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Mail-in Voting

Here’s How Mail-In Ballots Are A Huge Problem Simply Explained

Don`t vote by mail, go in person!



This video is alarming! The mail carriers will know, with some degree of certainty, whether they are holding a Trump or a Biden vote with the help of a code printed on the outside of the envelope.

This is why everyone needs to vote in person.

A Palm Beach County woman’s Facebook post detailing mail-in ballot privacy concerns is getting a lot of attention. Her post has been viewed more than 100 thousand times and got a retweet from President Donald Trump.

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“This is crazy,” Tina Brown said. “I’ve never had anything like this happen in my life.”

Brown said she noticed her ballot could be identified from the mail-in envelope as either Republican or Democratic.

She said she and her brother, who lives at the same address, were filling out their ballots at home.

“He’s a registered Democrat and I’m a registered Republican,” Brown said. “So when we were doing our votes together, we were going to send it out together. It was going to be fun.”

When she sealed the ballots, she noticed a series of numbers and a letter on the back near a bar code, labeling the envelope with either an “R” or a “D.” More

Twitter jumped in:

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