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President Lashes Out at Fox Poll That Shows Growing Impeachment Favorability

The President appeared a bit peeved at Fox News for this one.



The pressure appears to be mounting on Capitol Hill once again this week, as a cauldron of political porridge begins to burn in earnest.

Democrats have been steadily ramping up their efforts to somehow negate the effects of the 2016 election by harassing President Trump into either quitting the job or lashing out strongly enough to find himself impeached.  This “formal impeachment inquiry”?  This is just the liberal left pushing the buttons of the embattled President, hoping he’ll blurt out something that they can ask CNN to play repeatedly for the next 24 hours.

It’s a game folks, let’s not forget that.

Now, a Fox News poll is showing that 51% of the nation wants to see President Trump not only impeached, but also removed from office – a stark increase from earlier polling.

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There are plenty of reasons why this isn’t quite as alarming as it sounds, including the need for a timely end to this impeachment push as we detailed earlier.

The President was none too pleased about the poll in either case.

“From the day I announced I was running for President, I have NEVER had a good @FoxNews Poll,” the president wrote on Twitter. “Whoever their Pollster is, they suck. But @FoxNews is also much different than it used to be in the good old days. With people like Andrew Napolitano, who wanted to be a Supreme Court Justice & I turned him down (he’s been terrible ever since), Shep Smith, @donnabrazile (who gave Crooked Hillary the debate questions & got fired from @CNN), & others, @FoxNews doesn’t deliver for US anymore. It is so different than it used to be.”

“Oh well, I’m President!” he added.

It’s that last part that the Democrats are trying to change, unfortunately.

President Trump has long insisted that there was no wrongdoing in regard to Ukraine, specifically releasing the partial transcript of the call that started it all to prove it.

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Comedian Hilariously Riffs on Clinton’s Potential 2020 Run: ‘Like Cauliflower’

There’s one thing that we can all agree on in this trying political time:  The idea of Hillary Clinton running for President again is utterly hilarious. 



The Democrats are in some serious trouble as it pertains to 2020 and their chances of bring the White House back under liberal control.

They began the 2020 primaries with far too many candidates, at one point tipping the scales with approximately two dozen politicians, millionaires, billionaires, socialists, and radicals.  It was overwhelming and detrimental to their cause, yet they seemed unable to right the ship.

Then, Former Vice President Joe Biden entered the fray and the spotlight has remained very much on him since that time.  The recent rehashing of his family’s business dealings in Ukraine certainly wasn’t the spotlight he expected, though.

Amid all this, some believe that Hillary Clinton could soon find herself back in the running for the Oval Office.  This has at least one comedian taking pot shots at the former Secretary of State.

In an appearance on “Fox & Friends” Friday, comedian Michael Loftus riffed on the idea of another Hillary Clinton presidential run, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler’s impeachment hearings, and former Vice President Joe Biden.

“My Christmas came early for me as a comedian when you think Hillary is going to run. You are like, we can dust off all these [jokes], these are good again,” Loftus said, as the live studio audience erupted in laughter.

“She’s the cauliflower of politics. They keep dressing it up and then you take a bite and you’re like, ‘oooh, I don’t like that. It’s still cauliflower.”

Biden also caught some flak from Loftus.

“Who couldn’t beat Joe Biden, who is talking about his leg hair? … It’s very strange. I will beat you up. Let’s do push-ups right now,” Loftus joked to the hosts, imitating Biden’s recent encounter with an Iowa voter.

There’s one thing that we can all agree on in this trying political time:  The idea of Hillary Clinton running for President again is utterly hilarious.

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Mainstream Media Eerily Quiet in Regard to Hillary Clinton – Tulsi Gabbard Feud

Clinton’s pals in the mainstream media seem to have her back on this.



The Democratic Party is fighting a war on two fronts:  Not only are they attempting to somehow reclaim the White House from an immensely popular President, but they are also embroiled in one of the most devastating metaphorical civil wars in modern history.

The party itself seems ready to snap in half, with the elder statesmen of the group appearing downright conservative when standing next to the radical, “Squad” loving, “resistance” that has overtaken the youthful corners of the organization.  Joe Biden, Barack Obama’s Vice President, is a perfect barometer for how far left the Democrats have steered, as he now exists solely as the only bizarro-world facsimile of Donald Trump that the party can muster.

Merely four years ago, Hillary Clinton was the all-star Democratic frontrunner, (albeit with a little help from her team infiltrating the DNC and rigging the primaries)…at least until she then became the poster child for poor sportsmanship in her loss to President Donald Trump.

Now, the former Secretary of State is viewed as a hex on the Democrats’ otherwise “good” name, saddling them with the burden to forever battle the stereotype of cheating, sore losers.

Oddly enough, one of the Democrats working the hardest to shed the Clinton curse is being blackballed in her efforts.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a Democratic presidential hopeful, said she is running for the White House in an effort to “undo Hillary Clinton’s failed legacy.”

The congresswoman from Hawaii made her comments in a column posted by The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday night.

“Hillary Clinton emerged recently to claim, with no basis in fact, that I am being ‘groomed’ by the Russian government to undermine America,” Gabbard said. “As a major in the National Guard who served in Iraq — one of the many disastrous regime-change wars Mrs. Clinton championed over her career — I swore an oath to only one authority: the U.S. Constitution.

“I’m running for president to undo Mrs. Clinton’s failed legacy. From Iraq to Libya to Syria, her record is replete with foreign-policy catastrophes.”

She maintained this is not a “petty spat” with Clinton.

“It’s a serious contrast in views about the choice voters face as they decide which Democratic candidate is best equipped to defeat President Trump,” she said.

Fellow Democratic presidential candidates came to Gabbard’s defense after the broadside by Clinton.

Despite the gravity of the situation within the Democratic civil war, the feud between Clinton and Gabbard, (along with the onlookers chiming in), has been largely ignored by the infotainment industry.  Instead, their focus has remained on left’s attempts to nullify the loss suffered by Clinton during the 2016 election through the possible impeachment of Donald Trump.


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In Pursuit of Damaging Trump, News Organizations Praise Terrorist Mastermind

Trump Derangement Syndrome has reached frightening new levels.



The sheer inanity of our national political discourse has led us to where we are today, with once-respected news organizations falling victim to tactics that are easily avoided by adhering to a could of simple clichés.

“Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face”.

“The enemy of our enemy is our friend”.

Both silly little sayings seem appropriate for what we are witnessing after the death of ISIS leader and terrorist mastermind Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, as announced by President Donald Trump earlier in the week.

This was a signature win for Trump, not unlike the death of Osama bin Laden was a feather in the cap of the Obama administration, but the mainstream media’s disdain for our current Commander in Chief as they both cut off their noses and sided with al-Baghdadi; the enemy of their enemy.

During special coverage of President Donald Trump’s announcement on Sunday of the successful mission, National Public Radio (NPR) praised the man who was responsible for beheading three Americans and enslaving and killing an American woman.

Host Lulu Garcia-Navarro led a roundtable discussion with NPR reporters Greg Myre, Tamara Keith and Daniel Estrin about Baghdadi’s death and asked them to tell listeners about the terrorist.

“He led a movement that we’ve never seen before,” Myre said. “ISIS had tens of thousands of members, fighters, coming in from all over the world.”

“They controlled massive amounts of territory — in Eastern Syria and Western and Northern Iraq,” Myre said, adding ISIS had ”millions of people under their control.”

“They administered cities, they collected taxes,” Myre said.

This ridiculous rhetoric continued…

“They had this incredible online recruit presence in terms of spreading propaganda; recruiting followers,” Myre said. “This is a guy that sort of emerged on the scene.”

“And led this group that had done something we’d never seen before,” Myre said.

“This isn’t the end of ISIS, but he was a real leader,” Myre said. “It’s not somebody that they can just appoint somebody else; take over, and the movement continues.”

Heaping praise on terrorists is just the latest symptom of the (barely) fictional affliction known as “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, and indicates that many of the President’s critics are willing to forego decency and sanity in order to make their pedantic political points.


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Bette Midler Heaps Praise on Neighbor Who Attacked Senator Rand Paul

The left has been working overtime in order to make us forget the history of the Civil War, while simultaneously promoting the same sort of sentiment that led to that bloodshed.



They say that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.  In the case of the liberal left, that cliché could be amended to say that those looking to repeat history will work to scuttle what’s left of it.

It should surprise no one that the left loves radicalism, particularly in this latest realm of “resistance” against President Trump.  These are, after all, the children and grandchildren of the hippy moment of the 1960’s.  They saw the radicals of that era as heroes, and are now looking to escalate that unrest in their own modern era.

They’ve been looking for a scapegoat, too, hoping to find themselves with a litany of internet “likes” and “share” for their virtue-signaling charades.

Worse still – these are the same radicalizing leftists who have actively worked to remove the guardrails that history provided.  They’ve torn down statues and sanitized the history of our nation’s ugliest internal conflict, only to now stoke the same sort of violence that led to it.

And, just like during the Civil War, actors have found themselves on the front lines of the cultural conflict.

Left-wing actress and singer Bette Midler on Wednesday lashed out at Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) over his criticism of the Kurds by lauding his neighbor who brutally beat the senator, breaking several of his ribs in his Kentucky yard in 2017.

“I DO NOT promote violence but… Rand Paul says the Kurds are being ‘ingrates’ for taking their frustrations out on US troops. Which is a good reminder for us all to be more grateful for the neighbor who beat the shit out of Rand Paul,” Bette Midler said.

Do not let Midler’s ALL CAPS disclaimer dissuade you from taking what she has said at face value, as that was nothing more than a CYA maneuver meant to provide the actress with plausible deniability.

It would be as if John Wilkes Booth had proclaimed that he doesn’t promote violence before sauntering into the Ford Theater with a pistol.

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President Trump Vows to Sue CNN Over ‘Impeachment Bias’ for ‘Substantial’ Amount

The President has taken his licks for long enough.



CNN has been poking the bear for long enough; at least that’s how the President’s legal team sees it.

The “news” today, at least on cable, is truly little more than an infotainment industry run amok.  We, the consumer, are treated like sports fans – easily divided and marketed to – for the sole purpose of raising ratings and revenue for folks like CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC.

The obvious biases of these networks is meant to enrage us, so that we tune in night after night to live variously through the shouting faces on the television.

President Trump has abided by this for a great length of time, and now that CNN is pushing the idea of his impeachment 24/7, the Commander in Chief is issuing a stern warning to the entertainment company.

Outraged by secretly-taped anti-Trump comments attributed to CNN President Jeff Zucker and others at the cable network, President Trump’s campaign is vowing to sue the company for “a substantial payment of damages.”

In a four-page letter to CNN, Zucker, and Executive Vice President David Vigilante, Trump attorney Charles J. Harder cited years of anti-Trump bias at the network and claimed the cable giant has broken its promise of “excellence in journalism.”

Listing several examples from the just-released Project Veritas videotapes of CNN insiders describing Zucker’s demand for “impeachment above all else,” Harder wrote that they “are merely the tip of the iceberg of the evidence my clients have accumulated over recent years.”

He added, “Never in the history of this country has a President been the subject of such a sustained barrage of unfair, unfounded, unethical and unlawful attacks by so-called ‘mainstream’ news, as the current situation.”

The hidden camera admissions of CNN executives came via Project Veritas – an independent journalism outfit specializing in investigative endeavors.

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Bill Maher Throws Shade, Says Media Has Hypocritical Biden Coverage

Maher’s comments are just the latest sign of defeat for an already exasperated Democratic party, who, try as they may, cannot get anything to stick to Teflon Don.



No, this is not one of Bill Maher’s frequent attempts at making people laugh;  the HBO-based funnyman really doesn’t believe that Nancy Pelosi’s latest push for impeachment is going anywhere.

From the moment that Madam Speaker announced her vague-sounding “formal impeachment inquiry”, (something House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler has been doing for weeks), there were doubts among the democrats.  Their fear was that this was just another RussiaGate, where their constituents would be wholly sure that Donald Trump could not escape a fool’s fate, only to have the Commander in Chief slide right on past the gauntlet they had spent so long constructing.

So far, this has been the case.  Other than Pelosi’s super special, brand spankin’ new announcement, nothing has really changed in the slightest.

Bill Maher certainly doesn’t see anything changing, that’s for sure.  The HBO talk show host lamented the media’s poor coverage of the Biden-Ukraine connections that got this whole ball rolling in the first place during a recent airing of his program.

Maher began by saying, “I don’t think he was doing something terrible in Ukraine, but it’s just so — why can’t politicians tell their f*cking kids get a job? Get a goddamn job. I mean, this kid was paid $600,000 because his name is Biden, by a gas company in Ukraine, this super corrupt country that just had a revolution to get rid of corruption. It just looks bad. And the Republicans are geniuses at muddying the waters. … It’s all going to be about, you did this in Ukraine, well, Joe Biden did this.”

Then came the more poignant punchline:

“It does sound like something Don Jr. would do. And if Don Jr. did it, it would be all Rachel Maddow was talking about.”

Maher’s comments are just the latest sign of defeat for an already exasperated Democratic party, who, try as they may, cannot get anything to stick to Teflon Don.


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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Actor Isaiah Washington Comes Out as Trump Supporter

The actor has uncorked a long list of tweets about his new public position.



Former Gray’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington has shocked Hollywood by coming out as a Trump supporter while slamming the Democrat Party for doing nothing for blacks.

The actor announced this week to explain that he is ready to “come out of the closet” and talk about why he left the Democrat Party, according to Yahoo News.

“You got a lot of conservative or centric libertarian-minded people that really care about other people but they are terrified to come out of the closet and say anything that’s not in line with the Democratic Party,” Washington said on Fox Nation’s Nuff Said program.

The actor said that he now supports the #WalkAway movement — a movement created by a gay man who realized that the Democrat Party was a destructive force in America.

Washington insisted that voters should “walk away from the divisive tenets endorsed and mandated by the Democratic Party of today.”

The 100 star also said that the Democrats have “not done enough for blacks.”

“Walking away… is a sacrifice, it’s a risk and there’s a penalty for it,” the 56-year-old actor said. “But I will only walk away when it matters and the reason why I’ve chosen to walk away from the Democratic party as I know it and walk away from the Republican party as I don’t know it, is that something doesn’t feel right… If I look at the political lineage of the Democratic party over the last 50 years of my lifetime… and very little has changed in my community… then I have some questions. I’ve got more than questions.”

Washington also explained that he supports Trump’s policies more than he supports Trump as a person. “I’m going to support the policy over the person,” he said.

The actor has uncorked a long list of tweets about his new public position.

Washington also joined comedian Dave Chappelle in attacking the left’s “cancel culture.”

Indeed, Washington knows the “cancel culture” quite well. Washington was fired from the hit TV drama, Gray’s Anatomy, after reportedly using a “gay slur” during an argument on the set back in 2007.

The actor noted that the “cancel culture” Chappelle has joked about kicked into high gear in his own life in 2007. After the “gay slur” incident, Washington temporarily lost his entire acting career.

As US Magazine reported in 2014:

“After the incident at the Golden Globes, everything just fell apart,” Washington said in an interview with The Huffington Post in September 2013. “I lost everything. I couldn’t afford to have an agent … I couldn’t afford to have a publicist … I couldn’t afford to continue.”

Though he returned to Grey’s years later and continues to find acting work, Isaiah Washington experienced the “cancel culture” firsthand.

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