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Liz Warren Raises Concerns Over President Trump’s Dinner with Zuckerberg

Warren seems all too happy to participate in Facebook’s obstruction fo the First Amendment, and is seemingly concerned about President Trump’s work to restore freedom online.



Throughout the entirety of Donald Trump’s presidency, there have been concerns regarding the tilt of the mainstream media, but also a shift in tactics being deployed by the leviathans of the social media scene as well.

It has been patently obvious that companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are being helmed by figures who find themselves on the left side of the political aisle, and, given the heightened state of agitation among the Democratic Party in the days following Trump’s electoral victory, these figures seemed unafraid of pursuing their political goals throughout their platforms.

This, quite simply put, is a violation of the First Amendment rights of many Americans, both constitutionally and ethically.

Now, as President Trump looks to turn the tide back into the favor of freedom its very self, Senator and presidential candidate Liz Warren is raising an objection.

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Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren tore into Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for attending a previously undisclosed meeting with President Trump at the White House in October, accusing the tech billionaire of intentionally cozying up to the administration as his company faces increased scrutiny from regulators and Democratic lawmakers.

“Amid antitrust scrutiny, Facebook is going on a charm offensive with Republican lawmakers,” Warren wrote in a series of tweets on Thursday. “And now, Mark Zuckerberg and one of Facebook’s board members—a major Trump donor—had a secret dinner with Trump. This is corruption, plain and simple.”

If elected next year, Warren said she “won’t cozy up to Facebook.”

“It’s time to root out corruption in Washington,” she said.

Warren is essentially telling the nation that the limits put on free speech by Facebook over the course of the last three years, particularly as it pertains to domestic American politics, should be the new norm despite the very obvious conflict that this creates with the constitution.


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Comedian Hilariously Riffs on Clinton’s Potential 2020 Run: ‘Like Cauliflower’

There’s one thing that we can all agree on in this trying political time:  The idea of Hillary Clinton running for President again is utterly hilarious. 



The Democrats are in some serious trouble as it pertains to 2020 and their chances of bring the White House back under liberal control.

They began the 2020 primaries with far too many candidates, at one point tipping the scales with approximately two dozen politicians, millionaires, billionaires, socialists, and radicals.  It was overwhelming and detrimental to their cause, yet they seemed unable to right the ship.

Then, Former Vice President Joe Biden entered the fray and the spotlight has remained very much on him since that time.  The recent rehashing of his family’s business dealings in Ukraine certainly wasn’t the spotlight he expected, though.

Amid all this, some believe that Hillary Clinton could soon find herself back in the running for the Oval Office.  This has at least one comedian taking pot shots at the former Secretary of State.

In an appearance on “Fox & Friends” Friday, comedian Michael Loftus riffed on the idea of another Hillary Clinton presidential run, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler’s impeachment hearings, and former Vice President Joe Biden.

“My Christmas came early for me as a comedian when you think Hillary is going to run. You are like, we can dust off all these [jokes], these are good again,” Loftus said, as the live studio audience erupted in laughter.

“She’s the cauliflower of politics. They keep dressing it up and then you take a bite and you’re like, ‘oooh, I don’t like that. It’s still cauliflower.”

Biden also caught some flak from Loftus.

“Who couldn’t beat Joe Biden, who is talking about his leg hair? … It’s very strange. I will beat you up. Let’s do push-ups right now,” Loftus joked to the hosts, imitating Biden’s recent encounter with an Iowa voter.

There’s one thing that we can all agree on in this trying political time:  The idea of Hillary Clinton running for President again is utterly hilarious.

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Electoral Fraud Back in The Motor City as Detroit’s Dead Rise to Vote Yet Again

That’s right, folks:  Zombie voters rising from the dead and meandering menacingly toward your local polling place.



There’s a peculiar yet persistent pattern that we see among progressives when it comes time for national elections, and it has created a disturbing double standard.

I’m speaking, of course, about voter fraud.  The Democrats love to downplay the threat of this well-documented phenomenon, often casting Republican concerns over the matter as unwarranted, and contingent upon some mythical malfeasance that doesn’t actually exist.

In reality, there are all manner of schemes and scams at work during any given election, and one of the old standbys is back in action up north in Motor City.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) filed a lawsuit in federal court this week against the city of Detroit for allegedly failing to maintain their voter rolls, including keeping more than 2,500 dead Americans aged 85 and older on the rolls.

After obtaining voter data from the state of Michigan earlier this year, PILF researchers said they discovered that a number of registered voters had either “impossibly old” or “disqualifying young” date of births. In one case, for example, PILF researchers said they found that a registered voter stated they had been born in the year 1823.

In addition to dead voters remaining on the voter rolls, PILF alleges that Detroit’s voter registration rate as of 2016 for the citizen voting-age population stands at 106 percent — indicating more voters on the rolls than those who even live in the city.

That’s right, folks:  Zombie voters rising from the dead and meandering menacingly toward your local polling place!

And while sordid tales of such depravity tend to pepper the landscape of any election, the left is still very much in denial.

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HYPOCRITE: Joe Biden Paid His Female Staffers Far Less than His Male Staffers

A review of what Joe Biden paid his staff when he was a U.S. senator shows that he paid female staffers far, far less than he paid his male staffers.



Former Vice President Joe Biden is parading himself as a champion of women’s equality, but a review of what he paid his staff when he was a U.S. senator shows that he paid female staffers far, far less than he paid his male staffers.

During his 35 years as a U.S. Senator, Biden paid his female employees on average only 67 cents on the dollar of what he paid his male staffers, according to records reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon. .

The average, though, was high compared to the 44 cents on the dollar that he paid women between 1983 and 1984.

Biden has repeatedly proclaimed himself a champion of equal pay for women, calling the implementation of equal pay “long overdue.”

In June, for instance, Biden said he was outraged that the U.S. women’s national soccer team was paid less than the men’s team.

“In 2019, it’s past time we close the pay gap and ensure women get paid as much as men,” Biden screeched in a tweet.

Biden has been blowing the equal pay for years, though. In a 2015 tweet when he was still vice president, for instance, he wrote, “Equal pay for equal work. It’s common sense. It’s also overdue.”

But he is obviously a huge hypocrite on treating women fairly.

Indeed, Biden punished one of his employees for daring to speak out against the treatment she alleged she received while working for him.

Alexandra Tara Reade alleged that she was mistreated as a Biden employee. She especially alleged that Biden constantly pawed all over her in a way that made her uncomfortable. So, she reported the conduct.

But as the Free Beacon noted, she was punished for daring to do so:

After Reade reported the misconduct to Senate personnel, Biden allegedly reprimanded her, moving her to a windowless office. Reade left Biden’s office soon after and claims she struggled to get a job. “My life was hell. This was about power and control,” Reade told the Union. “I couldn’t get a job on the Hill.”

Senate disclosures show Reade started in Biden’s office in December 1992 and left in August 1993. The former senator has refused to apologize following the allegations, saying, “I’m not sorry for any of my intentions, I’m not sorry for anything that I’ve ever done.”

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‘Wall Street Pete’ Draws Criticism Over Big Money Donors in 2020 Race

Buttigieg’s signature snark was on full display during his weak defense.



One of the most important pieces of the Democratic puzzle for 2020 is any given candidate’s ability to maintain that they are independent of the corporate electoral machine.

For years now, the liberal left has insisted that lobbyists, special interest groups, and massive international conglomerates were destroying the very sanctity of our governmental processes.  Our elected representatives in Congress were being bought and paid for, undeniably at times, and this was allowing our public servants plausible deniability to do what’s best for them and these lobbyists as opposed to what’s best for the nation as a whole.

So, for the 2020 election, Democratic candidates of all shapes and sizes decided that they would forego donations from corporate donors in an effort to distance themselves from potentially damaging accusations.  These presidential hopefuls then wore this small-donor pledge like a badge of honor throughout the beginnings of their campaigns, making the anti-corporate angle almost a prerequisite for consideration.

By that logic, Pete Buttigieg may be out of the running now.

Left-wing activists heckled Pete Buttigieg for accepting corporate donations during the Democratic presidential candidate’s five-day, high-dollar fundraising swing.

On Wednesday night, a group of about 10 protesters from New York Communities for Change, a grassroots organization, chanted “Wall Street Pete,” while banging pots and pans outside of a fundraiser Buttigieg was attending at the Upper West Side home of tech investor and entrepreneur Kevin Ryan. (The New York Daily News reported that there were about two dozen protesters).

Buttigieg attempted to snidely deflect the criticism.

Buttigieg mostly dismissed the picketers, joking about their presence, according to a pool report. “Wow, they’re excited,” he said. “One of the things you learn on a deployment is dealing with distracting noises.”

Buttigieg was on a fairly steady rise in the polls up until this point.  It has yet to be seen whether or not that will continue after this snafu.

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Adam Schiff Insinuates That Impeachment is Just 2020 Election Meddling for Dems

So Ukraine can’t interfere in our election, but Adam Schiff can?



The Democrats have one fear that tends to permeate the party above all others:  That Donald Trump will get reelected in 2020’s election.

They are wholly justified in this fear, as well.  Trump remains incredibly popular among Republicans, both those in Congress and those in the general constituency, and is even winning over a decent swath of independent voters on account of his intrepid mission to drain the swamp and battle the so-called “Deep State” on the behalf of Americans everywhere.  Witnessing the swamp itself rise up to “resist” him has only tempered the resolve of Trump’s supporters as well, as this carte-blanche opposition to the President’s agenda is simply further proof that not all is well in our nation’s capital or Capitol.

Now, with articles of impeachment introduced into the equation, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is admitting what Democrats are really up to here:  Damaging the President’s chances at reelection.

Schiff briefly addressed critics who say that Democrats should simply wait for the American people to judge the president in the 2020 election.

Democrats, Schiff suggested, cannot allow that, because it would essentially allow Trump to “cheat” in one more election. His remarks echo the Democrats’ longheld belief that the Trump campaign “colluded” with Russia in 2016, despite the fact that the Mueller report debunked the narrative, finding no evidence of collusion or conspiracy between the two.

“The argument, ‘why don’t you just wait?’ comes down to this: Why don’t you just let him cheat in just one more election?” Schiff stated. “Why not let him have foreign help one more time?”…

Of course, impeachment itself has already been determined likely to fail during the Senate trial, making this entire process all for naught in the long run.  The Democrats are simply using this extra TV time to lambast the Commander in Chief before the nation heads to the polls next November.

And isn’t that just election meddling by another name?

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POLL: Trump Beats Democrats in Battleground States, Mich., Penn., Wis.

A new poll finds that despite the left media’s daily impeachment drumbeat, President Donald Trump is beating all Democrat challengers.



A new poll finds that despite the left media’s daily impeachment drumbeat, President Donald Trump is beating all Democrat challengers.

The Firehouse/Optimus poll shows that Trump is ahead of the Democrats — even former Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden sits five points below Trump in both Michigan and Pennsylvania, and an even worse nine points below in Wisconsin.

These three states are being called the “battleground” states for 2020 because they gave trump the edge in 2016 but by only slim margins.

Prior Firehouse/Optimus polls showed Biden even with Trump in these important states, but as America gets a closer look at Biden, his luster continues to dim.

For instance, in Wisconsin, Biden went form a 12-point lead over Trump in March, to nine points below the president in this December poll.

Trump found even stronger leads against Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

The survey also threw former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg in the mix since his announcement this month, and Trump slaughters the former mayor.

Finally, the poll found that voters in these battleground states are not at all impressed with the Democrat’s and the media’s case for impeachment.

The poll found that 51 percent of voters in Michigan, 52.2 percent in Pennsylvania, and 57.9 percent in Wisconsin oppose impeaching Trump.

The poll was conducted December 3-5 of 12/3 of 1,759 likely 2020 general election voters in Wisconsin (N = 610), Michigan (N = 551), and Pennsylvania (N = 598) with about a four percent margin of error.

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Biden Apologizes for Fat-Shaming Constituent at Town Hall Gone Wrong

Biden simply snapped, and he’s now acknowledging his hurtful words.



Americans knew that former Vice President Joe Biden was going to be a handful out on the campaign trail, but perhaps no one imagined that the events of the last 48 hours were even possible.

Biden, who maintains a somewhat tenuous lead over the rest of the 2020 Democratic field, in known for his gaffes, mistruths, and outdated anecdotes.  He’s also one of the most easily frustrated Democrats on the trail, a fact evidenced by an incident earlier in the week.

As the former Vice President was conversing with undecided voters in Iowa, one such constituent had a query for Biden regarding his son’s business in Ukraine.  “Sleepy” Joe snapped, called the man a “damn liar”, and proceeded to berate him while approaching him in a menacing manner.

“You’re a damn liar, man, that’s not true,” Biden boomed as the man continued to argue that “you don’t have a backbone… any more than Trump.” When the man finally told Biden he wouldn’t vote for him, Biden replied, “I knew you weren’t voting for me.”

When the healthy-looking voter separately stated his concern over Biden’s advanced age, the former Vice President challenged him to a pushup contest.  That confrontation was seen by some as a form of fat-shaming.

Biden acknowledged this a day later.

“I probably shouldn’t have challenged him to pushups,” Biden told reporters ahead of a campaign event with former Secretary of State John Kerry, conceding that difficult questions are par for the court for presidential candidates.

In an attempt to quell the blowback from the former vice president fat-shaming the voter, a senior Biden campaign said that the candidate used the word “facts” instead of “fat” before launching into a tirade against the man.

The combative exchange occurred on the same day that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi berated a reporter on Capitol Hill for asking a question regarding Georgia Rep. Doug Collins during her weekly press conference.

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