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Illinois Sheriffs Begin Publicly Rebuking Governor’s Lockdown Orders

Things are getting litigious and loud in the Land of Lincoln!



The great debate in America this week revolves around whether or not we are ready to reopen, and, more specifically, if a blanket approach is going to be more effective than a nuanced, local approach to these decisions.

In recent days, protests have erupted in places like Michigan and Ohio, where the infection rate for COVID-19 has been low from the get-go, but allegedly overzealous politicians have made it nearly impossible for small business owners to keep their doors open.

Just slightly southwest of the Wolverine State, in Illinois, a number of local law enforcement agencies are weighing in on Governor J.B. Pritzker’s lockdown orders…and it hasn’t been pretty.

Sheriff James Mendrick of DuPage County, Illinois, for instance, told his constituents he had no intention of enforcing Pritzker’s order to fine and arrest violators of the gov’s lockdown orders.

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“I just can’t do this anymore. I stand with our citizens and businesses of DuPage County who have offered no trouble or no resistance to any rule we put upon them, no matter how strange.,” Sheriff Mendrick wrote in a Facebook post.

“I will not victimize lawful residents of DuPage County trying to put food on their children’s table. I’m so proud of our DuPage citizens who have done everything right from the beginning. All I can say is thank you,” he added.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Kendall County Sheriff Dwight Baird joined Mendrick and let his county know that he had no intention of sending police to break up gatherings, take out weddings, or shut down businesses because in his opinion, “the Governor’s Executive Order is not a law.”

Gibson City, a town in central Illinois, also announced they would not be enforcing Pritker’s orders.

“After careful consideration, the Gibson City Police Department will not be making any criminal misdemeanor arrests of individuals or business owners for violations of temporary rules of Executive Orders, the town said in a statement on Wednesday.

Several business owners in Illinois have already threatened lawsuits against the state on account of these arbitrary ordinances, which may have affected the stance that these local law enforcement agencies have taken.

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Calif. Gov. Newsom Shuts Down State’s Wineries for July 4th–But Not the Ones HE Owns

CA Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered most of the state’s wineries shut down over but is allowing the ones HE owns to stay open.



California Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered most of the state’s wineries shut down over his COVID-19 obsession, but curiously enough he is allowing the ones HE owns to stay open.

That isn’t at all shady, huh?

Newsom has been ramping up his draconian lockdowns of the state’s economy over his coronavirus hysteria, and this week, the state’s supreme ruler ordered all wineries to be shuttered for the Independence Day holiday.

But, yeah, he somehow left the ones HE owns remaining open!

The new shutdown order affects 70 percent of the state’s multibillion-dollar wine industry across 19 counties. But he also ruled that the wine businesses in San Diego County, most of the Central Valley, and suburban counties between San Francisco and Sacramento could remain open.

As it turns out, the four wineries Newsom owns just happens to be in Napa County, an area he ruled was suddenly COVID free enough to remain open during the busy July 4th weekend.

That is just by a wild coincidence, we are sure.

Per RedState:

Newsom founded PlumpJack back in 1992 with a family friend, Gordon Getty, starting with a wine store in San Francisco and expanding to the winery a few years later. Eventually they formed the PlumpJack Group, which has multiple wineries, retail stores, restaurants, and a Squaw Valley resort in its portfolio. Its president is Newsom’s sister, Hillary.

His bio on the winery site reads:

“In 1992, Gavin Newsom opened his first business, PlumpJack Wines, combining his passion for wine and his driving entrepreneurial spirit. Over the next decade, the PlumpJack Group began to grow under his leadership to include many of the restaurants, wineries, and retail establishments in the current portfolio. In 2003, Newsom was elected the 42nd Mayor of San Francisco, and in 2019 was sworn in as the Governor of California. He lives with his wife and First Partner, Jennifer Siebel-Newsom, along with their four children in Sacramento, California.”

Granted these businesses are now in a blind trust since he took office.

But that doesn’t matter. After all, he knows damn well that his wineries are in the zone he OK’d to stay open!

But… you know… it’s all about science.

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VIDEO: Man DESTROYS County Board Over Dangerous Lockdowns and Foolish Mask Rules

John Ziegler utterly roasted the Ventura County Board of Supervisors for its outrageous lies about masks and its dangerous lockdown orders.



Radio talk host John Ziegler utterly roasted the Ventura County Board of Supervisors for its outrageous lies about masks and its useless and dangerous lockdown orders.

Ziegler was able to get a two-minute slot to speak at the June 23 Board of Supervisors meeting and in that two minutes he flayed the hypocrisy and lies being disgorged by the board to justify their coronavirus rules.

Ventura County didn’t do anything special, either. Their rules were just as bad as nearly every other officious governing body across the U.S.

“After waiting two hours and now getting two minutes, I’ll get right to the point, Ziegler said speaking through his county-mandated medical mask.

“This board is pretending,” he began, “that in the last three months, your emperor, Dr. [Robert] Levin [the Ventura County Health Officer and Medical Director] has not been against a mask declaration. ”

“Now all of a sudden we are pretending that masks are everything, even forcing speakers to use masks,” he continued.

“I would like the board to take a position, Ziegler added. “Was Dr. Levin wrong for those three months [when he opposed mandatory mask wearing]? And if he was this wrong, why has he not been removed? Why has he not been fired for being so catastrophically wrong?”

“Or, do you not really believe he was wrong, you’re just wearing these masks because it is a signal of your great virtue,” he thundered.

“Because for the last three months we have not worn them and Ventura County has done outstandingly well and continues to do outstandingly well because we are not Los Angeles, we are not New York City, we never were going to be any of those things,” he exclaimed.

“Ironically this is one of the few things Dr. Levin was actually right about,” Ziegler went on. “He has been wrong about everything. He is the one that told us we would have four to six hundred hospitalizations a day. He revised that to two for four hundred a day. We still haven’t reached that in one day. We’re barely over two hundred for the entire ordeal that you guys have put us through.”

“We now have a panic of over 51total hospitalizations in a county with eight hospitals! Can you people do mat?” he asked incredulous. “Can you please do basic math, and understand where we are on this? This is not a crisis. You, however, have created one.”

“You, in an effort to prevent all death — and we’ve had 43 deaths — have now ended all relevant life. And you should all be ashamed of yourselves,” Ziegler said pointing to each member of the board. And this will never be forgotten, EVER be forgotten. You will all be held accountable eventually. In this life, or the next. You all better HOPE there’s no Hell, because when you die, that’s where you’re going. And guess what, you’re not going to be dying of COVID, either. Thank you.”

Oh, boy is that dead on.

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Wisconsin Mayor Denies COVID Relief Funds to Business Owner Who Attended Freedom Rally

A Wisconsin mayor denied an application for COVID-19 relief money to a business owner because she had attended a freedom rally.



A Wisconsin mayor denied an application for COVID-19 relief money to a business owner because she had attended a freedom rally protesting lockdowns at the state capitol.

Dimple Navratil, co-owner of Dimple’s Fine Imports, which for 21 years has occupied a spot on Main St., in Racine, Wisconsin was twice denied for a loan under the city’s COVID-19 relief funding. And after the second time, Mayor Cory Mason admitted that the denial was based on the fact that the Navratils had attended the April 21 rally to protest the state’s coronavirus lockdowns, the Journal Times reported.

The assistance, which comes from the city’s Small Business Emergency Assistance Fund, is part of $900,000 in grants the city gave out to try and keep businesses from failing during the state lockdowns.

But none of that ended up for Dimple’s Fine Imports, and the Dimples wanted to know why.

“We wanted to know why we were denied and they told us there was not enough funding, but I need a better answer than that because I didn’t understand,” Dimple told the paper. “If I met all the criteria, if I did everything right, why was there not enough money for us?”

Upon a query by the paper, Mayor Mason fully admitted that he was punishing the Navratils because of their politics.

“Participating in mass gatherings outside of our community, such as the rally that was held at the State Capitol — such large gatherings have been linked to cases of COVID-19 around the state — and then returning to our City, only served to put our residents at unnecessary risk and, thus, factored into the funding consideration,” Mason said in an email to the paper.

“I think I’m being denied my First Amendment rights here by the mayor; I think that’s terrible,” Denis Navratil said.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty was also disturbed by the fascist mayor’s actions.

“We are greatly concerned that Racine officials are using government programs to discriminate and punish First Amendment protected speech. We will continue to investigate this matter,” the group said.

The paper gave the mayor another chance to reply, and he did not back down.

“As Mayor, it is my duty to protect the public health of our City’s residents. While I certainly support the rights of free speech and assembly, I cannot in good conscious [sic] send scarce City resources to a person or business that willingly jeopardized public health, especially when they were competing with other businesses who were not flagrantly violating safety measures.”

“If an applicant was openly violating the statewide Safer at Home order and the public health emergency under which the City was operating to help mitigate the spread of coronavirus, that applicant would compete less favorably. When it comes to disbursing discretionary funds aimed at helping businesses who were sacrificing to protect public health, the City is not going to reward business owners who took reckless behaviors that risked the health of our community.”

The same mayor approved all the Black Lives Matter protests in his city, though.

Because, of course he did.

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Don’t Believe the Outlandish Claims About the Number of COVID-19 Deaths in the U.S.A.

We are told that there have been more than 121,000 COVID-19 deaths in the U.S.A. But is that true? Not by any means is it true.



We are told that there have been more than 121,000 COVID-19 deaths in the U.S.A. But is that true? Not by any means is it true.

Before we even try to get to the numbers, let’s look at what the Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health recently said. Now, pay strict attention to this because it is telling:

I just want to be clear in terms of the definition of people dying of COVID. So, the case definition is very simplistic. It means that at the time of death it was a COVID-positive diagnosis. So that means if you were in hospice and had already been given, you know, a few weeks to live and then you were also found to have COVID, that would be counted as a COVID death. It means that if, technically, even if you died of a clear alternate cause but you had COVID at the same time it’s still listed as a COVID death. So, everyone that’s listed as a COVID death doesn’t mean that that was the cause of the death, but they had COVID at the time of death.

In other words, the numbers we are hearing do not mean that 121,000 people were actually killed by the coronavirus.

So, why are they so purposefully inflating these numbers?

Follow the money.

As Powerline reports:

That certainly is clarifying. We also know that some doctors have complained about being pressured to list COVID-19 as a cause of death, perhaps because the CARES Act provides a 20% Medicare bonus for COVID patients. And most recorded COVID-19 fatalities are elderly people with one or more co-morbidities.

You got it. They get more money if they inflate the COVID-19 death statistics.

Powerline wraps it up with a nice little bow:

… in all likelihood, the actual Wuhan fatality rate is not much different from a relatively virulent seasonal flu. Every year, the seasonal flu bug kills tens of thousands of Americans. Just two years ago, the CDC says it killed 62,000–and that was without a Medicare spiff or other pressures to build up the numbers. The reality is, I think, that in response to the COVID-19 epidemic, we devastated our economy–which means that we devastated tens or hundreds of millions of lives–needlessly.

When the dust settles, the Wuhan flu will in all likelihood have a fatality rate of less than 0.2%. This compares with an average seasonal flu rate of around 0.1%. Actually, the world has gotten off lucky: the virus that the Chinese Communist Party unleashed on the rest of us was a mild one. The next pandemic could easily involve a virus that is ten times as lethal, or even, possibly, 100 times as lethal. What will we do then? Our crazed reaction to COVID-19 does not inspire confidence that we would be able to deal rationally with a truly lethal virus.

That’s right. The whole thing is all lies aimed at getting money for the medical establishment and power for the politicians.

It is a massive hoax aimed at defrauding us all.

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NY New Jersey, Connecticut to Ban People from Other States Over Renewed Coronavirus Hysteria

The states of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut are claiming that they may ban travelers from outside from entering their states.



The states of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut are claiming that they may ban travelers from outside from entering as health czars kick up renewed hysteria over the coronavirus.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, for instance, demanded that people from states with high infection rates must quarantine for 14 days before entering New York.

“We now have to make sure the rates continue to drop,” Cuomo said. “We also have to make sure the virus doesn’t come on a plane again.”

He also claimed he has the power to detain out-of-staters who violate his orders.

Per Breitbart News:

Cuomo announced what was called a “travel advisory” at a briefing jointly via video feeds with New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy and Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont, both fellow Democrats.

The states’ health departments will provide details of how the rule will work, Murphy said.

“Visitors from states over a set infection rate will have to quarantine, Cuomo said. As of Wednesday, states over the threshold were Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, Utah and Texas,” Breitbart concluded.

As for Cuomo, he insisted that if a police officer spots an out of town license plate and pulls that driver over, a judge could ORDER the driver into an enforced quarantine if he has been outside New York for less than 14 days.

Also: “If someone violates a mandatory quarantine, they could be subject to a fine of up to $2,000 for a first offense and up to $10,000 if they cause harm, according to the New York governor.”

Can you imagine the power this fascist thinks he has?

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New York Mayor Marches with BLM Protests without Mask, Then Locks Little Kids Out of Parks

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is being raked over the coals for marching with BLM protesters without a mask.



New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is being raked over the coals for marching with BLM protesters without a mask (against his own coronavirus rules) at the same time that he was locking little Jewish kids our of the city’s parks.

For months, now, de Blasio has been endlessly droning about how he is saving the city with his absurd, draconian Coronavirus rules. Masks, social distancing, no groups of more than ten, masks, business shut down… did we say MASKS?

And now, he proudly posts images of himself marching with the Black Lives Matter protesters. Despite that there are thousands of them, they aren’t social distancing, and HE isn’t even wearing a mask in many photos.

Now, compare that tweet of a mayor just so darn happy to be among thousands of communist marchers, and without his mask to this …

That’s right. That is New York’s mayor ordering his employees to weld park gates shut so that little Jewish kids can’t play outside.

It is OK for tens of thousands of anti-American race rioters to march, but god forbid that a few Jewish kids may want to play in a city park!

Unsurprisingly, a group of Orthodox Jews cut through the mayor’s welding job, as well they should:

GOOD for them!!

In any case, the mayor took a lot of guff on Twitter for his idiocy:

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Activism NOT Science: COVID-19 ‘Tracers’ Not Asking Patients if They Attended a Black Lives Matter Event

Proving once again that liberals are liars, the so-called COVID-19 “tracers” are not asking new patients if they have attended any Black Lives Matter protests.



Proving once again that liberals are liars, the so-called COVID-19 “tracers” are not asking new patients if they have recently rioted or attended any Black Lives Matter protests.

The thing is, these “tracers” are supposed to be “tracing” the lines of exposure to the coronavirus. That is supposed to mean that they find out ALL the places that patients have been in order to properly document the infection trends.

But, if they are not asking patients if they have been to any of the big rallies and riots, then the whole idea of “tracing” these patients is utterly meaningless.

According to The City:

The hundreds of contact tracing workers hired by the city under de Blasio’s new “test and trace” campaign have been instructed not to ask anyone who’s tested positive for COVID-19 whether they recently attended a demonstration, City Hall confirmed to THE CITY.

“No person will be asked proactively if they attended a protest,” Avery Cohen, a spokesperson for de Blasio, wrote in an emailed response to questions by THE CITY.

It’s up to tested individuals to volunteer whether any of those close contacts occurred during protests. “If a person wants to proactively offer that information, there is an opportunity for them to do so,” Cohen wrote.

Of course, the reason for this is all political. It has nothing whatever to do with “science.” If it did, they would not omit the question.

This is just more proof that liberals really don’t care anything at all about actual science if it gets in the way of their leftist agenda.

So, when some idiot liberal says that the left is the only side that care about science, remember this story.

It proves otherwise.

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