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Now 23 Virginia Counties Have Declared Themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries

Now 23 Virginia counties have declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries and have vowed to refuse to implement the new anti-gun laws.



Anti-gun Democrats set to lead both houses of the Virginia legislature are gearing up with a dozen new laws intended to repeal the Second Amendment by stealth, but now 23 counties have declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries and have vowed to refuse to implement the new anti-gun laws if they are passed.

On December 3, Gloucester Country’s leaders moved to make their jurisdiction Virginia’s 23rd Second Amendment Sanctuary county.

The Gazette-Journal reported that on Tuesday Gloucester’s Colonial Courthouse had enough pro-gun supporters to “[cover] much of the court circle outside, standing shoulder to shoulder in support of a resolution designed to make Gloucester County a Second Amendment Sanctuary.”

The county seat sponsored a 90-minute discussion of the move to make the county a Second Amendment sanctuary followed by a unanimous decision by the commissioners.

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The document goes on saying, “legal means at its disposal” to protect those rights, including “through legal action, the appropriation of public funds, and the right to petition for redress of grievances” and to not use public funds of the county to “aid in the unnecessary and unconstitutional restriction of the right(s) … to bear arms,” the paper reported.

Those who spoke in favor of the resolution cited a Constitutional and God-given right to own guns and charged that their rights will be violated if the Virginia General Assembly, which will be under Democratic Party leadership in 2020, passes some of the laws that are being proposed.

They expressed fear that they would immediately become felons if a law were passed banning a wide range of AK-47-style weapons and that the laws being proposed for the upcoming General Assembly are a first step in taking away all guns. They warned that people wouldn’t give up their guns easily, putting deputies in danger if they had to enforce the law by removing firearms from people.

Twenty-two other counties of the Commonwealth’s 95 have already followed suit with their own resolutions.

Virginia Democrats will take over the legislature and the governor’s mansion in January 2020, but the party is already introducing a raft of anti-gun laws meant to make it nearly impossible for gun owners to legally keep their firearms. Democrats want to use credit card data to illicitly track gun owners, they want to outlaw tactical training, and firearm lessons, they want to, ban AR-15s and so-called “assault rifles,” they want to hike fees, add new laws to govern ammunition and storage, make more types of gun sales illegal, set up gun confiscation, and any manner of other laws to burden gun owners with so many rules, fees and regulations that gun ownership will be nearly impossible.

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Second Amendment

DHS Releases Guidelines Stating That Gun Shops Should Remain Open During Pandemic

The backlash from the liberal left was almost immediate.



The fine line between “essential” and “non-essential” is becoming ever sharper these days, as America works to stop the spread of a deadly contagion using social distancing.

The novel coronavirus responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic is still making its way into the far corners of the globe, after an outbreak was first detected in Wuhan, China.  As the Far East superpower begins to slowly recover, (at least from the reports they’ve allowed to go public), the rest of the world is bracing for impact.

In America, this means putting some space between yourself and others, particularly when it comes to essential activities like grocery shopping or heading to work.  Businesses deemed “non-essential” have largely shuttered or adjusted their operations in order to accommodate the best practices for dealing with the Wuhan Flu.

There is, however, a fight over what is and isn’t considered “essential” these days, with some local authorities using the opportunity to attempt to close down firearms retailers.

The Department of Homeland Security is now saying “not so fast“.

An agency within the Department of Homeland Security has issued guidance telling states that they should allow gun retailers and shooting ranges to remain open during the coronavirus pandemic as a debate swirls about whether such businesses are “essential” and should be permitted to continue operating as governments urge people to stay home to avoid spreading the disease.

The guidance, which came from Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Director Christopher Krebs on Saturday, tells states that “[w]orkers supporting the operation of firearm or ammunition product manufacturers, retailers, importers, distributors, and shooting ranges” are part of the “essential critical infrastructure workforce.”

Not everyone was on board.

Though the guidance goes out of its way to say its recommendations are not mandatory, the inclusion of weapons manufacturers and retailers rankled gun-safety activists, including Kris Brown, the president of the Brady Campaign.

“While DHS’ guidance is advisory, it is ill-conceived and dangerous. State and local governments are well within their constitutional rights to broadly close businesses in order to prevent the spread and flatten the curve, and they are definitely not required to designate gun industry businesses as ‘essential’ and keep them open,” Brown said in a statement. “There is no constitutional right to immediately buy or sell guns, and there is certainly no right to spread coronavirus while buying or selling guns.”

Brown has unwittingly exposed the 2A bottleneck that the liberal left has long attempted to exploit in order to make exercising this right more difficult, in which anti-constitutionalists work to incessantly inconvenience their fellow Americans.

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Second Amendment

Gun Groups Suing New Jersey for Order Suspending Second Amendment During Coronavirus Scare

Several gun groups are suing New Jersey after Governor Phil Murphy suspended gun sales as a response to the coronavirus.



Several gun groups are suing New Jersey after Governor Phil Murphy suspended gun sales and closed gun shops as a response to the coronavirus.

The groups claim that the state is violating the Constitution and illegally preventing citizens from having the means to protect themselves during the current crisis.

Not only has Murphy deemed gun stores as “non-essential,” but he also shut off the background check system preventing gun sellers from checking out new customers.

The Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs is striking back:

Although the Executive Order does not specifically discuss gun stores or ranges, it applies to all businesses except those specifically exempted, and gun stores and ranges are not listed as exempt (ironically, certain non-essential sellers are exempted while gun sellers aren’t). Additionally, we have received specific “clarification” from the Governor’s office that:

1). Gun stores are not deemed “essential” and are therefore ordered closed (shutting off the flow of firearms and ammunition to honest citizens, who may need them in times of emergency);

2). The National Instant Check System in NJ (NICS) for processing all firearms and ammunition transactions has been shut down completely; and

3). All ranges (indoor and outdoor, public and private) are ordered closed under a restriction on “recreational activities” (is developing proficiency to defend your life really just “recreation?”).

ANJRPC has also started a lawsuit to force the governor to rescind his order.

While ANJRPC continues to dialogue with the Governor’s office over this dramatic and unprecedented overreach, we are not optimistic about changing it through discussion.

Accordingly, ANJRPC is proceeding with rapid development of a major lawsuit to address these unconstitutional measures and to take Governor Murphy (and others in the executive branch of government) to task for overreaching and essentially suspending Second Amendment rights, at a time of emergency when those rights may be needed most for self-protection by the most vulnerable in society.

ANJRPC is also pursuing, at the federal government level, potential proposals that will incentivize states to protect Second Amendment rights in times of emergency instead of undermining them.

The New Jersey Second Amendment Society and the Second Amendment Foundation is also suing the state over the order.

According to Bearing Arms, the group says that the state of New Jersey has no right to shut down the Second Amendment.

“While state and local governments have the power to reasonably regulate the keeping and bearing of arms, they do not have the power to prohibit the keeping and bearing of arms, nor do they have the power to close the channels of distribution by which people obtain firearms and ammunition,” the group’s lawsuit says.

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Second Amendment

Virginia Democrats Vote Against Raises for Cops as ‘Payback’ for Defending Second Amendment

Every single Democrat in Virginia’s state senate voted against pay raises for the cops as retaliation for their 2nd Amendment support.



Every single Democrat in Virginia’s state senate voted against pay raises for the cops because so many police officers opposed the Democrat attack on the pro-Second Amendment.

Virginia State Senator Bill Stanley blasted the state’s Democrats for their “hypocrisy” after he tried to amend the state budget to include a pay raise for the state’s sheriffs.

Stanley told WTVR that he was “absolutely shocked” by the Democrats refusal to vote for the pay raise.

“I tried to amend the state budget to give all of our men and women of Virginia’s Sheriffs’ Departments a 3% raise for this year. It was defeated, with all democrats voting ‘no,'” Stanley wrote on Facebook.

Tonight (just now) on the Senate floor, I tried to amend the state budget to give all of our men and women of Virginia’s…

Posted by Senator Bill Stanley on Thursday, February 20, 2020

Stanley also said that Democrat Majority Leader Dick Saslaw admitted that the “no” vote was in retaliation for the support so many sheriffs gave to the Second Amendment as the Democrats sought to undermine it as the year’s legislation began.

“Saslaw came up and said this to me, ‘Hey Stanley, you want to know why your sheriffs didn’t get a raise? Because they came to our committees and said that they weren’t going to enforce our laws.’ When I asked him which law was he talking about, he said, ‘Gun control,'” Stanley wrote in his post.

“Dick is a friend of mine. I love him dearly,” Stanley added. “He’s never lied to me, so I believe what he said was true that the reason why the sheriffs were not getting a raise is because some sheriffs dared to come up here to the people’s house and declare that they were going to support the Second Amendment of the Constitution and, I guess, that didn’t jive to well with him.”

Sen. Stanley had hoped to replace a stingy $200 bonus with a three percent raise.
The Senator added that many cops simply quit the force for better paying jobs and that causes law enforcement to lose their best employees.

Senator Stanley's Sheriff Raise Proposal Killed by Democratic Majority

PLEASE WATCH: This is the Senate Floor debate that caused Senate Democratic Majority Leader Dick Saslaw to approach Senator Bill Stanley and declare that the reason that Sheriffs' Deputies would not be getting a raise this year is because the Sheriffs dared to defend the rights of their citizens under the 2nd Amendment (PART ONE).

Posted by Senator Bill Stanley on Friday, February 21, 2020

“Two-hundred dollars doesn’t go very far and a lot of our sheriff’s departments, you know, the pay is very low for the job they do. We have a high attrition rate,” Stanley claimed.

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Second Amendment

Virginia Gun Ban Fails In Senate Committee

A huge legislative blow to Gov. Ralph Northam.



Virginia Gun Ban Fails In Senate Committee

The Virginia gun ban failed in a senate committee, marking a huge legislative blow for Gov. Ralph Northam.

Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms: “The gun ban bill was the first on the docket for the Judiciary Committee, and GOP members grilled bill sponsor Del. Mark Levine over his definition of an ‘assault weapon,’ the arbitrary ban on ammunition magazines that can hold more than twelve rounds, and other aspects of the legislation.”

This would have never ended well, had they passed these bills.


The gun bill backed by Gov. Ralph Northam (D-VA) that included sweeping bans of guns, magazines, and suppressors – turning gun owners in the state into criminals overnight – was rejected by a senate committee.

Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms reported that four Democrats joined every Republican on the committee to send the bill to the Virginia Crime Commission for further study, which means it won’t be reconsidered before this legislative session expires.

“The gun ban bill was the first on the docket for the Judiciary Committee, and GOP members grilled bill sponsor Del. Mark Levine over his definition of an ‘assault weapon,’ the arbitrary ban on ammunition magazines that can hold more than twelve rounds, and other aspects of the legislation,” Edwards wrote.

As The Daily Wire reported, Levine failed to get even one fact about guns correct during a previous explanation of his definition of “assault weapon.” During his six-minute explanation earlier, Levine “mimicked what he claimed mass shooters like to use. His body language suggested he was using a fully automatic weapon (he twisted at the hips like he was in some old gangster movie). Fully automatic weapons are not used in mass shootings because they’ve been banned since 1986. Democrats and their media allies like to claim “semi-automatic” is virtually the same as fully automatic, but they’re not. A fully automatic weapon means it reloads and fires repeatedly with one trigger pull. Semi-automatic weapons fire one round per trigger pull.” More

Huge win for Constitutional rights. There are plenty of gun-owning liberals in VA, just like in Vermont and I believe New Hampshire. That’s why this is failing; VA Dem legislators know they’re facing pushback from within their own party as well as from GOP voters.
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Second Amendment

Elizabeth Warren Wants Virginia-Style End to Second Amendment

Elizabeth Warren says if she becomes president, she will immediately move to gut the Second Amendment for the entire country.



Elizabeth Warren says if she becomes president, she will immediately move to gut the Second Amendment for the entire country the same way Virginia Democrats are doing it in the Old Dominion State.

Indeed, she is proposing a new mega bill that would practically eliminate the Second Amendment without bothering to do all that official amending of the Constitution stuff.

The MRC’s P. Gardner Goldsmith recently warned of Warren’s newest anti-Second Amendment proposal:

Warren just introduced a new bill that collects numerous other legislators’ attacks on the right to self-defense, and bundles them into one super-massive singularity. Without a hint of intended irony, she’s called her potential threat of government violence directed at peaceful gun owners (get this) the “Gun Violence and Community Safety Act.”

One of the provisions would raise the federal minimum age to buy a firearm to 21. These age limits already have no basis in the Constitution.

So… we can trust any 18-year-old who joins the military with a gun, but not ANY civilian 18-year-old? How does that make any logical sense?

Warren’s bill would also create a national seven-day waiting period to take possession of a newly purchased firearm.

What a great idea, huh? Goldsmith reminds:

And, by the way, women (such as Carol Browne, of NJ, and Bonnie Elmasri, of Wis) who’ve had those feckless pieces of paper called “restraining orders” taken out against dangerous people have been murdered while waiting to obtain their gun for self-protection. It’s doubtful that Elizabeth Warren would enjoy having armed criminals impose their own arbitrary “waiting period” on the guards who protect her in the Senate.

The bill also creates federal regulations on how gun owners will be required to store their guns. This is just another way to force gun owners to spend exorbitant amounts of money on gun safes, or even to force gun owners to store their guns somewhere outside their own homes where they have little access to them.

Indeed, this is how Democrats want to create a backdoor way of eliminating the Second Amendment. Piling fee upon fee, cost upon cost, and making gun owning so prohibitively expensive that regular Americans just can’t afford to own a gun.

This is a way to legislate guns out of existence without going through the proper channels of amending the Constitution. It is a backdoor elimination of the Second Amendment.

Another thing Warren’s bill would do is create mandatory “gun-free zones,” despite the fact that nearly EVERY mass shooting in recent history was committed in a “gun-free zone.”

Here is another terrible idea in Warren’s plan:

Her bill would also “create a voluntary firearms buyback program,” because, you know, the government owned the firearms in the first place. Makes sense. And it also makes sense that she wants to use YOUR tax money and that of your offspring (deficit spending) to give you money for the gun, so you’re really just circulating your tax money through the parasitic federal bureaucracy, which takes at least 30% of that cash to operate before it will give it back to you after “buying” your gun “back.” Okay.

Some other measures: it would create a federal “red flag” law so that judges and police could summarily eliminate American’s rights without any need to bother with the courts, it would ban 3-D printed guns, burden ammunition sales with a 50 percent tax, add a 30 percent tax to gun sales (again making owning a gun prohibitively expensive), and expand background checks (which you will have to pay a fee to get) to be able to transfer a gun to your own relatives.

There are more measures than these, too. Suffice to say, Warren is proposing to end the Second Amendment by government fiat.

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Second Amendment

WATCH: Virginia Democrat Caught in Avalanche of Lies About Guns

Virginia Democrat Mark Levine was caught on video disgorging a long list of lies about guns.



Virginia Democrat Mark Levine was caught on video disgorging a long list of lies about guns proving that Democrats have no clue about gun facts, yet have no problem basing laws on their lies.

The Virginia Delegate, who represents Virginia’s 45th district, was caught at a recent townhall event blurting out one lie after another about guns after he was asked about assault weapons.

During his six-minute reply, Levine revealed that he has no idea what he is talking about on the topic.

First off, Levine asserted that the 1994 Assault Weapons ban reduced crime in the U.S. This is a long-held Democrat talking point. But it is an utter lie. Indeed, the Department of Justice commissioned two separate studies both of which proved that the ban had no effect at all on crime.

Levine went on to claim that hunters don’t even like semi-automatic rifles. This is also a lie as the AR-15 that the left hates so much is a popular hunting rifle for certain types of game.

The leftist lawmaker next proved that he doesn’t know anything about semi-automatic weapons when he said that mass killers love to use them because they are the same as fully automatic weapons. He then went on to lie about what happened during the 2019 shooting in Dayton, Ohio.

Levine said the Dayton killer fired “75 rounds in 30 seconds” during his crime. This is also a lie. The killer fired 41. And he only had that rate of fire because he illegally altered his firearm — that alone proves that he didn’t care about the laws Levine would pass, anyway!

Furthermore, even altered in some way, no semi-automatic weapon can fire 75 rounds in 30 seconds.

Levine also attacked weapons such as the AR-15 as a “weapon of war.” This is another lie. There is no military anywhere in the world that uses the AR-15 and weapons in its class as battlefield arms.

In short, nothing Levine said during his six-minute rant was factual.


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Second Amendment

Lawmakers Spur Massive Ammunition Sales Spike in Virginia

Old Dominion is stocking up.



Earlier this week, the Commonwealth of Virginia showed the nation what it looks like when the First and Second Amendments harmonize in the streets.

A massive Richmond rally to show support for the right to bear arms went off without a hitch just days ago, despite the mainstream media’s constant insinuation that violence could be on the horizon.  Authorities grew even more alarmed after a number of white supremacists were arrested after plotting an alleged terror attack at the event.

Yet We The People gathered peacefully, and used our freedom of speech to demand that Virginia lawmakers adhere to the strictest interpretations of the Second Amendment.

Despite this show of figurative force, it looks unlikely that the Democratically-held statehouse will cede an inch.  That’s why Virginians are stocking up.

WSET reports online ammunition seller notes a 137 percent increase in ammo sales to Virginians now versus this same time last year.

AmmunitionToGo’s Brandon Black said, “We’re now seeing a massive number of Virginia shooters stocking up on ammunition in anticipation of new laws that they believe will make it harder to purchase rounds legally.”

Black noted firearm and ammunition sales are impacted by political change in a way unseen with other retail items. He said, “I doubt that any other businesses are affected as much by politics as firearm and ammunition manufacturers and retailers.”

WSET reports Virginians have purchased enough ammo to take the state from simply being in AmmunitionToGo’s “top 20 markets” to being in the top five.

The citizens of Old Dominion are concerned that the Democratic mandate will allow the legislature to pass several bills that would infringe upon their Second Amendment rights, including a licensing process for “assault” rifle owners.

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