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POLL: Majority of Americans Wants More Witnesses During Senate Impeachment Trial

These numbers could certainly change in the coming days, as Americans head home for the holidays, where there may be no escaping the uncomfortable political conversations that await them.



The impeachment of Donald Trump will soon find its way to the Senate for trial, but there is still quite a bit of speculation as to just what this spectacle will look like.

President Trump himself seems to be leaning toward having a “show trial”, in which the Republicans can finally exert the sort of investigatory practices that they believe were kept from them during the House’s portion of the process. This could include calling witnesses such as Hunter Biden and Adam Schiff, in an attempt to legitimize President Trump’s requests of Ukraine, and undermine the whistleblower complaint that set this entire impeachment into motion, respectively.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell appears more comfortable with the idea of a swift and expedient trail in which the President will be undoubtedly acquitted.

For their part, the Democrats still have a few folks that they would like to see on the witness stand, and they’ve made it clear that they haven’t received the sort of documentation they had hoped for previously.  Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer has repeatedly characterized McConnell’s preference for a “no-witness” trial as faulty, and it appears as though the American people agree.

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According to a new Politico/Morning Consult poll, the majority of American voters surveyed want President Donald Trump to be removed from office via a Senate vote—and they also want the Senate trial to call witnesses.

The results say that 51 percent of Americans approve of the Senate removing Trump from office. The poll also showed 52 percent agreeing with the House’s impeachment of the president, while 42 percent disapprove.

Meanwhile, 54 percent of those surveyed want senators to call additional witnesses, a measure senate Republicans and Mitch McConnell oppose, but Democrats and independents have said they want.

Along party lines, 66 percent of Democrats want witnesses called, while 51 percent of independents agree. The result among Republicans is more evenly split, with 43 percent wanting witnesses and 39 percent opposing.

These numbers could certainly change in the coming days, as Americans head home for the holidays, where there may be no escaping the uncomfortable political conversations that await them.

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Russia Hoax Returns! Lawmakers Briefed on New Russian Meddling Scheme

It’s only a matter of time before the Democrats find a way to accuse President Trump of more ‘collusion’.



For much of President Trump’s first term, there was a specter looming over the White House.

The left was consistently insisting that Donald Trump’s election came only at the behest of the Kremlin, thanks to a Putin-led effort to meddle in America’s electoral system and – most heinously – the newly-elected President himself was being accused of colluding with the evil empire to our east.

At the end of a 22-month long investigation that cost upward of $25 million, President Trump would face no charges himself, and those who did stumble during the RussiaGate investigation did so not because of their cooperation with some Kremlin comrades, but due to their own issues with telling the truth to investigators

Yet, this boogeyman remained under the proverbial bed, ready to jump out and scare the Democrats again in 2020.

And, predictably, it has begun

Intelligence officials have warned lawmakers that Russia is interfering in the 2020 election campaign to help President Donald Trump get reelected, according to three officials familiar with the closed-door briefing.

Trump pushed back Friday accusing Democrats of launching a disinformation campaign.

“Another misinformation campaign is being launched by Democrats in Congress saying that Russia prefers me to any of the Do Nothing Democrat candidates who still have been unable to, after two weeks, count their votes in Iowa. Hoax number 7!” Trump tweeted.

The officials, who asked for anonymity to discuss sensitive intelligence, said Thursday that the briefing last week focused on Russia’s efforts to influence the 2020 election and sow discord in the American electorate. The intelligence warning was first reported by The New York Times and The Washington Post.

In this iteration of the hysteria, there has yet to be any sort of insinuation regarding nefarious dealings by the President and his men.

But, knowing the Democrats, there is sure to be some form of allegation emerging in the coming days.

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Multiple States Now Targeted by Secessionists as Nation Remains Divided

Are we experiencing some 16 decade deja vu?



Our nation has been hotly divided for years, and the recent impeachment scandal surrounding Donald Trump may have only made things worse.

For some, this was a failed removal of a soon-to-be tyrant, hellbent on sending our culture back to the 1950’s.  For others, Trump’s acquittal was the welcome end to a long national nightmare.  The wedge between these two, disparate sides has been hammered into place by the mainstream media, further splitting us right down the center.

This isn’t the first time that something like this has happened in America, of course, and our last bout of infighting resulted in the secession of several states and a prolonged and bloody war over it.

Well, don’t look now, but it appears as though we’re at it again.

You’ve got Oregonians seeking to cascade into Idaho, Virginians who identify as West Virginians, Illinoians fighting to escape Chicago, Californians dreaming of starting a 51st state, and New Yorkers who think three states are better than one.

Separation fever is sweeping the nation as quixotic but tenacious bands of frustrated rural dwellers, suburbanites and conservatives seek to break free from states with legislatures increasingly controlled by liberal big cities and metropolitan strongholds.

“Oregon is controlled by the northwest portion of the state, Portland to Eugene. That’s urban land, and their decisions are not really representing rural Oregon,” said Mike McCarter, president of Move Oregon’s Border for a Greater Idaho. “They have their agenda and they’re moving forward with it, and they’re not listening to us.”

And then there are the coastal conflicts.

In New York, Divide New York State has for years championed the idea of three autonomous self-governing regions, eliminating the need for Congress to create separate states. More ambitious is New California, which seeks to create a 51st state, and Calexit, which wants to make California its own nation.

There is little chance that many, if any, of these potential spin-offs come to fruition however, as the stigma surrounding secession is simply far too damning to escape.

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Roger Stone Sentence Belies True Power of President’s Tweets

The left should take this turn of events as an ominous warning not to ignore Trump’s Twitter tirades.



There has been a great deal of consternation in Washington this week over the nature of President Trump’s tweets.

He is, after all, the first Commander in Chief to truly utilize the platform for both campaigning and for policy discussion, opening a pathway from the public to the Oval Office that previously did not exist.

But, as with all things Trump, this has not always been a well received change to the status quo, including recently when Trump’s tweets on the subject of political provocateur Roger Stone’s looming sentencing created a headache for Attorney General Bill Barr over at the Department of Justice.

Trump believed that the possible sentence of up to nine years behind bars was far too heavy for Stone, who was convicted of lying to Congress during the long and convoluted RussiaGate conspiracy theory investigation.

Today, as Stone was saddled with only a 44-month lockup, it became apparent that Trump’s tweets are indeed quite powerful.

U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson, while taking a firm stance toward Stone in the courtroom, also said the up to nine years originally sought by federal prosecutors was excessive. Her sentence of 40 months in prison was considerably less than that — yet far more than the probation sought by his defense and certainly tough enough to keep speculation alive about a possible pardon from President Trump.

In court, Jackson repeatedly made clear she holds Stone responsible for his circumstances, as his lawyers sought leniency.

“Mr. Stone lied,” Jackson said. She also said Stone injected himself “smack” into a political controversy and was not “persecuted.”

Jackson called Stone’s actions “deliberate” and “planned” – lamenting his “utter disrespect” for the rule of law – but also noted supporters sent “compelling” letters to the court and described him as “caring and generous.”

It has been widely spectacled that Stone could soon receive a presidential pardon – a possibility hinted at by Trump himself with the retweeting of a Tucker Carlson piece supporting the idea.

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Pompeo Tells Europe: ‘Name Me A Moment In History When The Weak And The Meek Have Prevailed’



Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Saturday defended the United States’ foreign policy approach and dismissed criticisms that the Trump administration disregards international alliances.

“I’m happy to report that the death of the transatlantic alliance is grossly exaggerated. The West is winning, and we’re winning together.”


Speaking at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo threw down the gauntlet to other Western countries, asserting, “Over the past few years, I’ve seen, we’ve all seen, democratic leaders questioning America’s commitment to the transatlantic alliance and America’s leadership in the world.”

Pompeo cited some quotes from Western leaders, including Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland saying in June 2017, “The fact that our friend and ally has come to question the very worth of its mantle of global leadership, puts into sharper focus the need for the rest of us to set our own clear and sovereign course.” He noted the statement in February 2019 from M. Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, and Mr Heiko Maas, German Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, saying, “The multilateral order is experiencing its perhaps gravest crisis since the emergence – its emergence after the Second World War.”

Pompeo cited a third quote, this one from the day before his speech in which German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier stated, “Under its current administration, our closest ally, the United States of America, rejects the very concept of an international community. Every country, it believes, should look after itself and put its own interests before all others.”

Pompeo responded, “I’m here this morning to tell you the facts. Those statements simply do not affect in any significant way or reflect reality. I am happy to report that the death of the transatlantic alliance is grossly over-exaggerated. The West is winning. We are collectively winning. We’re doing it together.” More

SECRETARY POMPEO: Well, good morning, everyone. It’s great to be with you all.

Foreign dignitaries, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, members of Congress, who are with us here today, it’s my honor to be here this morning. It’s great to be back at the Munich Security Conference. I was just talking with some of the leaders. I’ve been here many times. I came here with Senator McCain. I came here as the CIA director. I’m also not new to Munich. If you’re looking for a good bierhalle from the late ‘80s, I can find it. (Laughter.)

This is also the third trip to Germany in just the past four months. I was in Berlin in November to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was an incredibly special trip for me, for me personally, because I had the incredible privilege to serve on freedom’s frontier from 1986 to 1989 patrolling the then East German-West German boundary during the Cold War as a young officer in the United States Army. I was just a little younger, not that much.

It was thrilling for me, I remember, to watch when freedom won, to watch people dancing on the Berlin Wall, as we all saw people who had been so cruelly separated for decades. It was an incredible celebration of freedom and of sovereignty. The people of East Berlin, and the people of East Germany, knew that the end of the Evil Empire’s occupation was at hand.

And our countries together have maintained our freedoms and our sovereignty for the past 30-plus years now. We should all be incredibly proud of that. We’ve done it through the challenges of radical Islamist terrorism, we’ve done it through a global financial crisis, and we’re doing it now in the face of an increasingly aggressive Chinese Communist Party.

But over the past few years, I’ve seen, we’ve all seen, democratic leaders questioning America’s commitment to the transatlantic alliance and America’s leadership in the world.

A few recent quotes from Western leaders. These quotes frankly surprised me.

The first was from the middle of 2017: Quote, “The fact that our friend and ally has come to question the very worth of its mantle of global leadership, puts into sharper focus the need for the rest of us to set our own clear and sovereign course.” End of quote.

The second one is from about a year ago. It said, quote: “The multilateral order is experiencing its perhaps gravest crisis since the emergence – its emergence after the Second World War.” End of quote.

The final one was from just yesterday. A quote suggested, quote, that the United States “rejects the international community.” End of quote.

I’m here this morning to tell you the facts. Those statements simply do not affect in any significant way or reflect reality. I am happy to report that the death of the transatlantic alliance is grossly over-exaggerated.

The West is winning. We are collectively winning. We’re doing it together.

Let’s start with a simple fact: Free nations are simply more successful than any other model that’s been tried in the history of civilization. Our governments respect basic human rights, they foster economic prosperity, and they keep us all secure.

It’s why so many people risk a dangerous journey across the Mediterranean to reach Greece and Italy, but you don’t see the world’s vulnerable people risking their lives to skip illegally en masse to countries like Iran or to Cuba.

It’s why people clamor to study in Cambridge, and not Caracas.

It’s why they compete to start businesses in Silicon Valley, but not in Saint Petersburg.

It’s why countries in Asia went from abject poverty in the 1950s and ’60s to become world-leading economies today. You have all seen the map of the differences between South Korea, that light-studded map with North Korea in complete darkness.

Just look, too, just look at the winning westward path of other nations.

Vietnam has moved into our same direction since the 1980s.

I’ll head off from here to Africa. I’ll be in Ethiopia, a country working hard to reform its economy. It wants to be more like us.

Today, throughout the Western Hemisphere, we have only Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela as redoubts of authoritarianism.

Meanwhile, the United States is thriving. Our political system is free and enormously resilient. Our economy, too, is strong.

The overall unemployment rate is the lowest in more than half a century, economic growth tripping right along. The unemployment rate for women is at the lowest level in almost 70 years. Wages are rising for all income levels in the United States, including our blue-collar workers. This is the power of the Western idea.

I saw the topic for this weekend’s gathering, this idea of “Westlessness” as the core theme for this year’s conference. And I am sure, too, there are many of you who would call yourself here realists, but let me give you an idea of what’s real.

The West is winning. Freedom and democracy are winning. And by that, I don’t mean just geographical nations. The West doesn’t define a space or a piece of real state. It’s any nation – any nation that adopts a model of respect for individual freedom, free enterprise, national sovereignty. They’re part of this idea of the West.

I want to talk for a minute this morning about how sovereignty underpins our greatness collectively.

Look, we patrol our borders to keep our people safe, so that they can continue to worship, to work, and to make our countries great without disruption.

We honor the right of every nation to carry on their affairs as they choose, so long as they don’t try to interfere with our sovereignty or do harm to our friends.

Look, we urge other nations to protect human dignity because we believe in unalienable rights.

We support independent nations. Our signature – our signature military project together is a defensive alliance.

We respect the rule of law and we honor intellectual property rights.

We don’t interfere in other nations’ elections.

As my 29-year-old son would say, “In the West, we just don’t roll that way.”

Respect for sovereignty of nations is a secret of and central to our success. The West is winning.

But now, more than 30 years since the fall of the wall, countries that don’t respect sovereignty still threaten us. Some nations still desire empire.

Let’s talk about territorial integrity, or rather, those nations that have contempt for it.

Russia has seized Crimea and parts of Eastern Ukraine and Georgia.

Iran’s missiles explode on Saudi oil facilities, and its proxy forces are present in Iraq, in Lebanon, in Syria, and in Yemen.

China. China encroaches on the exclusive economic zones of Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia. And on that point, China has had a border or maritime dispute with nearly every nation bordering it.

And let’s talk for a second about the other realm, cybersecurity. Huawei and other Chinese state-backed tech companies are Trojan horses for Chinese intelligence. Russia’s disinformation campaigns try to turn our citizens against one another. Iranian cyberattacks plague Middle East computer networks.

We’ve talked about physical security. We’ve talked about cybersecurity. Economic coercion is at play as well.

Russia demands fealty in Central Asia.

China demands silence on Taiwan and Hong Kong so that deals will keep flowing. It exacts pieces of national infrastructure as payment when countries can’t meet its onerous loan terms.

Let’s talk, too, about respect for other countries’ political structures.

Iran is stifling today, as we sit here, stifling young Iraqis and Lebanese who want nothing more than a clean and sovereign government.

China is increasingly trying to co-opt officials at the state and local level. Our FBI director, our Attorney General, and I have all spoken about this in just the last week. They’re trying to affect not only our federal level but our state and local officials as well. And this is happening all across Europe and, indeed, all across the world.

Look, this matters. This matters because assaults on sovereignty destabilize. Assaults on sovereignty impoverish. Assaults on sovereignty enslave. Assaults on sovereignty are, indeed, assaults on the very freedom that anchors the Western ideal.

But here’s the good news, and there’s a lot of it.

The United States has stared and will continue to stare these dangerous threats in the face, and we will not blink. We’re protecting our citizens. We’re protecting our freedoms. We’re protecting our sovereign right to choose how it is that we live.

The United States has worked diligently to deprive the Islamic Republic of Iran of diplomatic sanctuary and financial ability to fuel its campaigns of terror – both in the Middle East and right here in Europe.

The United States has woken up to the world where China’s unfair trading practices impact us, the Chinese Communist Party’s newly aggressive turn, and its military and diplomatic efforts that confront.

The United States has armed Ukraine to help that brave nation defend itself from the Russian aggression and has worked with Baltic nations on cybersecurity to defend against Moscow’s repeated cyberattacks.

And as a brand new statement today of our support for sovereignty, prosperity, and energy independence of our European friends, today I want to announce that through the International Development Finance Corporation, and with the support of our United States Congress, we intend to provide up to $1 billion in financing to Central and Eastern European countries of the Three Seas Initiative. Our aim is quite simple: It is to galvanize private sector investment in the energy sector to protect freedom and democracy around the world.

Now, I would ask you, as I go back to where I began: Are these actions, these American actions, are they consistent with the claim that America “has come to question the very worth of its mantle of global leadership?”

Consider, too, what we’ve done alongside each of you, what we’ve done to support NATO in particular.

The United States has urged NATO on to $400 billion in new pledges. We did this because our nations are safer when we work together and when we field the strongest forces and capabilities.

The United States has, too – with our Allies – undertaken the most significant reinforcement of NATO’s eastern flank since the Cold War.

The United States has restored credibility to arms control when we withdrew from the INF Treaty – with unanimous NATO support – after Russia repeatedly violated its terms.

These are just a few signature efforts of American leadership with our partners. We always work to bring allies and partners on board with everything that it is that we do.

We’re leading, for example, Defender Europe 20, an exercise alongside NATO Allies – the largest deployment of U.S.-based forces to Europe in more than 25 years.

The United States has marshalled nations to help us protect the waterways of the Straits of Hormuz and to defend freedom of navigation throughout the South China Sea.

The United States, too, has worked with international sanctions, global sanctions, to prevent North Korea from continuing to develop its nuclear weapons program, and we’ve worked to bring Pyongyang consistently back to the negotiating table.

We’ve led 81 nations in the global fight to defeat the ISIS caliphate. We took out al-Baghdadi. We took out the leader of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula just this past month.

Is this an America that “rejects the international community?”

And – I know of particular concern in this room – we’ve pursued the mission of protecting sovereignty in the multilateral context.

A few examples:

The United States has supported the Organization of American States in its efforts to revive institutions to go back to its mandate and improve its effectiveness.

We’re leading a 59-nation coalition to oust Maduro and honor the will of the Venezuelan people.

The United States is leading on the environment as well. The International Energy Agency’s latest global emissions report from just these past few weeks found that America’s energy-related CO2 emissions declined by 2.9 percent in 2019, in spite of significant economic growth.

The United States has convinced the C5+1 to bolster Central Asian nations’ sovereignty against Russian hegemony and Chinese economic pressure.

The United States, too, has warned the Arctic Council about Russian and Chinese designs to exploit the Arctic for unfair gain – something I know we care about collectively.

So let’s be straight-up.

The United States is out there fighting alongside you for sovereignty and freedom.

We should have confidence in our alliances and our friends.

The free West has a far brighter future than illiberal alternatives.

We’re winning – and we’re doing it together.

Momentum is clearly on our side. We’ve got to do more.

Don’t be fooled. Don’t be fooled by those who say otherwise.

When so-called Iranian moderates play the victim, remember their assassination and terror campaigns against innocent Iranian civilians and right here on European soil itself.

When Russia suggests that Nord Stream 2 is purely a commercial endeavor, don’t be fooled. Consider the deprivations caused in the winters of 2006 and 2008 and 2009 and 2015.

When Huawei executives show up at your door, they say you’ll lose out if you don’t buy in. Don’t believe the hype.

Look, I know it’s not without cost to be courageous, to stand up for our sovereignty. I get it.

But it’s never been the case that this was free.

Name me a moment in history when the weak and the meek have prevailed.

I’m confident. I’m confident in you all. I’m confident in us together. I’m confident that the West will win.

You know, just 15 days ago I was in Kyiv, Ukraine. I visited a hospital where Ukrainian service members who had been injured in the conflict, who had been wounded in the fight against Russian-backed aggression, were being convalesced. There was a young, brave warrior there – we had a conversation – who had sustained a serious injury and he was in significant pain. We spoke for a few moments. He, through the translator, told me that he was a captain. I reminded him that several decades ago I, too, was a captain.

And as we were getting ready to leave, he got up. He grabbed his crutches. He moved across the room and he went to his wall locker, grabbed his uniform, pulled off his patch, and he handed me his unit logo. He told me to keep it; he wanted me to have it.

That moment hit home for me. It reminded me that sovereignty is worth fighting for and that it’s real, that we’re all in this fight together.

Let’s keep at it. Let’s keep winning.

May God bless you all, and may God bless the free world and the United States of America.

Thank you all for being with me this morning. (Applause.)

Source: U.S. Department of State

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Maxine Waters Unhappy with Amount of ‘Resistance’ She Sees in America

Being this angry at the President is exhausting, but Mad Max doesn’t want her constituents to take a break.



The Democrats and their supporters must be exhausted.

For three years now, they have been flailing, wailing, and flapping their gums in the general direction of the White House, sure that President Trump’s ascent to power was a horrible fluke of the political system.  As such, they have prescribed a carte-blanche, smothering “resistance” to combat Trump’s every whim.  If he wants a wall at the southern border, they’ll call it “racist”.  If he wants to abolish the ironically-named “Affordable Care Act”, they’ll say that he wants Americans to be sick.

For every twitch and blink that Trump displays, they have a radical antidote.  This behavior is undoubtedly tiring, and Democratic voters seem more worried about the coming 2020 election than they do about making their “resistance” voices heard.

That bothers California Rep. Maxine Waters to no end.

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) said Tuesday on MSNBC that not enough Americans are resisting and speaking out against President Donald Trump.

Waters said, “The American people should be focused on Barr. We should be joining with all of those federal prosecuting attorneys that have decided he should step down, that he should resign. We should be supporting them and backing them up. I’m anxious to see what the federal judges who have decided they can’t wait until the yearly association meeting, that they should pay attention to what is going on now and review what has happened. I’m anxious to see what they’re going to come out with.”

She continued, “But the American public should get behind this if they care anything about our democracy. You know, for all of those people who say that they, you know, honor the flag and that they are in support of our democracy being strengthened, for all of those people who say that—where are you? Can’t they see what is happening? We’re in a constitutional crisis in this country, with a president who is running amok. He is out of control. We have got to make sure that he’s not reelected. We have to speak up, we have to resist. I don’t hear enough voices.”

Waters has garnered plenty of criticism over her own call to arms against conservatives, in which the elected official told her constituents that they should form mobs and confront their fellow Americans in public, at work, and when they go out to eat.  The California Democrat believed that it was her duty to make American conservatives feel “not welcome” in their own country.

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AG Bill Barr Threatens to Resign Over Trump’s DOJ-Directed Tweets

Is there trouble in political paradise?



President Trump certainly does have a habit of pushing some people’s buttons, but, more often than not, those who find themselves irked by his behavior already possess a bit of a disdainful view of the Commander in Chief.

It’s the “resistance” mentality that has Trump’s opponents climbing the walls every time that he tweets, and their predictable, manufactured outrage has become simply blasé as of late.

But this week it’s one of the President’s own men who is growing tired of the Twitter tirades, threatening to abandon the administration if the President doesn’t take it down a notch.

Attorney General William Barr has told people close to him he’s considering quitting his post after President Donald Trump wouldn’t heed his warning to stop tweeting about Justice Department cases, an administration official told The Associated Press.

The revelation came days after Barr took a public swipe at the president, saying in a television interview that Trump’s tweets about Justice Department cases and staffers make it “impossible” for him to do his job. The next day, Trump ignored Barr’s request and insisted that he has the “legal right” to intervene in criminal cases and sidestep the Justice Department’s historical independence.

The dust-up is a result of Trump’s insistence that his longtime acquaintance Roger Stone is being treated unfairly in court, after being convicted of lying to Congress during the already convoluted RussiaGate probe – an extremely thorough investigation that ended with Special Counsel Robert Mueller not recommending any charges for the President himself.

Stone is set to be sentenced on Thursday.

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Roger Stone Still Set for Thursday Sentencing Despite Trump’s Remarks

There could be fireworks come the end of the week.



President Trump was in rare form on Tuesday, lashing out at prosecutors and conspiracy theorists involved in the RussiaGate scandal and the ensuing Robert Mueller investigation.

The timing was shrewd, as well.  With Trump’s impeachment acquittal still fresh on the minds of the American public, his blasting of those involved in both the UkraineGate scandal, (for which he was acquitted), and the previous Kremlin-connected fiasco, the national narrative is now more about Trump getting his revenge than about the accusations that were leveled against him.  In many ways, this concerted effort by Trump will consolidate the two conspiracies into one, further galvanizing his vindication.

One of the man caught up in the RussiaGate scandal, longtime Trump pal and political provocateur Roger Stone, was even defended by the President on Twitter days ago, with the Commander in Chief expressing his displeasure at the sentencing suggestions being floated for Stone.

Despite that plea, however, Stone will still be sentenced in a matter of days.

Roger Stone’s sentencing will go forward as planned on Thursday, despite the longtime Donald Trump associate’s Hail Mary attempt to get a new trial and ongoing presidential haranguing about a miscarriage of justice.

U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson decided during a brief teleconference Tuesday that there was no reason to continue delaying sentencing for the convicted GOP operative while she considers holding a hearing on a new-trial motion. Stone faces up to 50 years in prison after being convicted last November on seven felony charges, including lying to Congress and obstructing House and FBI investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

“I think that delaying the sentencing would not be a prudent thing to do under all the circumstances, unless I’m required to do so,” Jackson said.

Stone won’t immediately be carried off to the clink, however, as Judge Jackson recognized that his pending legal maneuvering should allow for him to remain free for the time being.

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