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EXPOSED: The ‘Conservative’ Traitors Working with Google to Allow Big Tech to Destroy Free Speech

The list has now leaked of the go-to “conservatives” that Google uses to help it justify the destruction of conservative thought online.



The list has now leaked of the go-to “conservatives” that Google uses to help it justify the destruction of conservative thought online.

This list of “conservatives” is filled to the brim with never-Trumpers, inside-the-Beltway squishes, and traitors like Jonah Goldberg, and James Pethokoukis.

The list was exposed by The National Pulse writers Raheem Kassam and Natalie Winters on Monday.

“As the battle over Big Tech rages in Western capitals, The National Pulse was provided with an exclusive leak of the list of think tanks and activists who Google lobbyist Max Pappas reached out to on the back of the Federalist/Zero Hedge demonetization story,” the National Pulse reported.

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Papas reportedly took his ideas for damage control to this list of more than 100 highly placed think tank operatives to quiz them on how he should phase his response to smooth things over with conservatives who were outraged that Google had been working with the media and foreign entities to silence conservatives online.

This list is filled with operatives at big think tanks that are supposed to be protectors of conservative thought such as the Heritage Foundation, the CATO Institute, Americans for Tax Reform, R Street, the Competitive Enterprise Institute and more.

Most of these “conservatives” have taken to Twitter, to their journals, and to their white papers to variously claim that there is no anti-conservative bias in Big Tech, that if it is there is is a good thing, or that “competition” will even out the bias soon enough.

None of this, of course, is true. There is no “competition” in big tech that might help favor conservatives. ALL the big tech companies are working hand-in-hand to eliminate the free speech of conservatives… and these idiots on the google go-to list are HELPING big tech do it!

These quisling conservatives to a man argue that there should be no government regulation of speech on the Internet because conservatives are not being systematically deleted by Big Tech.

Click over to the National Pulse report to see more and to see the list of names.

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