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Not Everyone Should Be Allowed to Vote



There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge‘” – Isaac Asimov

We hear of voter disenfranchisement frequently. Whenever voter ID laws come up, there are cries of voter suppression; when convicted felons aren’t allowed to vote—even after serving their time—voter suppression! echoes around the social sphere. We are a culture that historically has denied eligible people the right to vote. That is certainly true—no one is denying that, nor defending it. Women were denied the right to vote, blacks were denied the right to vote, and various tactics were employed that made it difficult for the poor and minorities to vote, such as poll taxes.
All of these issues have been resolved through various means—mostly constitutional amendments. However, while we are constantly barraged by the mantra that everyone has “the right” to vote, we never stop to ask what exactly that entails.
When everyone votes, who wins? When everyone votes, what do we gain? What do we lose? After assessing these things, I’ve come to the conclusion that not everyone should be allowed to vote. The determination I’ve made has nothing to do with race, gender, religion, or anything else that has been previously addressed. I think everyone should have the right to vote, but not everyone who has that right should be allowed to exercise it.
A recently conducted Newseum Institute poll showed that “33% of Americans cannot name any of the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment.” Additionally, only 57% of Americans named freedom of speech as a First Amendment right.
An Annenberg Public Policy Center poll from 2014 found that only 36% of those surveyed could name all the branches of government. 35% couldn’t name a single one! For the record: there are only three.
Annenberg also asked several other basic questions, one of which was “Who is currently in control of the House of Representatives?” 44% had no idea.
Maybe Jon Gruber, a key architect of the Affordable Care Act, was right when he said of the passage of Obamacare:

“Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage and basically…call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically, that was really, really critical to getting this thing to pass.”

It’s everywhere you look—the stupidity of the American voter. Every week, a video gets posted on YouTube in which someone asks people on the street the most basic, effortless questions about politics, and the people are dumbfounded.
These ignorant people are allowed to have a say in deciding the leader of the free world, as well as the leaders in Congress. Does that sound like a good idea? Not to me. That’s why I believe voting rights should be a merit-based decision. Can you pass a basic civics test? Can you describe the candidates’ platforms? Can you explain how our system of government actually works?
American voters should have to pass a test—or a series of tests—and if they can’t pass, they lose the right to vote in the following election. I’ll even be generous. Voters can take a second round if they fail the first time. They can have time to bone up on civics, current events, and candidate platforms.
Ignorance cannot be rewarded when what’s at stake is of such great value. It’s a slap in the face of our republic to allow the radically uninformed to have a say in who leads this nation.
And just for fun, here’s one of many, many videos featuring the depressing ignorance of the American voter:

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VP Pence Takes A Shot Directly At Bloomberg: ‘So God Made A Farmer’



Mini Mike Bloomberg’s 2016 comments came during a sit-down discussion at Oxford’s Said Business School.

“It’s a process,” he went on to say, referring to the agrarian economy 300 years ago, “you dig a hole, you put a seed in, you put dirt on to, add water, up comes the corn.” He then said working in the modern information economy is “fundamentally different, because it’s built around replacing people with technology and the skill sets you need to learn are how to think and analyze and that is a whole degree level different, you need to have different skill set, you have to have a lot more gray matter.”

Mike Pence tweeted out a video today praising the profession. “So God Made a Farmer.”

Paul Harvey, we miss you. Update to this story.

Daily Caller:

Vice President Mike Pence shared a video on Twitter Monday about farmers that appeared to take direct aim at 2020 Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg, who belittled the profession in 2016.

Bloomberg told a room full of people at a 2016 business forum that he “can teach anybody … to be a farmer.” After the comment re-surfaced on Twitter Feb. 14, Pence tweeted out a video Monday praising the profession. More

Twitter joins in:

What a great way to respond to the arrogant, elitist city slicker Mike Bloomberg. The Country can do without him but we can not do without is farmers. They are the original entrepreneurs and the most efficient workers in the country.

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BARR: Russia and Ukraine Conspiracy Theories to Be Examined by Network of Prosecutors

AG Barr is taking the Deep State out of the picture by casting a wide net here.



In modern American political history, there isn’t much that compares to the bizarre judicial circumstances endured by President Donald Trump.

The New York City business mogul entered the White House already under duress.  There was a “resistance” forming beneath him, as both the liberal left and the Washington elite worried about their future.  For the Democrats’ base, there were concerns that Trump’s bombast would be the spearhead that finally plunged hard-right conservatism into the soft flesh of America.  For the DC Deep State, there were concerns that their cushy way of life was going to go bye-bye when the thrifty CEO-in-Chief waltzed into the Oval Office.

The backlash that President Trump has been bearing the brunt of has taken many forms, including two prevailing conspiracy theories that the Commander in Chief colluded with or extorted a foreign nation in order to rise to, and stay in, power.  These hyperbolic hypotheses led to a number of all-consuming investigations that brought Washington to its knees for months at a time.

Now, the Attorney General wants some answers as to why, and he’s taking the job out of The Beltway.

Attorney General Bill Barr has tapped a growing number of federal prosecutors across the country to review high-profile Russia probes involving Trump associates and consider emerging allegations tied to Ukraine, in a bold but risky move that comes as he faces mounting criticism and even resignation calls from congressional Democrats who allege he’s protecting the president.

On Friday, Fox News reported that Barr appointed Jeff Jensen, the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri, to review the case of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Justice Department officials told Fox News Jensen would be working hand-in-hand with Brandon Van Grack, the lead prosecutor in the case. It marked the latest example of Barr bringing on a federal prosecutor to examine a politically charged case.

Once again, the traditional Washington power structure is being cast aside by the Trump administration, reinforcing the drain the swamp ethos of this newly invigorated presidency.

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Impeachment Lawyer Claims Proof That Soros Used Obama to Spy

As this story unfolds, the world may finally get a peek behind the curtain at the ‘great and powerful’ Soros.



When we find ourselves watching television shows like House of Cards or The West Wing, we are bombarded with wild and crazy storylines from deep within the Washington power structure that are meant for entertainment purposes only.  There are torrid affairs, backdoor deals, and any number of nefarious goings-on that keep us hooked on the drama.

But, in reality, DC likes to downplay these sorts of shenanigans, insisting that politics is more about the mundane ins-and-outs of procedural government than it is about puppeteers, oligarchies, and the illuminati.

Every now and then, however, a story does come to light that seems to push the idea of a seedy underbelly in the world’s elite circles.  This week, that tale involves liberal boogeyman George Soros and Democratic darling President Barack Obama.

Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz told Breitbart News Sunday this weekend that billionaire left-wing financier George Soros told then-President Barack Obama to investigate someone.

Dershowitz would not identify who, precisely, the target of the investigation was, but said that the name would soon emerge in in a lawsuit that had yet to be filed.

The admission took the radio host by surprise.

The revelation was so startling that this host had to double-check:

Q: But let me just ask you — you said that George Soros asked Barack Obama to have his Justice Department investigate somebody?

Dershowitz: We’re — that’s going to come out in a lawsuit in the near future. Yeah

Q: Wow, well, we look forward to hearing more about that new.

Dershowitz: That’s not unusual. That is not unusual. People whisper to presidents all the time. Presidents whisper to [the] Justice Department all the time. It’s very common. It’s wrong, whoever does it, but it’s common, and we shouldn’t think that it’s unique to any particular president. I have in my possession the actual 302 form [an FBI record of an interview], which documents this issue, and it will, at the right time, come out. But I’m not free to disclose it now because it’s a case that’s not yet been filed.

This news will certainly unsettle the conspiracy-minded among us, who have long considered Soros to be a globalist puppeteer of the highest order.

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The ‘Terminator’ Thanks Star of ‘The Apprentice’ for Cleaning Up Cali’s Homeless Problem

Can you imagine trying to convince someone from the 1990’s that this would be the political reality of 2020?



There are plenty of wacky beliefs out there in cyberspace, especially if you’re familiar with the hive mind of Reddit and other fringe internet communities.

There are conspiracies available for perusal on any subject you’d like, from Tupac Shakur’s death to the very nature of existence itself.  There are doomsday prediction threads, and those who believe that we’ve already lived through a silent cataclysm that altered our very reality.

Heck, there are even folks who believe that the large Hadron collider’s work could have changed the total weight of the universe, thus sending us ever so slightly into a parallel dimension where The Bearenstain Bears were actually The Berenstein Bears.

Of course, there’s no proof of this anywhere to be found here in the real world.  No, down here on planet earth, a bodybuilder-turned-movie star is thanking a President with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star for tackling California’s homeless problem.

Actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger thanked President Donald Trump and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Ben Carson for taking part in a homelessness summit and helping the state with the chronic problem of homelessness in the state.

“Everyone knows @realDonaldTrump & I have our disagreements,” Schwarzenegger said on Thursday. “But I want to thank you for sending @SecretaryCarson to our homelessness summit. We’ll only solve this if everyone works together. This issue is bigger than all of us. Now it’s time for action.”

This is the sort of headline that would be unimaginable to Americans in the 1990’s, or even the early 2000’s.

Of course, there are also conspiracy theories about this, saying that the 2012 “doomsday” was actually the shift into this strange new reality…

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Porn Star’s Lawyer Faces 42 Years in Jail After Conviction in Nike Extortion Scheme

This is far from the end of his legal trouble, however.



Given the sheer amount of scandal that the Democrats have attempted to pin on President Trump, it can be easy to lost track of the host of characters involved in these shenanigans.

For instance, in what was one of the first real controversies of the President’s first term, aging adult film actress Stormy Daniels attempted to ride Trump’s coattails into the mainstream by dredging up a story about “hush money” payments made to her by Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer.

At the head of Daniels’ legal team was Michael Avenatti – the sort of television lawyer that you envision when someone says the words “television lawyer”.  Avenatti was also along for the ride, and turned himself into a bit of a star during the scandal.  This must have gotten to his head because, the next thing you know, Mikey Avenatti is arrested on charges of attempting to extort sneaker giant Nike for millions of dollars.

This week, the one-time regular on the nightly news shows has been found guilty, and faces decades behind bars.

Michael Avenatti, a lawyer who gained fame by representing a porn star in lawsuits against President Donald Trump, was convicted Friday of trying to extort sportswear giant Nike.

The verdict was returned Friday by a Manhattan federal jury after it deliberated charges of attempted extortion and honest services fraud in what prosecutors say was an attempt by Avenatti to extort up to $25 million from Nike with threats to otherwise harm it. The charges carry a combined potential penalty of 42 years in prison.

Avenatti will be back in the courtroom come April as well, as he is being charged with defrauding the aforementioned Daniels out of book proceeds after the porn star penned a tawdry tome about her life and experiences around Donald Trump.

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AG Barr Jumps into General Flynn Case, Reportedly Assigning Special Prosecutor

Prosecutors in the case appear to be attempting to sweep the case under the rug, but the DOJ is telling them “not so fast”.



Attorney General Bill Barr has had a fairly exciting week, but perhaps he wishes that he hadn’t.

Barr’s Department of Justice piqued the rage of the Democratic Party this week, after reevaluating the sentencing guidelines for Roger Stone, longtime pal of President Trump.  The move came in the hours after a tweet by the Commander in Chief in which Trump chided the judge in the case for considering a maximum sentence of nine years in jail for Stone, who was convicted of lying to Congress during the RussiaGate conspiracy theory investigation.

Just a few days later, Barr stated in an interview that it would behoove him to have the President only privately share such concerns in the future – something that Trump did not respond too kindly to.

New reports out of DC now indicate that the DOJ is going to involve themselves in yet another of the RussiaGate cases, this time in order to set the record straight in the case of General Michael Flynn, who is accused of lying to the FBI during the same RussiaGate probe.

The New York Times is reporting that attorney general Barr has assigned an outside prosecutor to “scrutinize the criminal case” against Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser.

“The review is highly unusual and could trigger more accusations of political interference by top Justice Department officials into the work of career prosecutors.

“Mr. Barr has also installed a handful of outside prosecutors to broadly review the handling of other politically sensitive national-security cases in the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington, the people said. The team includes at least one prosecutor from the office of the United States attorney in St. Louis, Jeff Jensen, who is handling the Flynn matter, as well as prosecutors from the office of the deputy attorney general, Jeffrey A. Rosen.”

This comes less than an hour after news broke that the DOJ would not pursue criminal charges against McCabe.

Flynn has consistently maintained that his interview with the FBI was not conducted properly, and is currently attempting to withdraw his earlier guilty plea.  Prosecutors in the case are attempting to block the defendant’s maneuver, in an effort that some believe could be an attempt to sweep the case under the rug.

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Flynn Prosecutor Van Grack Seeks to Dismiss Decorated General’s Plea Change

This maneuver certainly has the appearance of crooked cops telling each other to ‘shovel faster’.



The case against General Michael Flynn has always been a flimsy one, at best, and a gross miscarriage of justice at worst.

Flynn was forcefully entangled into the wide-ranging net of “RussiaGate” months ago, thanks to a peculiar series of events surrounding a conversation he had with the FBI.  The case against General Flynn was built around the idea that Flynn had lied to the Bureau, but Flynn’s team has consistently sought to prove that his conversations with investigators were not held in accordance with the law.

In other words:  There is a very real concern that Flynn was devilishly caught by crooked cops.

Now, as Flynn seeks to withdraw his guilty plea, the prosecutors responsible for this mess are attempting to save face by attacking the decorated veteran.

Prosecutors wrote in a new court filing on Wednesday that federal Judge Emmet Sullivan should deny Flynn’s request to change his 2017 guilty plea to not guilty.
Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his conversations with the then-Russian ambassador in the early days of the Trump administration. He now says he’s innocent, is attempting to avoid being sentenced and claims investigators acted inappropriately to force him into a plea deal.
Prosecutors from the DC US Attorney’s Office and an alum of special counsel Robert Mueller’s team who now oversees federal prosecutions of foreign lobbying cases make clear in the latest Flynn filing that they are not softening their position toward him. They also defend their work in cutting his deal, which Flynn has tried to claim as misconduct.
The prosecutors issued a limp statement on the matter as well.
“The defendant does not identify government misconduct in this case, and certainly not conduct that is ‘outrageous’ or ‘grossly shocking,’ ” prosecutors Brandon Van Grack and Jocelyn Ballantine wrote in the filing Wednesday, which is also signed by recently appointed DC US Attorney Tim Shea.
Michael Flynn’s sentencing has been indefinitely postponed in order for lawyers on both sides to iron out evidentiary disagreements before proceeding.
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