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Merry MAGA Christmas: Last Saturday was Biggest Sales Day in U.S. History!

Donald Trump’s Economy just brought America its biggest holiday shopping day in history with $34.4 billion spent on the Saturday before Christmas.



It looks like Donald Trump’s Economy just brought America its biggest holiday shopping day in history with $34.4 billion spent on the Saturday before Christmas.

If for no other reason, the exuberance over the economy is one of the main reasons Donald Trump will probably be re-elected in 2020. At the very least, historically, presidents who presided over good economies have been re-elected.

The Saturday holiday retail shopping day saw more than $34.4 billion in sales, the largest single day in history. Higher wages, record employment, low inflation and unemployment, super high consumer confidence, wide economic security, all this means more disposable income for Christmas shopping.

Thanks, Donald Trump.

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According to Bloomberg News, Saturday, December 21, set the record for single-day sales:

“Paced by the ‘Big Four’ mega-retailers — Walmart, Amazon, Costco and Target — Super Saturday was boosted by the best traffic our team has seen in years,” said Craig Johnson, president of the retail research firm.

Job growth and fatter wallets, along with stronger household finances, have put consumers in a buying mood this season, Johnson said. And more of them are shopping online. As retailers offer improved web platforms, online spending so far this season has accounted for 58% of sales growth from a year earlier, he said.

Super Saturday’s results topped Black Friday’s $31.2 billion in sales by 10%. The next biggest shopping days were Dec. 14, with $28.1 billion, and Cyber Monday, with $19.1 billion.

Much of this shopping was done on the Internet, of course. Foot traffic at America’s big malls is still declining as it has been for well over a decade, already.

Despite that, even stores that had been struggling reported better sales this season.

Remember a few weeks ago when the liberals were predicting a recession?

Yeah, not so much.

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WATCH: Ronald Reagan Reads the Story of the Life of Christ to Kids at White House

In 1982 NBC started its “Christmas in Washington” program and its first show featured President Ronald Reagan reading a Christmas story to a group of kids.



In 1982 NBC started broadcasting its “Christmas in Washington” program and in its inaugural broadcast, the network featured a heartwarming clip of President Ronald Reagan reading a Christmas story to a group of children.

President Reagan chose to read A Solitary Life, which is a parable of the life of Jesus Christ.

In the clip, Reagan says that after nearly 2,000 years, Jesus today is “the centerpiece of much of the human race.” Reagan went on to note that all the armies, governments, and powers this world has created have not affected the world as powerfully as this “one solitary life.”

“I’ve always believed that the story of that young man, of Jesus, is a story of hope,” Reagan continued.

“If we live our lives for truth and for love — because that’s what He told us to do — and for God, we never have to be afraid. God will be with us. He’ll be a part of something much larger, much stronger, much more enduring than any force that has ever existed on this Earth.”

“God bless you, and Merry Christmas,” Reagan said.

The story Reagan read was written by Dr. James Allen Francis.

According to

Dr. James Allan Francis was born in Nova Scotia, Canada. He became a pastor at age twenty-one and served in ministry for the remainder of his life. His first pastorate was in New York City at the Riverside Baptist Church, and after serving in other varied pastorates in the East, he came to Los Angeles in 1914.1

Though he had a busy life as a pastor, Francis was able to publish a handful of books: Drops from a Living Fountain (1895), Christ’s Mould of Prayer (1924), and Christ is All And Other Sermons (1928). His publications are full of passionate encouragement for Christians to know their Lord, to rely on him, and to follow his example.

Francis’ most famous words, now known as “One Solitary Life,” originated as part of a sermon that he delivered on July 11, 1926 to the Baptist Young People’s Union at a Los Angeles Convention.2 A friend transcribed the message titled “Arise, Sir Knight,” and Dr. Francis published it that same year in a collection called The Real Jesus and Other Sermons.

Here is the text of the story:

Here is a man who was born in an obscure village as the child of a peasant woman.

He grew up in another obscure village.

He worked in a carpenter shop until he was thirty and then for three years was an itinerant preacher.

He never wrote a book.

He never held an office.

He never owned a home.

He never had a family.

He never went to college.

He never put his foot inside a big city.

He never traveled two hundred miles from the place where he was born.

He never did one of the things that usually accompany greatness.

He had no credentials but himself.

He had nothing to do with this world except the naked power of his divine manhood.

While still a young man the tide of popular opinion turned against him.

His friends ran away.

One of them denied him.

Another betrayed him.

He was turned over to his enemies.

He went through the mockery of a trial.

He was nailed upon the cross between two thieves.

His executioners gambled for the only piece of property he had on earth while he was

dying, and that was his coat.

When he was dead, he was taken down and laid in a borrowed grave through the pity of a friend.

Nineteen wide centuries have come and gone and today he is the center of the human race and the leader of the column of progress.

I am far within the mark when I say that all the armies that ever marched, and all the navies that were ever built, and all the parliaments that ever sat and all the kings that ever reigned, put together, have not affected the life of man upon the earth as powerfully as has this one solitary life.

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Joseph and Mary Were NOT ‘Refugees,’ ‘Immigrants,’ or ‘Homeless’–Stop Saying They Were

It is that time of year again when left-wingers try to warp the Bible to support their anti-American ideals saying that Joseph and Mary were “refugees.”



It is that time of year again when left-wingers try to warp the Bible to support their anti-American ideals, and this time of year, they often abuse the birth of Christ by saying that Christ’s earthly parents, Joseph and Mary, were either homeless, were refugees, or were immigrants. But in truth, they were NONE of those things.

A few years ago, ABC chief political analyst Matthew Dowd jumped to his Twitter account to make the shop-worn and false liberal claim that Jesus Christ’s parents, Joseph and Mary, were “two immigrants” in Bethlehem in the tale of the first Christmas. It all amounts to fake news that is over 2,000 years old.

Going back thousands of years for his Christmas Eve fake news, Dowd skewed the Christmas nativity story by saying Joseph and Mary were “immigrants” who were turned away by many in the town. “Let us remember today,” Dowd wrote, “2 immigrants, a man, and his very pregnant wife, sought shelter & were turned away by many. She gave birth in a manger.”

This claim that Joseph and Mary were “immigrants” is a mischaracterization long used to push a modern-day policy of immigration amnesty. The left’s argument goes: If even Jesus Christ’s parents were “immigrants,” how can today’s American Christians be against open borders and amnesty?

But the truth is, the famed Biblical couple were not “immigrants.” Joseph and Mary were in Bethlehem to register for what was mainly Caesar’s Internal Revenue Service. The pair had made their way to Bethlehem to register for a government census so that they could be assessed a tax bill.

The key excerpt comes in the Book of Luke, Chapter 2, (New International Version), which reads:

In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world. (This was the first census that took place while Quirinius was governor of Syria.) And everyone went to their own town to register.

So Joseph also went up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to Bethlehem, the town of David, because he belonged to the house and line of David. He went there to register with Mary, who was pledged to be married to him and was expecting a child. While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger because there was no guest room available for them.

Neither Joseph nor Marry were in town to “immigrate” to Bethlehem. They were there to be identified and registered by the government.

But even if Joseph and Mary did intend to move to Bethlehem in the Christmas story, they would still not be “immigrants” because their hometown of Nazareth and the Christmas story town of Bethlehem were still in the same country. You can only be an “immigrant” when you are leaving one country and entering another.

Also, showing his unfamiliarity with the Christmas story, Dowd made the mistake of saying that Mary “gave birth in a manger.” That would have been quite a trick because a “manger” is the wooden box Baby Jesus was placed in after his birth. In fact, Mary gave birth in a stable, and then her baby was laid in a manger.

Liberals also warp the Christmas story in other ways. Joseph and Mary are often claimed to be “homeless” and “poor.” In truth, they were neither. They had a home in Nazareth, and Joseph was a carpenter for a living and had a middle-class lifestyle for his day.

So, just stop it. Joseph and Mary were not homeless. They were not trying to immigrate to Bethlehem. And they were not refugees from anything.

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Iowa City Bans Christmas Nativity Scene, Citizens Furious

Citizens of an Iowa city are blasting their town council for banning the annual nativity scene usually displayed on the lawn of the county courthouse.



Citizens of an Iowa city are blasting their town council for banning the annual nativity scene usually displayed on the lawn of the county courthouse. And the town’s citizens are furious.

The city council of Centerville, Iowa, has become another example of a town government filled with linguine-spinned, leftist politicians fearful that atheists will sue them and have bowed to pressure to remove the annual nativity scene over inflated worries about “separation of church and state.”

The Nativity scene has been set up on the Appanoose County Courthouse lawn for many decades, according to the Des Moines Register. But if the city fathers have their way, that will be no more as this year they dumped the display to avoid upsetting radical atheists.

The council banned the nativity display because one atheist reportedly complained saying, “I shouldn’t have to see baby Jesus on the courthouse lawn,” KCCI reported.

However, over one thousand residents of the small town were not about to take this outrage without speaking up and they signed a petition to have the scene put back on the courthouse lawn.

Angry residents also turned out en masse at a recent town council meeting to express their feelings about the council’s decision to cancel Christmas.

Solid Rock Church of God Pastor Tony Angra slammed the council’s decision.

“This is ridiculous,” Angran said. “We purchased it to be on the courthouse lawn. The other part is a decoration. This really is the reason for Christmas.”

The council has not yet made any move to reverse their decision to put an end to the long-time Christmas decoration.

The U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled that religious symbols posted on government property do not violate the U.S. Constitution or the ideal os separation of church and state.

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Flashback: President Reagan’s 1981 Christmas Address To The Nation




In a world of political correctness and Christmas culture wars, Reagan’s national address is almost unbelievable! It is a breath of fresh Christmas air!

What happened to the politicians like him who are not afraid to hold fast to the Christian faith despite what others think or say about their Christmas beliefs?

God, please help us by sending more like him back into our country! The challenge: will you speak like this the next time you are given the opportunity to speak about your faith?

Address to the Nation About Christmas and the Situation in Poland.

December 23, 1981

Good evening.

At Christmas time, every home takes on a special beauty, a special warmth, and that’s certainly true of the White House, where so many famous Americans have spent their Christmases over the years. This fine old home, the people’s house, has seen so much, been so much a part of all our lives and history. It’s been humbling and inspiring for Nancy and me to be spending our first Christmas in this place.

We’ve lived here as your tenants for almost a year now, and what a year it’s been. As a people we’ve been through quite a lot — moments of joy, of tragedy, and of real achievement — moments that I believe have brought us all closer together. G. K. Chesterton once said that the world would never starve for wonders, but only for the want of wonder.

At this special time of year, we all renew our sense of wonder in recalling the story of the first Christmas in Bethlehem, nearly 2,000 year ago.

Some celebrate Christmas as the birthday of a great and good philosopher and teacher. Others of us believe in the divinity of the child born in Bethlehem, that he was and is the promised Prince of Peace. Yes, we’ve questioned why he who could perform miracles chose to come among us as a helpless babe, but maybe that was his first miracle, his first great lesson that we should learn to care for one another.

Tonight, in millions of American homes, the glow of the Christmas tree is a reflection of the love Jesus taught us. Like the shepherds and wise men of that first Christmas, we Americans have always tried to follow a higher light, a star, if you will. At lonely campfire vigils along the frontier, in the darkest days of the Great Depression, through war and peace, the twin beacons of faith and freedom have brightened the American sky. At times our footsteps may have faltered, but trusting in God’s help, we’ve never lost our way.

Just across the way from the White House stand the two great emblems of the holiday season: a Menorah, symbolizing the Jewish festival of Hanukkah, and the National Christmas Tree, a beautiful towering blue spruce from Pennsylvania. Like the National Christmas Tree, our country is a living, growing thing planted in rich American soil. Only our devoted care can bring it to full flower. So, let this holiday season be for us a time of rededication.

Even as we rejoice, however, let us remember that for some Americans, this will not be as happy a Christmas as it should be. I know a little of what they feel. I remember one Christmas Eve during the Great Depression, my father opening what he thought was a Christmas greeting. It was a notice that he no longer had a job.

Over the past year, we’ve begun the long, hard work of economic recovery. Our goal is an America in which every citizen who needs and wants a job can get a job. Our program for recovery has only been in place for 12 weeks now, but it is beginning to work. With your help and prayers, it will succeed. We’re winning the battle against inflation, runaway government spending and taxation, and that victory will mean more economic growth, more jobs, and more opportunity for all Americans.

A few months before he took up residence in this house, one of my predecessors, John Kennedy, tried to sum up the temper of the times with a quote from an author closely tied to Christmas, Charles Dickens. We were living, he said, in the best of times and the worst of times. Well, in some ways that’s even more true today. The world is full of peril, as well as promise. Too many of its people, even now, live in the shadow of want and tyranny.

As I speak to you tonight, the fate of a proud and ancient nation hangs in the balance. For a thousand years, Christmas has been celebrated in Poland, a land of deep religious faith, but this Christmas brings little joy to the courageous Polish people. They have been betrayed by their own government.

The men who rule them and their totalitarian allies fear the very freedom that the Polish people cherish. They have answered the stirrings of liberty with brute force, killings, mass arrests, and the setting up of concentration camps. Lech Walesa and other Solidarity leaders are imprisoned, their fate unknown. Factories, mines, universities, and homes have been assaulted.

The Polish Government has trampled underfoot solemn commitments to the UN Charter and the Helsinki accords. It has even broken the Gdansk agreement of August 1980, by which the Polish Government recognized the basic right of its people to form free trade unions and to strike.

The tragic events now occurring in Poland, almost 2 years to the day after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, have been precipitated by public and secret pressure from the Soviet Union. It is no coincidence that Soviet Marshal Kulikov, chief of the Warsaw Pact forces, and other senior Red Army officers were in Poland while these outrages were being initiated. And it is no coincidence that the martial law proclamations imposed in December by the Polish Government were being printed in the Soviet Union in September.

The target of this depression [repression] is the Solidarity Movement, but in attacking Solidarity its enemies attack an entire people. Ten million of Poland’s 36 million citizens are members of Solidarity. Taken together with their families, they account for the overwhelming majority of the Polish nation. By persecuting Solidarity the Polish Government wages war against its own people.

I urge the Polish Government and its allies to consider the consequences of their actions. How can they possibly justify using naked force to crush a people who ask for nothing more than the right to lead their own lives in freedom and dignity? Brute force may intimidate, but it cannot form the basis of an enduring society, and the ailing Polish economy cannot be rebuilt with terror tactics.

Poland needs cooperation between its government and its people, not military oppression. If the Polish Government will honor the commitments it has made to human rights in documents like the Gdansk agreement, we in America will gladly do our share to help the shattered Polish economy, just as we helped the countries of Europe after both World Wars.

It’s ironic that we offered, and Poland expressed interest in accepting, our help after World War II. The Soviet Union intervened then and refused to allow such help to Poland. But if the forces of tyranny in Poland, and those who incite them from without, do not relent, they should prepare themselves for serious consequences. Already, throughout the Free World, citizens have publicly demonstrated their support for the Polish people. Our government, and those of our allies, have expressed moral revulsion at the police state tactics of Poland’s oppressors. The Church has also spoken out, in spite of threats and intimidation. But our reaction cannot stop there.

I want emphatically to state tonight that if the outrages in Poland do not cease, we cannot and will not conduct “business as usual” with the perpetrators and those who aid and abet them. Make no mistake, their crime will cost them dearly in their future dealings with America and free peoples everywhere. I do not make this statement lightly or without serious reflection.

We have been measured and deliberate in our reaction to the tragic events in Poland. We have not acted in haste, and the steps I will outline tonight and others we may take in the days ahead are firm, just, and reasonable.

In order to aid the suffering Polish people during this critical period, we will continue the shipment of food through private humanitarian channels, but only so long as we know that the Polish people themselves receive the food. The neighboring country of Austria has opened her doors to refugees from Poland. I have therefore directed that American assistance, including supplies of basic foodstuffs, be offered to aid the Austrians in providing for these refugees.

But to underscore our fundamental opposition to the repressive actions taken by the Polish Government against its own people, the administration has suspended all government-sponsored shipments of agricultural and dairy products to the Polish Government. This suspension will remain in force until absolute assurances are received that distribution of these products is monitored and guaranteed by independent agencies. We must be sure that every bit of food provided by America goes to the Polish people, not to their oppressors.

The United States is taking immediate action to suspend major elements of our economic relationships with the Polish Government. We have halted the renewal of the Export-Import Bank’s line of export credit insurance to the Polish Government. We will suspend Polish civil aviation privileges in the United States. We are suspending the right of Poland’s fishing fleet to operate in American waters. And we’re proposing to our allies the further restriction of high technology exports to Poland.

These actions are not directed against the Polish people. They are a warning to the Government of Poland that free men cannot and will not stand idly by in the face of brutal repression. To underscore this point, I’ve written a letter to General Jaruzelski, head of the Polish Government. In it, I outlined the steps we’re taking and warned of the serious consequences if the Polish Government continues to use violence against its populace. I’ve urged him to free those in arbitrary detention, to lift martial law, and to restore the internationally recognized rights of the Polish people to free speech and association.

The Soviet Union, through its threats and pressures, deserves a major share of blame for the developments in Poland. So, I have also sent a letter to President Brezhnev urging him to permit the restoration of basic human rights in Poland provided for in the Helsinki Final Act. In it, I informed him that if this repression continues, the United States will have no choice but to take further concrete political and economic measures affecting our relationship.

When 19th century Polish patriots rose against foreign oppressors, their rallying cry was, “For our freedom and yours.” Well, that motto still rings true in our time. There is a spirit of solidarity abroad in the world tonight that no physical force can crush. It crosses national boundaries and enters into the hearts of men and women everywhere. In factories, farms, and schools, in cities and towns around the globe, we the people of the Free World stand as one with our Polish brothers and sisters. Their cause is ours, and our prayers and hopes go out to them this Christmas.

Yesterday, I met in this very room with Romuald Spasowski, the distinguished former Polish Ambassador who has sought asylum in our country in protest of the suppression of his native land. He told me that one of the ways the Polish people have demonstrated their solidarity in the face of martial law is by placing lighted candles in their windows to show that the light of liberty still glows in their hearts.

Ambassador Spasowski requested that on Christmas Eve a lighted candle will burn in the White House window as a small but certain beacon of our solidarity with the Polish people. I urge all of you to do the same tomorrow night, on Christmas Eve, as a personal statement of your commitment to the steps we’re taking to support the brave people of Poland in their time of troubles.

Once, earlier in this century, an evil influence threatened that the lights were going out all over the world. Let the light of millions of candles in American homes give notice that the light of freedom is not going to be extinguished. We are blessed with a freedom and abundance denied to so many. Let those candles remind us that these blessings bring with them a solid obligation, an obligation to the God who guides us, an obligation to the heritage of liberty and dignity handed down to us by our forefathers and an obligation to the children of the world, whose future will be shaped by the way we live our lives today.

Christmas means so much because of one special child. But Christmas also reminds us that all children are special, that they are gifts from God, gifts beyond price that mean more than any presents money can buy. In their love and laughter, in our hopes for their future lies the true meaning of Christmas.

So, in a spirit of gratitude for what we’ve been able to achieve together over the past year and looking forward to all that we hope to achieve together in the years ahead, Nancy and I want to wish you all the best of holiday seasons. As Charles Dickens, whom I quoted a few moments ago, said so well in “A Christmas Carol,” “God bless us, every one.”

Good night.

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Your Top Five Best Christmas Gifts from Republican Legion

Tis the Christmas season and our associates at Republican Legion has some great items for you biggest Trump fans. Here are the top five best Christmas gifts:



Tis the Christmas season and our associates at Republican Legion have some great items for you biggest Trump fans. Here are the top five best gifts for this Christmas season:

NUMBER ONE: Build The Wall MAGA Blocks

The top toy set this Christmas is the “Build The Wall” MAGA Blocks play sets that will drive the left batty but warm the hearts of every Trump fan.

The set features a solid wall of gray Lego-styled interlocking bricks along with a Donald Trump figure sporting a red “Make America Great Again” cap on his little plastic head.

According to the the description, the MAGA building blocks set “makes a great Christmas gift for your kids and grandkids.”

NUMBER TWO: Build The Wall MAGA Blocks

The number two top toy is also sure to cause heartburn for the most “woke” in your life.

The Border Patrol MAGA Building Blocks toy set comes with 2 Border Patrol officers, 2 Border Patrol canines, a barbed wire barrier, and 2 additional figures attempting to cross the border, according to the website.

Republican Legion was also happy to note that the Border Patrol set was in response to the left’s attacks and handwringing over the first MAGA Blocks set. After its release, the media went on the attack.

NUMBER THREE: USA Constitution Activity Book

The number three top Christmas gift is the USA Constitution Activity Book full of great puzzles and fun facts about the U.S. Constitution.

The book contains 48 pages of mazes, secret codes, crosswords, and other puzzles offer an entertaining way to learn about the Constitution, the foundation of the supreme law of the United States.

NUMBER FOUR: Combat Mission Toy with Flashing Lights, Motion, Sound Effects and Accessories

Excite the kiddos with this all action Combat Mission Toy with Flashing Lights, Motion, Sound Effects and Accessories!

You child will have hours of playtime fun with this battery-operated combat toy featuring Bright Colorful LED Light Effects, and Toy Combat Action Sound Effects. It is a 3/4 Scale Detailed Model 26 inches.

NUMBER FIVE: Trump Man Limited Edition Figurine Collector’s Item

Our beloved 45th President is now available as a limited edition figurine.

This Donald Trump figurine comes with a mini MAGA trucker cap that is interchangeable with his famous hair. He’s also holding a removable executive order!

These fantastic gifts are not the only things to choose from at Republican Legion.

To name just a few other great products:


Trump Man Pin (Limited Edition)

BEAUTIFUL Christmas Tree Brooch

Gold-Plated “I Love Trump” Rhinestone Pin

Flag Cross Lapel Pin


Trump “Mr. Clean” Bumper Sticker (Parody)

US Space Force Sticker

MAGA Bear Bumper Sticker (Parody)

Promises Made Promises Kept Bumper Sticker

Trumpin’ Demnuts Bumper Sticker (Parody)


Trump Pence American Flag Mug


Liberal Tears Mug | Black


[Solid – Gold Plated] Commemorative President Donald Trump 2020 Coin

Punisher Trump Socks

Punisher Trump Patch

Patriotic Key-Shaped Survival Knife

Trump 45th President of the United States of America Stars and Stripes Embroidered Knit Beanies (LIMITED EDITION)

TRUMPisms 2019 Day-to-Day Calendar: The Boasts, Barbs, and Bizarre Musings of the 45th President

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