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President Strongly Against Soldiers Free Speech



Rep. John Fleming, R-La recently offered an amendment to proposed NDAA legislation that would have “required the Armed Forces to accommodate ‘actions and speech’ reflecting the conscience, moral, principles or religious beliefs of the member.” The Obama administration has taken a position against the amendment because, in their opinion, it would cause a distraction in the ranks and make completion of any mission more difficult.
Others have framed this as an “anti-gay” amendment meant to allow soldiers (and the assumption being particularly “Christian” soldiers) to “harass” homosexual service members.
If like me, you were surprised that an amendment of this nature would even be necessary considering what the First Amendment to the Constitution tells us:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Seems pretty cut and dry, no? Congress (or our government) cannot make any law that allows for the prohibiting of free speech or the free exercise of our religions. There are exceptions for practices that could infringe on the rights of others, but you’d be hard pressed to show that modern Christianity (or most other mainstream religious beliefs) cause a “real” negative impact on those around the practitioner.
In recent cases where Christians have been reprimanded for their beliefs, the negative impact is nebulous at best, and if we are honest, the complaints against them were superfluous: “Expressing agreement with a traditional definition of marriage”, “Not allowing same sex marriage in a Christian chapel”, “Serving Chik-fil-A at a party”.Army_at_Chick-Fil-A (2)
These hardly seem like experiences that can cause any real physical or emotional pain. If we begin to legislate against the beliefs of our citizens in even the slightest way, we do great harm to the cause of Liberty.
However, if you’ve ever served in the military or tried to stay current on First Amendment law, you know that the Supreme Court has ruled that our soldiers do not have the same First Amendment rights as the rest of the civilian populace.

 “They do, in fact, have the same first amendment rights as their civilian brothers. They are, however, not absolute…The difference is that the military has peculiar needs and interests apart from those of the civilian community it serves, and they preclude the exercise of the right of free speech on as broad a basis as is the practice in the civilian community. No officer or man in the armed forces has a right, be it constitutional, statutory or otherwise, to publish any information (or make any statement) which will imperil his unit or its cause.”

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I can understand the need for certain restrictions of rights as it pertains to the military because of the command structure that exists there. Joining the military means sacrificing some of your freedom (which is why the Selective Service Act is so abhorrent – but that’s an argument for another day), but the ambiguity of this ruling leaves our service men and women in a difficult place. The last clause, “which will imperil his unit or its cause”, leaves the door wide open for misconduct on the part of a soldiers’ superior officers or the military itself. Who is the judge of what might imperil, and how can this standard be judiciously applied to everyone equally? It cannot.
While Rep. Fleming’s amendment may not be perfect, he is right. The military needs a clear and concise rule to be guided by on First Amendment issues. The rights of our servicemen are of too great importance for there to be any uncertainty on the issue.

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Emergency Petition Filed in Wisconsin After Group Finds 150,000 Likely Fraudulent Ballots

The Amistad Project filed an emergency petition with the Wisconsin Supreme Court claiming that there are more than 150,000 potentially fraudulent ballots.



On Tuesday, the Amistad Project filed an emergency petition with the Wisconsin Supreme Court claiming that more than 150,000 potentially ballots are fraudulent and falsely gave the the election to Joe Biden.

According to Just The News:

Phill Kline, director of the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society, said the number of potentially fraudulent ballots identified are “more than enough to call into question the validity of the state’s reported election results.”

“Moreover, these discrepancies were a direct result of Wisconsin election officials’ willful violation of state law,” he also said.

If even half the 150,000 suspect votes turn out to be illegal, Wisconsin will officially go to Donald Trump.

This would be huge and would put Joe Biden’s “win” in serious doubt.

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Secret Intel Document Lays Out Coronavirus Excuse for ‘Great Reset’ of World Governments

A secret document leaked from Canada’s intel community shows how officials intend to use the coronavirus as an excuse to institute a one world government



A secret document leaked by Canada’s intelligence community shows how officials intend to use the coronavirus as an excuse to institute a one world government in a “great reset.” And this plan has already begun.

The leaked document comes as the Canadian territorial government of Nunavut becomes the first to issue a strict lockdown and as more populous areas such as Ontario and Toronto begin considering the same policy. The frightening document also comes on the heels of the country’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, actually admitting yesterday that the “pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset.”

The document leaked to the Washington Sentinel by Canadian intelligence sources who oppose the scheme shows the terrifying plans world governments have to eliminate freedom, take away all private property, devastate businesses, and initiate a “universal income” paid to the people by government.

The document is laid out in a series of bullet points giving a step-by-step roadmap to domination and written by a “high ranking” committee member in Canada’s liberal party who is a part of the Strategic Planning Committee of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s administration.

The document was leaked because some 30 percent of the committee members are not pleased with these plans, but they are being threatened that they must fall into line regardless.

Here are a few bullet points contained in the Canadian Strategic Planning Committee document given exclusively to the Washington Sentinel two weeks ago:

#1: The government will phase in secondary lockdown restrictions on a rolling basis starting in major metropolitan areas by zone first and expanding outward. Implementation expected in late Nov., 2020.  (This has already begun.)

#2: Rush the acquisition or construction of isolation facilities across every province and territory of Canada. Expected completion: Dec., 2020.  (Equivalent of US FEMA Camps)

#3: Daily new cases of COVID-19 will surge beyond the capacity of testing, and an increase of COVID related deaths following the same growth curves are expected by the end of Nov., 2020.

#4: Complete and total secondary lockdown, much stricter than the first, and second rolling phase restrictions. Expected by the end of Dec., 2020, and continuing through early 2021.

#5: Reform an expansion of the unemployment program to be transitioned into the Universal Basic Income program. Expected by Q1, 2021. (Side note: Jan. 15 through Fed. 1)

#6: Projected COVID-19 mutation and/or co-infection with secondary virus (to be referred to as COVID-21) leading to a third wave with a much higher mortality rate and higher rate of infection. Expected by Feb., 2021.

#7: Daily new cases of COVID-21 hospitalizations and COVID-19 and COVID-21 related deaths will exceed medical care facility capacities. Expected Q1 through Q2, 2021.

#8: Enhanced lockdown restrictions, referred to as “Third lockdown,” will be implemented. Travel restrictions will be imposed, including inter-province and inter-city travel. Expected Q2, 2021.

#9: Transition individuals into the Universal Basic Income program. Expected by April/May, 2021.

#10: Projected supply chain breakdowns, inventory shortages, and systemic and large economic instability. Expected late Q2, 2021.

#11: Deployment of military personnel into major metropolitan areas as well as all major roadways to establish travel checkpoints, restrict travel and movement, provide logistical support to the area. Expected by late Q2 – early Q3, 2021.

(NOTE: Some feel point 11 will actually begin as soon as the Universal Basic Income program is implemented in March or April 2021)

#12: Along with the provided roadmap, the Strategic Planning Committee was asked to design an effective way to transitioning Canadians to meet this unprecedented economic endeavor, one that will change the face of Canada, and forever alter the lives of Canadians.

We are told that these bullet points will precede the implementation of the full debt relief of all Canadians funded by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) where all citizens will be required to hand over ownership of all privately held properties to the Canadian federal government in exchange for the forgiveness of all debt. This will eventually be known as the “World Debt Reset Program” and will be implemented in every nation on earth around the same time. It will colloquially be known as “The Great Reset.”

The citizens will also be required to participate in rounds of COVID-19 and COVID-21 vaccinations. There will not be one vaccine, THERE WILL BE MANY.  They will be given an ID card that allows them to travel outside their community and to certify that they are safe citizens.

The sources also noted that Canada has already ordered and taken possession of programmable, hydraulic guillotines (45045-190091/A) to be used for those who refuse to abide by the “Great Reset.”  (This screenshot taken from Canadian Government Website).

The source also says that President Donald Trump has been in on these plans since the beginning. When he signed onto the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) deal and the later stimulus bills he set the stage to devastate the U.S. economy and to sign onto the U.N.’s Agenda 21 scheme. All of this is planed to take the world into hyperinflation to pave the way for the Universal Basic Income and the debt forgiveness programs.

He also signed an executive order on Sept. 19, 2019, before COVID even showed up in China, to militarize vaccinations.  It’s no coincidence Trump signed this EO exactly 60 days before the first case of corona appeared in China.

Executive Order 13887 of September 19, 2019, or Modernizing influenza vaccines in the united states to promote national security and public health.

In the end, the sources say that the one-world agenda is on the verge of being implemented across the world and they are going to use COVID as the excuse to launch it.

However, there is still some resistance to these draconian plans inside the government. Will these few voices be enough to forestall implementation of this plan? It remains to be seen.

The world is in big trouble as the global elite tighten their grip and break Trump to their will.

Atlas is falling.  God help us all.

**UPDATE, NOV. 20, 2020**

The Canadian government has altered its entry for the “programmable, hydraulic guillotines.” The entry on the government website now calls the items “Hydraulic Paper Cutters.”
Once reading programmable, hydraulic guillotines (45045-190091/A), the entry now looks like this:

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Source On Dominion Machine Deal: Biden’s Out…. Trump’s In… War with Iran



According to intel sources, President Donald Trump has made a deal with the shadowy powers running the Dominion voting machine company to reverse the faked votes for Joe Biden and to give Trump the election win.

But what sources say Trump has agreed to do may not sit well with his own supporters. The inside intel sources told Washington Sentinel that Trump has agreed to use the Insurrection Act to impose martial law on America’s biggest cities after the expected leftist riots break out when the election is turned to Trump’s favor when the Germany-based voting machine fraud is revealed.

There is more.

Sources also say that Trump has agreed to launch a war against Iran to take out the world’s largest exporter of Muslim terrorism.

The intel sources also say that it appears that Trump has sold out the country just to get his second term and that he will slowly spread the martial law rules to the entire country as the rest of the world goes into coronavirus lockdowns.

This, the source says, will lead to a world-wide “reset” (as Canada’s Prime Minister recently admitted). It will be a reset that will institute a world government and will end freedom across the planet.

These plans, the insiders say, are being shepherded in by the Rothschilds in Europe.

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Twitter Now Banning State Republican Party Organizations

If you thought Big Tech would ease off its attack on conservatives now that the election is over, you have another think coming.



If you thought Big Tech would ease off its attack on conservatives now that the election is over, you have another think coming.

Twitter is continuing its attack on anyone who is not a raving socialist and is even now banning official Republican Party accounts.

Last week, Twitter shut down the account of the official South Dakota Republican Party.

Twitter locked two official South Dakota GOP accounts and branded them “potentially harmful” after the party posted its support for President Donald Trump’s post-election lawsuits.

When party officials went to try and post to their Twitter feed, they were confronted with a warning telling them, “Your tweet couldn’t be sent because the link has been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially harmful.”

Twitter later claimed it was an “accident” and allowed the GOP to return to posting.

But this is what the left is doing. They are now even banning official Republican Party people!

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Conservative Cable News Network ‘Newsmax’ Sees Ratings Surge as People Abandon Fox News



The new conservative cable news network Newsmax is surging in the ratings as people abandon the suddenly left-leaning Fox News, and Newsmax is already beating Fox Business Network in the ratings.

Fox News has been moving to the left over the last few years as the liberal Murdoch sons begin tearing down their father, Ruppert Murdoch’s, cable network legacy. But Fox’s loss is Newsmax’s gain, apparently.

Newsmax recently reported that it was beating both FBN and CNBC in the ratings.

Fox News viewers appear to be deserting the network in droves as they tune into Newsmax TV.

Nielsen data confirms the trend in the post-election period last week.

During Wednesday through Friday last week, Newsmax TV led Fox Business and CNBC in all key day parts.

Newsmax is also seeing a terrific surge across its media properties, starting with its cable and satellite news channel. OTT viewership of the channel is also up on devices like Roku, YouTube, and Xumo.

The company also saw over a half million downloads to the free Newsmax TV APP, and earlier Tuesday hit the top 3 position in rankings for downloads on iPhone.

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The American Divide (It Is Not What You Think!)

It’s easy to look out at America and assume that the big divide is between Left and Right, or Republican and Democrat. But I no longer believe that is true. 



An essay by Guest contributor Allie Duzett…
It’s easy to look out at America and assume that the big divide is between Left and Right, or Republican and Democrat.
But I no longer believe that is true.
A few days ago a friend posted that she believed the real divide is between those who believe the mainstream media, and those who do not. The more I have thought about it, the more I believe this is true. Even across party lines, you can see a difference between those who believe the media and those who do not. In my still forming yet solidifying opinion, THIS is the real source of the divide in America today.
I was lucky enough to have a mom growing up who would watch the news with us. As we watched, she would have us tell her about the story, but then she would ask: “How does the reporter feel about it?” She would have us look for clues in if the reporter was smiling or not, in their word choice, in how they would hold themselves and use their body language. Even as a 9-year-old kid I could tell when a reporter was glad that X happened or Y happened, or when they were irritated with a politician and allowing their personal bias to bleed through the reporting.
At one point, a local news station came to our house to interview my mom about some medical something involving my brother. I don’t know the details, except for this: they interviewed her for 90 minutes or so, but that night, only showed a handful of clips taken out of context, that did not accurately explain what she had been trying to convey. This was another really formative moment for me: realizing that the news people reporting on stuff would either accidentally or knowingly distort accurate information for the sake of a catchy sound bite, or for the sake of time, or because they thought their viewers were too stupid to understand the reality of a situation. Or because THEY perhaps were too stupid to understand it.
Who knows why they edited that clip the way they did, and time and catchiness and simplicity are all valid reasons from a news perspective to cut something, obviously. But the fact remains that what they presented that day was far different from what my mom had said.
My first job out of college was at a media watchdog. I read the news all day long looking for bias and inaccurate reporting. It was an easy job because it turns out that the media is extremely biased. Certain reporters in particular are very trustworthy at consistently misrepresenting information.


Consider the connections between the media and the Democratic Party. The following is from an article written in 2017, but all these players are still active today (original article here:

Jay Carney went from Time to the White House press secretary’s office. Shailagh Murray went from the Washington Post to the Veep’s office while married to Neil King at the Wall Street Journal. Neil King has left the Wall Street Journal to work for Fusion GPS. Linda Douglass went from ABC News to the White House and then the Atlantic. Jill Zuckman went from the Chicago Tribune to the Obama Administration’s Transportation Department. Douglas Frantz went from the Washington Post to the State Department and Stephen Barr went from the Post to the Labor Department.

Ruth Marcus, who heads the Washington Post Editorial Board, is married to the Obama Administration’s former Federal Trade Commission Chairman. Jonathan Allen had been at the Politico before going to work for Debbie Wasserman Schultz, then back to Politico before going to the left leaning Vox. Now he is at NBC News. Andy Barr worked for the Politico before leaving for Democrat politics. Michael Scherer was at both Salon and Mother Jones before going to Time. Laura Rozen was at Mother Jones and the American Prospect before Foreign Policy magazine. Even Nate Silver had started out at Daily Kos.

There is an enormous amount of crossover between leftwing news reporters and the Democratic Party. The Republican Party is not exempt, either; Spencer Cox just announced his chief of staff to be a former editor of the Salt Lake Tribune.

But most people who are reading the news don’t necessarily realize that they are consuming news prepared for them by people who are not always coming at the news from a space of neutrality.
In the article linked above, the author notes that the slant in the news is not even necessarily intentional; as he concludes, “many of them do not even realize their biases and left-leaning pre-suppositions are tripping them up.”
My personal opinion is that some of them are just not self-aware and would be more neutral if they realized they were not being so; and some really don’t care about neutrality because they view their jobs as journalists as being to shape policy and public opinion instead of to neutrally report current events.
One thing I want to quickly mention is the role of advertisers in the formation of news stories. When reporter Sharyl Atkisson wanted to start writing about corruption in the vaccine industry, she was told she would lose her job if she did, because pharmaceutical advertisers are the primary driver of advertising income for news organizations. Obviously you do not want to tick off the person paying your bills, even if they are corrupt. This is one reason why you will only rarely see a story in the mainstream news about the dangers of vaccines or corruption in the vaccine industry; who do you think is paying for the news? If you’re waiting for a big story in the New York Times before you’ll believe in vaccine injury, you’re waiting on a pipe dream. That will never happen, because it would jeopardize everyone’s income involved.
Pharmaceutical companies are not the only ones protected by the media because of their advertising dollars, but they are a great example of how that protection plays out for them. Because they pay tons of money to advertise on news stations and so on, reporters there are forbidden from criticising them.
Most people who watch the news are obviously aware of the role of pharmaceutical advertising on news stations–can you get through an evening without seeing five commercials for shots and drugs? But most of them don’t seem to put two and two together: if your news is paid for by a vaccine company, there is no way you will receive any information there about vaccines that is less than positive and enthusiastic. It’s just how the structure is set up.
The great divide in America today, in my opinion, transcends party lines, because people on all sides of the aisle have been experiencing what they see as disillusion and betrayal when it comes to the media––both the traditional “mainstream” media and social media, the new media.
One main driver I have noticed is the vaccine issue; essentially everyone believes vaccines are “safe and effective,” as the line is parroted on TV and in the doctors’ office, until their own child is maimed, injured, or killed by a shot. That’s when parents start researching and realizing that the media is not an accurate source for medical information.
In the Facebook group #Walkaway Campaign, there are many stories of people who considered themselves Democrats, until they started researching what they were hearing on the news. One story I read recently was about a girl who wanted to know more about George Floyd and Breona Taylor than she was hearing on the news. She wanted to really honor these people from her heart by knowing the full story.
But when she researched the stories fully, her perspective totally changed. As soon as she stopped relying on what she was hearing on the news and reading in the papers, she had a massive perspective shift. The more she did her own personal research, the more she felt lied to and betrayed, until eventually over the course of three months or so she had gone from considering herself to be a far-left Democrat to a conservative Republican. She just voted for Trump.
People across America have been feeling increasingly betrayed by the mainstream media, in my opinion, especially over the past four years. Media personalities have spent these years calling Trump supporters names and accusing them of racism and sexism and all sorts of horrible things. For many Trump supporters, of course, that’s enough to turn off the news and stop taking it seriously. But for many non-Trump supporters, it was enough to get them curious about why the media personalities have been so hell-bent on destroying so many people’s reputations.
Just this past week, when Fox News called Arizona for Biden earlier than any other news network, while refusing to call Florida for Trump when it was obvious he had won it, many watchers became suddenly disillusioned. Today, you can go to the Fox News Facebook page and watch in realtime as people “unlike” the page. On Monday this week, about 60,000 disillusioned Americans cut their cords with Fox News and I don’t think they regret it.
What many Fox watchers maybe didn’t know was that the guy in charge of the Fox decision desk is a registered Democrat who has donated significantly to both Obama and Hillary Clinton.
But while watchers didn’t go into Election Night realizing this backstory, they seemed to figure it out by the end of the night.
Roger Ailes once noted that the pre-left leaning, more conservative and balanced Fox News had discovered an overlooked niche audience, “half the country.”
Now it seems that this customer base needs to find a new source of news.
What discussion of bias in modern media would be complete without a discussion of Twitter and Facebook “fact-checkers” and the blocking of accounts that express concepts out of alignment with Twitter and Facebook’s political interests?
This has been another source of disillusionment with big media sources. For those who are interested in discussing controversial topics, to have only one set of opinions consistently shut down, blocked, and “fact-checked,” it can be eye-opening and even shocking. When Facebook and Twitter block accounts for sharing certain links or mentioning certain ideas, some people get very disillusioned by that. When people feel that their honestly held beliefs or even scientific or historical or current events research is being suppressed by media giants, they lose trust in these mainstream sources of information, and it polarizes them further.
On the other end, I have heard those who agree with the censorship decisions of social media moguls express their gratitude that such “false news” is being censored and removed from public platforms.
The disappearance of honest discussion on the internet leads to polarization on both sides.
This is where the divide comes in.
On the one hand, we have the people uncritically consuming their news from mainstream sources, believing what they’re exposed to as long as it came from the New York Times, or NPR, or the Salt Lake Tribune, or what have you. Many of them are grateful to Facebook and Twitter for doing the legwork to protect them from what must undoubtedly be false information spread by probably Russian bots.
On the other hand, we have people feeling suppressed, ignored, and beaten up on by mainstream news sources; people feeling skeptical of anything the media says. These people may uncritically dismiss the news reported from both traditional media and social media giants, assuming that they are most likely biased, inaccurate, and unfair.
This all lies on a spectrum, of course; there are gullible people just absorbing NPR without a second thought and there are gullible people turning to InfoWars and guzzling it down as fact without a second thought. And at the same time, there are people reading the New York Times and watching Fox News with a more critical eye on both sides of the aisle.
But at the end of the day, I do believe the primary divide comes down to this: do you believe the mainstream media and social media to be an accurate and thorough source of news? Because if you do, you will probably present as being on one “side” here. Or do you believe that most of the news is inaccurate, biased misinformation or even disinformation that is trying to unduly influence public opinion instead of just inform it or hold space for honest discussion of the issues? If that’s how you feel, you’re likely on the other side.
Both sides will see each other as full of “conspiracy theories.” Consider the case study of a person banging a pot and telling everyone not to believe in conspiracy theories–while at the same time clinging to idea of the Russion collusion. On the other side, people are rolling their eyes at that: to them, the Russian collusion is the conspiracy theory.
This is the great divide. When people cannot agree on what is TRUE, they cannot unite, no matter how fervently the mainstream media might beg for unity. It’s hard to unite behind someone who’s spent the past four years calling you a racist and suppressing your comments and stories on social media.
When one side believes what the other side considers to be gross inaccuracies and false information, there’s really no way the two sides can come together. They need to agree on what is true before they can find a common ground.
How can the two sides establish a common ground, especially when both sides feel betrayed by the other?
My honest opinion is: they can’t.
As long as we are polarized by our media consumption, there’s no real common ground; just people who believe the media and people who don’t. The people who believe the media will not be able to believe the ignorance of the non-believers; those who are disillusioned will not be able to believe the ignorance of those who haven’t been disillusioned yet. There is a huge frustration on both sides, each side wishing the other side would get their act together and believe what they consider to be the obvious truth.
The answer I propose is a transcendance of lazy media consumption. It’s not realistic to ask the mainstream media to change its ways, to alter its income structure, and so forth. In the end it is up to individuals in America to begin using their critical faculties to examine the stories they read and hear in a new way; to look more deeply at who they are consuming their news from; to scour their news for bias; to ask each time they read: who is benefitting from this presentation of the news? Does the reporter have any conflicts of interest here? Why would Facebook or Twitter be suppressing this story? What do these organizations have against people sharing or discussing this information? Who benefits?
Realistically, most people in America are not prepared to take this level of responsibility for their media consumption; most people likely don’t even have a desire to be this responsible for their media consumption.
The greatest thing we can do for ourselves is be aware of the divide; to be kind and compassionate to those we disagree with; to be aware of where we fall on the spectrum––and get our minds and bodies prepared for whatever might come next in the ongoing polarization of America.
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ICE: Court Order Forced Them To Release 250 Immigrants With Criminal Histories

The public should know that the ruling undoubtedly places them at greater risk.’




A California ruling has forced Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to release criminal aliens from detention in Adelanto.

“While opponents who continuously seek to discredit the agency might otherwise mislead the public to believe that those in detention pose no risk to public safety, nothing could be further from the truth,” he said. “ICE has complied with this overreaching court order; however, the public should know that the ruling undoubtedly places them at greater risk.”

Fox News:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced on Tuesday that it released 250 immigrants with criminal histories in response to a coronavirus-related order issued by the Central District of California.

The news came a week after U.S. Judge Terry Hatter demanded the agency either release or deport detainees at the Adelanto ICE processing center in Southern California in order to halt the spread of coronavirus infections.

ICE claims that “despite requests to transfer detainees to alternative locations,” it ended up releasing 250 from the facility, which is run by a federal contractor. Those released had histories of a variety of crimes, including assualt with a deadly weapon, driving under the influence, “lewd/lascivious acts with a child,” child cruelty, illegal re-entry after removal, and other offenses.

ICE’s Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Director Tony H. Pham slammed the order as a danger to public safety and accused the court of overstepping its authority. More

This is what it sounds like to me: The best way to halt the spread of Coronavirus is to release those who may be infected into the general public.

Those being released have histories of a variety of crimes, including assualt with a deadly weapon, driving under the influence, “lewd and lascivious acts with a child,” child cruelty, illegal re-entry after removal, and other many other offenses.

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