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HISTORIC: British Legislature FINALLY Votes to Approve Brexit

It looks like Brexit is finally approved by a vote in Parliament, more than three years after the British people voted to leave the EU.



It looks like the British exit from the European Union (Brexit) is finally approved by a vote in Parliament, more than three years after the British people voted to leave the EU.

After years of delays, backtracking, dithering, and the flat-out refusal of an entire British political party to accede to the will of the voters, Parliament has finally voted to approve the Brexit deal.

British MPs have voted 330 to 231 to approve Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, the Daily Mail reported.

The historic EU Withdrawal Agreement cleared the House of Commons on Thursday afternoon even in the face of Labour Party opposition.

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“It is the final major Commons hurdle which the so-called WAB had to navigate and it will now head to the House of Lords next week for further scrutiny before the UK leaves the EU on January 31,” the paper reported.

At long last, it appears that the UK will leave the EU on January 31 of this year, an outcome that as anything but guaranteed only a month ago despite the 2016 vote by the British people that the country exit the EU.

The massive victory that conservative Boris Johnson had last year made Brexit a key issue for the British Parliament.

Still, nearly the entire British Labor Party continued to oppose the will of the people ever since the 2016 vote. However, their opposition has eroded their once powerful status in the government.

EU officials fear that Brexit will open the door for other nations to quit the EU putting the political Union’s long-term existence in doubt.

The EU is also attempting to hold trade deals over Britain’s head to try and force the country to stay in the EU.

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MEDIA BLACKOUT: The World Is Rising Up Against Coronavirus Lockdowns



Despite the mainstream media’s best efforts, the world is rising up against coronavirus restrictions. In countries all over the world, mass demonstrations are erupting, while the media stays completely silent.

For a virus with a 99.8% recovery rate, Covid-19 has caused devastating, perhaps irreversible harm to the world’s economy through lockdowns.

Small businesses have been shuttered, while massive corporations like Jeff Bezos’ Amazon have grown exponentially in their place. This was likely the intention, with the Bezos-owned Washington Post being one of many cheerleaders for the restrictions that have allowed him to profit billions.

But finally, the world is waking up against these lockdowns. The Washington Sentinel has compiled a list of these mass demonstrations that the mainstream media appears to have a blacklist on reporting.

Perhaps the largest demonstrations have come out of Germany’s Capital, Berlin.

38,000 people took to the streets to show their opposition to lockdown orders. Approximately 300 people were arrested during this demonstration.

The only mainstream media coverage of this event was framed to smear the protesters.

In one particularly egregious article, The Washington Post wrote in their headline, “Far-right extremists try to enter German parliament.” The article describes the protesters as a mix of “conspiracy theorists,” “white nationalists,” and “neo-Nazis.”

Another major protest to occur came out of the Netherlands in late August, where massive crowds gathered waving their country’s flag, while calling for an end to lockdowns.

A previous protest from the Netherlands resulted in 400 arrests, and police using a water cannon to disperse demonstrators.

In London, a major protest occurred just over the weekend.

Protest organizer Piers Corbyn was fined £10,000 for organizing the event which drew many thousands.

In other country’s, attempted protests have been shut down by police force.

As The Washington Sentinel reported, a pregnant woman in Australia was arrested for organizing one of these protests on Facebook.

People are clearly waking up, and the mainstream media is furious.

With them refusing to cover these events, we need your help. Be sure to share this article on all of your social media accounts.



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Sweden Bucks World Quarantine, Remains Open for Business Despite Coronavirus

Sweden is refusing to shut down its society and economy in the face of the coronavirus.



Sweden is refusing to shut down its society and economy in the face of the coronavirus claiming that any widespread shut down is a wild overreaction to the virus.

The Scandinavian country that the liberals in the U.S. always claim is a model for us to follow is betting that the virus will not need any draconian measures to stop it and they refuse to commit economic suicide to address the virus like so many other countries are doing.

Even as many European countries — not to mention our own here — are systematically destroying businesses and jobs, and are shutting down their economies as a way to fight the spread of COVID-19.

But so far, Sweden is refusing to shut its borders, close its schools, and crush its economy despite the world trend.

According to Reason magazine:

Sweden did not do this out of libertarian zeal, but because of a tradition of listening to experts and health authorities, who thought it better to track individual cases within the country than to shut everything down. When everybody is awaiting the latest epidemiological data to make decisions, there is less room for political grandstanding and strongman rhetoric.

Of course, there is another reason for this. Sweden’s public health services have a high level of autonomy.

Per Foreign Policy magazine:

The explanation, some analysts say, lies in Sweden’s combination of politically independent public agencies—including the Public Health Agency, which is front and center of the current crisis management—and the high level of public trust in them.

While the government in Sweden sets the remit for public agencies’ missions—determining their objectives and budgets for instance—the agencies are guaranteed freedom from so-called ministerial rule, which means politicians do not have the power to intervene directly in a public agency’s day-to-day operations. This is a tradition that is enshrined in the Swedish Constitution, said Lars Trägårdh, a historian and public commentator whose research centers on the Nordic welfare state.

Trägårdh added, “First, citizens tend to place a lot of faith in public agencies and trust that they act in the public interest. Second, the authorities on their part trust citizens to heed their advice. Third, there is a high level of interpersonal trust where Swedes trust one other to act responsibly.”

Still as the health crisis continues around the world, we will all soon find out if Sweden’s policies helped it or led to disaster.

But so far, so good. Sweden’s virus statistics are quite a bit less worrisome than that of other nations.

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