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Jeffrey Epstein Guards Arrested, Charged with ‘Failing’ to Implement Jail Procedure

Two jail guards who were responsible for checking on the well-being of close Clinton pal and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein have been arrested for failing to perform the routine checks on his safety.



Two jail guards who were responsible for checking on the well-being of close Clinton pal and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein have been arrested for failing to perform the routine checks on his safety.

The two guards have also been charged with falsifying records covering their duties at the jail.

The two federal Bureau of Prisons employees, Tova Noel and Michael Thomas, were taken into custody early Tuesday, according to the Daily Mail.

The guards were supposed to check on Epstein every half hour in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City, but they now stand accused of failing to perform that duty during the very hours when Epstein died in his cell.

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The arrested officers were charged early on Tuesday in the U.S. District Court in Manhattan.

The arrests came as Bureau of Prisons director Kathleen Hawk Sawyer testified in front of a Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday where she confirmed that the FBI is investigating the possibility of “criminal enterprise” in connection with Epstein’s death, the Mail claimed.

The very close Bill Clinton buddy, who was already convicted of sexually molesting minors in a previous case, was in jail awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges when he was found dead in his jail cell.

But Epstein turned up dead in his cell on August 10. The initial determination of the cause of death is “suicide,” but few are satisfied with that cause of death determination.

Indeed, a former medical examiner says that the injuries that killed convicted child molester and close Clinton pal Jeffrey Epstein is more consistent with a murder than a suicide.

Dr. Michael Baden, a former New York City medical examiner, has pointed out that the injuries Epstein received in his jail cell is more likely the result of an attack and murder as opposed to a suicide by hanging.

The doctor noted that Epstein had two fractures on the left and right sides of his larynx, specifically the thyroid cartilage or Adam’s apple, as well as one fracture on the left hyoid bone above the Adam’s apple.

“Those three fractures are extremely unusual in suicidal hangings and could occur much more commonly in homicidal strangulation,” the doctor said.

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James Comey Suddenly Admits He ‘Was Wrong’ On FISA Abuse

Crooked cop James Comey has finally admitted that he and Obama’s FBI acted improperly with the FISA filings against the Trump campaign.



Crooked cop James Comey has finally admitted that he and Obama’s FBI acted improperly with the FISA filings against Trump now that Inspector General Michael Horowitz has proven him “wrong.”

By “wrong,” you can understand that he is admitting he is a liar. But he only admitted to having been somehow “fooled” by the FBI’s “process” that he “trusted.”

But, hey, that is a step in the right direction. It’s that whole “the first step is to admit you have a problem” thing, as the saying goes.

“He’s right, I was wrong,” Comey said about the FBI’s abuse of the FISA process. “I was overconfident as director in our procedures,” and that what happened “was not acceptable.”

As Fox News Explained:

This comes days after Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report and testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee detailed concerns that included 17 “significant errors and omissions” by the FBI’s investigative team when applying for a FISA warrant to monitor former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. Horowitz referred “the entire chain of command” to the FBI and DOJ for “how to assess and address their performance failures” during the probe, which was conducted while Comey was in charge.

By “flawed,” Horowitz meant utterly corrupt.

What Obama’s corrupt FBI did was use the fake “Steele Dossier” upon which to base all its requests to spy on the Trump campaign.

Here are the facts on that fake dossier: It was a fantasy filled with lies written by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. This fake document was then sent to the media to leak. The leaks were then used as “evidence” by Obama’s corrupt FBI to “prove” the need to spy on Trump. The corrupt FBI did not tell the spy court that the dossier was a fabrication. nor did the FBI tell the secret court that they both knew it was a fabrication and also knew its origin. The crooked FBI only told the court this “evidence” was “proof” of something the FBI needed to “investigate.”

This is 100% a coup against a duly elected president of the United States all because the criminal Democrat Party does not like him.

But, hey, at least Comey just admitted he is a crook.

Despite Comey’s sudden realization that he was “wrong,” former congressman Trey Gowdy pointed out that his soft contrition is just a bit too late.

“I think this morning Comey admitted he was wrong. Sometimes, Maria, it’s better late than never, and sometimes it’s just too damn late,” Gowdy said in an interview with Maria Bartiromo.

“We could have used his objectivity, as head of the FBI helping Republicans figure out what was happening with FISA instead of thwarting us and obstructing us,” Gowdy added.

“He said it was policy and procedure issue,” he concluded. “It’s not, Maria. There always has been policies against manufacturing evidence and withholding exculpatory evidence — that’s not new. This is a personnel issue. It’s the wrong people in the wrong positions of power. That’s not going to be fixed with a new policy or procedures. It’s going to be fixed by replacing the people who did what they did in 2016.”

That’s about right.

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White Teen Beaten on School Bus for Wearing Donald Trump MAGA Hat

A 14-year-old white boy was beaten bloody by black students on a Florida school bus all because the boy dared to wear a red Donald Trump MAGA hat.



A 14-year-old white boy was beaten bloody by black students on a Florida school bus all because the boy dared to wear a red Donald Trump MAGA hat to school.

The attack occurred last month in Hamilton County, Florida, when two black girls and three boys attacked a boy being identified only as Tyler.

The boy’s mother released a segment of a video showing the brutal beat down her son withstood.

“I am sitting in the hospital with my 14-year-old kid because he was just jumped by 8 black kids on the school bus, I guess that’s what happens when a kid wears a #Trump hat to school. And who’s the violent ones again? Earlier today they poured milk all over his head,” the woman tweeted on November 21.

The woman noted that her son bought the Trump hat with his own money at a flea market.

“He was proud to wear it,”the woman added. “He wore it to school, but due to immediate bullying he put it away & didn’t wear it to school again, sadly the damage was already done & was now a target.”

The aggrieved mom called this a crime:

The attack over Tyler’s political beliefs is simply “not acceptable,” Walker said.

The teen’s mother, meanwhile, said his attackers “tried to beat his head soft” and insisted the incident was racially motivated.

“Plain and simple this was a hate crime and attempted murder according to the state of Florida since it was over three kids that jumped him and these kids are older and larger,” she tweeted after the attack. “Thankfully my son got into the fetal position and held his hands over his head — he’s got defensive wounds.”

The school, though, denies that the Trump hat played a part in the attack, and said the fight was “isolated.”

“Five juveniles have been charged with first-degree misdemeanor battery in the incident, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office announced Friday, while citing ‘some misinformation’ that was shared along with the video,” the New York Post reported.

Regardless, what we see here is that anti-Trumpers are the dangerous ones.

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Media Ignores Terror Attack on Jews in New Jersey Kosher Market

Half a dozen dead Jews from a terror attack mounted by black terrorists does not interest the American media.



Nearly half a dozen dead Jews from a terror attack mounted by black terrorists does not interest the American media.

On Tuesday, two black members of a dangerous, radical hate group called the “Black Israelites” attacked a Kosher market in Jersey City, New Jersey. When it was all over three shoppers and one police officer was dead along with the two terrorists.

The Democrats running Jersey City are running away from the truth by claiming they can’t understand the motives of the black man and woman that opened fire in the market, even though an anti-Semitic manifesto was found in the van they drove to get to the site of their terror attack.

“At the time of the incident yesterday, it was difficult to understand intent and there’s still a lot of questions around that, but after reviewing the CCTV cameras on the Jersey City side, we do feel comfortable that it was a targeted attack on the Jewish kosher deli across the street here,” Mayor Steven Fulop said from outside the market, Fox News reported.

“We can see the van moving through Jersey City streets slowly, the perpetrator stopped in front of there, calmly opened the door with two long rifles, him and the other perpetrator, and began firing from the street into the facility,” Fulop added about surveillance video of the attack.

“I didn’t use the word anti-Semitic. Anything else is open for investigation,” the leftist mayor insisted.

Naturally, the media is following right along with Fulop’s reticence to identify this attack as a terror attack.

The terrorists, identified as David Anderson and Francine Graham, are followers of the racist Black Hebrew Israelite movement and may be connected to at least one other murder case, NBC 4 reported.

Anderson has a long criminal record and was implocated in another murder case:

New Jersey Department of Corrections records show that Anderson faced weapons offenses in 2004, 2007 and 2011 and spent time in jail.

He also faced a criminal mischief charge in Ohio in 2009, according to court records.

New Jersey law enforcement leaders confirmed Wednesday afternoon Graham and Anderson were the prime suspects in a Bayonne homicide that authorities in Jersey City also had been investigating.

The fact is, despite the government’s and media’s fear of calling this a hate crime or an act of terror, this is a terror attack by two radical, racist, black nationalists against Jews.

Disgustingly, a video caught some people standing near the site of the massacre blaming the victims for their own deaths:

Look for the media to ignore this terror attack from this point forward because black terrorists do not fit the media’s whites-are-evil template.

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The 17 ‘Inaccuracies And Omissions’ by the FBI in the IG Report



With the Department of Justice (DOJ) inspector general’s report now public, it has been learned that the FBI lied to the FISA Court to get permission to go to war against Donald Trump.

In his 476-page report, Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz reveals that the FBI lied saying that Carter Page was a Russian agent, but also falsely claimed that an unnamed intelligence agency had told the FBI that Page was “not a source” in their efforts to surveil and curtail Russian intelligence efforts.

According to the report, Obama’s crooked FBI withheld key information about its target, Trump campaign operative Carter Page.

The IG report found 17 specific lies the FBI told to get its illicit approval to spy on Page and Trump.

Here are the 17 FBI lies detailed in the IG report:

• Omitted information from another U.S. government agency detailing its prior relationship with Page, including that Page had been approved as an operational contact for the other agency from 2008 to 2013, and that Page had provided information to the other agency concerning his prior contacts with certain Russian intelligence officers, one of which overlapped with facts asserted in the FISA application;

• Included a source characterization statement asserting that Steele’s prior reporting had been “corroborated and used in criminal proceedings,” which overstated the significance of Steele’s past reporting and was not approved by Steele’s FBI handling agent, as required by the Woods Procedures;

• Omitted information relevant to the reliability of Person 1, a key Steele sub-source (who, as previously noted, was attributed with providing the information in Report 95 and some of the information in Reports 80 and 102 relied upon in the application), namely that (1) Steele himself told members of the Crossfire Hurricane team that Person 1 was a “boaster” and an “egoist” and “may engage in some embellishment” and (2) [redacted]

• Asserted that the FBI had assessed that Steele did not directly provide to the press information in the September 23 Yahoo News article, based on the premise that Steele had told the FBI that he only shared his election-related research with the FBI and [Fusion GPS Founder Glenn] Simpson; this premise was factually incorrect (Steele had provided direct information to Yahoo News) and also contradicted by documentation in the Woods File-Steele had told the FBI that he also gave his information to the State Department;

• Omitted Papadopoulos’s statements to an FBI CHS in September 2016 denying that anyone associated with the Trump campaign was collaborating with Russia or with outside groups like WikiLeaks in the release of emails;

• Omitted Page’s statements to an FBI CHS [Confidential Human Source] in August 2016 that Page had “literally never met” or “said one word to” Paul Manafort and that Manafort had not responded to any of Page’s emails; if true, those statements were in tension with claims in Steele’s Report 95 that Page was participating in a “conspiracy” with Russia by acting as an intermediary for Manafort on behalf of the Trump campaign; and

• Selectively included Page’s statements to an FBI CHS in October 2016 that the FBI believed supported its theory that Page was an agent of Russia but omitted other statements Page made, including denying having met with Sechin and Divyekin, or even knowing who Divyekin was; if true, those statements contradicted the claims in Steele’s Report 94 that Page had met secretly with Sechin and Divyekin about future cooperation with Russia and shared derogatory information about candidate Clinton.

• Omitted the fact that Steele’s Primary Sub-source, who the FBI found credible, had made statements in January 2017 raising significant questions about the reliability of allegations included in the FISA applications, including, for example, that he/she had no discussion with Person 1 concerning WikiLeaks and there was “nothing bad” about the communications between the Kremlin and the Trump team, and that he/she did not report to Steele in July 2016 that Page had met with Sechin;

• Omitted Page’s prior relationship with another U.S. government agency, despite being reminded by the other agency in June 2017, prior to the filing of the final renewal application, about Page’s past status with that other agency; instead of including this information in the final renewal application, the FBI OGC [Office of the General Counsel] Attorney altered an email from the other agency so that the email stated that Page was “not a source” for the other agency, which the FBI affiant relied upon in signing the final renewal application;

• Omitted information provided by persons with direct knowledge of Steele’s work-related performance in a prior position about Steele’s professional judgment, including statements that Steele had held a “moderately senior” position (not “high-ranking” as noted in the applications), had no history of reporting in bad faith but demonstrated “poor judgment,” “pursued people with political risk but no intelligence value,” “didn’t always exercise great judgment,” and it was “not clear what he would have done to validate” his reporting;

• Omitted information from Department attorney Bruce Ohr about Steele and his election reporting, including that (1) Steele’s reporting was going to Clinton’s presidential campaign and others, (2) Simpson was paying Steele to discuss his reporting with the media, and (3) Steele was “desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being the U.S. President”;

• Failed to update the description of Steele after information became known to the Crossfire Hurricane team, not only from Ohr but from others, that provided greater clarity on the political origins and connections of Steele’s reporting, including that Simpson was hired by someone associated with the Democratic Party and/or the DNC;

• Failed to correct the assertion in the first FISA application that the FBI did not believe that Steele directly provided information to the reporter who wrote the September 23 Yahoo News article, even though there was no information in the Woods File to support this claim and even after certain FBI officials involved in Crossfire Hurricane learned in 2017, before the third renewal application, of an admission that Steele made in a court filing about his interactions with the news media in the late summer and early fall of 2016;

• Omitted the finding from a formal FBI source validation report that Steele was suitable for continued operation but that his past contributions to the FBI’s criminal program had been “minimally corroborated,” and instead continued to assert in the source characterization statement that Steele’s prior reporting had been “corroborated and used in criminal proceedings”;

• Omitted Papadopoulos’s statements to an FBI CHS in late October 2016 (after the first application was filed) denying that the Trump campaign was involved in the circumstances of the DNC email hack;

• Omitted Joseph Mifsud’s denials to the FBI that he supplied Papadopoulos with the information Papadopoulos shared with the FFG (suggesting that the campaign received an offer or suggestion of assistance from Russia); and

• Omitted evidence indicating that Page played no role in the Republican platform change on Russia’s annexation of Ukraine as alleged in Steele Report 95, which was inconsistent with a factual assertion relied upon to support probable cause in all four FISA applications.

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Shooter at Pensacola a Terrorist Who Skirted Gun Laws, Hosted Hate America Party

Investigators now say that the Saudi citizen who attacked the U.S. naval base in Florida likely perpetrated an act of terrorism on his own.



Investigators now say that the Saudi citizen who attacked the U.S. naval base in Florida likely perpetrated an act of terrorism on his own. No arrests have been made in connection with the incident. Officials also revealed that a Saudi student recorded part of the attack on video.

Fox News Noted:

Mohammed Alshamrani, a 2nd Lt. in the Royal Saudi Air Force and student naval flight officer of Naval Aviation Schools Command, opened fire at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida before being shot dead. Alshamrani killed three people Friday and wounded eight others, who are all expected to recover.

Now the investigation is starting to report results.

On Sunday, FBI Special Agent-In-Charge Rachel Rojas assured the country that all the foreign students at the U.S. military training center in Pensacola are accounted for and the remaining Saudi students are cooperating in the investigation.

“We are, as we do in most active-shooter investigations, work with the presumption that this was an act of terrorism,” Rojas said during a press conference.

The reported killer, Saudi Arabian national and student Alshamrani, was reported as having hosted a dinner party where extreme anti-American sentiment was expressed.

Alshamrani, 21, reportedly hosted a diner party before the attack where he showed mass shooting videos, according to the New York Times.

He is also reported as having a great number of anti-American posts on social media.

FBI officials said that three other Saudi students at the school attended the party and were on hand as Alshamrani opened fire. One was reportedly shooting video during the shooting, and the other two were in a car nearby, Fox News reported.

Government investigators also reported that in total, ten Saudi students are now being detained as the investigation continues.

Federal officials are still reluctant to say outright that the Muslim student is a terrorist.

“This is a large investigation,” Rojas insisted. “We have not yet completed every interview. We will continue to set up many more interviews over the next couple of days.”

“I can tell you that we are looking very hard at uncovering his motive and I would ask for patience so we can get this right,” she concluded.

But, no one is fooled.

Finally, according to the Daily Mail, Alshamrani skirted U.S. gun laws to obtain his firearm despite not being legally allowed to purchase a gun in the U.S.A.

When he bought his gun at a Pensacola gun store, he presented his state-issued hunting license, but didn’t tell the gun store owner that he was not a U.S. citizen. Non-citizens are not legally able to buy a gun.

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19 Dead as Drug Cartel Army Fights Pitched Battle with Mexican Military and Police Forces

Dozens of drug cartel soldiers attacked the city of Villa Union, Mexico, only 40 miles south of the U.S. border, leaving 19 dead.



Dozens of drug cartel soldiers attacked the city of Villa Union, Mexico, only 40 miles south of the U.S. border, and fought a pitched battle with members of the Mexican military and local police in a fight that left at least 19 dead.

The criminal army opened fire at around noon on Saturday, just one small battle among many as the cartels splinter and fight each other for control of the drug trade, according to the Washington Post.

Mexican officials said that the attack was carried out by the Cartel of Northeast, a splinter group of the once supremely powerful Zetas cartel, which is based in the town of Nuevo Laredo. The Zetas are at war with the spin off groups in and around the state of Tamaulipas.

Mexican media said that the cartel soldiers flooded into the town in armored trucks bearing their cartel logo.

The criminal army opened fire at the city’s town hall, peppering its facade with automatic weapons fire. This leg of the attack lasted around 90 minutes, according to citizens of the town.

Mexican soldiers and local police then joined forces to track the soldiers into the surrounding countryside and engage them outside the city.

According to a government report, the dead included 13 members of the cartel and two civilians who had been kidnapped from Villa Union.

It was not immediately clear when Villa Union was targeted, and the state of Coahuila, where the city is located, had been clear of cartel violence for the last few years.

As the Post reported:

The attack in Villa Union was the latest in a series of assaults that highlighted the expanding grip of organized crime. In October, Sinaloa Cartel gunmen virtually took control of the city of Culiacan to free the son of Sinaloa cartel druglord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. They were successful — authorities soon released Ovidio Guzmán.

Weeks later, gunmen killed nine members of the LeBaron family, Mormons who hold dual U.S.-Mexican citizenship. Mexican authorities say the family apparently was caught in the midst of a fight for territorial control involving offshoots of the Juárez and Sinaloa cartels when three mothers and six children were shot to death outside La Mora in Sonora state.

This month, President Donald Trump said that he is working to get Mexico’s drug cartels designated as terrorist outfits, a move the Mexican government opposes.

The president cited not just the obscene violence perpetrated by the cartels but also their acts of human trafficking.

“They will be designated … I have been working on that for the last 90 days. You know, designation is not that easy, you have to go through a process, and we are well into that process,” Trump said in an interview with Bill O’Reilly that aired on Tuesday, according to Reuters wire service.

Trump has already urged the Mexican government to go after the cartels.

Trump’s tweets came on the heels of the murders of nine members of an American family that were gunned down by a drug cartel on the Mexican side of the border.

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Three Women Have Accused Dem. Impeachment Witness Gordon Sondland Of Sexual Misconduct

Three women have come forward to accuse U.S. Ambassador Gordon Sondland, one of the Democrat’s star impeachment witnesses, of sexual misconduct.



Three women have come forward to accuse one of the Democrat’s star impeachment witnesses, U.S. Ambassador Gordon Sondland, of sexual misconduct.

The women have levied accusations including unwanted kissing, touching, and even assault. The women all met Sondland under different professional situations.

According to the Portland Monthly the three women said that Sondland, a wealthy hotel owner from Seattle, retaliated against them professionally after he improperly approached them.

Jana Solis, one of the accusers, said that Sondland assaulted her in 2008 when she approached him looking for work at his hotel.

She accused Sondland of unwanted touching, including slapping her on the rear during what was supposed to be a business meeting.

Solis also said that she accompanied Sondland to his home to “look at his art collection” (Yes, really). While there, Solis says Sondland exposed himself to her.

During another business meeting, Solis says Sondland forcibly kissed her.

A second woman, Nicole Vogel,, claims that Sondland tried to kiss her when she met with him in hopes that he would invest in her magazine project.

When she declined his advances, Vogel said Sondland abruptly stopped taking her meetings for the investment.

Sondland denies all accusations.

“These untrue claims of unwanted touching and kissing are concocted and, I believe, coordinated for political purposes,” Sondland said.

“They have no basis in fact and I categorically deny them,” he added.

Sondland raised Democrat hopes that with his testimony they finally had enough proof of some sort of misdeeds by the president. But is testimony ended up being very contradictory.

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