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President Trump Vows to Sue CNN Over ‘Impeachment Bias’ for ‘Substantial’ Amount

The President has taken his licks for long enough.



CNN has been poking the bear for long enough; at least that’s how the President’s legal team sees it.

The “news” today, at least on cable, is truly little more than an infotainment industry run amok.  We, the consumer, are treated like sports fans – easily divided and marketed to – for the sole purpose of raising ratings and revenue for folks like CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC.

The obvious biases of these networks is meant to enrage us, so that we tune in night after night to live variously through the shouting faces on the television.

President Trump has abided by this for a great length of time, and now that CNN is pushing the idea of his impeachment 24/7, the Commander in Chief is issuing a stern warning to the entertainment company.

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Outraged by secretly-taped anti-Trump comments attributed to CNN President Jeff Zucker and others at the cable network, President Trump’s campaign is vowing to sue the company for “a substantial payment of damages.”

In a four-page letter to CNN, Zucker, and Executive Vice President David Vigilante, Trump attorney Charles J. Harder cited years of anti-Trump bias at the network and claimed the cable giant has broken its promise of “excellence in journalism.”

Listing several examples from the just-released Project Veritas videotapes of CNN insiders describing Zucker’s demand for “impeachment above all else,” Harder wrote that they “are merely the tip of the iceberg of the evidence my clients have accumulated over recent years.”

He added, “Never in the history of this country has a President been the subject of such a sustained barrage of unfair, unfounded, unethical and unlawful attacks by so-called ‘mainstream’ news, as the current situation.”

The hidden camera admissions of CNN executives came via Project Veritas – an independent journalism outfit specializing in investigative endeavors.

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Baldwin Goes on Tirade, Says ‘Sniveling’ Republicans Akin to Germans Under Hitler

Inevitable. Imbecilic. Insensitive.



America’s political cauldron has reached a boil in 2020.  We are at our hysterical peak.  There is nothing that surprises us anymore…not in the least.

Case in point:  The melding of politics and entertainment into one cohesive and all-consuming unit.  Just earlier today we reported on two Hollywood Walk of Fame recipients were working together to solve the homeless problem in California.

Now, one of the small screen’s biggest names is again inserting himself into the political conversation, this time evoking one of history’s most maniacal men in order to raise a petulant point.

Actor Alec Baldwin is doubling down on his Nazi rhetoric by once again equating President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

In a recent tweet on Thursday, the 30 Rock actor blamed Republican senators for lacking the courage to stop “Hitler” — i.e., Trump — from seizing power.

“You wonder how Hitler took control of a once great country,” Baldwin wrote. “For those of you too young to recall the War or its aftermath, simply watch how this GOP-controlled Senate behaves. Their sniveling fealty and lack of courage. And you begin to get it.”

It was only days ago that Baldwin insisted that Trump is pushing our nation toward a “lawless and malignant” dictatorship.

Much of Tinsel Town has resorted to smearing the President as some sort fo Hitlerian figure, which is deeply offensive to those whose families were affected by the Holocaust.

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Hollywood Predictably Bashes Republicans as Oscars Turn Political

Two thumbs down.



While it may not have come as much of a surprise to hear that there were moments of political gibberish during last night’s Academy Awards, just how pointed the entire affair has become is a bit shocking.

It has become almost a prerequisite for Hollywood’s biggest names to wear their political beliefs on their sleeves as of late.  It seems, at times, that being announced as the recipient of one of these awards is only a partial victory, as you’ll still need to knock your politically-tinged speech out of the park to make it into the headlines the morning after.

Tinsel Town’s most eligible bachelor, Brad Pitt, found himself in precisely this sort of situation last night while accepting the Oscar for best supporting actor for his role in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

The four-time Academy Award nominee won the best-supporting actor accolade for his role as a stuntman in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” The win marked his first-ever Academy Award win for acting. He immediately took the stage and got political by taking a jab at senators who voted against Democrats’ requests to call new witnesses in the impeachment trial, specifically former National Security Adviser John Bolton, who claimed he was willing to testify.

“They told me I only have 45 seconds up here, which is 45 seconds more than the Senate gave John Bolton this week,” Pitt said. “I’m thinking maybe Quentin [Tarantino] does a movie about it. In the end, the adults do the right thing.”

Joaquin Phoenix, star of controversial Batman-adjacent film Joker, was similarly inspired, albeit in the realm of animal rights.

“I think whether we’re talking about gender inequality or racism or queer rights or indigenous rights or animal rights, we’re talking about the fight against the belief, one nation, one race, one gender, or one species has the right to dominate, control and use and exploit another with impunity,” the animal-rights activist said.

“We feel entitled to artificially inseminate a cow,” Phoenix continued. “And when she gives birth, we steal her baby even though her cries of anguish are unmistakable and then we take her milk that’s intended for her calf and we put it in our coffee and our cereal.”

For those of us who look to Hollywood to escape the political fracas of our national landscape, the entire affair received a hearty two-thumbs down.

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CNN Attacks Trump Supporters as Unintelligent ‘Rubes’ Who Can’t Read a Map

This incendiary gibberish is simply un-American.



There is little doubt that what passes as “news” these days, at least on cable television, is little more than incendiary infotainment meant to rile the masses into a feverish fanaticism.  This is how networks like CNN and others keep viewers from tuning out, as our emotional connection to the world of politics makes us chemically dependent on the drama of it all.

This is easy to spot.  Just pay attention to how each network is faring in the ratings, and you’ll find that those trending downward in that department will often trend skyward in sensationalism.  They add anger and vitriol to the mix in order to bring attention to themselves, often shamelessly, in the pursuit of profits.

The latest hyperbole from left-leaning CNN takes that tactic to another level, with host Don Lemon and guests expressing their belief that supporters of President Trump are dimwitted and illiterate.

A partial transcript follows:

DON LEMON: [The NPR reporter] has a master’s degree in European studies from Cambridge University. Also, [Pompeo] doesn’t really say that she couldn’t identify Ukraine on a map, he insinuates it’s just a — it’s just a petty attempt to put her down, right? Is that what this is?

RICK WILSON: Of course, of course. [Pompeo’s] just trying to demean her, and obviously, it’s false. And, look, he also knows, deep in his heart, that Donald Trump couldn’t find Ukraine on a map if you had the letter “U” and a picture of an actual physical crane next to it. [Pompeo] knows this is an administration defined by ignorance of the world, and so that’s partly him playing to their base and playing to their audience, you know, the credulous boomer rube demo that backs Donald Trump — that wants to think that [does Trump supporter impersonation with southern accent] ‘Donald Trump’s the smart one, and y’all – y’all elitists are dumb!’”

WAJAHAT ALI: [Trump supporter impersonation] You elitists with your geography and your maps and your spelling!

WILSON: [southern impersonation] Your math and your reading!

ALI: [impersonation] Yeah, your reading, you know, your geography, knowing other countries, sipping your latte!

WILSON: [southern impersonation] All those lines on the map!

ALI: [impersonation] Only them elitists know where Ukraine is! Sorry, I apologize.

LEMON: [wiping tears, laughing] Oh, my God!

ALI: But it was Rick’s fault. I blame Rick. But, in all honesty —

LEMON: Hold on — hold on — hold on. That was good, sorry. Rick, that was a good one — I needed that.

At a time in which the nation is divided hotly, and political violence has become an expected part of the culture, this sort of demeaning diatribe does nothing but tear us apart and should be condemned with the utmost vigor.

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Late Night Host Throws Weight Behind Impeachment of Trump

There was once a time, believe it or not, where our politics and our entertainment were not so intertwined.



It will be incredibly difficult to explain to our grandchildren that there was a time in which our politics and our entertainment were separate, and that, at one point in our not-so-distant past, it was distasteful to talk politics in crowds.

No, we live now in a world where the two hemispheres of the culture, politics and entertainment. are merging with one another in order to continue dividing us.  You see, it’s easier for our elected officials to get reelected if every single issue fits into one box or the other.  And it’s easer for marketing gurus to pin us down when every purchase we make has a binary choice:  Masculine or feminine?  Foreign or Domestic?  Conservative or Liberal?

Late night talk show hosts have always dabbled in politics.  In many ways, these nightly vestibules of culture became the most palatable version of “the news” that Americans could consume.

But then we took a cleaver to late night TV as well.  Suddenly, it was either left or right, and mostly left.

This week was no different. 

CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert said the impeachment of President Donald Trump should happen because, among other things, three years in office is “really [long] enough.”

Colbert began his monologue by noting that 11 million people tuned in to watch the live impeachment proceedings as the process moved into the Senate for trial, for what he believes may be “the greatest abuse of power ever by a U.S. president.” He also took a pop at Senators for seemingly lacking the conviction of their beliefs.

“Day one of the impeachment trial drew 11 million viewers. That’s a lot of people,” Colbert said. “That’s not Super Bowl ratings, but it’s at least Puppy Bowl ratings. But that’s not fair to compare puppies to US Senators – the puppies still have their balls.”

And then…

“ABCs oh that’s good. Let me try the impeachment one, two, three’s,” Colbert continued. “Trump never won (one) the popular vote; he’s too (two) corrupt to have the job, and three years is really enough.”

Colbert’s career has long been a political one, for several years hosting The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, where he played the role of an over-the-top conservative talk show host.

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MSNBC Lashes Out at CNN, Accusing Cable News Staple of Being ‘Fair’ to Trump

This is just comical.



The very idea that two mainstream media outlets would be arguing over who is displaying more bias than the other is simply disheartening.  It’s a timid admission that this is all just for the sake of entertainment, and that politicians are the new gladiators on the coliseum that is the Capitol.

Yet, here we are, with one quote-unquote liberal media outlet lashing out at another for being too nice to the President of the United States.

MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell has declared that rival liberal network CNN is too fair to President Trump.

The far-left O’Donnell appeared on former U.S. Sen. Al Franken’s podcast and took exception to Franken describing CNN as “playing it down the middle” with the exception of its negative coverage of Trump.

“No, they don’t. One-third of the people on their payroll love Trump,” O’Donnell said. “So you’re guaranteed on any hour of CNN to, minimum one-third of the programming will be supportive of Trump. Someone on their payroll saying, ‘Here’s why Trump’s right.’”

Franken said CNN’s hosts certainly don’t defend Trump, and O’Donnell agreed, noting they bring on conservative pundits as guests.

The two continued…

O’Donnell then claimed that Trump “kind of wants you to watch CNN instead of MSNBC” despite widespread acknowledgment that CNN has essentially established an anti-Trump programming strategy.

“Because he knows on MSNBC there will be no one defending him. Because we don’t bring on liars. I don’t bring on a liar. I won’t do that,” O’Donnell said.

Franken then asked if “you have to lie” in order to defend President Trump.

“Yes,” O’Donnell said. “Absolutely, how else do you defend a liar? A pathological liar who lies about everything? You have to lie.”

President Trump has consistently railed against CNN and MSNBC, claiming that these networks, among others, were trafficking in “fake news”.

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Tinsel Town Turns Trenchant in Response to Trump’s Killing of Iranian Terror Chief

The “resistance” was out in full force today.



It has become a common spectacle here in the United States to witness Hollywood’s heartthrobs and starlets bashing President Donald Trump for any and all actions that he takes, and this week is no exception.

This is the “resistance” at work – a loose movement of anti-Trump figures who refuse to praise the President ever, or for any reason.  Instead, they seem to actively go out of their way to lambast the Commander in Chief on a daily basis.  When big news arrives from Washington or beyond, their criticism grows louder and more brazen.

Such is the case today, after President Trump ordered an airstrike that killed Iran’s notorious terror mastermind Gen. Qasem Soleimani, leaving Hollywood in an uproar.

Iran has promised “harsh” retaliation against the United States for the assassination of Soleimani, prompting cities across the nation to ramp up anti-terrorism efforts.

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The Ten Worst Hollywood/Entertainment Moments of 2019

Hollywood gets worse every year, but 2019 was a banner year for bad. Here are ten of some of Hollywood and the entertainment industry’s worst moments.



Hollywood and the entertainment industry get worse every year, but 2019 was a banner year for bad. Here are some of Hollywood’s and the entertainment industry’s worst moments.

Jussie Smollett

Perhaps thinking that being the “victim” of a “hate crime” would give him leverage to demand more money from his TV show, little known actor Jussie Smollett called the Chicago Police early in January and claimed that “two Trump hat-wearing, white, racists” threw bleach on him, hung a noose around his neck, beat him, and yelled racial epithets at him.

However, a police investigation found that Smollett hired two black men to attack him so that he could perpetrate a hoax. Smollett was arrested and charged, but a liberal Chicago prosecutor let him off the hook and set him free despite his obvious hoax.

Smollett was quickly written out of his Fox TV show and has become a pariah in the acting business (at least for now). But not before all of Hollywood rose up to come to his support in talks show interviews, videos, and on social media.

Few of them apologized for falling for the hoax.

Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti

Stormy Daniels, the former porn star, is about as fringe as you can get for the “entertainment” industry. But she still counts for a major mess. Daniels is the porn star who claimed that she was sexually assaulted by President Donald Trump (before he was president) and Michael Avenatti was her attorney. Not only did Daniels completely fail to revive her porn career with the charges against Trump she hoped would bring her notice, her attorney, Avenattii, ended up under multiple investigations for fraud and criminal actions. Avenatti became a momentary star all on his own when he claimed that he was going to run for president, and he became the toast of the town… for about 15 minutes. One member of Hollywood after another pronounced their hope that Avenatti would run for president. Few denounced him when the extent of his criminal actions came to light.

Movie Musical Cats Disaster

What an absolute disaster this movie is. Opening in December, the film featured a long list of what should have been bankable stars. Big names such as Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Idris Elba, Dame Judi Dench, and many more donned the digital fur for this mess. But no one cared, apparently.

The film adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Weber stage hit cost a whopping $95 million to make. But even with all the big names and a Christmas release (when musicals usually do well), studios knew they had trouble on their hands. They only expected a $15 million opening weekend, showing just how bad the studios thought the film would do. But it did even worse than that by earning less than $7 million over its opening weekend. Ugh. What. A. Bomb.

It gets worse. The special effects were so bad that the studio took the history-making measure of rushing a second print of the film to theaters to update the bad CGI while the film was in its opening weekend. That is a Hollywood first!

But, hey, at least Judi Dench said that her character was transgender. And, yes, everyone rolled their eyes at that bit of nonsense.


CNN can no longer be classified as news and must now be formally identified as left-wing fiction. Its year-long Russia obsession made of it a laughingstock, but even that aside, CNN’s ratings have collapsed utterly to the point that it now has lower ratings than the gardening channel. CNN has utterly collapsed as a real news channel.


Twitter itself is obviously not Hollywood, but it has served as a platform for all the worst dipwads, anti-Americans, and psychos that Hollywood has to offer.

Nutcases such as Cher, Jim Carrey, Debra Messing, Bette Midler, and Alyssa Milano and so many more have spent all year spewing their hatred against Republicans, Donald Trump, and regular Americans on the social media platform. They may need the therapy but the rest of us do not.

Serial Films

For the most part, serial film franchises fell apart in 2019. The Marvel superhero movies aside, most of the attempts to reboot or continue film franchises crashed and burned this year. Crashing failures included, Hell Boy, Men in Black, Terminator, Charlie’s Angels, Godzilla, Shaft, X-Men, Rambo and Child’s Play (Chucky) all failed miserably this year.

John Travolta

What happened to this guy, anyway? The once bankable star has continued his slow slide into obscurity with one odd bomb after another. For years most of his films have gone straight to video, but this year Travolta uncorked two flicks that were widely panned as godawful.

For film number one, coming off last year’s laugher, Gotti, Travolta starred in the boring family drama, Trading Paint. A story about a car racer whose wife (played by singer Shania Twain) is trying to become an actress. She was obviously not trying in the film, but, well…

Travolta foisted a second disaster on the viewing public with the much-derided revenge flick, The Fanatic, a story about a fan who is so upset over being snubbed by his favorite star that he kidnaps the actor.

Both films went right to rental, and were quickly forgotten, just like nearly every other film he has made in the last decade.

Worst Woke Movies

This year, Hollywood foisted on us all a large number of films that were a more a PC political statement with a movie attached than a movie with a few political statements attached.

The worst of the year’s “woke” films include What Men Want, Charlie’s Angels, The Hustle, Black Christmas, Book Smart, Late Night, and Terminator: Dark Fate.

Perhaps not incidentally, every one of these films was a box office bomb.

The Joker

Director Todd Phillips’ oddball take on the origin of the DC Comics character, the Joker, was not the problem with The Joker. The media’s unhinged take on the film ahead of its release was the real problem with the 2019, stand-alone superhero film that has no superheroes.

In the weeks preceding the film’s October release, the unhinged media “reported” one absurd take on the film after another. The media claimed that the violence in the film would surely serve as an excuse for mentally disturbed wannabe killers to flood theaters and shoot the places up.

The film opened, but no one was harmed. Except, maybe, for the reputation of the comic book character and the fake news media.

Perhaps as a result of the ridiculous hype of violence, the film was propelled to the biggest box office hot of any R-rated film in history. But no one shot up a theater or caused any real disruptions.

The Simpsons and its foolish fawning over “the Squad”

There once was a day when the longest running cartoon/sitcom in TV history would skewer both sides of the political divide equally. Over the years The Simpsons have slammed, ribbed, chided, and lampooned both parties and heroes of both left and right. But for some inexplicable reason, the Matt Groening mainstay couldn’t find anything to slam The Squad over.

The episode entitled West Wing Story, which aired in August, treated The Squad as prophets who had to slap down an evil President Donald Trump.

The Squad is made up of four real life freshman Democrat congresswomen including the socialist, anti-Christian, pro-Muslim and pro-green energy pols Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY), Ilhan Omar (MN), Ayanna Pressley (MA), and Rashida Tlaib (MI).

All four of these women hate America and Israel, despise capitalism, and have run rampant through Washington spewing hate and idiotic policy pronouncements all year. But Matt Groening

Just get a load of this crap:

What in the blue blazes? Nothing even-handed about that lionization of four of America’s most un-American politicians!

Hollywood and the entertainment industry have done a lot to harm this country this year, sadly. These entries above are just a few examples.

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