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Federal Judge Orders Illinois to Allow Transgender Inmates to Choose Their Prison

A federal judge has ordered the Illinois prison system to allow transgender prisoners to pick their own prisons, a report says.



A federal judge has ordered the Illinois prison system to allow transgender prisoners to pick their own prisons, a report says.

The order from the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois demands that the Illinois Department of Corrections must make a number of changes to its procedures for placing prisoners.

The order handed down by Judge Nancy Rosenstengel mandates that the IDC must “ensure timely hormone therapy is provided when necessary and perform routine monitoring of hormone levels” for transgender prisoners.

The ruling also mandated that the state must stop “mechanically assigning housing based on genitalia and/or physical size or appearance.”

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In other words, prison officials must place prisoners who claim to be transgender in whatever facility that matches their “choice” of gender.

The order was a result of a class action lawsuit launched by the Civil Liberties Union on behalf of five transgender prisoners, according to the ACLU.

The transgender prisoners charged the state prisons of depriving them of medical treatment for the so-called ailment of gender dysphoria.

The Obama appointee also demanded that the state implement “individualized placement determinations, avoidance of cross-gender strip searches, and access to gender-affirming clothing and grooming items.”

“The Court recognizes that these changes will take time, but it in light of the serious deficiencies in IDOC’s treatment of transgender inmates set forth above, the undersigned seeks assurance that progress is underway,” the judge added. “There is a long way to go, and the issue must be promptly addressed.”

Naturally, the ACLU was thrilled with the demands.

ACLU attorney Ghirlandi Guidetti called the ruling “a sweeping victory for our clients, who have been subject to unspeakable harm by a Department of Corrections that has truly been deliberately indifferent to our clients’ suffering.”

H/T The Blaze.

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Illinois OKays Women Claiming to Be Men to be Listed as ‘Father’ on Child’s Birth Certificates

The State of Illinois is now allowing women who claim to be transgender men to be listed as a “father” on a child’s birth certificate.



The left-wing State of Illinois is now allowing women who claim to be transgender men to list themselves as a “father” on a child’s birth certificate.

The decision was anounced this month after a biological woman who claims to be a man demanded that she be listed as the “father” of the baby to which she gave birth.

Illinois officials originally ruled that the transgender man, Myles Brady Davis, would be listed as the mother because Myles was the one who carried the baby.

Naturally, because the mentally confused woman “identifies” as a man, she threatened to take the state to court to force the Land of Lincoln to list her as the “father” of her own baby.

Unsurprisingly, officials in the deep blue state immediately caved in to the absurd demands.

“I feel so relieved,” Myles told the Chicago Tribune. “I’d gone through two years of (in vitro fertilization) and nine months of a very difficult pregnancy just to be misgendered at the end. It was really breaking my heart.”

Precious and Myles, the communications director for Equality Illinois, reported the problem to his employer and reached out to the LGBTQ rights group Lambda Legal, which sent the state an advocacy letter, explaining the need for an accurate birth certificate. It was the first time the state had been informed of a transgender live birth, and officials agreed that the Brady Davises should not be misgendered on the birth certificate, according to Illinois Department of Public Health spokesperson Melaney Arnold.

Two weeks after their healthy baby girl, Zayn, was born in early December, the Brady Davises learned that they would get the birth certificate they wanted — with Myles listed as the father and Precious as the mother. Arnold said via email that the birth certificate will be a first for Illinois, and the state is working to make accurate gender identification a permanent option easily available to all transgender parents.

“It also just removes the choice to decide when or how to disclose their transgender status,” Lambda Legal staff attorney Kara Ingelhart said. “That’s private medical and personal information that they should have control over.”

You have to feel sorry for this poor baby, being brought into this insane household where her mother will tell her she is her father.

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Whiny Transgender Brutally Mocked by Ricky Gervais Swears to Destroy Comedian’s Career

A man who claims to be a woman has sworn to destroy the career of comedian Ricky Gervais after the funnyman mocked the trans person.



A Canadian man who claims to be a woman has sworn to destroy the career of comedian Ricky Gervais after the British funnyman brutally mocked the trans person.

Gervais mocked a transgender activist with male genitalia going by the name Jessica Yaniv who recently complained of being turned away by a gynecologist. Gervais thought it was hilarious that a man pretending to be a woman got turned away by a doctor who only deals with female genitalia.

“It’s disgusting that a qualified gynaecologist can refuse to check a lady’s cock for ovarian cancer. What if her bollocks are pregnant? She could lose the baby. I’m outraged,” Gervais joked on Twitter.

The activist who has spent years looking for people to sue so “she” could be “accepted” then took out after Gervais.

On his own Twitter account, Yaniv told Gervais “I’m not allowing this” and added a link to a story that Gervais had scheduled a comedy concert in Vancouver, Canada.

Yaniv is now threatening to launch a boycott of the Gervais comedy show and is also threatening to get the Canadian government to employ its anti-free speech codes to shut Gervais down.

The trans activist recently made news for attacking a salon run by immigrant women of the Sikh faith for refusing to wax his genitals.

Jessica Yaniv filed his lawsuit in Canada claiming violations of the leftist country’s human rights codes when the woman working for a salon refused to remove the hair on his genitals with the procedure known as waxing.

Yaniv lost his case.

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