application process for public art projects to paint Black Lives Matter murals around the five boroughs, in order to mark an important moment in history, Mayor Bill de Blasio said as his administration faces claims of First Amendment violations for refusing to green-light other proposals.

“We haven’t said ‘no’ to people, we’ve said, ‘If you want to apply, you can apply, but there’s a process,’” de Blasio said during his City Hall press briefing Monday.

The pro-President Trump group Women for America First has sued City Hall for blocking a mural of their slogan “Engaging, Inspiring and Empowering Women to Make a Difference!” on a Manhattan roadway, while allowing multiple BLM paintings throughout the city.

Hizzoner insists he didn’t block the move, just referred groups like Women for America First and the pro-police Blue Lives Matter to the Department of Transportation’s permitting process. But there was no approval required for the BLM movement.

“That is something that again transcends all normal realities because we are at a moment of history when that had to be said and done, that’s a decision I made,” de Blasio said. More

Laws are only for the little people. When you’re spending all your energy ignoring the skyrocketing crime and murders, one can see how a simple permit process can get overlooked.

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Top Five Liberal Lies Attny. Gen. William Barr Demolished During Testimony

U.S. Attorney General William Barr was able to take a wrecking ball to the Democrats’ lies last week.



U.S. Attorney General William Barr was able to take a wrecking ball to the Democrats’ lies last week, even though they tried to muzzle him during the hearing.

The Democrats’ behavior was despicable as they blatantly impugned Barr’s integrity, called him names, lied about his actions, and then constantly interrupted him to prevent him from even attempting to reply to their questions.

Still, when he was able to speak, he got in some very good licks against the lying Democrats that day.

The Federalist’s Margot Cleveland identified eight liberal lies that Barr debunked during the July 28 House Oversight Committee hearing.

Here are the top five:

Myth 1: Barr overruled prosecutors’ sentencing recommendation for Roger Stone because of a Donald Trump tweet

Several of Democrats’ attacks focused on President Trump associate Roger Stone. Democrat committee Chair Jerry Nadler accused Barr of personally interfering “with ongoing criminal investigations to protect the president and his allies from the consequences of their actions,” and then “when career investigators and prosecutors resisted these brazen unprecedented actions, you replaced them with less qualified staff who appear to be singularly beholden to you.” Rep. Hank Johnson, a Georgia Democrat, drilled more specifically into the Stone case, misrepresenting the facts in the process.

“Isn’t it true that when prosecutors in the Roger Stone case filed a memo with the court recommending a sentence of seven to nine years in prison, a few hours later, President Trump tweeted that the sentence recommendation was quote, ‘a disgrace,’” Johnson began. Barr acknowledged that reality. Johnson then asked Barr whether, “several hours after that, you filed a pleading with the court stating that the sentence recommendation would be changed and that you would be asking for a lighter sentence for Roger Stone?”

Barr attempted to explain that Johnson was mispresenting the circumstances, but the Democrat cut Barr short to grandstand. “You’re expecting the American people to believe that you did not do what Trump wanted you to do when you changed that sentencing recommendation and lowered it for Roger Stone?” Johnson asked rhetorically.

However, when Republicans allowed him to explain the circumstances of the about-face, the attorney general exposed the ridiculous nature of the charge that he was cutting breaks for Stone. “Stone was prosecuted under me, and I said all along, I thought that was a righteous prosecution,” the attorney general explained. But “line prosecutors were trying to advocate for a sentence that was more than twice anyone else in a similar position had ever served, and this is a 67-year-old man, first-time offender, no violence,” Barr continued. “I wasn’t going to advocate that because that is not the rule of law.”

The attorney general also testified that he “never discussed our sentencing recommendation with anyone outside the Department of Justice.” Barr then laid out the timeline: On Monday, Barr explained, he had concluded that the Department of Justice (DOJ) “should not affirmatively advocate for seven to nine years,” but would leave the decision to the sentencing judge. However, that night, the prosecutors filed a sentencing memorandum that did not reflect Barr’s decision.

“That night I told people we had to fix it first thing in the morning. We did as soon as I got in,” Barr said. Only then did Barr learn about the president’s tweet. Barr explained that he then “hesitated because I knew that I would be attacked for doing it. People would argue that I did it because of the tweet, but I felt at the end of the day, I really had to go forward with our filing because it was the right thing to do.”

Barr did do the right thing: In sentencing Stone, the presiding judge stated she was concerned seven to nine years would be greater than necessary,” and that she “agree[d] with the defense and with the government’s second memorandum.”

Myth 2: Barr dropped the case against Flynn because he was Trump’s friend

Democrats likewise pushed the narrative that Barr filed a motion to dismiss the criminal charge against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn because of Flynn’s connection to the president. Barr countered this charge both generally and specifically.

“I agree the president’s friends don’t deserve special breaks, but they also don’t deserve to be treated more harshly than other people, and sometimes that’s a difficult decision to make, especially when you’re going to be castigated for it,” Barr told the Judiciary Committee. “But that is what the rule of law is, and that’s what fairness to the individual ultimately comes to, being willing to do what’s fair to the individual.”

Barr then stressed what Democrats ignore—that it was an independent U.S. attorney in St. Louis “who had 10 years in the FBI and 10 years in the Department of Justice as a career prosecutor, who “determined, based on documents that had not been provided to Flynn’s side and not been provided to the court that in fact there was no basis to investigate Flynn.”

Rather, Missouri-based U.S. Attorney Jeff Jensen concluded “that the only purpose was to try to catch him in saying something that they could then say was a lie.” “Furthermore, it was clearly established by the documents that the FBI agents who interviewed him did not believe that he thought he was lying,” Barr added.

Knowing what we know now, Barr concluded, “We don’t think any of the U.S. attorneys in the department would have prosecuted this case.” And what “I’m trying to establish is that we will use the same standards for everybody before we indict anybody. This goes for both sides,” Barr stressed. He later added that “the true two standards of justice were really during the tail end of the Obama administration.”

Myth 3: Barr fired an acting U.S. attorney for investigating Trump associates

Another line of attack focused on Barr’s firing of U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman. In June, Barr had decided to replace Berman as acting U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York until the permanent U.S. attorney could be confirmed. Barr had announced Berman would be “stepping down” because he intended Berman to remain in the DOJ. Yet after the announcement, Berman went public with a statement that he wasn’t going anywhere. Berman’s insubordination led to his immediate firing.

At the time, the media narrative ran that Barr had fired Berman because he was investigating Trump associates, and possibly even Trump. The House Judiciary Committee attempted to push that theory too, but Barr shot it down,” calling it “nonsense.” “Anyone familiar with the Department of Justice would say that removing a component head is not going to have any effect on any pending investigation,” Barr noted.

Myth 4: Barr punished Michael Cohen but rewarded Paul Manafort

Democrats on the committee also attempted to paint the attorney general as showing favoritism to former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort while retaliating against former Trump-attorney turned Trump critic Michael Cohen. Rep. Eric Swalwell took the lead in pushing the myth that Barr had retaliated against Cohen.

“Did you know that as a condition of Cohen’s release from prison, the government intended to direct Cohen not to engage with the media and not to write a book?” Swalwell asked Barr. Barr said “no,” then attempted to explain that situation.

Cohen had been furloughed from prison, Barr explained, and the conditions of that home confinement were set, not by the Bureau of Prisons but “by the probation office, which is part of the U.S. Court System.” “And it was the U.S. Court System that had the requirements about not writing,” Barr explained.

Swalwell ignored Barr’s response, claiming this condition of release was retaliatory, even though Barr’s office had nothing to do with the condition. Swalwell also attempted to paint Cohen’s return to prison as retaliatory, but again, Barr countered it was the probation office that had determined Cohen was being “uncooperative.” At that point, the Bureau of Prisons determined Cohen was no longer eligible for home confinement. Barr would also later testify he “didn’t even know [of] the decision to send Cohen back to prison.”

Rep. Sylvia Garcia (D-Texas) pivoted from Swalwell’s charge of retaliation against Cohen to an allegation that Barr favored Manafort by arranging his release from prison out of concern for the coronavirus.

“In March 26 and April 3rd, your department released guidelines, criteria, setting priorities by which people would be released early,” Garcia began. “By your own Department’s admission, Manafort did not meet that criteria. Since the start of this pandemic, we have repeatedly urged you to use your authority to protect vulnerable populations in prisons. Instead, you release the president’s former campaign manager.”

Barr had little chance to respond to the charge, with Garcia—like the rest of the Democrats on the committee—interrupting when he tried to correct the record. Yet, as she ended her tirade, Barr succinctly countered the claim: “The director of the BOP testified under oath: No one from Justice Department was involved” in the decision to release Manafort from prison.

Myths 5, 6: Barr used tear gas to clear out peaceful protestors for a photo op for Trump

The myth that Trump and Barr are supposedly squashing peaceful protests throughout the country also held top billing at Tuesday’s hearing. One main line of this attack focused on the narrative that Barr had directed the removal of peaceful protestors, including with tear gas, from Lafayette Square in Washington, DC so Trump could walk to St. John’s Church for a photo op.

“On the first day of June, the world watched in horror on live television as federal agents deployed by the administration, and with you present and telling him to get it done, used force to clear Lafayette Park so that the president, with you and others at your side, could walk across the park and have a photo op in front of St. John’s church,” one committee member charged. Rep. Pramila Jayapal repeated this claim, saying Barr had directed “federal officers to close in on the protesters and to use shields offensively as weapons, tear gas, pepper balls, irritants, explosive devices, batons and horses to clear the area just so the president could get a photo op.”
‘There was unprecedented rioting right around the White House. Very violent.’

While Democrats refused to allow Barr to respond to the charges, Republicans provided the attorney general a chance to detail the facts. “There was unprecedented rioting right around the White House,” Barr explained. “Very violent.”

“During that time about 90 officers were injured. In fact, the Secret Service was so concerned it recommended the president go down to the shelter,” Barr noted. “There was a breach of the Treasury Department, the lodge—an historical building on Lafayette Park—was burned down, and St. John’s Church was set on fire,” Barr added.

On Monday, Barr explained, “there was total consensus that we couldn’t allow that to happen so close to the White House, that kind of rioting,” and “therefore we had to move the perimeter out one block and push it up toward I Street.” This plan had nothing to do with the president’s decision to walk to St. John’s Church, Barr explained.

Barr also responded to another falsehood, noting that no tear gas had been used in moving the perimeter. Rather, tear gas was used to clear the way for a fire truck to put out the fire at St. John’s Church the previous evening.

To say the protest was peaceful was also not accurate: “It is a fact that the park police reported, and I saw myself projectiles being thrown from that crowd,” Barr explained, “so I did not consider them at all peaceful protesters.”

Click on over to Cleveland’s full report to see the rest.

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#BillIClintonisapedo Trends on Twitter after News of His Visits to Epstein’s Pedo Island Breaks

Last week, documents leaked showing that the FBI had known for years of Bill Clinton’s trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s “Pedophile Island/”



Last week, documents leaked showing that the FBI had known for years of Bill Clinton’s trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s “Pedophile Island” retreat where Epstein commonly held orgies where he gave under-aged children as gifts to his rich and powerful friends.

The documents were released late on Thursday and includes records of a 2011 meeting between Virginia Giuffre and her lawyers where she talked about the powerful people surrounding Epstein — including Bill Clinton — who she said visited Epstein’s island or flew on his “Lolita Express” plane trips.

But as the news gained a wider audience, it quickly spawned the Twitter hashtag “#BillIClintonisapedo.”

But despite the fact that the hashtag was seeing massive numbers of tweets, Twitter still shadowbaned it… naturally:

The CEO of search engine Yippy recently took out after the Democrat’s top tier calling them out for what they are:

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