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Promise Kept: Trump Delivers on Lowering Drug Prices

As we near Election Day, we see that Trump has kept another campaign promise, this time to help lower the prices of life-saving drugs.



Here’s What Trump’s Coronavirus-Relief Executive Orders Will Deliver

As we near Election Day, we see that Trump has kept another campaign promise, this time to help lower the prices of life-saving drugs.

Trump has helped reduce costs by ending arbitrary trade barriers that drive up costs here at home and could save Americans as much as $50 billion a year.

Trump issued an executive order on Sept. 13 about lowering drug prices and to put the rapacious drug industry on notice.

Townhall’s Gil Gutknecht recently explained what Trump is doing:

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When our Patent Office issues a new patent for a drug, we are essentially granting them monopoly power. They can sell that lifesaving drug (in the United States) for as much as they want. Insurance carriers try to negotiate better pricing. Pharmaceutical Benefit Managers came along promising to bargain on behalf of insurance companies and health organizations. The PBM’s quickly became part of the problem, consuming nearly all of the savings.
CARTOONS | Michael Ramirez
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All of this led to finger pointing, creating a convenient smokescreen for the real reasons for runaway drug prices in the United States. Along the way, Congress has made matters worse. They don’t even allow Medicare (unlike the VA) to negotiate for better prices. The result is that Americans are forced pay much more for patented medications than people in any other industrialized nation.

Gutknecht, a former Republican congressman from Minnesota, noted that the drug industry was against these moves. They called the president’s aims an example of “socialized medicine.”

But Gutknecht points out that Canada’s model on new drug patents is worth considering.

Canadian officials would welcome a Congressional Delegation to show them how their system works. At the heart of it is the way they grant patents for new drugs. The drug companies deserve intellectual property protections. The Canadian government retains the right to protect its citizens from monopolistic, predatory pricing.

So Canada puts conditions on the drug patents they issue. They require companies to negotiate prices. The Canadians created the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB). It functions much like a state Utility Commission. Like their utility counterparts, this board does some spadework into the R&D and production costs. They allow for a reasonable rate of return. In negotiations, the PMPRB has a strong hand.

Trump is unafraid of tackling Big Pharma.

If we re-elect him in November, he will solidify this policy.

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Trump Begins Action to Move Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Out Of China and Back To U.S.A.

President Trump has finally taken action to move America’s pharmaceutical manufacturing out of China and India and back home to U.S.



President Trump has finally taken action to move America’s pharmaceutical manufacturing out of China and India and back home to U.S.A.

If the coronavirus scare has taught us anything it is that we cannot allow China to maintain anything vital to U.S. interests.

“Seeking to secure the nation’s supply of critical medications, the Trump administration has signed a $354 million contract that would create the nation’s first strategic stockpile of key ingredients needed to make medicines,” NBC News reported on Tuesday. “The agreement was signed Monday with Phlow Corp., a generic drug maker based in Virginia.”

White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro also said that the new policy “will not only help bring our essential medicines home but actually do so in a way that is cost competitive with the sweatshops and pollution havens of the world.”

“This is an historic turning point in America’s efforts to onshore its pharmaceutical production and supply chains,” Navarro insisted.

“There are not a lot of people wanting to bring back generic medicine manufacturing to the United States that has been lost to India and China over decades,” Phlow chief executive De. Eric Edwards told the New York Times. “You need someone like the federal government saying this is too important for us not to focus on.”

Phlow has been at the forefront of advocacy to re-center America’s drug manufacturing here in the U.S.

On its company webpage, Phlow exclaims, “The United States’ drug supply chain is broken, becoming dangerously dependent upon Foreign Suppliers for our most essential generic medicines. Phlow was formed to manufacture low-cost, high quality, essential generic drugs for the United States.”

HHS Secretary Alex Azar also chimed in adding, “a significant step to rebuild our domestic ability to protect ourselves from health threats.”

The coronavirus proves that America needs to move anything that is important to our national interests away from red China.

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COVID-19: Cut Red Tape for Black Children



Blacks in America suffer a higher than average rate of high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease and diabetes, all contributors to COVID-19 vulnerability.  The CDC estimates that this demographic, though only 13% of the population, accounts for as much as 30% of the COVID-19 cases in the U.S. 

But there is a more ethnically specific condition threatening black children.  An inherited red blood cell disorder, about 1 in 365 African American babies is born with Sickle Cell Anemia trait. (more…)

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General Drops Hammer On Mexican Cartels: ‘We Will Defend Our Country Regardless Of The Cost’




Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley warned Mexican drug cartels that are trying to ramp up drug trafficking into the U.S. as the country deals with a pandemic that the U.S. military will defend the country “regardless of the cost.”


GENERAL MARK MILLEY: Thank you, secretary, for those words. And thank you Mr. President for your leadership. I want to publicly thank the Admiral Craig Fowler, commander of U.S. Southern Command out of Miami for leading this operation, which is underway effective today and also Admiral Gilday, the Chief and Naval Operation Admiral Schultz for their contributions to this from their services.

There’s thousands of sailors, coast guardsmen, soldiers, airman, Marines, involved in this operation. We came across some intelligence some time ago that the drug cartels as a result of covid-19 were going to try to take advantage of the situation and try to infiltrate additional drugs into our country. As we know, 70,000 Americans die on an average annual basis to drugs. That is unacceptable. We are at war with covid-19. We are at war with terrorists. And we are at war with the drug cartels as well.

This is the United States Military. You will not penetrate this country. You will not get past jump street. You’re not going to come in here and kill additional Americans. And we will marshal whatever assets are required to prevent your entry into this country to kill Americans.

So right now, the Navy has marshaled additional ships … and they have set sail already and are in the Caribbean right now. In addition to that, there is ten Coast Guard cutters and there’s special operation forces and security force assistance brigades along with Air Force reconnaissance aircraft. The bottom line is you are not going to get through. Now is not the time to try to penetrate the United States will illegal drugs to kill Americans. With the United States Military we will defend our country regardless of the cost.

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Drug Deaths Soar in Ohio’s Sanctuary Counties

Ohio’s nine so-called “sanctuary” counties that shield criminal illegals have found a surge in drug abused, overdoses, and deaths.



Ohio’s nine so-called “sanctuary” counties that shield criminal illegal aliens from U.S. immigration officials have found a surge in drug abused, overdoses, and deaths, a report finds.

Nice of Ohio’s 88 counties — all infested by Democrats — have passed rules, policies, laws, and statements claiming to shield criminal illegals. Along with shielding illegals, these counties are subsequently shielding the illegal drug trade and all the crime, murders, and human trafficking that goes along with it. But it also opens wide the spigot for dangerous drugs to pour into their midst killing citizens by the thousands.

In one case, for instance, the overdose death rate has surged so much in Franklin County, home of the state capital Columbus, that the county coroner is asking for a second morgue to be built.

One citizen ringing the alarm bells is Virginia Krieger, whose daughter Tiffany Robinson, died of an overdose of the dreaded drug fentanyl.

Krieger says that one of the biggest things causing the number of deaths to rise in these nine Ohio counties is their desire to allow criminal illegals to break our laws without consequence.

The grieving mother, who has started a group called Parents Against Illicit Narcotics, is on a crusade to get the state to outlaw these so-called “sanctuary” cities, Daniel Horowitz reported.

Horowitz noted that “the sanctuary counties in Ohio experienced a 17% higher increase in drug overdoses from 2015 to 2017 than non-sanctuary cities.”

“Overall, the combined increase in drug overdoses in Ohio’s nine sanctuary counties was 74%,” Horowitz added. “For comparison, the combined average increase in the non-sanctuary counties was 59.7%. In other words, the increase in sanctuary jurisdictions was 14% greater.”

Most of the deaths are from fentanyl, but Ohio is also one of the leading states in deaths from methamphetamine. Both drugs are being trafficked by the Mexican cartels and being distributed by criminal aliens protected by sanctuary cities, which is why Virginia considers herself an “angel mom,” along with other Americans who lost family at the hands of illegal aliens.

“Throughout Michigan and Ohio, Mexican DTOs are the primary sources of supply for cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. Ties with Sinaloa and CJNG Cartel are apparent, with heavy presence in northeast Ohio,” Horowitz wrote.

And Democrats are throwing their doors wide open to these criminals. And their citizens are paying the price.

Horowitz ended his report asking the state legislature, “How many deaths are enough? ”

It is a good question to EVERY state legislature.

How many?

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Border Patrol Seizes $18 Million in Meth, Heroin, Cocaine in Texas

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized more than $18 million worth of methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, and pot.



U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized more than $18 million worth of methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, and marijuana in South Texas.

Border Patrol officers made the seizure at the Pharr International Bridge cargo facility where they intercepted the $18,418,500 drug haul in a commercial produce shipment.

The drugs were discovered in a fresh broccoli shipment, CBP said.

CBP officials checked the trailer with an imaging system and discovered a large number of unusual packages based upon the cargo manifest. The officers followed up with a physical search of the trailer which led to the recovery of 432 packages believed to be filled with narcotics, officials reported.

The officers tested the substances found inside the packages and 341 of them tested positive for methamphetamine.

CBP added that the meth weighed in at nearly 900 pounds and had an estimated street value of $18 million.

The meth was not the only illegal drug fund in the shipment.

Officials also found 87 packages of marijuana weighing more than 200 pounds worth $40,000, 8.82 pounds of heroin (worth $353,000) and one package of cocaine weighing 3.31 pounds (worth $25,500.

“This was truly a notable seizure in the commercial environment,” said Port Director Carlos Rodriguez, Port of Hidalgo/Pharr/Anzalduas. “Our officers’ ability to maintain an excellent enforcement posture while keeping trade flowing and uninterrupted is one of our main priorities.”

ICE Homeland Security Investigations special agents are now investigating the case.

CBP also seized a tractor-trailer rig but did not report any further on the vehicle.

Officials seized the drugs and the tractor-trailer. Officials provided no information about the driver of the rig.

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