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Left-Wing Medical Journal Claims Parents Who Won’t Allow Transgender Treatments are Child Abusers

A prominent medical journal says it is child abuse when parents won’t allow pre-teen children to undergo transgender sex changing treatments.



A prominent medical journal is now saying it is child abuse when parents won’t allow their pre-teen children to undergo transgender sex changing treatments.

According to a paper discussed in the recent issue of Journal of Medical Ethics, parents are attacked if they disagree with transgenderism. The article slams parents who disagree with dangerous experimental transgender drugs and add that the government should remove children from families that disagree with transgenderism.

According to the summary of the piece, the paper focuses on “how to proceed if a minor and their parents have disagreements concerning their gender-affirming medical care.” After studying “ethical, pediatric, adolescent and transgender health research,” the authors “discuss three potential avenues for providing gender-affirming care over parental disagreement: legal carve-outs to parental consent, the mature minor doctrine and state intervention for neglect.”

There’s more, PJ Media noted:

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The authors — professors and plastic surgeons in New York, Michigan, and Washington State — approach “this parent-child disagreement in a manner that prioritizes the developing autonomy of transgender youth in the decision-making process surrounding medically assisted gender affirmation.” In other words, the authors assume that if a child consistently insists that he or she is “really” a she or he, medical professionals should encourage that child to take experimental transgender drugs and be put on a path to surgery, even if the parents want to protect their child from taking this dangerous path.

The experimental drugs are “gender-affirming,” so the child’s “autonomy” outweighs the parents’ rights, even though the child is not legally considered old enough to vote or drink alcohol or be considered responsible for himself or herself.

So, that means the authors are claiming that parents are guilty of neglect if they won’t push their kids into dangerous transgender treatments.

“Neglect, as a medico-legal term, can be used to initiate an evaluation by Child Protective Services and remove a parent as a child’s legal guardian in the most severe instances,” the authors write in the full report. Citing pro-transgender literature, the authors claim that experimental medicine lowers depression and other high-risk behaviors among gender-confused young people.

“We conclude that situations where a parent prevents a minor from receiving treatments related to gender dysphoria violate the Harm Principle and justify state intervention,” the authors exclaim.

There is a lot more about this at PJMedia but imagine what this all means.

It is bad enough that some dangerous left-wing doctors think these things. But even worse, a respected medical journal sees nothing at all wrong with the ACTUAL child abuse of forcing prepubescent children being treated with untested, dangerous experimental drugs to change their gender!

We are quickly getting to a point where we simply cannot trust the medical establishment because they are pushing left-wing politics above medicine, science, and patient safety.

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Social Forces and the Media are Increasingly Fooling Girls Into Thinking They Are Transgender

It’s cool to be transgender. That is the message that our left-wing media culture is sending to our kids



It’s cool to be transgender. That is the message that our left-wing media culture is sending to our kids and the message is fooling a growing number of young girls into thinking they are really boys.

The numbers of girls claiming to be transgender boys has skyrocketed, but the big question is why.

According to Abigail Shrier:

Between 2016 and 2017, the number of gender surgeries for natal females in the US quadrupled; in the UK, the rates of gender dysphoria for teenage girls are up 4,400 percent over the previous decade. An ailment that typically began in early childhood, and overwhelmingly afflicted males, suddenly has a new dominant demographic: teenage girls.

But when Brown University public health researcher Lisa Littman began looking at the trends, she saw something shocking and horrifying.

Littman “noticed that a group of teen girls from her small town in Rhode Island — all from the same friend group — had come out as transgender,” Shrier wrote.

This makes it clear that peer pressure is fooling these girls into thinking they are transgender because all their friends are doing it. Littman found that turning trans acted like a contagion infecting many of the first girls’ friends.

Shrier has also seen the disturbing trend:

I have interviewed over four dozen families whose teen daughters became caught in this current. Their stories follow a pattern: A girl never expresses any discomfort with her biological sex until puberty, when anxiety and depression descend. The girl struggles to make friends. She immerses in social media and discovers transgender gurus. Or her school holds an assembly celebrating gender journeys, or hosts a Gay-Straight Alliance club pushing gender ideology. At first, she tries out a new name and pronouns. Her school encourages her, keeping all this a secret from her parents. Then, she wants more.

So many women were once “tomboys,” as I was — inhabiting femininity itchily, like the floral dress your mother made you wear. But “tomboy” doesn’t exist anymore, as any teenage girl will tell you. In its place is an endless litany of gender categories, from “agender” to “non-binary,” “gender fluid” to “trans.” Imperfectly feminine girls are encouraged to consider their options.

Sadly, all these dangerous influences are destroying the lives of these girls.

Several years after “turning transgender,” many realize what a mistake it was. But if they’ve undergone catastrophic surgeries, or dangerous drug therapies, many find their lives in ruins.

This social evil needs to end.

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Disastrous Ruling: U.S. Supreme Court OKays Transgender ‘Rights’ in Workplace

Once again a Republican-appointed Supreme Court Justice has stabbed us in the back, this time it is Neil Gorsuch who just OKayed special “rights” for transgenders.



Once again a Republican-appointed Supreme Court Justice has stabbed us in the back, this time it is Neil Gorsuch who just OKayed special “rights” for transgenders in the workplace.

On Monday, the Supreme Court (SOTUS) redefined the 1964 workplace sex discrimination law to cover “transgender” people who claim to have changed their sex.

This is an amazing ruling because it just made a mental disorder a protected “right.”

As Breitbart News explained:

The huge political decision follows a sustained lobbying campaign by gay and transgender groups, wealthy transgender activists, law school professors, and other elite groups. It was issued despite polls showing Americans prefer their laws and civic rules to recognize the different preferences and needs of men and women, boys and girls.

The court’s June 15 decision in Bostock vs. Clayton County, Georgia, will have far-reaching consequences outside the workplace, as progressives and transgender groups try to expand the decision to many other areas of society.

“There is only one word for what the Court has done today: legislation,” said a dissent by Justices Sam Alito and Clarence Thomas. “The document that the Court releases is in the form of a judicial opinion interpreting a statute, but that is deceptive.”

“Instead of a hard-earned victory won through the democratic process, today’s victory is brought about by judicial dictate—judges latching on to a novel form of living literalism to rewrite ordinary meaning and remake American law,” said another dissent by Justice Brett Kavanaugh. “Under the Constitution and laws of the United States, this Court is the wrong body to change American law in that way.”

Alito and Thomas had important points:

The effect of the Court’s reasoning may be to force young women to compete against students who have a very significant biological advantage, including students who have the size and strength of a male but identify as female and students who are taking male hormones in order to transition from female to male.


Housing. The Court’s decision may lead to Title IX cases against any college that resists assigning students of the opposite biological sex as roommates.


This problem is perhaps most acute when it comes to the employment of teachers. A school’s standards for its faculty “communicate a particular way of life to its students,” and a “violation by the faculty of those precepts” may undermine the school’s “moral teaching.”


Healthcare benefits may emerge as an intense battleground under the Court’s holding. Transgender employees have brought suit under Title VII to challenge employer-provided health insurance plans that do not cover costly sex reassignment surgery.56 Similar claims have been brought under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which broadly prohibits sex discrimination in the provision of healthcare.


Freedom of speech. The Court’s decision may even affect the way employers address their employees and the way teachers and school officials address students. Under established English usage, two sets of sex-specific singular personal pronouns are used to refer to someone in the third person (he, him, and his for males; she, her, and hers for females). But several different sets of gender-neutral pronouns have now been created and are preferred by some individuals who do not identify as falling into either of the two traditional categories.


The Court’s decision may also pressure employers to suppress any statements by employees expressing disapproval of same-sex relationships and sex reassignment procedures. Employers are already imposing such restrictions voluntarily,

Taken at face value, this new ruling eliminates an employer’s religious freedom.

Transgenderism is a mental disorder. It is not something that needs “rights.”

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Teen Claims that Mother Forced Him to be Transgender at the Age of 8

A 16-year-old boy now accuses his mother of forcing him to become transgender when he was only eight and that she “pimped him out” to gays.



A 16-year-old boy now accuses his mother of forcing him to become transgender when he was only eight and that she “pimped him out” to radical LGBTQ people.

The teen going by the name Lucas told the website that when he was a little boy he “didn’t know” who he was and that confusion left him open to be abused by his mother and by the gays with whom his mother forced him to associate.

“My parents met online on some, now defunct, dating website. My father is an Australian labour worker and my mother was working as a waitress in Los Angeles, California, at the time,” Lucas said.

“I grew up and went to school in Australia and everything was quite normal. I had a few friends and we’d hang out and play video-games or just mess around at the local part,” Lucas continued.

The teen said that his childhood was entirely normal until his parents split up. And then his mother lost her mind. Without his father in the home, his nut mother began forcing transgenderism on him.

“It sucked,” Lucas said of the move to America. “I was pulled out of school and was taken to a strange country where I had no friends. I wasn’t even allowed to talk to my dad. My mum didn’t even enroll me in school until I was 10… I had been living in America since I was 7!”

Lucas also said that his faux “transition” was made worse by his psycho mom’s constant badmouthing of his father and all men. She tried to make Lucas believe that his father beat him and called him homophobic slurs. But Lucas did not remember any of that.

“I don’t remember him being any of these things but hearing my grandma and mum talk about him like that made me hate him. They had painted an image of a monster and, for the longest time, I believed he was,” Lucas added.

“My mum would make me binge watch RuPaul’s Drag Race with her like all the time,” Lucas added. “Then one day she turned to me in the middle of an episode and told me that I’m special and not like the other kids. She asked if I identify more like her or like my dad… and from all of the terrible things I’d heard her say about my dad, I just responded, ‘like you, mum.'”

Then his mother started calling him Lucy.

“I was a bit confused. I didn’t know any Lucy. I actually didn’t really know many kids my age because mum hadn’t enrolled me in school yet. It took me a bit to figure out that I was Lucy, or at least that was the name my mum had given me,” he said.

“She made me grow my hair out. She put make up on me and put me in dresses,” he continued. “She called me Lucy. She was my mother, so I just believed her. I think she noticed that I was still confused because I didn’t act the way she wanted, so she’d just say, ‘do like the do on the show [RuPaul’s Drag Race].”

Sadly, his public school joined his crazy mother with the foolishness.

“I was a star, or least I felt like it,” he said. “The teachers absolutely adored me and used me as an example all the time. I got special treatment. I could never do any wrong. The other boys in my class didn’t bully me or anything. I guess I really enjoyed the attention, so I started to embrace it and play it up a bit.”

She then began taking him to gay clubs. And at one point she began trying to force him to go into private meetings with pedophiles.

“My mother wanted me to go visit him… ALONE! She told me she’d already set up a date for the two us and said it would be fun. ‘It’s just two queens going shopping and having fun, Lucy. Don’t be such a baby,’ she said. I refused. I cried. I screamed,” he said of one man she wanted him to visit.

His mother also made him watch pornography.

Lucas also says that once he came to his senses, he has tried to tell his story, but most websites and news agencies have refused to even hear him out.

“I have sent this story to many websites and none of them have published it. I feel like I need to share this especially after learning about Desmond. I think our experiences could be very similar, and hopefully this could help some people are going through the same thing,” he said.

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U.S. Navy Celebrates Its First Transgender Sailor

The Navy has approved its first transgender sailor after a lawsuit was filed in March by a trans person demanding to be accepted.



The U.S. Navy has approved its first transgender sailor after a lawsuit was filed in March by a trans person demanding to be accepted.

The Navy did not name the sailor but noted that the service member originally joined the Navy several years ago as a man, but now claims to be a transgender woman.

The man-turned-woman was facing involuntary discharge after announcing his “transition” into a woman, according to a March 18 press release by the radical gay activist group, National Center for Lesbian Rights.

“The acting Secretary of the Navy has approved a specific request for exemption related to military service by transgender persons and persons with gender dysphoria,” Navy spokeswoman Lt. Brittany Stephens told CNN.

Stephens added that “this service member requested a waiver to serve in their preferred gender, to include obtaining a gender marker change in (the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System) and being allowed to adhere to standards associated with their preferred gender, such as uniforms and grooming.”

Naturally, it wasn’t enough for radical gay activist group GLAD.

“While we are relieved that our client, a highly qualified Naval officer, will be able to continue her service, there are other equally qualified transgender service members who have sought waivers and are still in limbo, despite being perfectly fit to serve,” said Jennifer Levi, the director of GLAD’s Transgender Rights Project, on Friday.

The Navy accepted the “new” gender proclamation despite orders from the Pentagon to block transgenders from serving openly under their assumed gender.

But a federal judge blocked the military from implementing the transgender ban and the House of Representatives also refused to fund the ban.

Indeed, the Pentagon admitted that the first transgender recruit was signed on in 2018.

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Transgender ‘Man’ Who Gave Birth Loses Fight to Be Named Child’s Father on Birth Certificate

A transgender “man” who gave birth but who is biologically a woman lost her her bid to be named the child’s father on the birth certificate.



A transgender “man” who gave birth but who is biologically a woman lost her her bid to be named the child’s “father” on the birth certificate.

The trans person named Freddy McConnell took the British government to court over a rule that states that anyone who gives birth to a child must be named a mother on official paperwork.

McConnell appealed the court’s ruling, but lost, according to the Guardian.

Now, the 34-year-old freelance journalist plans to take the case to the U.K.’s Supreme Court, promising that his fight is “just not over.”

Still, Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett ruled that McConnell had to be identified as the mother according to the country’s Gender Recognition Act. The judge also pointed out that the law did not prevent McConnell from living in whatever way she wants to live.

After McConnell gave birth, the government insisted she cannot be called a father.

“Being a ‘mother,’ whilst hitherto always associated with being female, is the status afforded to a person who undergoes the physical and biological process of carrying a pregnancy and giving birth,” said Andrew McFarlane, president of the high court’s family division, and reiterated that there is a “material difference between a person’s gender and their status as a parent.”

Indeed, McConnell pretty much proved she is living a lie.

She claims to be a man, yet just by stopping the ingestion of hormones, she was able to become pregnant. I don’t think a real man could do that, do you?

Seems to me that the government finally got something correct.

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Kiddy Cable Network Nickelodeon Celebrating Transgender ‘Truth’ Day

Do you let your kids watch the Nickelodeon cable network? If so they are being inundated with the normalization of Transgenderism.



Do you let your kids watch the Nickelodeon cable network? If so they are being inundated with the normalization of Transgenderism.

Last week, the kiddy cabler told fans it was celebrating the “Trans Day of Visibility.”

The home of SpongeBob SquarePants and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles posted a baby-blue, pink, and white flag on Twitter while announcing support for transgender people around the world.

“Today is International #TransDayOfVisibility,” the network tweeted. “We’re celebrating transgender people around the world and the courage it takes to live their truth #TDOV.”

Many of the network’s fans loved the celebration of the mental illness that is transgenderism.

But the tweet also drew a lot of negative comments:

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Transgenders Furious that Dangerous ‘Transition’ Surgery Deemed Non-Essential during Coronavirus Scare

Transgender activists are furious that their dangerous “transition” surgeries have been cancelled as “non-essential” procedures.



Transgender activists are furious that their dangerous “transition” surgeries have been cancelled as “non-essential” procedures during this coronavirus shutdown, according to reports.

Hospitals have responded to the virus by cancelling all sorts of elective, and non-life saving surgeries as hospitals gear up for the expected influx of patients suffering from the coronavirus.

So far, of course, few hospitals have been burdened by the virus, but they all have leaned toward the “better safe than sorry” mode of preparedness.

So-called “gender reassignment” surgery is entirely unnecessary — maybe even dangerous — and so these procedures have been cancelled all across the country.

But leftists are crying foul over the cancellations.

“This underscores a common experience amongst trans people seeking medical care or surgery: Research has suggested that gender-affirming surgery, in particular, has a notable and long-term impact on mental health, but far too often, trans people already wait far longer than is safe or healthy for this care,” left-wing site VICE reports. “Further delays can be dangerous and even life-threatening.”

VICE went on to cry in their beer that trans patients are experiencing “stress” and “anxiety” over their cancelled surgeries.

Cry us a river.

Even worse for the leftists, abortion procedures are also being cancelled in places across the country.

The National Abortion Federation, for one, is just as furious as the trans people.

After the state of Ohio moved to cancel abortions, the group went on the attack.

“Abortion is provided for almost one in five pregnancies in the United States, as part of the continuum of pregnancy care,” the group said in a statement. “It is an essential health service. An individual and family decide to end a pregnancy for a complex constellation of reasons that include the impact of pregnancy and birth on their health, ability to work, and strained economic circumstances. These are conditions that do not go away—and are likely heightened—in pandemic conditions. Denying or deferring abortion care places an immediate burden on patients, their families, and the health system, and can have profound and lasting consequences.”

So far, Ohio has ignored their whining. as well they should.

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