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Protester Tries To Block SUV And Assault Someone… Ends Badly

The lesson here is: Don’t block traffic! 



Protester Tries To Block SUV And Assault Someone... Ends Badly

Watch as things don’t go well for a protester who tried to block traffic and decided to mess with the wrong driver.

You have the right to protest. You do not have the right block traffic while trying to force people to listen to your whining.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Good for the driver. 

(WARNING: Language and fist fighting)


The tactic of protestors, specially those tied to Antifa and the climate change movement, blocking roadways is becoming more and more common. We saw some in Europe even try to hold up trains, leading to violent encounters.

Normal people with jobs and responsibilities are getting tired of it. Someone’s pet issue doesn’t change the fact that the clock has got to punched or the children have got to be picked up.

Yesterday, a video surfaced of an Antifa protestor trying to block an SUV. The protestor has some kind of weapon in his hand (which you’ll see later clearly) an is wearing a black mask and backup (the typical getup).

While the guy tweeting the video (it’s originally from Live Leak’s site) says this is “extinction rebellion,” that’s not really much of a thing in the U.S. and you can clearly hear the driver is American. This is likely just a regular, Antifa anti-capitalist. You can see that the man in the SUV got out tried to get the protestor to move, but he came right back into the road. More

In this guy’s case… Resistance was futile. My dad used to call that an “attitude adjustment.”

What’s going to happen when President Donald Trump is re-elected, especially if in a landslide? What kind of protests, especially violent ones, will break out then? Fortunately, my state allows concealed carry.

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Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi Asks for Article of Impeachment

On Thursday morning, House Speaker Democrat Nancy Pelosi said the House Judiciary Committee will draft articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.



On Thursday morning, House Speaker Democrat Nancy Pelosi said the House Judiciary Committee will begin drafting articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

“The president’s actions have seriously violated the constitution,” Pelosi said on Capitol Hill. “Our Democracy is at stake. The president leaves us no choice but to act.”

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham slammed the Democrats for the move saying they should be “ashamed” of themselves.

Grisham added, “Trump has done nothing but lead our country – resulting in a booming economy, more jobs & a stronger military, to name just a few of his major accomplishments.”

Pelosi claimed Trump’s July 25 telephone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was an abuse of power that violated America’s national security.

“If we allow a president to be above the law, we do so surely at the peril of our republic. In America, no one is above the law,” Pelosi said.

“Today, I am asking our chairman to proceed with articles of impeachment,” she said referring to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY).

President Trump slammed House Democrats and their impeachment probe, urging them to vote quickly to remove him in order for the Senate to begin a “fair trial.”

“The Do Nothing Democrats had a historically bad day yesterday in the House. They have no Impeachment case and are demeaning our Country,” he tweeted. “But nothing matters to them, they have gone crazy. Therefore I say, if you are going to impeach me, do it now, fast, so we can have a fair trial in the Senate, and so that our Country can get back to business. We will have Schiff, the Bidens, Pelosi and many more testify, and will reveal, for the first time, how corrupt our system really is.”

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Report: Dem. Impeachment Czar Schiff Gave Whistleblower’s Pal a High-Paying Job

With more Democrat corruption, Democrat impeachment czar Adam Schiff mysteriously gave a high-paying job to the whistleblower’s best buddy.



More Democrat corruption has emerged with a report revealing that Democrat impeachment czar Adam Schiff mysteriously gave a high-paying job to the whistleblower’s best buddy.

Seriously, can these people be any more corrupt?

The Washington Examiner’s Kerry Picket found the amazing facts in a piece she published this week.

According to Pickett, Schiff hired whistleblower Eric Ciaramella’s close friend, NSC aide Sean Misko, only one day after the president’s Ukraine phone call that Democrats have illegitimately claimed was somehow a criminal act perpetrated by President Trump.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff hired a former National Security Council aide who worked with alleged Ukraine whistleblower Eric Ciaramella at the NSC during the Obama and Trump administrations the day after the phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

It was previously reported by the Washington Examiner that public records indicated Sean Misko, 37, started work on Schiff’s committee in August as a professional staff member. A specific start date was not available until this week, when the latest congressional quarterly disbursements were released.

The new records show that Misko’s official hire date was July 26

Ciaramella is himself a crooked deep state operative working for Obama’s corrupt CIA who is part of the cabal looking to destroy a duly elected president.

Think about this: The so-called whistleblower’s close buddy was miraculously hired by Schiff just as Schiff was gearing up for his fake, secret impeachment tribunals, all based on the false information supplied by the whistleblower.

If this doesn’t stink to high heaven, what does?

But, it seems the whole crooked scheme is in jeopardy. The Democrats have insisted for months that they would vote to impeach the president by December. Now it looks like that hope is already waning.

Just how much failure will the Democrat’s voters accept?

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Creepy Joe Biden Caught Acting Inappropriately Again, Despite Promises to Stop

Joe Biden has still not learned how to comport himself in public adding to his long list of incidents of inappropriately touching women and children.



Joe Biden has still not learned how to comport himself in public and has once again added to his long list of incidents of inappropriately touching women and children, and his penchant for very creepy stories.

In two new incidents, Biden is once again seen acting off-the-charts creepy and it is clear he really is oblivious to his own inappropriateness.

In the first incident, Biden was seen strangely nibbling on his wife’s outstretched fingers at a campaign stop in Iowa.

At a rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Biden’s wife, Jill, made a wide sweeping motion with her arm as she spoke at the podium while Joe stood close behind her on the riser. When Mrs. Biden made a second sweeping motion, Joe quickly leaned forward and grabbed her fingers with his mouth.

But that was nothing compared to his creepy, pedophile-like story of how he likes to have little kids “rub his legs.”

Joe blurted out this strange story during a campaign stop in Wilmington, Delaware, on Sunday where he appeared to go off script. During his address, Biden suddenly started rambling about how he likes to have little kids rub his naked legs.

“And by the way I sit on a stand, I got hot, I got hairy legs that turn, that, that, that, turn blond in the sun,” Biden said. “And the kids used to come up and reach in and pull and rub my legs, and watch the hairs rise up again. So I learned about roaches. I learned about kids jumping up on my lap. And I love kids jumping on my lap.”

Uh… what?

Just look at Biden’s smug, creepy face during that video. He really thinks he’s delivering a folksy, homey, real-Joe story! He really doesn’t have the tiniest clue how weird he acts in public. He thinks everything is just great.

Biden has a VERY long train of Inappropriate interactions with women, young girls, and even males. Over and over again he has been seen giving unwanted kisses, touching and sniffing hair, fondling, and caressing people against their will.

It got so bad, he even had to apologize and say he would try NOT to be his normal, creepy self during this campaign.

In fact, according to some reports, the Secret Service detail and Navy personnel who used to guard and serve Vice President Biden had to cancel their annual Christmas party because they were all so uncomfortable with Biden’s habit of pawing at their wives and daughters during the party.

According to Blacksphere the unnamed agent revealed, “We had to cancel the VP Christmas get together at the Vice President’s house because Biden would grope all of our wives and girlfriends’ asses,” he wrote.

The agent went on saying, “He would mess with every single woman or teen. It was horrible.”

Another Secret Service agent was reportedly suspended after Biden pawed at his wife. The agent is said to have been furious enough to almost hit the VP.

Biden is also rumored to have developed a habit of walking around nude in the Vice Presidents mansion during the Obama regime. He also constantly swam in the nude even if there were female agents or staffers on duty at his home and VP residence.

Best-selling author Ronald Kessler wrote of these incidents in his book The First Family Detail.

“Agents say that, whether at the vice president’s residence or at his home in Delaware, Biden has a habit of swimming in his pool nude…Female Secret Service agents find that offensive,” Kessler wrote.

The compiled evidence seems to prove that Joe Biden is a creepy, sick, dirty old man who should not be installed in the White House.

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FAIL: CNN Couldn’t Even Get 1 Million Viewers for Impeachment Show Trials

If CNN’s dismal ratings are any indication, impeachment failed because the network couldn’t even get a million viewers for its droning coverage.



The Democrats hoped that their impeachment scheme would excite and anger Americans to support their removal of the president, but if CNN’s dismal ratings are any indication, their hopes have been dashed because the “news” network couldn’t even get a million viewers for its droning impeachment coverage.

Indeed, CNN ended up in dead last place in the cable wars during the impeachment show trials.

During the entire month of November, including the time of the Democrat’s show trials, CNN couldn’t even muster a million viewers a day.

As John Nolte noted, CNN only got “760,000 viewers throughout the day and an even more pathetic 999,000 viewers during primetime.”

In addition, in the 25-54 age demo, the ages TV networks most want to attract, CNN’s primetime ratings collapsed an amazing 36 percent even compared to the previous month. CNN’s demo numbers are also down 22 percent day to day.

Also, CNN lost 11 percent of its viewers while both MSNBC (up 12 percent) and Fox News (up 15 percent) gained viewers.

Nolte added:

Compared to CNN’s epic fail of just 766,000 total day viewers, MSNBC attracted 1.2 million and Fox News more than doubled CNN with 1.6 million.

During the primetime hours, MSNBC’s 2.06 million primetime viewers more than doubled CNN’s humiliating 999,000 number.

Fox News nearly tripled CNN with 2.8 million primetime viewers.

As far as the 25-54 age demo, CNN’s collapse was jaw-dropping compared to MSNBC and Fox.

CNN is supposed to be the Democrat’s top TV partner. And they couldn’t even get a million viewers a day? And even LOST viewers?

That is very bad news for the Democrats.

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AOC Says She Doesn’t Want To Hear The Term ‘Free Stuff’



AOC Says She Doesn’t Want To Hear The Term ‘Free Stuff’

Democratic Socialist New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said she does not want to hear people refer to “free stuff” in reference to socialism.

“People like to say, ‘Oh this is about free stuff,’” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said at a town hall in the Bronx over the weekend. “This is not about free stuff.”

“These are public goods. They’re public goods. So I never want to hear the word or the term ‘free stuff’ ever again … because I’m tired of already hearing some of these neoliberal folks who are trying to like flip the script on us.”

“Like when we’re talking about tuition-free public college or when we talk about public housing they say, ‘Oh, well, I don’t want to pay for a millionaire’s kid to go to college.’ That’s their like jujitsu on us that they’re trying to pull.”

She argued that tuition-free college or taxpayer-funded universal healthcare should be looked at the same way Americans look at roads or libraries.

“Public education, libraries, [and] infrastructure policies (which we‘ve had before in America and elsewhere in the world!) are not ‘free stuff.’ They are PUBLIC GOODS,” she tweeted Monday. “And they are worth investing in, protecting, [and] advancing for all society and future generations.”

Twitter reacts:

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Despite Claims, Looks Like Democrats Will Fail to Impeach Trump This Year

Democrats have already failed to impeach President Trump this year and some are even saying the Democrats are about to cancel the whole thing.



It is starting to look like the Democrats have already failed to impeach President Trump this year and some are even saying the Democrats are about to cancel the whole thing.

First of all, there are only nine business days in all of December and Congress is already off for Thanksgiving. But a lot of things have to be done before impeachment can take place and with only nine business days left in the 2019 legislative schedule, it is likely impossible to do all the legal steps necessary to finish impeachment.

But the Democrats promised to have impeachment finished before 2020.

For instance, on Saturday, Reuters reported that the Democrats have “set December” as their impeachment deadline.

But that seems highly unlikely because of all the steps that still need to be taken to get to actual impeachment.

According to what the Democrats have said, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) still has to releases its final report to the House Judiciary Committee (HJC). That report is apparently not yet ready.

But even if it was ready, once the HJC gets the report, it is then supposed to allow the White House its turn to call witnesses.

Remember, there are only nine working days for the rest of the year. So, we are expected to assume that the HPSCI could produce a full report on impeachment. Then the HRC will take that report to write its own document. Then the president will call his witnesses and file his report.

… and all this will happen in, uh, nine days?

When has the U.S. government ever moved that fast, do you think? Maybe never?

But, speculations about the working calendar aside, there are already rumors floating around Washington that the Democrats have already failed to impeach and won’t be bothering with it all for the remainder of the year.

According to Daily Wire:

Top Republicans — and even some Democrats and members of the media — now believe Democrats may pull back on officially impeaching the president, particularly as polls haven’t borne out a clear advantage for Democratic candidates.

After two weeks of impeachment hearings, which yielded little in the way of evidence that the president most definitely offered Ukraine a “quid pro quo” agreement trading an increase in foreign aid for an investigation into “corruption” involving former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is left with a choice: call off the impeachment and look weak or keep going and risk failure at the ballot box.

Polls of independents already show a severe lack of enthusiasm for impeachment. And not just one or two polls. Nearly every poll taken over the last month — including during the Democrat impeachment show trials — shows that support for impeachment among independents have fallen, not grown, as Democrats (and their handmaids in the media) beat the impeachment drum.

But Democrats have already made all sorts of promises to impeach Trump this year. If they fail to do so, it will be yet another black eye for the leftist party.

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The Most Important Parts of Gordon Sondland’s Impeachment Inquiry Testimony



The Democrats have hailed the impeachment inquiry testimony of Gordon Sondland, U.S. ambassador to the European Union, as “proof” that Trump is evil. But his testimony does not really stand up to close scrutiny.

Indeed, Sondland’s testimony is very contradictory. On one hand he said he believed there was a “quid pro quo” but then in other comments he said there was not.

Sondland initially said that Trump demanded that Ukraine’s new president would have to announce that his government was to launch an investigation into the Biden’s in order to be afforded a meeting with Trump in the White House.

Sondland added that he “assumed” that Trump was also demanding a quid pro quo so that Ukraine would get its $400 million in military aid that Congress had approved.

But then, Sondland admitted in the hearings that Trump actually told him that there was no quid pro quo.

This is a direct contradiction.

But it also shows that Sondland’s “testimony” is based on his assumptions, not his actual knowledge.

This fact demolishes the Democrat’s claims that Sondland is a reliable witness because it proves that he didn’t actually witness anything at all. He just assumed it all. Essentially, he invented it in his head.

So, what were the main points in Sondland’s testimony?

His first point — the one the Democrats went wild over — that Trump did impose a quid pro quo on Ukraine for the foreign nation to get a White House meeting.

“I know that members of this committee have frequently framed these complicated issues in the form of a simple question: Was there a ‘quid pro quo?’” Sondland said. “As I testified previously, with regard to the requested White House call and White House meeting, the answer is yes.”

Despite the breathless proclamations by Democrats, though, Sondland also admitted he had no firsthand knowledge of this supposed requirement.

Another point that Sondland made that undermines the Democrat’s claims is that the president said he wants nothing.

“I finally called the president. I believe I just asked him an open-ended question, Mr. Chairman,” Sondland said in his testimony.

Sondland said he asked Trump, “What do you want from Ukraine? I keep hearing all these different ideas and theories and this and that. What do you want?”

“It was a very short, abrupt conversation. He was not in a good mood. He said, ‘I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo,” he said Trump told him.

Sondland also said that all the right administration personnel knew about what Trump was doing with Ukraine. That also defeats the Democrat’s claims that Trump has gone rogue.

Democrats have tried to claim Trump was carrying on an “irregular” foreign policy.

But Sondland knocked that down saying, “I’m not sure how someone could characterize something as an irregular channel when you’re talking to the president of the United States, the secretary of state, the national security adviser, the chief of staff at the White House, the secretary of energy. I don’t know how that’s irregular.”

The media is not really reporting all this, but the truth is, what Sondland actually said during his testimony totally demolishes everything the Democrats have been claiming.

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