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One-on-One with the President: Supreme Court, Tax Cuts, Tariffs, Trade Deals, North Korea, FBI

President Trump recently sat down with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo to talk about the many issues swirling around the White House today.



President Trump recently sat down with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo to talk about the many issues swirling around the White House today.

You can see their full conversation below:

Transcript from RCP:

Maria Bartiromo: I want to start right with the breaking news of the week, and that is Justice Anthony Kennedy announcing his retirement. Is Justice Kennedy the model of the person you would put on the Supreme Court now?

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Donald Trump: Maybe so. He’s a great gentleman. He’s a very high quality person. You know, I got a call, Maria, that somebody would like to see me and they were sort of like acting anonymous. I said, “Wait a minute, I’m the President of the United States. How could I see somebody, I don’t know who it is.”

Anyway, I figured it out and it was a very elegant moment. It was a beautiful moment. He presented me with a letter, and it really is a retirement of a great gentleman. He’s a fine, fine gentleman and really did – I think he did a very – he was – ended up being a little more neutral than a lot of people would have preferred, but a lot of people preferred that he was, and we’re going to pick somebody who’s outstanding. And I said, “I’ll do it in your honor, but we’re going to pick somebody who’s outstanding.” And I was very honored that he did this during my term, which means he had confidence in me to do the right thing.

Maria Bartiromo: Are you going to ask your nominees beforehand how they might vote on Roe versus Wade?

Donald Trump: Well, that’s a big one, and probably not. They’re all saying, “Don’t do that. You don’t do that. You shouldn’t do that,” but I’m putting conservative people on and I’m very proud of Neil Gorsuch. He has been outstanding. His opinions are so well-written, so brilliant, and I’m going to try and do something like that, but I don’t think I’m going to be so specific in the questions I’ll be answering. And I’m actually told that I shouldn’t be.

Maria Bartiromo: Because on the campaign trail, you said you would leave it to the states.

Donald Trump: Well, maybe someday it will be to the states. You never know how that’s going to turn out. That’s a very complex question. The Roe v. Wade is probably the one that people are talking about in terms of having an effect, but we’ll see what happens, but it could very well end up with states at some point.

Maria Bartiromo: And do you think you’ll be able to get your nominee in place before the midterm elections?

Donald Trump: I think it’s going to go very quickly. I think we’re going to have a lot of support. I think we’re going to have support from Democrats. Frankly, I think if it’s the right person, I’m going to pick the right person. I’m going to pick somebody that’s outstanding. And everybody on that list is outstanding, but I’m going to pick somebody’s who’s outstanding. And I think yes, I think we will go very quickly. I actually believe that.

A lot of people think it’s going to be very – it’s probably going to be vicious because the other side, all they can do obstruct and resist. You know, their whole thing is resist. And maybe someday we’ll be able to get along with the other side, I don’t know. But right now it’s only resist. That’s all they want to do is stop things from happening. So they’re going to try very hard, but I think it’s going to go actually very quickly if I pick the right person.

Maria Bartiromo: Mr. President, here we are six months after you signed into law a historic –

Donald Trump: Yes.

Maria Bartiromo: – tax reform package, first time in 30 years. Has the effect been what you expected?

Donald Trump: Well, I think there’s a double effect. The tax cuts have been incredible, and reform, don’t forget, but tax cuts have been incredible.

Maria Bartiromo: And the rollback in regulation is huge –

Donald Trump: What I think is a big thing, I actually think maybe at least initially speaking because it’s been earlier, took place quicker, the regulation rollback has been the biggest ever in the history of our country. No president even during full-terms has cut back anywhere near what I’ve done, and we have more to do.

Now, we’re going to have regulation. We’re going to have clean water. We’re going to have clean air. We’re going to have the cleanest water, cleanest air, but we are – we have more regulation cutting to do. I think I may have had a bigger impact to this point.

I think ultimately the tax cuts as they kick in, and they’re kicking in, you see the kinds of hundreds of billions of dollars brought back into the country already. I think, ultimately, that’s going to be something really special, and you’re seeing the result right now.

Maria Bartiromo: I agree with you because under President Obama, the Federal Registry, pages were up to 97,000 changes –

Donald Trump: Yes.

Maria Bartiromo: – or something like that.

Donald Trump: Honestly, if the Democrats would have won the election, first of all, you would have had a lot different – if you look at the last four decisions in the Supreme Court at 5 4, they would have all been reversed. The union decision was a massive decision. The – you know, you can look at any one of those four. They were all so big, so important, and they would have been exactly reversed. So many – that’s what I’ve always heard, that, as president I mean obviously outside of war and peace – the biggest decision you can make is the selection of a Supreme Court justice. And I see it, and you see it so vividly over the last two days because, I mean, those decisions would’ve all gone the other way.

Maria Bartiromo: And your legacy on the conservative party, on the GOP is going to be massive, obviously, with this very consequential decision making –

Donald Trump: Right.

Maria Bartiromo: – that you need to do. Let me ask you about what’s next because we’ve seen the impact to the economy. What do you want to see happen now? Does the economy need even more stimulus? Are you looking for a phase two tactic?

Donald Trump: We’re doing a phase two. We’ll be doing it, probably, in October, maybe a little sooner than that and it’ll be more of a middle class, we did a lot for the middle class, but this will be even more aimed at the middle class.

One of things that we’re thinking about is bringing the 21 percent down to 20, and then for the most part, the rest of it would go right to the middle class. It’s a great stimulus, and one of the things I’m doing that you’ve been reporting on – although, I’m not sure that you’re a believer but I think you’re getting there – look what’s happening with the steel companies. They’re doing – they’re expanding, they’re going wild. And we need steel, and we need aluminum, and we need solar panels. And you know, the same thing with solar panels, it was like a dead business.

And we did a 30 percent tariff, because they were dumping all over the place. And washing machines, it doesn’t sound very glamorous. It’s actually a very big business, but if you look at what’s happened to steel and aluminum, we’ve practically built a new industry in a period of four, five months. It’s incredible what’s happening, but the big thing that I’m focused on now is trade. I have to straighten out trade deals.

Maria, we have trade deals. As an example with China, we don’t even have a trade deal with China, we don’t have a deal. Nobody bothered to make a deal. And they’ll charge 25 percent for a car and we charge 2.5 percent, and you’ve used those numbers on your show. So I don’t want to bore people, but we have a – some of the – we have the worst trade deals in the world. We lose money with everybody.

You know, when somebody walks in and I say, “How much do we lose with this country?” We lose with everybody. We’re going to make it reciprocal, we’re going to make them fair, and I will tell you that – you don’t know about this, but every country is calling everyday, saying, let’s make a deal, let’s make a deal. It’s going to all work out.

Maria Bartiromo: And the markets feel like they’re trusting you at this point.

Donald Trump: I think they trust me, and the farmers trust me.

Maria Bartiromo: They do.

Donald Trump: Don’t forget, the farmers, that I want all the farmers. I want that whole – you look at a map, it’s a got a little blue on the outside, everything else is red, and it’s a beautiful color, red, but I have to say that, if you look at what’s happened with farms, over 15 years it’s just a steady decline.

Over the last – I’ve been here a year and a half. Over the last five years, there’ve been very bad years for farms and farmers. I said, “We have to change that,” and one of the reasons is because they have barriers. These aren’t even economic barriers, although, in Canada’s case, 275 percent tariff for dairy, that’s not fair.

Maria Bartiromo: So when would you expect your most significant deal?

Donald Trump: Well, I already, pretty much finished the deal with South Korea. It was terrible deal. Remember, it was going to produce 200,000 jobs? And they were right, for South Korea, not for us. That was a Hilary Clinton special. That’s done. NAFTA, I could sign it tomorrow but I’m not happy with it. I want to make it more fair, OK? I want to make –

Maria Bartiromo: You can’t do NAFTA before the midterms.

Donald Trump: I want to wait until after the election. You’re going to have an election. It’s going to be very interesting. I have a feeling he’s going to be fine, and the reason is because, if they’re not fine I’m going to tax their cars coming into America, and that’s the big one. You know, the cars are the big one. We can talk steel, we talk everything. The big thing is the cars.

Maria Bartiromo: A major lobbying group for the auto industry says your administration threatens 25 percent tariff on all imported vehicles will amount to $45 billion dollars in taxes on consumers and wipe out any benefits of the tax cut plan for low and middle income American.

Donald Trump: Well, actually it’s 20 percent. Tell them to get their numbers right. Look, Maria, what’s going to really happen is there’s going to be no tax. You know why? They’re going to build their cars in America. They’re going to make them here.

We bring in millions and millions of cars a year. We charge 2.5 percent. Some of these countries don’t even take our cars. If we want to send General Motors or any of our companies to some of these countries, they won’t take our cars. They have a barrier. They put up a barrier, non-monetary barrier. They call it non-monetary tariff, and the barrier’s so strong, you can’t sell a car. If you do sell a car, it’s 10 percent, 15 percent, 25 percent, and we get 2.5 percent, and nobody pays it.

Maria Bartiromo: Yeah. Would you agree, though, that a tariff is a sales tax? I mean, even Steve Forbes was on my show last week. He said, “Look, for every job you’re creating in the aluminum and steel industry, you’re losing 15 in the industries that import aluminum and steel.” Is it a sales tax?

Donald Trump: First of all, I love free trade. You know, when I was at the G7 I said, “I have an idea, everybody. I’ll guarantee you we’ll do it immediately. Nobody pay anymore tax, everybody take down your barriers. No barriers, no tax. Everybody, are you all set? No more tax. Canada, you’re not going to get 275 percent for your dairy, and you’re going to take down all your barriers. We’re going to take all our barriers. We’re going to down all our taxes, right.”

You know what happened, everybody said, can we get onto another subject because America, our country lost, last year, $817 billion dollars in terms of deficit. We had a trade deficit, Maria, of $817 billion — with a B dollars last year — before that, it was 800.

This has been going on for years. We have rebuilt China, have a great relationship with China, great relationship with President Xi, I have tremendous respect for him, but I said, “We have to straighten this out. We can’t continue to do this.”

Maria Bartiromo: Well you decided to not go forward with the investment restrictions on China. Are you going to back down on the tariffs against China?

Donald Trump: No, no, no, no. No, look, we’re in for – you know, we’ve put in $250 billion dollars worth of product. The tariffs are – well, in fact, It could go up to 500, frankly, if we don’t make a deal, and they want to make a deal.

I will tell you, China wants to make a deal and so do I but it’s got to be a fair deal for this country. One of the hard things is, our presidents and our business leaders, they were missing in action, not so much the business leaders. You know, some business leaders benefit by allowing this stuff to go on, that’s the problem. They benefit. They’re more for their business than they are for the United States.

I had a great company — the head of great company come up to me. He’s very seriously affected by the tariffs. He said, “Mr. President, it’s not good for me right now, ultimately it is, but you’re doing the right thing on tariffs. One of the – one of the greatest –

Maria Bartiromo: Well, you’re doing the right thing on pushing back on China as well. Most people understand that they’ve been stealing from us for decades – but you didn’t go forward with this ban on Chinese nationals acquiring a 25 percent stake in American companies that are in this China 2025. But now people want to know, how are you going to protect American innovation, technology —

Donald Trump: So we’re doing it through CFIUS. We’re doing it through different things, but what I didn’t like was pinpointing China, because it’s not fair. I get along with China. I like the president. He’s president for life. We can call him the king, right? But I like the president. I didn’t like pinpointing China, and I don’t think it’s fair because they’re not the only ones.

Now, they’re bigger and stronger, and frankly, they do it more, and they’re probably a bigger violator, but it’s other countries too. And I want it to go worldwide, and we are doing that. So actually what I’m doing is a very similar thing but I want it to pertain to everybody.

So, you mean China can’t – China can’t do it but other countries can? Now, I know China, and I know how smart they are. They’ll send their people into other counties and do it through other counties. And they’ll just go through an extra process.

Maria Bartiromo: That’s why you had to do it on everybody.

Donald Trump: I want – I want everybody to do it, same thing with the tariffs on the steel. If we don’t have it on everybody then what happens is they – you know, they put it through these other countries that don’t have it, and you’re wasting a lot of time.

Maria Bartiromo: But if we’re fighting – well, not fighting, but if we’re trying to stop China from stealing, from us, which we know is happening –

Donald Trump: By the way, $300 billion a year they say. That’s a lot of money.

Maria Bartiromo: Exactly. Would it be better to actually have our allies together to go against China instead of –

Donald Trump: No.

Maria Bartiromo: — pushing back on our allies like European nations —

Donald Trump: Because our allies – excuse me. The European Union is possibly as bad as China just smaller, OK. It’s terrible what they did to us. European Union — take a look at the car situation. They send a Mercedes in; we can’t send our cars in. Look what they do to our farmers. They don’t want our farm products. Now in all fairness they have their farmers. So they want to protect their farmers. But we don’t protect ours and they protect theirs.

The European Union last year made if you look at a trade surplus – which I think is a very important thing, $151 billion. Now we all sort of love the European Union, you know I was there many, many years ago, meaning my parents were born in the European Union.

Maria Bartiromo: Right (inaudible).

Donald Trump: And I love those counties. Germany and all of the countries, Scotland you know you have Scotland, they’re still in there, they’re still hanging in there right? Let’s see what happens with Brexit, but they treat us very badly. They treat us very unfairly.

Maria Bartiromo: I know, no you’ve said that.

Donald Trump: Maria they…

Maria Bartiromo: (Inaudible).

Donald Trump: Excuse me I can say it better in a different way. They made last year $151 billion in trade surplus —

Maria Bartiromo: On America.

Donald Trump: — because we had a deficit with the European Union. On top of that we spend a fortune on NATO to protect them.

Maria Bartiromo: Yes but I saw you in Wisconsin yesterday, and you called out Harley Davidson. And you’ve been calling out Harley Davidson.

Donald Trump: It’s true, I don’t like that they’re leaving, they’re not leaving.

Maria Bartiromo: Harley Davidson is saying we’re going to send some production overseas —

Donald Trump: I don’t like it.

Maria Bartiromo: — because we can’t deal with the retaliatory tariffs out of Europe. And that’s because of our tariffs.

Donald Trump: Maria.

Maria Bartiromo: Should you be calling out specific companies? You’re the president.

Donald Trump: Yes, yes I should. Look, I devoted a lot of time to Harley Davidson. I treated him good. I guarantee you everybody that ever bought a Harley Davidson voted for Trump. I don’t know if you know that. I would have to – they call them bikers for Trump. There’s hundreds.

Maria Bartiromo: And there’s pride that it’s made in America.

Donald Trump: And they’re very unhappy about it. They are very unhappy. Now we just proposed this a few days ago. They made this deal at the beginning of the year, long before they ever heard of the word tariff. They made this deal at the beginning of the year.

And I don’t think they should do it. I think that Harley is an American bike. It’s an American motorcycle and they should build them in this country. They shouldn’t play cute. And I had them for lunch six months ago.

Maria Bartiromo: I remember.

Donald Trump: And they were telling me in India they charge 100 percent —

Maria Bartiromo: One hundred percent you said that. I was just talking about that on the air.

Donald Trump: You want to know the truth? I think I taught them more about tariffs that I could ever learn. I was saying let me ask you a question. How much do you pay in India? 100 percent. Oh, really do you do much business? No. Why? Because the tariff’s too high. I’m the one telling them. I said that’s a shame.

I got them to reduce the tariffs in India because I used that as an example. All of the sudden Harley, please, everyone else is coming in. You know there one of the few that’s – everyone else is coming in.

I have feeling that maybe Harley – I think they’re going to take a big hit. I just think it’s a great American product and our people have more pride then they used to have. I really believe that Harley’s going to take a – the people that are buying Harley Davidson, they don’t want it built in another country.

Maria Bartiromo: That’s true.

Donald Trump: No they don’t want it. I know those people.

Maria Bartiromo: I know.

Donald Trump: Those are my voters.

Maria Bartiromo: They have pride that their bike is built in America. There’s no doubt about it.

Donald Trump: Those are my voters. They don’t want Harley Davidson getting cute to make $2 more.

Maria Bartiromo: All of these issue are going to be issues in the midterms, including immigration. Is immigration and these pictures of separated families going to hurt the republicans come November?

Donald Trump: No. First of all I signed an executive order last week saying I don’t want families broken up. Nobody else did that.

Maria Bartiromo: Did our First Lady Melania encourage you to do that?

Donald Trump: She’s been there and she’s been out to the border twice. And she —

Maria Bartiromo: What has she told you about that?

Donald Trump: I’ll tell you. She came home and told me a couple of things very. She said it’s very sad situation very, very sad. She was really impressed with border patrol, how professional they were. She came and said that, and she was really saddened by the plight of people.

I mean, you know she has a very big heart. She went down, this is the second time in a week and a half. She feels it. But she was so strong on how profession the border patrol, the agents, the law enforcement is along the border. She couldn’t believe it.

Maria Bartiromo: Meanwhile —

Donald Trump: And she saw the danger. She saw the – you look it. It just looks like danger. In the meantime we have to have strong border protection. We have to have strong borders. We don’t want crime.

The democrats want to have no borders. They want to get rid of ICE. You know I said –

Maria Bartiromo: Exactly. I was just going to say that.

Donald Trump: Yes.

Maria Bartiromo: The 28 year old socialist that just beat out Joe Crowley says abolish ICE and get this. More Democrats are getting in line with that. Kirsten Gillibrand today saying we need to abolish ICE.

Donald Trump: Well I hope they keep thinking about it. Because they’re going to get beaten so badly. You know ICE, these are the guys that go in and take MS-13, and they take them out. Because they’re much tougher than MS-13, like by a factor of 10.

And these are the ones – you get rid of ICE you’re going to have a country that you’re going to be afraid to walk out of your house. I love that issue if they’re going to actually do that. They’re seriously talking about that because they – you are going to have a county that’s crime ridden. The border patrol, the border patrol agents, ICE these people are incredible.

They were the ones actually where Melania went down. She was talking about the border patrol agents, not the ICE because she doesn’t see. But ICE, border patrol these are incredible patriots. The job they have is so dangerous. You know Long Island very well right?

Maria Bartiromo: Their called catch and release, I mean.

Donald Trump: How about Long Island. They go into Long Island, they actually liberate towns. They liberate towns. These are incredible people. If the democrats go left, OK, if they do that like I always say Maxine Waters, you know Maxine Waters is their new leader.

Between Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, and getting rid of ICE and having open borders, and the biggest thing you have open borders. All it’s going to do is lead to massive, massive crime. That’s going to be their platform, open borders which equals crime.

I think they’ll never win another election. So I’m actually quite happy about it.

Maria Bartiromo: I know were running out of time.

Donald Trump: That’s OK.

Maria Bartiromo: But let me ask you real quick on North Korea and Iran. Because how was the summit? Can you give us any anecdotes?

Donald Trump: OK.

Maria Bartiromo: Now we’re supposed to find out, I’ve spoken with some military men of my own. And they told us that – they told me that North Korea needs to tell us exactly where their facilities are so that we can expect them — Within the next couple of weeks, if we don’t find out in the next couple of weeks —

Donald Trump: This has been going on for many years.

Maria Bartiromo: We know they’re not serious about this. What are you going to do?

Donald Trump: Oh, I think they’re very serious about it. I think they want to do it. We have a very good chemistry. You know we had a lot points, we won a lot of different points. I’d have to go over them. But denuclearization, getting our, getting the remains back from great hero’s, great people so many different things.

Maria Bartiromo: But are we legitimizing —

Donald Trump: So many different things. By the way excuse me, getting the hostages back before I even went.

Maria Bartiromo: That was incredible. Thank you for doing that Mr. President.

Donald Trump: But think of this. What did I do, really when you think of it? I went there. So the papers say he went. Oh, meaning I went to Singapore so we had a meeting. We didn’t do anything. Now were saving a lot of money by not doing – I asked — I said let’s not do the, I call them the war games. OK, they’re dropping bombs all over the place every six months. It’s unbelievably expensive to do that. The planes fly in from Guam, these massive bombers and all of our – they’re flying in from bomb – going back from Guam.

It’s crazy. So we gave nothing. What we are going to give is good things in the future. And by the way I really believe North Korea has a tremendous future. I got a long really well with Chairman Kim. We had a great chemistry. We really had Chairman Kim –

Maria Bartiromo: But do we believe him, Mr. President?

Donald Trump: I made a deal with him. I shook hands with him. I really believe he means it.

Maria Bartiromo: OK.

Donald Trump: Now is it possible? Have I been in deals, have you been in things where people didn’t work out? It’s possible.

Maria Bartiromo: Well you made a bold decision on Iran. I mean this was incredible.

Donald Trump: And Iran, look what’s happening in Iran.

Maria Bartiromo: And look what’s happening now. The strikes and the protests, the people want economic freedom.

Donald Trump: Iran’s a different place, Iran’s a different place.

Maria Bartiromo: So is it true that —

Donald Trump: Iran’s no longer thinking about the Mediterranean and going through. They’re thinking about themselves, they’re having riots all over.

Maria Bartiromo: Are they enriching their uranium like the reports say?

Donald Trump: If they do there going to have a very big problem.

Maria Bartiromo: Let me ask you about the secondary sanctions. Will you sanction European companies if they do business with Iran?

Donald Trump: Yes, of course. That’s what we’re doing. Absolutely.

Maria Bartiromo: And in terms of oil prices –

Donald Trump: Yes.

Maria Bartiromo: – you’ve talked about oil prices a lot – do you think somebody’s manipulating this market above $70 now –

Donald Trump: 100 percent – 100 percent OPEC is, and they better stop it because we’re protecting those countries – many of those countries. OPEC is manipulation and, you know, they allowed less than we thought last week. That have to put out another two million barrels in my opinion because we don’t want that happening. Don’t forget, the one negative to the Iran deal is you’re going to lose a lot of oil and they’ve got to make up for it. And who’s they’re big enemy? Iran. OK, you think of it. Iran’s their big – so they’re going to have to do it, and I have a very good relationship with the King and with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and the others around. And they’re going to have to put out more oil.

Maria Bartiromo: Any comments on Peter Strzok and these testimonies that we’re seeing, Rod Rosenstein, Christopher Wray. Why don’t you just direct your subordinates to get those documents over to Congress? Are you going to do it?

Donald Trump: So I have this country running like a top. Mike Pompeo is doing great. We really have a great group of people. The one thing I want to stay uninvolved in, at least for now – I may get involved –

Maria Bartiromo: OK.

Donald Trump: – but I’ve been told by so many people, “don’t get involved.” You know, all these people –

Maria Bartiromo: Congress wants those documents.

Donald Trump: – got involved, and it’s not good. And they’ll get the documents, and it’s getting – and they’re getting them, and they’re great people. I didn’t like the scene the other day where everybody’s screaming at each other. You know, I don’t like that because it’s bad for the country. You know, if Russia is, in fact, looking to sew discord or chaos, they’ve got to be saying, “this is the greatest thing we’ve ever done,” OK.

Now, there’s no collusion with me. There’s no Russia with me. There’s no nothing.

Maria Bartiromo: I know.

Donald Trump: It’s a – honestly, it’s a disgrace. But I purposely said I’m not getting involved. Let it just go. You know, they found nothing. Nobody has found anything –

Maria Bartiromo: I know.

Donald Trump: You know why?

Maria Bartiromo: Are you going to talk about –

Donald Trump: And by the way, this is the most transparent thing ever done with the White House. I think I gave them 1,400,000 documents, and I told my lawyers don’t even read them. There’s no Russia mentioned or anything like that.

Maria Bartiromo: Right, right.

Donald Trump: They have nothing. I don’t like to see that kind of fighting. It’s terrible.

Maria Bartiromo: Are you going to mention –

Donald Trump: That’s from both sides

Maria Bartiromo: Are you going to mention the meddling when you meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin…–

Donald Trump: I’d like to see some answers as to why we didn’t take the server, why the FBI didn’t take the server from the DNC. I want to see that…

Maria Bartiromo: Well, the DNC wanted to give it to a private company.

Donald Trump: Well, can you believe it?

Maria Bartiromo: They didn’t want to give it to the FBI.

Donald Trump: No, no. Can you believe it? Now, why didn’t the FBI take it? Look what they did to other people. Why didn’t they take it? How can the DNC say, “get out of here.” They threw them out of the office.

Maria Bartiromo: Yes. Well, the same people running both investigations. I mean, that’s why –

Donald Trump: Did you ever see a difference in two investigations? And the difference is –

Maria Bartiromo: There was a huge difference –

Donald Trump: – this one here did nothing wrong. There was no collusion, no nothing. The other one – and I’m not saying one way or the other, but you go back one. How about the emails, deleting 33,000 emails.

Maria Bartiromo: Right.

Donald Trump: … we don’t even have to talk about the uranium and all the different things. Just tell me, you get a subpoena, and after getting the subpoena from the United States Congress, right, people go to jail for doing it under a civil case. They delete 33,000 emails.

Maria Bartiromo: And some of them got immunity.

Donald Trump: Got immunity before the FBI even walked in. They walk in say you have a – and by the way, keep your laptops, and did they even say, “destroy your laptops,” or something? “In a week you can destroy your laptops?”

Maria Bartiromo: Final question, Mr. President. Here, we see your lovely Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders, getting asked to leave a restaurant. We see Peter Fonda, Robert De Niro having Trump syndrome, they’re going crazy, all of thisvitriol in this country. As the Commander in Chief, as the president of this great country, what can you do to bring us together?

Donald Trump: Well, some of them do it for publicity. I hate to say it. Some of them do it for publicity. Now, the [Red] Hen Restaurant was – I thought was terrible with Sarah. I thought it was terrible. I think –

Maria Bartiromo: It’s all terrible.

Donald Trump: I think some of the things that are said are terrible. And, you know, it’s our people are so incredible – you know, there’s probably never been a base in the history of politics in this country like my base. I hope the other side realizes that they better just take it easy. They better just take it easy because some of the languages, some of the words you – even some of the radical ideas, I really think they’re very bad for the country. I think they’re actually very dangerous for the country.

Maria Bartiromo: All the while, you’re creating economic growth and you’re creating job opportunities.

Donald Trump: So if you look at black unemployment, the best in history. Hispanic unemployment, the best in history, lowest in the history of our country. Women, 64, 65 years – the best in 65 years. Within two weeks, it should be the best in history. Women unemployment, meaning it’s low, so low, so beautiful. Our unemployment picture overall generally is almost the best in history. Our numbers are among – it’s going to be interesting to see what happens in the next quarter, but, you know, the – I don’t know if you saw, but the Atlanta Fed predicted 4.8. I don’t know if it’s going to be –

Maria Bartiromo: Of course I saw.

Donald Trump: 4.8, I actually saw it on your show…

Maria Bartiromo: Thank you.

Donald Trump: But the Atlanta Fed predicted 4.6, and then they upped it to 4.8.

Maria Bartiromo: Right.

Donald Trump: I don’t know if that’s true, but each point is $3 trillion and 10 million jobs, and you know that when I originally took over, it was 1.2, and it was heading down because they would have put more restrain – we talked about the regulations and restrictions. They would have put more regulations on. There wouldn’t have doneany tax cuts. For the tax cuts, we didn’t get one Democrat vote. Now add this to it. Part of their platform, one other thing they want to do, they want to raise the taxes. They want to end the tax cuts, take the money back, and they want to raise the taxes. I don’t think that’s a very good formula for the country, number one, most importantly, it’s also not a good formula to get elected.

Maria Bartiromo: And you think this is going to be the key that will drive voters in the November election. Well, I think the tax cuts are going to be important. I think the regulations are going to be important. I think the success –  You feeling good about the midterms?

Donald Trump: Honestly, I feel actually good. The only thing I feel bad about is that I guess 93 percent of the time, whoever wins the presidency tends to do not so good in the midterms. Other than that, we have – this may be –hey, look. You do this for a living and nobody does it better. This may be the greatest economy we’ve ever had. So if it’s all about the economy, I think we should do phenomenally. I think we’re going to do great. I think we’re going to do great in the Senate.

You know, I visited three states in the last six days. I think every one of those people have an awfully good chance of winning. I think we’re going to do great in the Senate, and I think we’re going to do absolutely fine in the House.

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California Shutdown: Rogan Makes The Case For Moving To Texas



Joe Rogan says he is sincerely considering relocating from California to Texas in response to the state’s overly “restrictive” response to the and its “ridiculous” taxes.

“Here’s the thing, if California continues to be restrictive, I don’t know if this is a good place to live. First of all, it’s extremely expensive — the taxes here are ridiculous.”


On his popular podcast show Wednesday, host and comedian Joe Rogan said he is seriously considering relocating from California to Texas in response to the deep-blue state’s overly “restrictive” response to the and its “ridiculous” taxes.

“I might move to Texas,” Rogan said, citing serious previous discussions he’s had about it (video below).

“Here’s the thing, if California continues to be restrictive, I don’t know if this is a good place to live,” said the popular podcast host. “First of all, it’s extremely expensive — the taxes here are ridiculous.”

“And if they really say that we can’t do standup until 2022, or some sh** like that, I might jet,” he continued. “I’m not kidding. I’m not kidding. This is silly. I don’t need to be here.”

“The only reason why I’m here is because I’m close to people like you,” he added. “A lot of my friends live here, the [Comedy] Store is here. But if they won’t let us do the Store, but we can do stand up in other places, why would we stay here?”

Asked where in Texas he would consider moving, Rogan cited Austin and Dallas as potential landing spots. “I like Austin a lot, I like Dallas a lot. I like Houston, but I don’t know if I’d live in Houston,” he said, noting the humidity in the area. More

If you decide to leave your poorly run state, please have enough humility to recognize that the political, economic, and social ideas of that state are what caused the problems that you are fleeing. Please don’t bring those ideas with you.

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Toy Gun Causes Chaos After Zoom Class: ‘My Poor Kids Thought We Were Going To Be Arrested.”



Sheila Perez Smith told the Todd Starnes Show that she was astonished when the police showed up at her home after a zoom class another parent had been “very uncomfortable” with a toy gun in plain sight during the class.

Karen’s gonna Karen.


There’s really nothing worse than neighbors ratting out neighbors. But that’s what Democrats are urging citizens to do across the country. And more often than not innocent Americans are getting caught in the crosshairs.

Sheila Perez Smith tells the Todd Starnes Show that she was stunned when the police showed up at her home near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Mrs. Smith’s 7-year-old son had just completed a zoom class from the den of their home when she received an urgent email from her son’s first grade teacher.

It just so happened that the little boy had recently been gifted a toy gun and the child had placed his “new favorite thing” on the table next to the computer.

“Another parent had been very uncomfortable by the fact that the gun had been in view of the zoom call,” Mrs. Smith said on my radio show. “It’s such an innocent thing that someone used to make a judgment and an accusation.”

A few hours after they received the email, there was a knock at the front door. It was the police. More

As a child, I used to run around with friends playing “cops and robbers” with cap guns popping off caps everywhere. I guess today, they’d call in a SWAT team and put everyone in the neighborhood on lockdown. How very, very sad.

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Dennis Prager: Our Dress Rehearsal For A Police State

‪It truly is disconcerting how easily Americans have accepted erosion of our freedoms and civil rights in the name of public safety. 



Dennis Prager says this is our dress rehearsal for a police state.

“The federal, state, county and city governments are now restricting almost every freedom except those of travel and speech. Americans have been banned from going to work (and thereby earning a living), meeting in groups (both indoors and outdoors), meeting in their cars in church parking lots to pray, and entering state-owned properties such as beaches and parks — among many other prohibitions.”


All my life, I have dismissed paranoids on the right (“America is headed to communism”) and the left (“It can happen here” — referring to fascism). It’s not that I’ve ever believed liberty was guaranteed. Being familiar with history and a pessimist regarding the human condition, I never believed that.

But the ease with which police state tactics have been employed and the equal ease with which most Americans have accepted them have been breathtaking.

People will argue that a temporary police state has been justified because of the allegedly unique threat to life posed by the new coronavirus. I do not believe the data will bear that out. Regardless, let us at least agree that we are closer to a police state than ever in American history.

“Police state” does not mean totalitarian state. America is not a totalitarian state; we still have many freedoms. In a totalitarian state, this article could not be legally published, and if it were illegally published, I would be imprisoned and/or executed.

But we are presently living with all four of the key hallmarks of a police state:

No. 1: Draconian laws depriving citizens of elementary civil rights. More

This is no dress rehearsal for a police state. In many states that is exactly what we already have. Dennis Prager is correct, the most frightening part is how quickly the American public has allowed it to happen.


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Candace Owens Suspended from Twitter for Weighing in on Michigan Lockdown

This is the authoritarian technocracy at work, folks. 



We need to stop thinking about social media as a place where we can freely express ourselves, and begin to ponder ways in which we can utilize these platforms to gauge tyranny.

You see, you can’t just say whatever you want on Twitter anymore.  Or Facebook.  Or even Instagram.  Your thoughts are being monitored, and if your opinions are considered “invalid”, they will be removed from the conversation.

This will occur in spite of the business and exposure that you bring to the platform as well, so don’t think that being a big-name online is going to save you from the agenda set forth by these Orwellian clowns.

Take Candace Owens, for instance.

Conservative firebrand and BLEXIT founder Candace Owens was suspended from Twitter on Saturday after tweeting that people in Michigan should open their businesses and “go to work” despite the draconian measures implemented by Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) in response to the Chinese virus.

“Apparently [Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer] believes she is a duly elected dictator of a socialist country,” Owens had tweeted. “The people of Michigan need to stand up to her. Open your businesses. Go to work.”

“The police think she’s crazy too,” she added. “They are not going to arrest 10,000,000 people for going to work.”

Owens wasn’t even given an actual explanation.

On Saturday, Owens received a notification from Twitter informing her that her account was suspended over the aforementioned tweet.

“We determined this Tweet violated the Twitter Rules, specifically for:” read the notification, but did not further clarify which specific rules Owens had violated on the social media platform.

This is the authoritarian technocracy at work, folks.

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Tucker Exposes How MSM And Dems Appear To Be Parroting Chinese Propaganda



Fox News host Tucker Carlson exposed how the media and Democrats appear to be parroting Chinese propaganda.

“Many in the intelligence world with experience in China suspected right away that the story the Chinese government was telling about this virus was almost certainly a lie.”

Tucker nails it!

Daily Wire:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson aired a segment that showed how a lot of the rhetoric being used by the mainstream media and Democratic Party matches the propaganda that the communist Chinese government is using to deflect blame over the coronavirus outbreak.

Carlson began the segment by reporting on what he says U.S. government officials have told him about the coronavirus outbreak that originated in China, and by also documenting how China has repeatedly changed its story about what happened.

Later in the segment, Carlson said, “As of today, says someone in a position to know, there is ‘Almost unanimous agreement in the American intelligence gathering agencies that the virus currently destroying much of the world emerged from a lab in Wuhan.’ Almost unanimous. That is a phrase almost never used to describe any conclusion coming out of the Intel Community.” More

All hysteria aside this virus originated in China—it’s a Chinese virus period. The MSM is the most despicable group of people on the planet.

The fact that they would pick up this propaganda and spread it without looking at the facts is a disgrace and a disservice to people who want to know the truth. They don’t really care about Americans.

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Doctor From MIT Warns ‘Deep State’ Using Coronavirus Fear-Mongering

Hopefully, this guy has above-average security!



A scientist with four degrees from MIT believes the coronavirus pandemic is being used by the “Deep State” for its own purposes.

“As an MIT PhD in Biological Engineering who studies & does research nearly every day on the Immune System, the #coronavirus fear mongering by the Deep State will go down in history as one of the biggest fraud to manipulate economies, suppress dissent, & push MANDATED Medicine!”


A decorated scientist with four degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology believes the coronavirus pandemic is being used by the “Deep State” for its own purposes.

Shiva Ayyadurai said on Twitter that “fear-mongering” over the outbreak is being used to push an agenda.

It is important to note that Ayyadurai did not say the disease is man-made or a hoax.

You should follow the guidelines from doctors, federal, state and local governments and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

But what Ayyadurai did say is that some in the government are using the pandemic to frighten people into obedience.

Think about what has transpired in less than a week’s time. We have handed control of nearly everything in our lives to the government. More

It didn’t take long for me to see this as a means to ensure President Trump’s loss in 2020, but that’s not going to happen. Once again, Trump has outsmarted them all.

That’s what I’ve been saying all along! The virus is real and should be taken as seriously but I truly believe that the Deep State Democrats have a nasty surprise up their sleeves.

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Bernie Tells Americans Exactly What Will Make Him Drop Out

The Democratic Party’s been trying to stop him for months, and now Bernie has told them exactly how to do it.



The Democratic Party is beginning to run out of time.  They have only a few scant weeks to get their ducks in a row before the Democratic National Convention in order to avoid an abomination of a nomination.

The issue now is that the Democratic voters are clearly favoring Bernie Sanders for the nod, while the party establishment appears to be shoving Joe Biden down everyone’s throats.  The friction has been a bit ugly to watch, like a slow motion fender bender that will see you rescheduling your entire afternoon before you know it.

But Sanders, to his credit, has been fairly honest about the process.  He’s explained his expectations to his supporters explicitly, and has now told us precisely what would make him consider leaving the race altogether.

From his appearance on MSNBC earlier this week:

RACHEL MADDOW: If, at the end of the day, it turns out that Vice President Biden is going to have more delegates than you do heading into the convention, will you drop out?

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS: Of course I’m gonna drop out; he will win. I mean, I suspect, we will run through the process, and I think people have a right to vote. But if Biden walks into the convention, or at the end of the process has more votes than me, he’s the winner.

MADDOW: And that’s true whether or not he has a majority or a just plurality?

SEN. SANDERS: Absolutely, that’s what I’ve said. Look, here’s the story, and there’s some confusion about this. Last time around in 2016, you talked about 2016, you’ll remember that before the very first vote was cast in Iowa, Hillary Clinton had 500 superdelegates at her side. She walked into the campaign with 500 superdelegates. I thought that was totally outrageous, absurd, and undemocratic. We fought very hard in the Democratic rules process to get rid of all superdelegates. That is my preference. I think it should be the decision of the people, not Washington insiders. We lost, but what we did get is not getting rid of all super delegates at the convention voting, but that on the first ballot there won’t be any superdelegates voting.

And there you have it, Democratic Deep State:  The surefire way to make Bernie Sanders go away is to actually beat him in the primary.  Who would have thunk it?


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