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NYC Mayor Says He is Allowed to Defy Gym Shut Down Order Because He’s Important

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio defended going to the gym after ordering them to be shut down because he is more important than everyone else.



New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio defended going to the gym after ordering them to be shut down because he is more important than everyone else.

Like the good communist overlord that he aspires to be, de Blasio places himself above everyone else.

On Sunday, de Blasio’s government demanded that that city’s YMCAs and other public gyms and exercise places be shut down as a response to the coronavirus.

However, on Monday, de Blasio went to his local YMCA for his usual morning workout.

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So, why did he defy his own closure ban?

Because HE is more important than you, don’t you see?

At first de Blasio tried to brush off questions about his morning workout by saying there weren’t that many people around so it was OK.

“There was almost no one there. I had heard that information prior,” he said according to The Hill. “I suspected that we were all going to be about to close them down, and this would be the last time to get some exercise.”

He also explained it away by insisting that he missed his work outs during the weekend, so he needed it.

But then he went there and said that he is just too darned important to be forced to observe his own rules.

“I did not think for a moment there was anything problematic because I knew the dynamics,” he said. “And again, I have to stay healthy so I can make the decisions for the people of this city.”

So, you see, de Blasio is just so much more important than you and me. He doesn’t have to live by any of those silly old rules that the rest of us are bound by, right? He is just oh, too important.

Typical communist overlords.

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Michael Flynn Delivers Strong Message: We Must be Dedicated to ‘Freedom’s Victory over the Socialist Monster’

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has issued an important message about our challenging times.



Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has been mum on political issues since he came under fire by the corrupt Obama regime, but this week he issued an important message about our challenging times.

General Flynn sent his letter to journalist and filmmaker Scott Kesterson.

Flynn’s letter begins with a trenchant warning:

“If the United States wants to survive the onslaught of socialism,” he wrote, “if we are to continue to enjoy self-government, to secure the God-given individual blessings of liberty for ourselves, for our families, then good Americans must accept that each has a moral obligation to participate in the political life of our country.”

This is exactly right. As we watch the advance of anti-Americanism all across this country, we MUST rise up to defeat it. Socialism won’t just go away by itself. We must destroy it.

Flynn’s letter continued: “The art and exercise of self-governance requires active participation. Voting matters but it is only a part-time engagement of the American citizenry and doesn’t go far enough if we are to survive as a constitutional republic.”

“I want to see more of our Veteran and Law Enforcement communities become involved in the political life of America,” Flynn said. We are a participatory experiment in governing. Without a greater commitment, we will only continue our slide into the abyss of socialism.”

“And we must not be intimidated by the smear campaigns that will most certainly come with greater and more active participation. We will only keep America if we dedicate ourselves to freedom’s victory over the socialist monster by our good citizens accepting greater responsibility,” Flynn added.

The Lt. Gen, ended his letter with a triumphant line: “I am not done.”

You can support General Flynn’s Defense Fund at THIS link.

Flynn is right. We cannot sit idly by and let the left run the table. We MUST rise to participate.

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Look Not to Sweden: A Pandemic Failure



From the mid 1930´s though to the early 1990´s, most Western nations planned to be self-sufficient in case of closed borders and wars.

Probably the worst, and most naïve, example is the Kingdom of Sweden. (more…)

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New York Mayor Says Coronavirus Proves Need for Socialist Takeover of Industry

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said that the croronavirus is proof of why it’s a good idea to implement a socialist takeover of private companies and industry.



On Saturday, communist New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said that the croronavirus is a perfect example of why it’s a good idea to implement a socialist takeover of private companies and industry.

There the Democrats go again with their motto of never letting a crisis go to waste without pushing their destructive, anti-American agenda.

De Blasio was on left-wing “news” network MSNBC (naturally) talking to the screeching Joy Reid about New York City’s response to the viral outbreak when he unleashed his prescription for a communist utopia.

The Big Apple mayor said that the COVID-19 outbreak is a good “case for a nationalization, literally, a nationalization of crucial factories and industries that can produce the medical supplies to prepare this country for what we need.”

The mayor added that, “Every company that can make hand sanitizer should be on a 24-hour shift and the distribution should go to the places that needed most.”

De Blasio ran for president for about 15 minutes until he found out that no one cared even a tiny bit about his candidacy. It would be nice to think that his sort of idiotic, communist rhetoric is why he was so badly shunned.

Unfortunately, the whole of the Democrat Party is not too far away from de Blasio’s type of thinking.After all, we still have Bernie.

Granted de Blasio is a longtime communist. He was a straight-out, self-described communist in his younger years and only really became a “Democrat” to run for the Big Apple’s mayor.

Indeed, only last year this un-American cretin was heard quoting murderous communist Che Guevara.

During a speech at Miami International Airport, de Blasio said, “¡Hasta la victoria, siempre!” The phrase was Che’s famed rallying cry.

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Venezuelan Socialist Admits Only Way to Maintain Control is to Take All the Guns

Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro admits that the best way to keep people enslaved to government is to make sure no citizen can own a gun.



Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro admits that the best way to keep people enslaved to the government is to make sure no citizen can have a privately-owned gun.

Indeed, one of the ways that Maduro has been able to destroy what was once one of the richest nations in South America is to control who is allowed to have guns.

Maduro has organized what he calls his “Bolivarian Militias,” groups of thugs he arms and allows special privileges while the common citizens are left disarmed, poor, and starving.

And now Maduro has announced his plan to expand that illicit force to an incredible four million thugs bent to his will.

The failed nation’s previous dictator, Hugh Chavez, formally disarmed the populace in 2012 and since Maduro came to power, he has organized 3.3 million thugs into his “Bolivarian Militias.”

He likes these militias because they are armed well enough to beat down the population, but not so well armed that he can’t take them out with the military forces he controls.

Last week, Maduro celebrated his militias.

Per Breitbart News:

“We have made advances,” he told a crowd at an event in which thousands of members of the guerrilla Maduro is calling the “National Bolivarian Militia” swore fealty to Maduro. “3 million, 300,000 militiamen and militiawomen and now the goal for the year 2020 is 4 million nationwide. According to Maduro, the over 3 million armed socialists are divided among over 14,000 “popular” bases, meaning informal gang cells, one for every school in the country, as well as another set of gangs known a the “Popular Groups for Integral Defense” (APDI). The rest are divided into nearly 64,000 popular “units,” which are different from the groups in that they terrorize Venezuelan civilians block by block, rather than being divided by church parishes like the APDI.

Thousands of roving, deadly socialist gangs threatening dissidents nationwide who have no legal right to own a weapon “is only possible in participative and protagonistic democracy,” Maduro proclaimed.

Maduro swore the socialists into the militia with an oath that reads in part, “I swear … I will be loyal to the dream of the liberators, the sword of Simón Bolívar, the legacy of Hugo Chávez.” The oath does require the fighters to be loyal to the armed forces, which tethers them nominally to the legitimate military of the nation.

This is exactly what Democrats want here in the U.S.A. They want us all disarmed so they can fully control all of us without fear of opposition.

Democrats are no different than Maduro.

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