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Liz Warren Raises Concerns Over President Trump’s Dinner with Zuckerberg

Warren seems all too happy to participate in Facebook’s obstruction fo the First Amendment, and is seemingly concerned about President Trump’s work to restore freedom online.



Throughout the entirety of Donald Trump’s presidency, there have been concerns regarding the tilt of the mainstream media, but also a shift in tactics being deployed by the leviathans of the social media scene as well.

It has been patently obvious that companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are being helmed by figures who find themselves on the left side of the political aisle, and, given the heightened state of agitation among the Democratic Party in the days following Trump’s electoral victory, these figures seemed unafraid of pursuing their political goals throughout their platforms.

This, quite simply put, is a violation of the First Amendment rights of many Americans, both constitutionally and ethically.

Now, as President Trump looks to turn the tide back into the favor of freedom its very self, Senator and presidential candidate Liz Warren is raising an objection.

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Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren tore into Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for attending a previously undisclosed meeting with President Trump at the White House in October, accusing the tech billionaire of intentionally cozying up to the administration as his company faces increased scrutiny from regulators and Democratic lawmakers.

“Amid antitrust scrutiny, Facebook is going on a charm offensive with Republican lawmakers,” Warren wrote in a series of tweets on Thursday. “And now, Mark Zuckerberg and one of Facebook’s board members—a major Trump donor—had a secret dinner with Trump. This is corruption, plain and simple.”

If elected next year, Warren said she “won’t cozy up to Facebook.”

“It’s time to root out corruption in Washington,” she said.

Warren is essentially telling the nation that the limits put on free speech by Facebook over the course of the last three years, particularly as it pertains to domestic American politics, should be the new norm despite the very obvious conflict that this creates with the constitution.


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Hillary’s Back in a Big Way as Bloomberg Veep Rumors Emerge

Then, all at once there was a loud and exasperated sigh coming from the left side of the aisle.  



For months there has been speculation as to whether or not Hillary Clinton was going to suddenly enter the 2020 presidential race.

It’s the perfect storyline for the Democrats:  They lose to Donald Trump in 2016, only to have the “resistance” tell them that they’re being terrorized for following three years.  Then, the woman who fell to Trump rises again to be his foible in a politically crafty move that puts her back into the West Wing.

The only problem is that this fantasy exists only in a tiny fragment of the Democratic Party, in the shallow end of the pool where the Clinton-ites still stick to their story at all costs.  The rest of the party has shunned Hillary, believing that her performance in 2016, (which included a rigging scandal), is sure to doom the their chances at defeating Trump in 2020.

Hillary has appeared unfazed by this glut of criticism, and has already begun to show signs of a possible entry into the race.  Now, we may have found her avenue.

Mike Bloomberg is considering making Hillary Clinton his running mate, a source close to his campaign has told Drudge Report.

Polling found the Bloomberg-Clinton combination would be a formidable force to take on Trump in the race for the White House, the source said.

Former New York City Mayor and Democratic candidate Bloomberg is said to be considering even changing his official residence from New York to Colorado or Florida – where he also has homes – because the electoral college makes it difficult for US president and vice-president to reside in the same state.

Then, all at once there was a loud and exasperated sigh coming from the left side of the aisle.  

If this is the route that Bloomberg goes, it will absolutely disintegrate whatever unity the party had going into the nomination process, as former Clinton believers splinter off to be with Her.

It’s not as though this was a totally unheard of possibility, however:


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The End is Nigh: Top Donor Says Joe Biden ‘Has No Chance,’ Urging Him to Quit Race

Joe Biden’s campaign for president is once again crashing and burning, and now a top Democrat donor wants him to get out.



Joe Biden’s campaign for president is once again crashing and burning, and now a top Democrat donor wants him to get out of the way so someone with a chance to win can benefit.

Of course, the media touted Biden as the automatic frontrunner when he first joined the race last year. But that was always an illusion built entirely on name recognition.

The problem Biden has is… Biden. This fool has run for president three other times officially, but he has also “explored” running for every presidential election since 1984. There hasn’t been one election in that time when he did not float himself as the Democrat nominee. And every single time he has gotten nowhere near the nomination.

The problem is that once voters see Biden on the stump, they realize he is a joke as a human being.

That is precisely what is happening once again in this race for 2020. Biden is crashing and burning and now some top donors are hoping he goes away and quick.

Biden was in New York City last week hoping to realize a quick influx of cash from deep pocketed donors. But things did not go well.

One big donor said that Biden is finished, according to PJ Media.

I feel sorry for Biden,” said Leon Cooperman, a billionaire hedge fund investor and Democrat fundraiser. “He should withdraw; he has no chance.”

Cooperman has come out in support of Bloomberg and says that Bernie Sanders is unelectable.

“Sanders is a communist and we are not ready for a communist or socialist as president,” Cooperman said.

Cooperman added that the Democrat Party does not want Sanders or Warren, either, because they are too far left and too antagonistic to a healthy economy. And with Joe Biden once again looking the fool, Cooperman thinks that the only alternative is a brokered convention and a Michael Bloomberg candidacy.

Whatever the Democrats end up doing, it is a fact that Joe Biden is already finished as a candidate for 2020. Biden is a loser. He will never win any election other than senator. He didn’t really even “win” election as vice president because people didn’t vote for Biden in 2008. They voted for Barack Obama. Biden’s vice presidency was a byproduct, not a main issue.

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Vegas Paper Weighs in on Bernie Sanders’ Polling Lead with Brutal Warning

You can almost see the smoke coming out of the ears of the Bernie Bros.



It would be foolish to believe that the Democratic Party has simply grown a heart in years following the 2016 election, and that they would be interested in actually abiding by the wishes of their constituents.

At least, that’s the opinion held by the supporters of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who watched in horror as their candidate was railroaded away from the 2016 presidential nomination at the behest of Hillary Clinton and the DNC.  Now, in 2020, they are on high alert, afraid that somehow, some way, the Democratic establishment will find a way to thwart them again.

Their paranoia certainly hasn’t been helped by an onslaught of media stories that appear complicit in the scheme to usurp Sanders.

The Las Vegas Weekly newspaper endorsed Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and former Vice President Joe Biden (D) this week and warned that nominating Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) would guarantee President Trump’s second term.

With the Nevada caucuses nearly a week away, the paper issued its official endorsement, touting both Klobuchar and Biden as candidates who “can beat the divisive and destructive incumbent in November.”

The paper briefly mentioned some of the other candidates who were under consideration but saved the harshest critique for Sanders, calling him a “clear non-starter.”

“Sanders is the only clear non-starter. It’s impossible not to regard the Vermont senator in a Trumplike mold—he seldom has shown an ability to build consensus and threatens to use executive orders extensively, just like Trump,” Las Vegas Weekly assessed.

Sanders was similarly attacked by longtime Democratic strategist and frequent on-air pundit James Carville, who claimed both that Bernie was leading “a cult” and is “a communist”.

The piece by the Las Vegas Weekly comes after Sanders handily won the New Hampshire primary, which boosted him to the national polling lead above longtime frontrunner Joe Biden.

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Bernie’s Latest Nat’l Polling Numbers Have Establishment Democrats Sweating

How are the Democrats going to pull this one off?



If there is one thing that the Democratic Party isn’t looking forward to, it’s the backlash from Bernie Sanders’ supporters when they will inevitably intervene to tank his chances at the 2020 nomination.

At least, that’s what the universe seems to be setting up for us to witness.  In 2016, it took known collusion between Hillary Clinton and the DNC to knock Bernie off, but this year, the democratic socialist from Vermont looks nigh unstoppable.

Following his narrow victory in New Hampshire’s Democratic presidential primary — his second successive strong showing in the party’s first nominating contests — Sen. Bernie Sanders opened up a double-digit lead over former Vice President Joe Biden and entrenched himself as the best-positioned candidate heading into next week’s Nevada caucuses.

According to a Morning Consult poll conducted Wednesday, the Vermont independent is the first choice for 29 percent of Democratic primary voters, up 4 percentage points since polling conducted Feb. 4-9. Biden’s support fell 3 points during that time to 19 percent, leaving him 1 point ahead of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Sanders supporters are wary, of course.

A field organizer for the Bernie campaign has even gone so far as to suggest that violence could occur should Sanders be cheated out of the nomination again.

It is clear that the Democratic establishment is none too fond of Sanders’ radical brand of liberalism, and they’ve been out in force to denounce him as of late.  James Carville, a longtime Democratic strategists and television personality has likened Bernie’s supporters as “a cult”, to which Sanders responded by insinuating that Carville is a “political hack”.


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Media Covers Up Joe Biden Telling Black Mayors that Black ‘Parents Can’t Read or Write’

Last year, Democrat hopeful Joe Biden told a group of black mayors that black parents can’t read or write.



Last year, Democrat hopeful Joe Biden told a group of black mayors that black parents can’t read or write. Imagine if a Republican had said that regardless of any context!

Biden was speaking to a group of black mayors in Georgia in 2019, but the media only bothered to cover these remarks now, with Joe Biden’s campaign for president all but coming to an early end.

When the media thought Biden was a strong frontrunner to depose Donald Trump in 2020, the media was all hush-hush about this news. But now that Biden’s viability in on the downturn and the media understands that it needs to pump up another candidate, all of a sudden, the New York Times is FINALLY ready to report on Biden’s comments.

You can bet that if Biden was still a strong candidate, all this would have been hushed up.

Per Business Insider:

The story, which detailed Biden’s precarious and unsteady positioning among South Carolina’s black voters after devastating losses in the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary, said that Biden’s literacy comment “shocked and frustrated many in the close-knit group.”

According to data on adult literacy from the National Center for Education Statistics from 2014, white Americans made up 33% of low-skilled adults, with Hispanic adults accounting for 35% of the group. That year, black Americans made up 23% of low-literacy adults.

In a statement to The Times, Biden’s campaign said, “The Vice President regularly talks about how his father’s experience has shaped the way he feels about and views the relationship between parents and their children’s learning.”

Again, imagine if a Republican had said that blacks can’t read or write?

Now, at some level, Biden has a point. Indeed, according to a 2009 study by the Department of Education, 50 percent of African Americans have a below average rate of literacy.

So, there is a great need for better educational opportunities for African Americans.

But the way Biden said it was in-artful, and, frankly, stupid. Good thing Biden is a Democrat, or he would have been buried a year ago when he said it!

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Coup Fail: Donald Trump SMASHING Fundraising Records

Looks like the attempted coup against President Donald Trump is failing miserably as Trump’s fundraising is setting records.



Looks like the attempted coup against President Donald Trump is failing miserably as Trump’s fundraising is setting records.

Yes, the Democrat attempt to over throw the 2016 election really has failed. Trump’s supporters are stronger than ever.

According to the Associated Press, Pro-Trump groups have raised over $60 million in January, and have more than $200 million on hand.

To compare, President Obama’s was praised as the best fundraiser in presidential history, but what Trump and his supporters have on hand is double what Obama had raised at this point in the campaign.

“The Republican National Committee and President Donald Trump’s campaign have raised more than $525 million since the start of 2019 together with two joint-fundraising committees,” the AP said.

“We already have 500,000 volunteers trained and activated, and this record-breaking support is helping us grow our grassroots army even more,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said.

Trump campaign chief Brad Parscale insisted that the Democrats’ “shameful impeachment hoax and dumpster fire primary process” has contributed to the “record-breaking financial support,” and adding, “With President Trump’s accomplishments, our massive data and ground operations and our strong fundraising numbers, this campaign is going to be unstoppable in 2020.”

The AP added that Trump has also been making serious gains with Internet efforts.

“The pro-Trump effort said it has gained more than 1 million new digital and direct mail donors since Democrats launched heir push to impeach Trump in September 2019,” the AP wrote.

All of this bodes very, very well for Trump’s re-election process.

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Sanders-Carville Feud Heats Up as Bernie Blasts Ragin’ Cajun as a ‘Hack’

The Dems are dragging some divisive energy into the 2020 election, and it doesn’t bode well for their chances against the juggernaut of the Trump campaign.



There seems to be a bit of an authoritarian streak running through the heart of the Democratic Party this week, as the establishment figures at the top of the pyramid lash out at Bernie Sanders and his throngs of supporters.

Bernie is riding a wave of “revolution” and revolt against the Democratic Deep State, ever since Wikileaks revealed collusion between the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC.  His supporters are a powerful force within the party, having demonstrated such by disavowing the Democrats in that election, allowing Donald Trump to the the White House.  The Democrats need the Bernie Bros and Babes, but they don’t want Bernie.  At all.

Longtime Democratic strategist and over-the-top LSU football fan James Carville has made this ever-so obvious with his not-so-subtle digs at Sanders.  The “Ragin’ Cajun” has insinuated that Bernie’s base is a “cult”, and has warned the Democratic Party to steer clear of the Vermont Senator’s brand of democratic socialism.

Now, Bernie has bitten back during an appearance on Anderson Cooper 360 this week.

Sanders said, “James, in all due respect, is a political hack, who said very terrible things when he was working for Clinton against Barack Obama. I think he said some of the same things. Look, we are taking on the establishment. This is no secret to anybody. We’re taking on the — I guess the former head of Goldman Sachs attacked me yesterday. … And the insurance companies don’t like me. And you know what, the pharmaceutical industry, which is charging us ten times more for the same drugs they sell in Canada, they don’t like me either. Nor does the fossil fuel industry. Because their product happens to be destroying our planet. Nor does the military-industrial complex, or the prison-industrial complex. We are taking on Trump, the Republican establishment, Carville, and the Democratic establishment.”

Dragging this divisive energy into the 2020 election isn’t a good look for the leftist establishment, especially as Trump appears to be transforming into a political juggernaut ahead of November.

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