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Muslims Committing ‘Massive’ Amount of Illegal Female Genital Mutilations During COVID-19 Lockdowns

Muslims in Somalia and elsewhere have returned to mutilating the genitals of their little girls once the country went into its coronavirus lockdowns.



Muslims in Somalia and elsewhere have returned to mutilating the genitals of their little girls once the country went into its coronavirus lockdowns.

According to a study by the charity Plan International, a group that advocates for children, with so many families sequestered at home, the disgusting, dangerous, woman-hating, and illegal practice is growing again in areas where it was formerly on the wane.

Unfortunately for the defenseless girls in Somalia, the lockdown kicked off just before Ramadan started. Mutilation (FGM) of little girls traditionally occur during that holiday.

“We’ve seen a massive increase in recent weeks,” Sadia Allin, Plan International’s head of mission in Somalia, told the Thomas Reuters Foundation. “We want the government to ensure FGM is included in all COVID responses.”

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As Fox News explains:

FGM includes many different rituals and usually varies by ethnic group. The most severe form, called infibulation – the practice of excising the clitoris and labia of a girl or woman and stitching together the edges of the vulva to prevent sexual intercourse – is carried out mostly in the northeastern region of Africa in Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan.

This explanation does not do the disgusting, hateful practice any justice.

The goal of the practice is to rip out a girl’s clitoris so that she can never, ever experience pleasure during sex. Then their gaping, bloody wounds are sewn up so that the skin can heal shut so that some man in the future can know that the girl has never had sexual intercourse before their marriage. And on that day, this “loving husband” wields a ceremonial knife to slice this poor girl open so he can have sex with her.

This is a horrendous, barbaric, inhuman practice. And Muslims do it all across the world, not just in Somalia. It is an entirely common practice.

The monsters who perform these gruesome operations have been wandering the nation, going door to door trying to drum up business because they know that government officials are on lockdown and won’t be around to stop them.

“The cutters have been knocking on doors, including mine, asking if there are young girls they can cut. I was so shocked,” Allin said. “FGM is one of the most extreme manifestations of violence against girls and women. It’s a lifetime torture for girls. The pain continues until the girl goes to the grave. It impacts her education, ambition … everything.”

Make NO mistake. THIS is Islam.

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