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Former Vice President Joe Biden Open to Republican Running Mate in 2020

But would this turn Biden into a one-dimensional candidate in a crowded and varied field?



In a nation as divided as America is in the waning moments of 2019, the promotion of bipartisanship has become a novel idea.

This is an unfortunate and possibly dangerous reality that we live in.  We are as divided as never before in this modern political era, and tensions are running at an all time high.  If we’re not careful, the violence we’ve already witnessed will escalate, and we’ll soon be very literally at each other’s throats.

Unity is a bold strategy in a landscape such as this, as it is far easier for Americans to simply retreat to their corners.

For those within the Democratic field for the 2020 nomination, however, taking a bold approach may be their only path to standing out.

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Take Joe Biden, for instance, who said the following during a campaign even in New Hampshire:

“The answer is I would, but I can’t think of one now,” Biden responded, prompting laughs from some supporters. “No I’m serious, here’s what I mean. Let me explain that,” the 77-year-old continued. “You know, there’s some really decent Republicans that are out there still, but here’s the problem right now… they’ve got to step up.”

Biden then added that there are a “plethora of qualified people,” particularly “qualified women” and “qualified African Americans.”

“Who knew what my priorities were and knew what I wanted to do. We could disagree on tactic, but strategically we’d have to be on the exact same page,” he then explained.

If Biden were to go through with the suggestion, it could be perceived as a bit of a one-dimensional play.  He’d be assuring those centrist, midwestern votes that he was already counting on, but eschewing the growing youth vote of the Democratic Party who find themselves ever more progressive by the minute.


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NYT Trashes Sanders Days After Anti-Bernie Conspiracy Theories Make Headlines

The Bernie Bros are undoubtedly putting on their tinfoil hats as we speak.



Supporters of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential run aren’t necessarily known for their calm and collected demeanor.  They are, after all, following a self-described “revolutionary” who espouses a doctrine of democratic socialism.

Sanders’ followers are impassioned, to put it lightly, and any perceived slight against their candidate can be fodder for the paranoid and conspiratorial among them.

Last week, one such theory made headlines as the Bernie Bros openly expressed concern that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s withholding of the articles of impeachment from the Senate was timed to damage Sanders’ opportunities to campaign in Iowa.  As a sitting Senator, Bernie will be required to be present in the nation’s capitol throughout the process, with just over two weeks left until the first votes are cast in The Hawkeye State.

Some believed that this was a purposeful move by the Democratic Deep State in order to bolster the chances of moderate Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who has no such obligations in The Beltway.

Sanders will again be forced to roll with the punches this week, as the New York Times have now taken aim at the 2020 hopeful.

The Times officially endorsed both Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) on Sunday. While the editorial board commended Sanders for his decades of “advocating revolutionary change” and noted that many of his ideas, like universal health care and paid family leave, are now embraced in the mainstream Democrat Party, the Times demonstrated concern about his age and health:

Mr. Sanders would be 79 when he assumed office, and after an October heart attack, his health is a serious concern. Then, there’s how Mr. Sanders approaches politics. He boasts that compromise is anathema to him. Only his prescriptions can be the right ones, even though most are overly rigid, untested and divisive. He promises that once in office, a groundswell of support will emerge to push through his agenda. Three years into the Trump administration, we see little advantage to exchanging one over-promising, divisive figure in Washington for another.

“Good news, then, that Elizabeth Warren has emerged as a standard-bearer for the Democratic left,” the Times added, praising her as a “gifted storyteller.”

Those who’ve already fallen under the spell of the anti-Bernie conspiracy theories will likely see this latest affront to their work as nothing more than additional “establishment” attacks on their revolutionary.

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How Did Five of Joe Biden’s Family Members Become Millionaires from His Political Career?

Hunter is not the only Biden to become filthy rich on Joe’s name. It seems that his entire family has become rich using Joe’s name.



Former Vice President Joe Biden says there is absolutely nothing wrong with his son cashing in on daddy’s name to make millions in Ukraine. But Hunter is not the only Biden to become filthy rich on Joe’s name. It seems that his entire family has become rich using Joe’s name for secret, lucrative, backroom deals.

According to a report at the New York Post, at least five members of Biden’s family have become super rich trading on the Biden name. As the article notes, “Joe’s son Hunter, son-in-law Howard, brothers James and Frank, and sister Valerie,” have all become extra rich despite having no actual skills to benefit who they were being paid by.

Author Peter Schweizer notes that Joe has continually claimed that he has never talked to his son, Hunter, of any of his family about the lucrative deals they keep finding. This is clearly an outright lie.

Joe Biden’s younger brother, James, for instance, was handed one lucrative position after another despite having no training or skills to earn the positions. Why did James get all this attention? Why, because he was finance chair for a Senator, that’s why.

Joe’s son, Hunter, of course, is already notorious for having the amazing luck (that is sarcasm) to accidentally fall into a job at a Ukraine energy company where he made millions quite despite the fact that he had absolutely no training or education in the field of energy.

Schweizer goes on with more details on the terribly lucky accidents that left Biden’s relatives falling into multi-million-dollar deals that made them super rich despite their complete lack of qualification for the jobs… except for being a Biden relative.

The revelations in the Post article are from Schweizer’s new book, Profiles in Corruption.

Much to the left’s dismay, the highly anticipated investigative bombshell book hit #1 on Amazon last week.

As Breitbart News Explained:

Authored by Government Accountability Institute (GAI) President and Breitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer, Profiles in Corruption is said to contain explosive revelations on leading progressives, including Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown, Eric Garcetti, Amy Klobuchar, and others. As Breitbart News reported on Thursday, sources close to the publisher say the book’s research findings will “upend official Washington.” Among these are new reporting about how five members of the Biden family—the “Biden Five”—siphoned “tens of millions of dollars” in taxpayer money and guaranteed loans. Hunter Biden is just “the tip of the iceberg,” said the source.

Democrats are corruption personified.

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Elizabeth Warren’s Lies About ‘Bipartisanship,’ Taking Credit for Bills She Voted Against



Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren laid out a whopper of a lie while trying to burnish her “bipartisan” bona fides by taking credit for a bill that she voted against. One has to wonder if Elizabeth Warren ever tells the truth about anything?

Late last year, the Massachusetts Senator claimed that she “works with the other side” all the time. But fact-checkers say Warren stretched the truth quite a bit.

Per the Washington Free Beacon:

“I do work with the other side,” Warren said in October during a radio interview in New Hampshire. “I’ve gotten more than a dozen bills passed into law, and they’ve been bipartisan. And that’s just been since Donald Trump has been elected president.” A post on the “Fact Squad” section of Warren’s campaign website similarly boasts that “Donald Trump has signed more than a dozen of Elizabeth’s proposals into law” and lists 15 pieces of legislation Warren sponsored.

So, did she? Does Warren have this big history of “working with the other side”?

Well… not so much.

The Beacon adds:

Three of the items included in that tally, however, are bills that Warren ultimately voted against. The Gambling Addiction Prevention Act, the Sexual Trauma Response And Treatment Act, and the National Guard Promotion Accountability Act all passed the Senate in August 2018 as part of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2019. Warren was one of only 10 senators who voted against the 2019 NDAA, along with fellow 2020 contenders Kamala Harris (RIP), Kirsten Gillibrand (RIP), and Bernie Sanders.

One example of Warren’s “bipartisan” lie is her actions over the National Guard Promotion Accountability Act, a bill that Warren touts as an example of how she works with Republicans. Warren’s campaign site has all sorts of wonderful explanations about how she worked with Republicans on the bill. But Warren’s website is mysteriously quiet on just why Warren actually voted against it when the final version of that very bill came up for a vote in the U.S. Senate.

Warren is such a monumental liar, even far left, anti-American, Hollywood, socialist Michael Moore has called Warren a liar.

In a recent episode of his podcast, Moore slammed Warren for lying about sending her kids to private school, and for falsely describing her father as a “janitor” when she was young. Moore also attacked Warren for lying about what Bernie Sanders said to her.

While Moore did endorse Sanders for 2020, he has had a close working relationship with Warren for years as she has appeared in many of his propaganda films.

And let’s not even get started on the fact that she claimed to be an American Indian for many decades while she earned big cash and was afforded high-paying positions in universities based on the lie that she was a “minority.”

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Mayor Pete is Making a Move for Midwestern Moderates, and Surprising Many

The Democratic Deep State isn’t likely to let him trounce Biden, so is this all for naught?



In just a few day or so, Iowa will cast the first real votes of the 2020 primaries and, hopefully, shed a little light as to what the underlying storyline is to be.

This electoral season has already been a long and crowded ride, with nearly two dozen candidates at one point now whittle down to less than half that, with really only four or so hopefuls showing any real promise.  Of the top four, two would be considered fairly radically progressive, while two are out-and-out, old school centrists.  The battle for the soul of the Democratic Party has been drawn down this line for years, and the coming months could be crucial to settling this ongoing debate.

One of those more moderate candidates, former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, is in Iowa this week hoping to court some conservatives…and it almost seems to be working.

As Buttigieg entered the Prairie Winds Events Center in downtown Orange City, a crowd of around 200 instead roared in a standing ovation.

Regan Harms, a 22-year-old senior majoring in biblical studies at Northwestern College in Orange City, said she wasn’t at all surprised with the turnout. As she introduced Buttigieg, she described him as a neighbor and fellow midwesterner, one who understands life in rural America.

“Iowans long for someone who understands them,” Harms said. “The second you meet him, you get that impression that he almost knows you. Of course he can come into Orange City, and people will like him. There’s that common bond among midwesterners.”

Of course, there was plenty of opposition as well.

In nearby Sioux Center in September, the Sioux County Conservatives alleged a restaurant was “celebrating sin” by hosting Pride brunch on a Sunday.

When asked whether people in Orange City cared about whether Buttigieg was gay, Harms said she wouldn’t answer that question.

“It’s a divisive topic here in town, of course,” she said. “Obviously, some people care, but look at this crowd. Others don’t.”

Buttigieg has thus far shown a surprising amount of strength in the midwest, but it is doubtful that the Democratic Deep State would be willing to suffer the wrath of the Biden family in order to nominate Mayor Pete.

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Abortionists Planned Parenthood Using Tax Dollars in $45 Million Bid to Elect Democrats in 2020

Abortion mill operator Planned Parenthood is now using our own tax money to launch a $45 million campaign to back Democrats.



Abortion mill operator Planned Parenthood is now using our own tax money to launch a $45 million campaign to back Democrats in the coming 2020 elections. PP claims it will be its largest elections spending ever.

Planned Parenthood still gets millions of dollars a year in tax dollars from left-wing politicians who want to use our money to fund their blood lust. But now some small part of the millions PP gets from the tax payer will be pumped right back into politics to elect more abortion-loving, left-wing, anti-American Democrats.

Don’t believe a word of it if they say otherwise, either.

CBS “reporter” Kate Smith recently told viewers how “important” it was for PP to help Democrats win this year.

“There is so much at stake if you are an abortion rights activist. Last year, you saw an unprecedented number of abortion restrictions and bans across the country,” she said according to Newsbusters. “This is not just the south and Midwest that we’re talking about. I think there were 38 different states that introduced these restrictions. They are really leaving no stone unturned. Every single state they are looking at, and how can they either find candidates that are less hostile toward abortion rights or in some cases, find candidates that are particularly open to reproductive health. For example, I spoke to a volunteer activist in Colorado. She was telling me that Colorado, there Planned Parenthood affiliates see patients from 38 different states.”

As Newsbusters added:

The campaign, dubbed “We Decide 2020,” will target five million voters in nine battleground states via “large-scale grassroots programs and canvassing, digital, television, and radio and mail programs.”

Smith interviewed Planned Parenthood Votes Executive Director Jenny Lawson who said, “The stakes have never been higher,” and admitted, “[The Trump Administration] has managed to undo so much over the last three years” while scaremongering that “this summer the Supreme Court might gut Roe v. Wade.”

According to Planned Parenthood’s own 2017-2018 annual report, the organization committed a record high number of abortions while receiving a record high $617 million in taxpayer funding – representing 37% of its overall revenue. And now it’s spending $45 million to elect Democrats.

Smith also passed on the Democrat talking points that the abortion mill is needed because, “Planned Parenthood does so much more than abortions, of course, they do birth control, STI screenings.”

Of course, the truth is no one who needs these services has to use PP to get them. There are plenty of other places to get them. Furthermore, PP hardly does any of these services in the first place. Well over half its “business” is abortion, not birth control or STI screenings.

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Republican Iraqi Refugee Running Against Omar Opens Up On Her Friendship With Ambassador Killed In Benghazi Raid

She makes a good point about the double standard of Obama’s invasion of Libya. He didn’t ask Congress first.



Dalia Al-Aqidi joined the Daily Caller’s Christian Datoc for a wide-ranging interview, in which she discussed her decision to run against Rep. Ilhan Omar, the media’s coverage of President Donald Trump, rising tensions between the U.S. and Iran, and her personal friendship with Christopher Stevens, the former U.S. Ambassador to Libya killed in the Benghazi raid.


Dalia Al-Aqidi, a former White House correspondent, just announced she will be running on the Republican ticket against Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional district.

Al-Aqidi joined the Daily Caller’s Christian Datoc for a wide-ranging interview, in which she discussed her decision to run against Omar, the media’s coverage of President Donald Trump, rising tensions between the U.S. and Iran and her personal friendship with Christopher Stevens, the former U.S. Ambassador to Libya who was killed in the Benghazi raid.

A refugee who is grateful for the country that took her in and let her spread her wings. Isn’t this how it always should be? It’s a shame this isn’t more common but I’m glad she has the right mindset. She’s had an amazing career and history. She embodies our American Dream.

She could be a good role model for refugees rather than Omar who’s crying about how persecuted she claims to be and how awful and racist she sees our country. Please Minnesota whoever wins this nomination, vote Republican and make Omar go 1 and out!


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Joe Biden Makes Mention of Two Former 2020 Hopefuls as Possible VP Picks

But have we already seen enough of these also-rans?



The sheer length of time that we’ve been examining the candidates for 2020 is, in and of itself, posing problems for the Democratic Party.

Dig long enough and you’re bound to find something, right?  For Joe Biden, there were seven women lined up to tell the world about his hair-sniffing, grope-y misbehavior before he even officially announced his candidacy, (but long after everyone understood that he would be running).  Kamala Harris was raked over the coals for her hard-nosed approach to marijuana offenders during her time as a prosecutor in California, with the now-Senator completely botching the response by laughing about it and making up a lie about partaking herself while listening to Tupac Shakur records in college.

Spoiler alert:  Tupac hadn’t released any music while Harris was enrolled in any college.

Despite the vigorous screening and mudslinging that has already occurred for some of these candidates, it appears as though current frontrunner Joe Biden is considering going back to this dry well for his VP pick.

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday he would consider former presidential candidates Beto O’Rourke and Julián Castro to be a running mate or a member of his Cabinet if he is elected president.

O’Rourke, a former Texas congressman and high-profile 2018 Senate candidate, was an early frontrunner for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination before fading into the field’s lower tiers and dropping out in early November. Castro, the former secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Barack Obama, ended his yearlong campaign earlier this month after struggling in the polls. Biden said he has spoken with both of them since their exits.

“My plea to both of them is that they stay engaged,” Biden said Wednesday in an interview with The Dallas Morning News. “They are talented, talented people.”

Biden also told The Sacramento Bee on Tuesday that he would consider another former 2020 rival, California Sen. Kamala Harris, for “anything that she would be interested in,” including vice president. Harris and Biden notably sparred on the debate stage early in the primary process, when the senator was critical of Biden’s past opposition to federally mandated busing to diversify schools.

This isn’t the wildest idea Biden has had about a possible VP however.

Earlier in the race, the former Vice President insinuated that he hadn’t ruled out a possible Republican running mate, shocking many of his die hard liberal supporters.

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