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Obama DHS Sec. Jeh Johnson Says Trump Had ‘Ample Domestic Legal Authority’ For Soleimani Strike, Didn’t Need Congressional Approval

Game over, Democrats.



This morning, Obama DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson obliterated Democrats’ talking points that Congress needed to approve the Soleimani strike.

“If you believe everything our government is saying about General Soleimani, he was a lawful military objective and the president, under his Constitutional authority as commander-in-chief, had ample domestic legal authority to take him out without additional Congressional authorization,” Johnson explained. “Whether he was a terrorist or a general in a military force that was engaged in armed attacks against our people, he was a lawful military objective.”

Townhall reports:

Since the United States carried out an airstrike last week that killed Iranian terrorist Qasem Soleimani, Democrats have repeatedly taken issue with the fact that the Trump administration didn’t ask for Congressional approval. President Barack Obama’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Jeh Johnson completely debunked that notion during a Sunday morning interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press.” More


Jeh Johnson, DHS secretary under Barack Obama, said on “Meet the Press” this morning that President Trump had “ample domestic legal authority” to launch the attack on Iranian General Qassem Soleimani and that he didn’t need “an additional congressional authorization.”

And this attack on Johnson is disgusting. They’re insinuating that since he’s on the board of Lockheed Martin he’ll personally profit from war with Iran? More

In other words, the media and Democrats have been lying for the last three days about President Donald Trump’s authority to use military force.

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Foreign Policy

Is Iran Provoking War With Help Inside The Beltway?




UPDATE – 21 May 02:30

  • Maduro escalates situation by threatening to send Venezuelan navy ships to escort Iranian tankers into port.
  • Russia confirms the shipment was coordinated between Venezuela & Iran as a military sanction-busting operation.
  • OSINT places two Russian submarines in the Eastern Caribbean, probably for observation and intelligence collection.


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95% Of Americans Say Travel Bans ‘Necessary’ To Stop The Spread Coronavirus




Pew research: 95 percent of Americans say President Trump’s travel bans ‘necessary’ to stop coronavirus.

This survey was conducted March 19 to 24 and polled more than 11,500 U.S. adults.


President Trump’s travel bans on China, Iran, Europe – as well as closures at the southern and northern borders – are the most popular policy initiatives the White House has enacted to fighting the Chinese coronavirus, a new survey reveals.

Pew Research Center’s latest survey finds that of all the precautions taken by federal and state governments, about 95 percent of Americans said “restricting international travel to the U.S.” is the most necessary action to stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

As Breitbart News has reported, Trump has closed the southern and northern borders to migrant entry and travel, as well as imposing travel bans on China, Iran, and Europe to stop recent visitors and nationals from those countries from flying into the U.S. More

This survey must mean a vast majority of Democrat voters are finally coming around. If there is any good arising from this pandemic, it is the fact that most Americans are stuck at home with little to do, and are tuning into President Trump’s daily briefings, rather relying on the lying MSM to tell them what was said, and what to think.
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The Speaker and the Ayatollah: Kindred Spirits



There are some stunning, but not surprising, similarities between two of Donald Trump’s (and America’s) greatest enemies – Iran and the Democratic Party.  Not only do they hate the President of the United States, they have both tried to take him down and both have failed miserably. (more…)

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Sec. of State Pompeo Says Trump Admin. Forced to Clean Up Obama’s ‘Iran Mess’

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the Trump administration is working to recover from the “mess” the Obama administration created in Iran.



U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told the Sunday morning shows that the Trump administration is working hard to recover from the “mess” the Obama administration created in Iran.

Pompeo told the host of ABC’s This Week that the Trump administration has inherited the worst of all worlds in Iran.

During the Sunday broadcast, host George Stephanopoulos asked Pompeo if Trump intended to seek congressional authorization for any further military action in Iran.

Stephanopoulos then went to a video clip of former Vice-President Joe Biden attacking Trump for his missile strike on Iranian terror general Qassem Suleimani.

“I’m going to make it clear. President Trump has no authority to take us to a military conflict with Iran, period,” Biden said on the clip. “The bottom line is any further action against Iran requires congressional authorization.”

This is all untrue, of course.

But Stephanopoulos then pressed Pompeo on the possibility of the Trump administration going to Congress for permission to launch any other attacks on Iran.

In reply, Pompeo lashed out at Biden.

“Boy, it’s really something to hear the vice-president from the previous administration be critical of this administration’s policy of Iran,” Pompeo said. “We’re having to clean up their mess, George. We’ll do everything required under the law to bring us into compliance with all the relevant constitutional legal provisions with respect to our duties to the legislative branch.”

“We have all the authority we need to do what we’ve done to date,” Pompeo concluded. “We will continue to do things appropriately, lawfully, and constitutionally. George, we’ve been consistent about that. There’s no reason to expect we’d do anything different going forward.”

In any case, Joe Biden is a total hypocrite on the issue. He previously gave cover to Obama and claimed the president didn’t need congressional approval to bomb terrorists. In 2008, Biden said that Obama would have the authority to strike to thwart an “imminent attack” on the U.S.

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President Trump Explains His Decision To Strike Iran’s Qasem Soleimani

They attacked us and we responded. End of discussion.




President Trump ordered an airstrike in Baghdad that killed Major General Qassem Soleimani, the head of Iran’s elite Quds military force and one of the most powerful figures in the Islamic Republic.

“General Qassem Soleimani has killed or badly wounded thousands of Americans over an extended period of time, and was plotting to kill many more…but got caught! He was directly and indirectly responsible for the death of millions of people, including the recent large number of PROTESTERS killed in Iran itself,” Trump tweeted. “While Iran will never be able to properly admit it, Soleimani was both hated and feared within the country.”

Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump explained in a series of tweets Friday why the U.S. opted to strike top Iranian military leader Qasem Soleimani, accusing the general of plotting to kill Americans.

The Pentagon confirmed Thursday night that the U.S. was behind a drone strike that killed Soleimani, the leader of Iran’s elite Quds Force, in Iraq. The president had yet to personally speak about the news last night, instead opting to tweet an image of an American flag.

It wasn’t until Friday morning that Trump explained his decision to order the strike. More

Unlike Barack Obama, Donald Trump was not afraid to pull the trigger and he wouldn’t be coddling Iran. It feels great to have a President who has the courage to take out our enemies and do what is best for our national security! And it is true, the people of Iran hate the leadership of their nation.

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Foreign Policy

OSINT: “We Are In Deep Trouble”



A friend, probably the foremost practitioner of open source intelligence (OSINT), has been developing his craft for over 40 years. He has created nearly 1,500 search engines to comb through the internet, including the Deep and Dark webs and millions of online resources resident OPENLY on networks around the world.

He does no hacking, trolling, phishing or engages in any illegal or even questionable practices or techniques to obtain data. Everything he collects is obtained from sources resident on open and active networks and without expectations of privacy.

Advanced software allows the machine translation of 85 languages and his team has developed extraordinary decryption programs. His programming expertise has created algorithms to conduct machine analysis and computations that turns data into knowledge.

He sent me the following. What he says is fascinating, educational and a little frightening. It is important – critical – to understand this information is neither classified nor obtained by classified intelligence techniques. And I agree with his conclusions.


I am sitting here looking at our OSINT analysis, simulations and forecasts — and realize that we are in deep trouble!

  • Russia is now able to take over the Middle East and control a large percentage of the world´s known oil reserves
  • Our analysis suggests that Russia will soon have a naval base in the Gulf.
  • China is expanding rapidly in SE Asia
  • North Korea continues to build missile and nuclear warheads
  • Iran keeps on supporting terrorist groups
  • The Taliban will soon control all of Afghanistan, and we have spent trillions of dollars and many lives for nothing
  • ISIS are expanding in Asia and in Europe
  • NATO no longer trusts us
  • Many of our long term allies and friends are withdrawing their support due to our policies
  • Our domestic political situation is a total mess. No one is running the country anymore
  • Israel is feeling more and more isolated
  • Russia is now on their way to claim a large portion of the North Pole with all of it´s mineral resources
  • Venezuela is a mess, and we are not doing anything about it
  • We have a potential nuclear conflict brewing in the Kashmir
  • Russia and China are “taking over” African countries one by one, promising grand loans and support
  • Russia, China, Iran et all are preparing to influence our 2020 elections
  • We are heading for a global recession

All of above are pretty obvious to most of us, so why are we not doing anything about it?  We are so busy mud-slinging in the swamp, that we are about to lose our standing as the greatest democracy on Earth.  If we don´t support democracy around the World, democracy will die. That doesn´t mean that we have to play World Police either.

Last week I met a few good friends attending the AUSA in DC. Without exception, they had made the same observations.

My dear friend, I am really concerned for our country. Please tell me that what I am seeing is incorrect. If not, how can we help to prevent our great nation from becoming an isolated 2nd rate World Power??? What only takes a few months to lose will probably take decades to rebuild.

We have to be mature enough to disregard all partisan nonsense and look at what it best for our country!

(Republicans) are “losing” 3-4 states to the radical left, especially California and our weekend simulation now suggests that Mr. Trump will lose in 2020 – unless something is done.

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National Security

UPDATE: “Whistleblower” or (Lousy) Spy Within?



UPDATE:  Sources – unconfirmed – indicate the “whistleblower”  held a clearance normally granted to support personnel who may come in contact with information of a higher classification level.

The Yankee White clearance, according to Wikipedia,

is an administrative nickname for a background check given in the United States of America for Department of Defense personnel and contractor employees working with the President and Vice President.[1] Obtaining such clearance requires, in part, a Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) which is conducted under the manuals of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.

Individuals having Yankee White clearances undergo extensive background investigation. The Yankee White clearance includes requirements of U.S. citizenship and unquestionable loyalty to the United States.

This suggests said “whistleblower” is not a career intelligence professional.

Also, not only was the complaint written by a group of people, as first reported here last week, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) and others knew about the complaint at least two weeks BEFORE it was filed.  This means there was collusion between the “whistleblower” and Congressionl Democrats and those Democrats withheld the information from their Republican counterparts.

What transpired in that time?

Was the “whistleblower” coached by Intelligence Committee members or staffers?

Was the complaint edited by Democrats?

Was CIA or Director of National Intelligence leadership, Inspectors General (IGs) General Counsels (GCs) or staffs aware of or complicit in a Democrat-only Congressional heads up?  If so, why was there no equal notification to cleared Republicans on the Committee?  If intelligence Community leadership did NOT know, why not?

Sources have confirmed that the individual who filed a “whistleblower” compliant against President Trump is currently under federal protection in a government safe house on the outskirts of Washington,  DC.

Although the identity of the individual is known, releasing his/her identity would likely be a federal offense and could possibly put him/her in physical danger.

Nonetheless, the same sources note that the individual is very politically active, and (s)he appears to represent a similar conspiracy to that revealed within the FBI and the “Russian collusion” hoax.

Having experiences with intelligence agency IGs, I recognize the critical value of the IG process in calling out organizational misfeasance.  IGs and their legal counterparts, the GC, walk a very sensitive path in mitigating personnel complaints.  Normally, the role of the GC is to protect the organization from legal danger and, again from experience, they do so with hairtrigger sensitivity.

But, not only is the “whistleblower” complaint process vital to organizational integrity, it is also a perfect bureaucratic maneuver to embarrass, shame or falsely accuse.  A finely crafted complaint with almost minimal validity might worm through the system.   If the complainant is coached, however, as appears to be the case here – and especially given the high profile accused – his/her accusation would certainly be fast-tracked.

The accusations that prompted the “whistleblower” clearly do not merit the Congressoonal and legal scrutiny it has gotten.  At best, the individual should have asked his agency’s GC if, (1) what (s)he was told about the Presidents call was accurate and (2) if, true, was what he said legally questionable?

Given what has been reported and information I have from other source(s) the “whistleblower” is a politically active, partisan Democrat employee of the Central Intelligence Agency.   It is unacceptable – despicable – for an intelligence officer to use privileged information to promote personal political beliefs.

Interestingly, were this intelligence officer reporting on a foreign leader’s conversation, his/her summation would be diamissed as eexaggerated hearsay.

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