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Hunter Biden Quits Board of Chinese Company as Father’s Numbers Crash

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, has announced that he is resigning from the board of a Chinese equity company.



Former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, has announced that he is resigning from the board of a Chinese equity company as his father’s bid for the presidency increasingly struggles over news of his likely corruption when he was Obama’s vice president.

Biden’s second son announced the move after a month of criticism by President Donald Trump who repeatedly highlighted the conflicts of interest represented by Biden’s work in Asia.

Hunter Biden’s announcement was made via a statement by his lawyer, George Mesires, exclaiming that Hunter would be vacating his position with the Chinese company in a matter of weeks.

Hunter didn’t say whether he would also divest from BHR (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Company. The company began investing Chinese capital outside of China in 2013.

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“Hunter always understood that his father would be guided, entirely and unequivocally, by established U.S. policy, regardless of its effects on Hunter’s professional interests,” the Biden statement said. “He never anticipated the barrage of false charges against both him and his father by the President of the United States.”

At his Louisiana rally, President Trump slammed Hunter for his work with foreign energy companies even though he had absolutely no experience in the energy sector at all.

“He doesn’t know what a gasoline tank looks like,” Trump joked, adding that Hunter knew nothing about the energy industry despite earning up to $83,000 a month for sitting on a board of a corrupt Ukrainian energy company.

Trump also excoriated Hunter for somehow winning $1.5 billion in investments from the bank of China despite knowing “nothing.” Trump also mocked the media for bowing to Joe Biden’s demands and repeatedly claiming claims of Hunter’s corruption were “totally unsubstantiated.”

“It’s not unsubstantiated, he took a fortune out of Ukraine, knew nothing, took a fortune out of China,” Trump said.

“For a guy to walk in from off the street with no experience, a bad track record, just got thrown out of the navy, and he walks away with $1.5 billion?” Trump added.

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Big Tech Billionaires Have Secret Plan to Push Joe Biden on Tech Users

A cabal of Silicon Valley billionaires have quietly created an effort to push Joe Biden on unsuspecting users of technology.



A cabal of Silicon Valley billionaires has quietly created an effort to push Joe Biden on unsuspecting users of technology and the Internet, according to a new report.

This report is not from a right-wing source pushing “conspiracy theories,” as the left loves to call everything a conservative says, but from the left-wing “explainer” website, Vox.

The lefty website reported on Wednesday that leading Silicon Valley billionaires are joining forces to build a stealth digital campaign for former Vice President Joe Biden.

Unlike Barack Obama who was a leader in creating a digital campaign back in 2008 and again in 2012, it appears that “Slow Joe” Biden has neglected yo develop the Internet tools necessary to win elections in today’s electoral climate. So, Biden is starting the final leg of the 2020 campaign far behind Donald Trump.

But this group of Big Tech billionaires is looking to help Biden build that online effort.

According to Theodore Schleifer of Vox’s “Recode” section: “Joe Biden has a problem. Silicon Valley billionaires think they have a solution.”

Election Day is less than six months away, and Democrats are scrambling to patch the digital deficits of their presumptive nominee. And behind the scenes, Silicon Valley’s billionaire Democrats are spending tens of millions of dollars on their own sweeping plans to catch up to President Donald Trump’s lead on digital campaigning — plans that are poised to make them some of the country’s most influential people when it comes to shaping the November results.

These billionaires’ arsenals are funding everything from nerdy political science experiments to divisive partisan news sites to rivalrous attempts to overhaul the party’s beleaguered data file. They are pushing their favored, sometimes peculiar, fixes to a political ailment just like they might if on the board of a struggling startup.

This is all unfolding as the pandemic forces campaigns to pivot away from door-knocks and packed rallies and toward data mining and influencer marketing — which in many ways play to the strengths of these tech titans, making them even more influential at a time when many in the Democratic Party are uneasy with just how powerful some in tech have become.

Officers at all the usual suspect websites are involved in this effort. Vox says that the cabal of secret Biden astroturfers include, “LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, philanthropist and Steve Jobs’s widow Laurene Powell Jobs, and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.”

Vox ominously adds:

And yet each of these billionaires is moving their pieces with varying levels of secrecy, and often with minimal disclosure, scrutiny, or accountability.

In other words, they don’t want you to know that they are using the very sites you turn to for technology to push the disastrous, mentally unfit Joe Biden on you via subterfuge.

They don’t want you to know of their corrupt, backroom bargain with Biden and the Democrats.

Even as these same companies seek to end all freedom of speech.

Choose your 2020 candidate wisely, America.

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Democratic Operatives Admit to Rooting for Stalled Economy to Oust Trump in November

This is a low-blow that the Average Joe simply cannot afford to let slide, just because the Democrats are looking to slide Sleepy Joe into the Oval. 



The Democratic Party is very desperately attempting to force Joe Biden into the White House in November, (whether Biden realizes it or not), and it’ll take all the help they can get to be successful.

You see, the American people chose Donald Trump on account of his “outsider” status in Washington.  They didn’t want more of the same, and they certainly weren’t interested in the status quo.  If they had been, they would have come out in force for Hillary Clinton.

Spoiler alert:  They did not.

Now the Democrats are coming to the sinking conclusion that they can’t simply elevate Biden into the pole position, but that they’ll have to take Trump down a notch too….and it sounds like they’re willing to sacrifice the prosperity of everyday Americans in order to do that.

Politico reports that Jason Furman, a top economist in the Obama administration and now a Harvard professor, told a bipartisan group of policymakers last month that “We are about to see the best economic data we’ve seen in the history of this country.”

The claims may seem counterintuitive amid the bleak economic picture right now. But it’s premised on assumptions that as lockdowns ease, a recovery could follow more quickly than after past economic crises. Since his earlier prediction, Furman has reportedly also been making the case to Democrats, including top members of presumptive nominee Joe Biden’s campaign.

“This is my big worry,” a former Obama White House official told the outlet, who said of the concern about top members of the party: “It’s high — high, high, high, high.”

This is a low-blow that the Average Joe simply cannot afford to let slide, just because the Democrats are looking to slip Sleepy Joe into the Oval.

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Joe Biden Exhibits Gruesome Predatory Behavior Toward Children at White House

It wouldn’t be surprising to see this video scrubbed off of the internet in the coming days.



As we grow ever nearer to the 2020 election, the war between the aisles will be amplified by any number of operatives, from any number of angles.  Now that Joe Biden is the presumptive nominee for the Democrats, he is bearing the full weight of these myriad attacks.

First and foremost, there are concerns about his age, and just how it’s affecting his mental health.  A great many politicians, including President Trump himself, have insinuated that perhaps the former Vice President isn’t cognitively capable of leading the nation from behind the desk in the Oval Office.

Beyond his gaffes and misspeaking engagements, Biden has also been exhibiting a temper that the nation hadn’t really seen from him before.  At one campaign stop prior to the current global pandemic, Biden called an attendee both “fat” and “a damn liar”.  At another, he referred to a woman in the audience as a “lying , dog-faced pony soldier”.

According to some, Biden’s behavioral problems run far deeper than that, and may even border on the unspeakable.

Biden’s strange proclivity for sniffing hair has been discussed at length over the course of the campaign, and wife Jill Biden spoke at length about Joe’s family being a very physical group after a number of women came forward to say that they were inappropriately groped or held by the longtime politician.

Biden also stands accused of sexual assault by a former staffer named Tara Reade, whose story has been partially corroborated by a number of witnesses.


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Whining Never-Trump Losers Now Want a ‘Counter-Convention’ to Attack Trump

A cadre of the loudest former conservative Never-Trump whiners are gathering to hold a “counter-convention” to attack Trump.



A cadre of the loudest former conservative Never-Trump whiners are gathering to hold a “counter-convention” to attack Trump ahead of the 2020 election cycle.

Losers led by Edward McMuffin… I mean Evan McMullin… are desperately trying to organize a stunt event that they hope will detract from the Republican National Convention coming up in August.

Continuing their four-year temper tantrum, McMullin and his loser cohorts have announced plans to steal the GOP convention’s headlines with their own little soirée.

But the silly attempt to detract from the real event that will re-nominate Donald Trump as the Republican candidate for president is already looking like the joke that it will be. Why? because it is not really an event at all, but just a online trolling of the Republican Party.

The stunt is being called the “Convention on Founding Principles,” and apparently it will just be a little seen, livestreaming program that will air on the Internet during the GOP convention.

McMuffin and crew are hoping that enough people sign up on the event’s webpage to make it worth doing, but how much you want to bet this thing never comes off at all because of lack of interest?

McMuffin suffered a very embarrassing defeat in 2016 when certain members of the intelligentsia in Washington’s purported conservative media clique (like anti-Trump loon Jonah Goldberg, and failed magazine publisher Bill Kristol) tried to float him as the big answer to Donald Trump.

But McMuffin’s candidacy was met with a yawn in voting booths all across the nation. Indeed, the only state he got any real notice in was his home state of Utah, where he came in third on Election Day. It should be remembered that Utah sent traitor Mitt Romney to the Senate.

This ragtag group of court jesters have also pledged to work against Republicans all across the nation. Not that anyone will notice.

Trump campaign spokeswoman Erin Perrine had just the right words for them. When asked about McMuffin’s little “convention,” Perrin characterized McMuffin’s gang as a bunch of “irrelevant losers.”

Yeah. That about covers it.

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Democrats Toss Aside ‘Small Donor’ Loyalty to Court Big Biz as Biden Bombs

The event truly serves only one purpose, however:  Telegraphing the utter desperation of the Democratic Party in 2020. 



We’ve all known for months now that Joe Biden is in some serious trouble as a 2020 candidate.

The former Vice President’s first Democratic sin was being someone other than Bernie Sanders.  You see, Sanders’ faithful followers are a rather large contingent within the Democratic Party itself, and when the Party stepped away from him, so did many of his followers.

Biden has also been a complete and utter mess out on the campaign trail.  His propensity for embarrassing gaffes isn’t anything new, but some of the things that have come out of his mouth in recent weeks are on an entirely new level of mental instability than we’ve ever witnessed in presidential politics.

Then, to top it all off, the former Vice President has been credibly accused of sexual assault by a former staffer, forcing many within the Democratic establishment to openly admit that they don’t actually care about the allegations, just so long as he can beat Donald Trump in November.

And that brings us to today, as it was revealed that Senator and former 2020 candidate Elizabeth Warren is simply giving up on her earlier vow to court only small donors in 2020, and workin on a large, corporate fundraiser meant to keep Biden competitive.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren – who during her White House bid repeatedly forswore top-dollar fundraisers with wealthy donors – will host such a gathering for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden next month.

The move comes as the progressive senator from Massachusetts is considered one of the contenders to be the former vice president’s running mate.

The virtual fundraising event, which is scheduled to be held June 15 and was first reported by The New York Times, was confirmed by Fox News.

The event truly serves only one purpose, however:  Telegraphing the utter desperation of the Democratic Party in 2020.

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Liberal Congresswoman Suggests Biden is Guilty of Sexual Assault, But That It Doesn’t Matter

This sickening hypocrisy is yet another reason why America is in the throes of a conservative awakening.



As Donald Trump worked his way toward the White House back in 2016, there were an inordinate amount of claims being made against him – not the least of which was that he was a sexist who despised women.

This fervor was only accelerated by a bit of “locker room talk” that came to light between Trump and Billy Bush during a hot mic moment on the Access Hollywood bus, and that became the talk of the political ecosystem for years.  There are still Democratic operatives who like to pepper in talk of this incident today, nearly half a decade later.

But when it comes to Joe Biden being credibly accused of sexual assault, the left side of the aisle has been nearly silent.  When they do speak out about the allegations made by Tara Reade, they often do so in a dismissive tone.

Now, as if to up the ante on hypocrisy itself, freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has stated that she believes that Biden is guilty of sexual assault, but that she doesn’t think this is a disqualifying issue.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) on Monday said she will vote for former Vice President Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election while insisting that she believes his former Senate staffer Tara Reade’s allegations of sexual assault.

“Believing survivors is consistent with my values,” Omar wrote on social media. “Yes, I endorsed against Biden and I didn’t pick him as our nominee. With that said, in this interview I did on May 6th, we talked about that and quotes aren’t always in context. I will vote for him and help him defeat Trump.”

With nowhere left for the Democrats to turn in terms of a candidate, one would imagine that a great many more Democrats will soon be attempting to walk this very same tightrope.

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As Biden Continues to Stumble, Trump Unloads on His Mental Capacity

POTUS just unloaded on the former veep, as the Democrats continue to hesitate on replacing Biden on the 2020 ticket.



We are invariably headed toward one of the wildest presidential elections in decades, as a Washington outsider prepares to electorally eviscerate one of the Washington swamp’s most notable elders.

For the Democrats, their plan is falling apart.  They saw Joe Biden as a hypothetical return to normalcy for the nation after 4 years of the bombastic, Beltway wrecking ball that Donald Trump represents.  The left believed that Trump was a flash in the pan, and that the nation would want to revert back to the status quo after his first term.

Spoiler alert:  They Don’t.  And, even if they did, the constant verbal stumbling of Joe Biden doesn’t inspire any sort of confidence.  If you take even a cursory look at Twitter these days, there are no shortage of tried and true Democrats calling for the former VP to be replaced on the 2020 ticket on account of his crumbling mental acuity.

President Trump is no longer beating around the bush, either.

When asked during a Sunday interview with WJLA what Biden’s strongest feature was as a political opponent, Trump noted that he could have said experience but explained why he did not think it was appropriate.

“Well, I would have said experience, but he doesn’t really have experience because I don’t think he remembers what he did yesterday,” Trump said. “So how is that experience? He’s been there a long time. He was never known as a smart person.”

The Commander in Chief then went for the jugular.

The president then started by saying that Biden is “not mentally sharp enough to be president.” He then went on to say that the former vice president has problems with China and Russia, but then jumped back to attacking Biden’s intellect.

“Biden doesn’t know, I mean, he doesn’t know he’s alive,” Trump continued. “I’m against somebody. Think of it. I’m against somebody that can’t answer simple questions. I’ve never seen anything like it, but here’s what I am against. I’m against a very powerful party, the Democrats, and they can take this glass of water and say that’s your candidate.”

The statement comes just days after Biden told a popular African American radio host that “you ain’t black” if you’re considering voting for Donald Trump – a gaffe that has sent shockwaves throughout the Americans political punditry.

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