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Climate Change

New Jersey Forcing Builders to Add ‘Climate Change’ to Plans to Win Construction Permits

New Jersey has taken a step toward making sure no one starts new construction by forcing builders to take climate change.



New Jersey has taken a step toward making sure no one commissions new construction in the state by forcing builders to take climate change, including rising sea levels, into account to win government approval and permits for new construction projects.

New Jersey Gov. Philip D. Murphy announced on Monday that no new construction will be allowed building permits unless the project’s impact on climate change is factored into the plans.

This new requirement will likely add thousands, tens of thousands, or even millions to the cost of projects as builders are forced to hire outside companies to assess the so-called “impact on climate change” their projects might incur.

Pandering to far-left, globaloney believers, Murphy celebrated his move saying, “This is not abstract for us. This is real. The dangers are there.”

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“New Jersey’s initiative is believed to be the broadest, and most specific, attempt to leverage land-use rules to control where and what developers can build, and to limit the volume of emissions that are spewed into the air,” the New York Times reported.

“It gives us the ability to say no, or to say, ‘You have to do it differently,’” said Kathleen Frangione, the governor’s chief policy adviser, the paper added.

This is not a law, though. The new requirements are being forced on the building trade by the gov’s executive order, which will require the state Department of Environmental Protection to draw up new regulations by January of 2022.

Some lawmakers, though, feel that Murphy is overstepping his role.

“Phil Murphy might be forgetting that we still make the laws,” Assemblyman and the Republican minority leader, Jon Bramnick said. He went on adding that the proposal was certain to have a chilling effect on business growth. “If he’s going to roll out something that’s going to stop development in New Jersey, that calls for serious legislative hearings.”

Of course, the biggest problem is that there is no actual science that can be used to draft these new rules. All of this will just be based on wild speculation, unproven science, and political partisanship.

In the end, this nonsense will simply put a dampener on new construction in New Jersey. What few state Republicans there are left in the state are right. This rule sill simply put an end to growth in New Jersey.

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Climate Change

‘Climate Czar’ John Kerry Owns an $11 Million Beachfront Home



Illegitimate “President” Joe Biden has told us that he intends to make John Kerry his “climate czar.” This is the same guy who owns an $11 million beachfront home in Massachusetts.

Biden and Kerry want us to believe that global warming will cause the seas to rise and inundate all our beachfront areas.

OK. So, why does he own an $11 million beachfront home on Martha’s Vineyard?

Kerry, who started his political career as an anti-American war protester, turned Senator, turned loser Democrat presidential candidate, turned do-nothing Secretary of State, has only owned this expensive home since 2017. And he has been proclaiming the dangers of global warming for far longer than that!

Kerry’s former boss when he was Secretary of State, Barack Obama, is equally a hypocrite. After spending the last 15 years sounding the alarm about “climate change,” Obama bought a home of his own on Martha’s Vineyard just one year ago. Unsurprisingly, his $12 million mansion is also right on the ocean.

If these liars really believed in their mythic global warming doomsaying, there is no way they’d be stupid enough to waste tens of millions on homes right on the same oceans they think are going to rise and inundate their super expensive properties.

But the fact is, they don’t believe in global warming. They only use it for a way to control the rest of us.

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Founder of Junk Science Says Nearly Every Word of Biden’s Climate Speech was a Lie

Joe Biden visited an Iowa cornfield on Monday and delivered a speech on climate change that the founder of says was filled with lies.



Joe Biden visited an Iowa cornfield on Monday and delivered a speech on climate change that founder Steve Milloy says was filled with lies.

In a statement, Milloy said that Biden’s speech was “filled with one falsehood after another, falsehoods that guarantee wildfires will burn much more of the American West.”

“In particular, Biden claimed the wildfires were caused by climate change, air quality was killing people, and air pollution and COVID was killing even more people. Scientists know that California is prone to extended periods of natural megadroughts,” Milloy added. “Without forest management, California will burn until there is nothing left to burn. Biden failed to mention forest management as a solution to the western wildfires. Research conducted by the Obama-Biden EPA proved that air pollution does not kill anyone or cause asthma. Biden’s empty promises of green jobs, electric vehicles and carbon-free energy production are pure pablum that have no basis in reality.”

Milloy took to his Twitter account and slammed the lies in Biden’s speech.

Here is Biden’s speech and you can judge for yourself:

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Climate Change

Number of Tornadoes Hits All-Time Low: What Happened to Superstorm ‘New Normal’?

The number of tornadoes just hit an all-time low despite the hysteria of global warming religionists.



Remember when every enviro-Nazi was telling us that an increase in superstorms was going to be the new normal? Well, the number of tornadoes just hit an all-time low.

It was only a few years ago that the global warming religionists were telling us that we just had to get used to more and more “superstorms” because of climate change. Remember that?

Well, according to USA Today, this year’s tornado season saw only 248 tornadoes and that is the lowest number ever recorded since the records have been kept.

According to Accuweather, the months of May and June reached a new low in storms.

There was a preliminary total of 248 twisters, according to Accuweather — a combined count less than April’s total of 256 and among the lowest numbers in recorded history for two of the typically most active months of the year.

June was remarkably tame. The National Weather Service issued just six tornado watches in the U.S., the lowest number for any June in recorded history.

“There were just 140 preliminary tornadoes in May, Reppert said, a stark contrast to the previous year, which produced more than 500 twisters. The May average is 269, according to the NWS,” the report added.

There were ever fewer in June: The preliminary count is 108, about half as many as the average, said Bill Bunting, chief of forecast operations at the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center.

This all runs contrary to what the environuts have been telling us for the last ten years.

They have told us over and over again that global warming will mean bigger, more powerful, storms that will befall us all at an accelerated rate.

Gee. Looks like they missed it again.

Imagine that.

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Climate Change

400 Media Outlets Sign Onto New Campaign to Push Global Warming Instead of Coronavirus ‘News’

The left-wing media woke up last week and realized they had stopped “reporting” the “news” about global warming. Now the are about to correct that.



The left-wing media woke up last week and realized they had stopped “reporting” the “news” about global warming. So, now 400 outlets have joined an effort to begin pushing climate change instead of coronavirus news.

Proving once again the media is all about agenda, not news, these 400 media outlets signed onto a new campaign calling itself “Covering Climate Now,” a campaign that reasserts the religion of climate change.

Though started in 2019, the campaign has reasserted its religious tenets and cajoled a long list of media outlets to slap their foreheads and and exclaim how silly they have been reporting actual news instead of pushing the left’s new religion.

One of the project’s founders, Mark Hertsgard, released am op-ed last week scolding the media for not bending a knee to his global warming obsession. Without any real evidence, Hertsgard claimed that coronavirus is not worth covering.

Hertsgard carped that “stories on other subjects have all but disappeared, and some newsrooms have halted production on non-coronavirus stories altogether. While this is understandable given the scope of the COVID-19 threat, it is bizarre that the climate crisis has never been accorded comparable importance.” He adds without any evidence that global warming “stands to upend, impoverish, and even end the lives of countless people the world over.”

The group is looking to have its adherent “news” agencies begin pushing global warming “news” from April 19-26.

So, if you start seeing a raft of globaloney stories you will know why the wave of “reports” suddenly washed over the “news” media.

Some of the media outlets signing on with Hertsgard’s propaganda campaign includes wire service Reuters, the Daily Beast, Bloomberg, and the Columbia Journalism Review.

Some of the earliest participants of the campaign were the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and BuzzFeed.

But in the end, if you are signing a pledge to “report” something, you are not reporting news. You are fulfilling a political agenda.

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Climate Change

Climate Alarmists Want ‘Surgeon General’ Warning on Gas Pumps

Oh, give me a break.



Climate alarmists certainly do enjoy the spotlight, don’t they?

From the very onset of the global warming cultural movement, there was some fairly high-level pageantry at work. Former Vice President Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth was the tip of the spear, and had more alarmism than science.  It’s the same cheap trick that the animal welfare folks pull on you late at night, when you’re staring at a sad puppy in a cage and hearing Sarah MacLachlan sing “in the arms of the angel”.  The only difference between global warming fanatics and that infernal advertisement is that Gore used fear in place of the SPCA’s guilt.

And despite decades of exponentially escalating propaganda, the climate change crew is still finding new ways to scare the world into their pocket.

Petrol pumps in Britain should carry climate change warning labels akin to the legally-mandated health warnings on cigarette packages, a group of scientists have said.

In a blog post for the British Medical Journal (BMJ), British, American, and Indian professionals from within healthcare and environmental studies have claimed that petrol pumps, airline tickets, and even energy bills should come with “warning labels” which “state clearly that continuing to burn fossil fuels worsens the climate emergency”.

The opinion piece, published on Tuesday, draws parallels to the gory pictures of blackened lungs or rotten teeth now displayed on cigarette packages, implying that a similar tactic should be employed at “points of sale of fossil fuels”. The piece suggests that if petrol pumps and gas bills similarly use graphic imagery, “these warnings can change attitudes and behaviour”, consigning driving petrol cars and keeping one’s house at a comfortable temperature to the realms of other socially unacceptable addictions.

Some have even considered the graphics images of the bodily harm down by heart disease or asthma should be used on the pumps, which would be a fairly gruesome way to be greeted as you set off for the first family vacation post-coronavirus.



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Climate Change

Pew Poll: Americans Put ‘Climate Change’ At Bottom of Priority List

A new Pew poll finds that American voters don’t really much care about global warming, and it is way down on the list of priorities.



A new Pew poll finds that American voters don’t really much care about the left’s religion of global warming, and it is way down on the list of priorities.

Liberals continue making mythical climate change a central point of their political agenda. They are going to save the earth, doncha know.

But this new Pew poll is not good news for the left. If they keep focusing on climate change, they are doing so to the exclusion of appealing to what their voters care about, it appears.

Worse for the left, the voters don’t just find climate change low on their list of things to care about, it ranks almost at the very bottom. Out of 18 issues, climate change ranks 17th!

But this isn’t anything new. In fact, the Democrats have been ignoring this warning sign for more than a decade.

Pew has been asking this question since 2007 and the voters haven’t cared about global warming since day one. According to Pew, whether the issue is called “global warming” or “climate change,” it never ranks higher than third from the bottom. And sometimes it ranked at the very bottom.

Pew conducts the poll monthly asking respondents about their list of priorities.

According to the latest list, here are the priorities:

1. Strengthening the economy (70%)

2. Reducing health-care costs (69%)

3. The education system (68%)

4. Defending the country from future terrorist attacks (67%)

5. Taking steps to make the Social Security system financially sound (67%)

6. Taking steps to make the Medicare system financially sound (67%)

7. Dealing with the problems of poor and needy people (60%)

8. Protecting the environment (56%)

9. Dealing with the issue of immigration (51%)

10. Improving the job situation (50%)

11. Reducing crime (50%)

12. Dealing with drug addiction (49%)

13. Reducing the budget deficit (48%)

14. Addressing race relations in this country (46%)

15. Strengthening the U.S. military (45%)

16. Improving the country’s roads, bridges and public transportation systems (45%)

17. Dealing with global climate change (44%)

18. Dealing with global trade issues (39%)

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Climate Change

9th Circuit Court Of Appeals Deals A Blow To Teens Who Sued Trump Over Climate Change

It’s nice the 9th Circuit is not what it used to be!




The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals threw the “children’s climate lawsuit,” ruling the effort to force the federal government to take action on climate policy falls under the purview of the legislative and executive branches, not the judiciary.

“The panel reluctantly concluded that the plaintiffs’ case must be made to the political branches or to the electorate at large. The political branches might conclude—however inappropriately in the plaintiffs’ view—that economic or defense considerations called for the continuation of the very programs challenged in this suit.”

Anyone who says President Trump’s historic judicial appointments are not game-changers must be certifiably insane.

Daily Caller:

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in California ruled Friday that children do not have standing to sue the Trump administration and the federal government for not adequately addressing climate change.

Climate policy comes under the purview of Congress and the president, not the court system, the U.S. Court of Appeals decided in a split decision. Attorneys for the teenagers can ask the U.S. Supreme Court to allow the trial to continue in Oregon, where it was initially filed. More

Real loss builds character so maybe they’ll finally benefit from the real world where no participation trophies are handed out to the losers.

The US occupies a small piece of the planet, compared to China, Russia, Africa, and South America. We lead the world in cutting emissions. Why do these ‘teens’ think that doing more in our small piece of real estate that would have a significant economic impact is going to save the world?

I would like these kids to explain to me why Mars is gaining more oxygen and why the Red Spot on Jupiter might completely dissipate in another generation. Then explain to me the correlation with solar activity. But these questions are hard and would require real thought. 

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