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President Trump Preparing New Exec. Order to Cancel Obama’s DACA for Illegals

President Trump is working to again try to dismantle Obama’s DACA for illegals program after advice from the high court on how to do it.



After the recent Supreme Court decision preventing President Trump’s last attempt to cancel Obama’s DACA sop to illegals, Trump is working to try again after advice from the high court on how to do it.

White House sources have told the media that the president and his staff are crafting a new Executive order to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program started by Barack Obama that gives amnesty to illegals brought into the country as children.

Last month, the Supreme Court threw out Trump’s previous EO canceling the Obama administration’s DACA program. However, in his opinion, Chief Justice John Roberts essentially signaled that if Trump more carefully crafted his next EO to eliminate DACA it might be acceptable to the nation’s highest court.

So, the administration appears to be working to take another pass at dumping DACA.

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White House chief of staff Mark Meadows recently told “Fox & Friends” that Trump would soon sign a new EO to end the program. “Starting this week, you’ll see executive orders, you’ll see business that actually goes forward from the Oval Office when Congress doesn’t act,” he said.

Trump has made no bones about the fact that he wants to end DACA.

“As President of the United States, I am asking for a legal solution on DACA, not a political one, consistent with the rule of law,” he tweeted on June 18. “The Supreme Court is not willing to give us one, so now we have to start this process all over again.”

It seems likely that if the administration more carefully follows the Supreme Court’s direction, the lower courts will be unable to halt the end of the DACA program.

But what is really amazing is that the Supreme Court seems to be saying that it is practically impossible for one administration to rescind the Executive Orders of a previous president! The amazing thing is that EOs really do not have the force of law.

They are not laws passed by Congress, nor are they codified by the courts on the face of them. So, the point is, since EOs aren’t really laws, it should not be so hard for Trump to dump this practice?

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WATCH: Amazing Video Shows Difference Between Trump’s New Border Wall and Obama’s Useless One

An amazing new video taken from the air shows the stark contrast between Donald Trump’s effective new border wall system and Obama’s useless “barriers.”



An amazing new video taken from the air shows the stark contrast between Donald Trump’s effective new border wall system and Obama’s useless “barriers.”

The video shows Trump’s new, 30-foot-tall wall being erected alongside Obama’s meaningless 4-foot-tall barriers that do nothing whatever to prevent illegal aliens from freely crossing our border illegally.

The incredible video was recorded by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Blackhawk helicopter fly-over of a segment of the U.S.-Mexico border where Trump’s new wall is being constructed, Townhall reported.

“This is why I wanted to fly,” Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan said of the fly over.

Morgan pointed out how useless the old border barriers are compared to Trump’s new 30-foot system. He also slammed Democrats for saying that the new walls don’t count as new because they are “just a replacement” for the old barriers.

They are vastly different, he notes, and they are anything but a mere replacement.

Morgan told Townhall:

“I think you can see for yourself…it’s a political narrative, right? They want to score some political points by saying, ‘Oh, it’s just replacement.’ What I would say to those individuals [is] they haven’t been here,” Morgan said.

“This is what we had for a very long time, right? Wood and barbed wire. That is what we had to stop people. And then we upgraded to [the Normandy barriers] and this is a joke,” Morgan said, as he explained how smugglers developed techniques to cut through the Normandy barriers so they could move them aside to let vehicles through and then move them back into place.

“So when you see this 30-foot high wall, concrete and steel into the ground, yeah, it’s brand new,” Morgan said, adding the wall is part of a system, complete with roads, lighting, and surveillance that helps deter illegal crossings or slow down illegal crossers so border patrol agents have time to respond.

“We need it all, including the wall. One element by itself is not the end-all solution. The wall doesn’t address the problem by itself, nor does technology…last time I checked, technology can’t apprehend anybody,” he said.

The video shows the stark difference:

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Guatemala Puts Immediate End to Latest Illegal Alien ‘Caravan’

Another so-called “caravan” of illegals was forming south of Mexico in an effort to affect our 2020 elections.



Another so-called “caravan” of illegals was forming south of Mexico’s border in an effort to affect our 2020 election in the U.S., but Guatemala put a quick end to those plans.

Like the others, this “caravan” originated in socialist Honduras. It planned to come up from Honduras, through Guatemala, into Mexico, and then to the U.S. southern border.

But unlike in the past, Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei had other ideas. Previously, Guatemala simply allowed these “caravans” filled with thousands of illegals trying to break into the U.S.A. But not this time.

“The order has been given to detain all those who entered illegally, and return them to the border of their country,” Giammattei declared, according to the Associated Press. “We will not allow any foreigner who has used illegal means to enter the country, to think that they have the right to come and infect us and put us at serious risk.”

The AP added:

Guatemala immigration authorities said the migrants had split between two routes, with about 700 travelling north to Peten aboard trucks and minibuses and 400 walking and taking buses west toward the capital, Guatemala City. Another 800 were still walking in small groups toward the point where the routes diverge.

Some of the illegals reported leaning about the new caravan from Facebook posts.

The Guatemalan government set up a series of new rules to attempt to force the illegals to register, take COVIS tests, and other provisions. But the illegals mostly just ignored the new rules.

Giammattei then sent the country’s military to set up check points to corner the illegals.

Many illegals were loaded into buses and sent back to their own country.

As of Monday, the newest caravan was already falling apart with most of the illegals turning back.

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Here We Go AGAIN: Migrant Caravan Is Heading For The U.S. Border

The silent majority better rise up and protect the USA and our constitution.




A migrant caravan of around 2,000 Hondurans is now passing through Guatemala in hopes of reaching the U.S.-Mexico border, despite the risks posed by the pandemic and threats from the country’s president to “detain all those who entered illegally.”

“The order has been given to detain all those who entered illegally, and return them to the border of their country,” Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei said in a broadcast address to the nation on Thursday. “We will not allow any foreigner who has used illegal means to enter the country, to think that they have the right to come and infect us and put us at serious risk.”


Thousands of Honduran migrants are heading to the U.S. as boundaries between countries in Central America have been reopened amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Associated Press reported Friday that around 2,000 Honduran migrants had entered Guatemala as part of a caravan heading for the U.S. border. Guatemala President Alejandro Giammattei said he would detain the migrants and send them back to Honduras, calling the caravan a health threat due to the coronavirus pandemic.


The migrants were supposed to be registered as they crossed into Guatemala, but the caravan pushed their way past the limited number of Guatemalan police and soldiers and entered the country. The AP reported that a 15-year-old who traveled with his three friends and neighbors was looking to live the “American dream” and hoping to support his 6-month-old son who was back in Honduras.

“There’s no work. The necessity strangles you,” he told the outlet.

The AP reported that at least one migrant had already died within the first hours of the caravan crossing into Guatemala. The person “tried to climb aboard a moving flatbed trailer, but fell under its wheels,” the outlet reported. More

The U.S. can not be the haven for all of the world’s disadvantaged people. Individuals coming from other nations should stay in their own countries to work to make those countries examples of democracy and freedom. In doing so they would be helping improve their own nations and the world.


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Chinese National Found Illegally Entering U.S. Carrying $28K in Gold Bars

A Chinese national has been nabbed sneaking into the U.S. through Canada carrying $28,500 in gold bars and $10,000 in cash.



A Chinese national has been nabbed attempting to sneak into the U.S. through Canada carrying $28,500 in gold bars and $10,000 in cash.

The woman was arrested on Tuesday by Border Patrol agents near Amity, Maine, the agency said in a statement.

The 36-year-old woman admitted being an illegal from China.

Officers were able to track the woman’s progress across the border by following her footprints in the dirt. Investigators said the tracks matched unique features in her shoes.

The woman told investigators that she had been in Canada legally on a student visa but decided to sneak into the U.S.A. without authorization.

She does not appear to have explained where she got all the cash and the 14.2 ounces of gold.

Federal officials also offered no speculation on where the cash came from and what the woman intended to do with it.

Could the money have been targeted for use for secret anti-American activities? It’s anyone’s guess.

Federal officials sent the woman back to Canada after processing.

“The vigilance, service and integrity of our Border Patrol Agents who continue to apprehend those who are looking to circumvent customs and immigration laws, plays an important role in keeping our communities in Maine and throughout the United States safe,” said Houlton Station Patrol Agent in Charge Brent Conley.

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Biden’s 2020 Dem. Platform Gives Amnesty to All Illegals Here and in EVERY Other Country!

Joe Biden’s Democrat Party platform gives free citizenship to every illegal alien already in the country and in other countries!



Joe Biden’s radical proposal for a Democrat Party platform for 2020 not only gives free citizenship to every illegal alien already in the country, it legalizes every single immigrant still in other countries!

In other words, Biden wants to make the everyone in the world a U.S. citizen eligible for U.S. welfare programs no matter who they are, where they are, what they’ve done or not done, and even if they aren’t in the U.S.A. at all.

This is the most radical proposal ever put forward as a party platform by one of America’s major parties!

This is utterly intolerable!

Per Breitbart News:

The document, known as the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations, would provide amnesty and a pathway to U.S. citizenship to the 11 to 22 million illegal aliens living in the nation and welcome hundreds of millions of the world’s migrants.

The proposed Democrat platform would expand asylum for migrants arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border, freeing them into the interior of the nation while they await their hearings. Gallup research from 2018 finds that nearly 160 million migrants around the world would move to the U.S. if given the opportunity — five million of which are located in Central America.

Naturally, the plan ends construction of the border security wall and calls for it to be torn down.

The plan also calls for:

  • Restarting DACA for young illegal aliens
  • Restraining DAPA for the illegal parents of DACA illegal aliens
  • Rescinding Trump’s “national emergency” at the border
  • Increasing refugee resettlement
  • Gives Obamacare to DACA illegal aliens
  • Forces Americans to subsidize welfare-dependent legal immigration
  • Expands the scandal-plagued U visa program
  • Restarts employment-based green card system

This plan is a sure way to put a permanent end to the United States of America and to bankrupt this country into ruination.

Of course, that is what Democrats want. They despise this country and want it destroyed.

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Trump Pauses Immigration to Give Americans First Crack at Virus-Vacated Jobs

America first.



President Trump’s motives on immigration have always been fairly clear, and today, the Commander in Chief took a rather large and abrupt step toward fulfilling some of his campaign promises on the subject.

As the nation cautiously begins to eye the light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel, President Trump has announced a 60 day pause on immigration into the United States.  His hope seems to be that this will allow Americans to have the first crack at employment once the nation gets back up and running.

President Trump said Tuesday he will temporarily suspend immigration to the United States for at least 60 days in order to make sure Americans laid off during the coronavirus pandemic are “first in line” for new jobs.

Trump, who had tweeted late on Monday that he planned to sign an executive order halting immigration, said during his daily press briefing that the order would last 60 days. After that, Trump said the ban would be reevaluated after he looks at unemployment and economic figures.

“By pausing immigration we will help put unemployed Americans first in line for jobs,” Trump said. “We must first take of care of the American worker.”

He added: “It would be wrong and unjust for Americans laid off by the virus to be replaced with new immigrant labor flown in from abroad.”

And while this had liberals on Twitter raging on Tuesday afternoon, the announcement also enthralled the President’s base, who have been clamoring for stricter enforcement of American immigration laws for years.


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President Trump To Suspend Immigration To The U.S. During Coronavirus




President Donald Trump has said he will sign an executive order to temporarily suspend all immigration to the US because of the coronavirus.

On Twitter, Trump cited “the attack from the invisible enemy,” as he calls the virus, and the need to protect the jobs of Americans, but did not give more detail.


President Donald Trump says he will “temporarily suspend immigration” to the United States while the Chinese coronavirus crisis continues to claim American lives.

On Monday evening, Trump said he will pause all immigration to the U.S. — a moratorium that has not been enacted in four decades — while at least 22 million Americans are unemployed due to mandatory business closures by state governments.

Trump’s upcoming executive order to pause immigration to the U.S. is widely supported by American voters. An Ipsos poll released this month found that nearly eight-in-ten Americans, or about 79 percent, want a full halt on immigration to the U.S.

Likewise, the latest Pew Research Center survey reveals that more than 80 percent of American adults call mass migration to the U.S. a “threat.”

For weeks, Breitbart News has chronicled the historical precedent for an immigration moratorium during times of national crisis. During the Great Depression, for instance, mass unemployment was eased by major cuts to legal immigration levels that stayed below 100,000 annual admissions for nearly 15 years from 1931 and 1945. More

CBS News reports, according to sources, reports that the Trump administration has been working on the executive order for weeks:

It’s funny to watch the left cry about this. They want to shut everything down except the border and abortion clinics. Oh yeah, and they’re just giddy about letting criminals out of jail.

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