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End ‘President’s Day’ NOW! Where Have you Gone George Washington?

This so-called “President’s Day” is an affront to every American and it’s time to put an end to it.



This so-called “President’s Day” is an affront to every American and it’s time to put an end to it.

I don’t celebrate “President’s Day.” I celebrate the presidents individually, not the whole gaggle of them at once. But I most certainly don’t celebrate George Washington, the father of our country, as just any old president. These days, George Washington has been relegated to that “truth telling guy” to be seen on the dollar bill and on TV commercials at the end of February. Or he is that guy lumped in with Lincoln on “President’s Day.” And that is a shame, indeed, for, without George Washington, our presidency and nation might have become far different things.

What made Washington such a giant for our times as well as his? For one thing, he knew how to act in public.

Back in the 1700’s

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In the year 1759 a man named William Robertson wrote a book called The History of Emperor Charles V. It was a book that some claim was the standard after which modern historical study and writing has come to be patterned. Mr. Robertson, who became Principle of the University of Edinburgh in later years, introduced a salient point into the era of the Scottish Enlightenment. That idea was that “Politeness” in society would result in becoming a civilized nation. And it was a politeness perpetuated and spread through capitalism that was the best avenue to achieving that civilized level.

He wrote “In proportion as commerce made its way into the different countries of Europe they successively … adopted those manners, which occupy and distinguish polished nations.” So, as the theory goes, by his very nature man craves material possession and property. To accumulate that property he must work for it with his best skills. To make use of these skills he must rely on neighbors to get supplies to employ such skills as well as to become the customers for his skills. This leads man to act in a solicitous manner of his neighbors so that they will be disposed to employ him and his abilities. This self-interested “politeness” employed by the individual inculcates the action in society at large which, in turn, enlarges that field of involved persons to counties and then the country in general, neighboring countries and, ultimately, the world and the governments they create.

Yet, even before the intelligencia of Scotland waxed eloquent on the reasons and why-fors of commerce, civilization, and conduct, religions had already realized that such concepts, if even on a personal level, simply made sense. As early as 1559 the French Jesuits has compiled a series of maxims to govern human interaction many based on the Bible’s teachings. These maxims became all the rage in the mid 1600’s when they were spread throughout Europe.

So, with the theory of politeness in its various vestiges firmly entrenched in commerce and foreign and interpersonal relations it became obvious that one needed codes of conduct agreed upon by all to govern the rules of the game. This code of conduct became to be known by the word “ethics” in business and politics. In personal conduct it became known as etiquette. It is etiquette that underlies political ethics. Without etiquette, ethics struggles to exist. Unfortunately, it is etiquette that seems to have died in modern society.


A few months ago I was walking through an itinerant book store, an empty store front temporarily rented by entrepreneurs who have bought returned books or close out books at cut-rate prices to sell cheaply to the public. In the history section I saw there the usual Clinton apologist books, Bush Hatemonger’s screeds, and the Obama-lover books that no one wanted, the dry collegiate studies of the fall of the Roman Empire, and the coffee table compilation books that have recently fallen out of favor. Suddenly I spied a spare little book edited and commented upon by Richard Bookhiser called Rules of Civility, The 110 Precepts That Guided Our First President In War And Peace. This 90=page hardback book sported the price of only $4.00 so I picked it up.

I took it home and spent the few minutes it took to read the Rules that were said to have governed the life of George Washington and found myself wondering what the heck happened to civility in this country? What happened to the etiquette that, once upon a time, governed civil society?

Mr. Brookhiser points out in his forward that Washington was the best of both worlds in a revolutionary leader. He was able to lead a rebellion as well as govern the new country after the rebellion succeeded. It was once remarked by a European diplomat’s wife that Washington had, “perfect good breeding and a correct knowledge of even the etiquette of a court.” High praise, indeed, from a haughty European in the days when they were so sure the United States of America were doomed to ignominious failure.

Today many of the rules seem archaic as they laid out rules on how to eat in public, When to wear a hat and when not to, the correct posture and the like. But even in these seemingly pointless “rules” one gets the distinct impression that the training to be imparted by these precepts are meant to work from the personal to the interpersonal informing the whole man, not just the public man. A concept we seem to have totally lost in our day of “rights” and desires. We have come to an age where what we “want” supersedes good posture, delicate eating habits and proper dress. We tell ourselves we are more than what we wear or how good our table manners are and so we dispense with such “nonsense.” But is it nonsense? In our arrogance, do we give ourselves short shrift when we ignore such once common ideals of conduct? It might become obvious as we view how people treat each other in public, while we feel the palpable anger in the air as each person seems so sure that they are not getting the “respect” they deserve. But do they treat others with the same respect they are so sure they deserve in return? Often, they don’t.

As you read further into the rules, you’ll find a road map to polite social discourse and comportment that you will just know have been lost to society. Here are a few of them for the purpose of comparison to today’s standards:

22) Show not yourself glad at the misfortune of another though he were your enemy … Be NICE, even when you win.

25) Superfluous compliment and all affectation of ceremony are to be avoided, yet where due they are not neglected … Real ceremony is a matter of respect not an end in itself, as Mr. Brookhiser notes.

36) Artificers and persons of low degree ought not to use many ceremonies to lords or others of high degree, but respect and highly honor them, and those of high degree ought to treat them with affability and courtesy, without arrogancy …. At first sight this might tend to enrage today’s man yet when you truly look at it this rule commands everyone, both high and low, to treat people with good grace and respect something that seems sorely lacking today.

80) Be not tedious in discourse or in reading unless you find the company pleased therewith … How many blowhards do you find droning on about their theories and feelings today? ( Hey wait a minute, don’t look at ME!)

81) Be not curious to know the affairs of others, neither approach those that speak in private … Don’t be a nosy gossip. That would erase most of TV and the newspapers report, I would imagine.

84) When your superiors talk to anybody hearken not, neither speak nor laugh … of course that would presuppose we HAVE superiors these days. It seems everyone assumes that no one is their “better” these days.

89) Speak not of the absent for it is unjust.

109) Let your recreations be manful not sinful.

Naturally these are just a few examples but don’t they all ring with a sense of delicacy, justice and common decency? Can you see how social discourse would improve with wide acceptance of such precepts? I would urge each of you to find this book or others like it and read General Washington’s maxims. It can do nothing if not improve your life.

Let me close this with the last rule in the series. One that is definitely forgotten these days …

110) Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire called conscience.

Happy birthday, sir, but where have you gone George Washington, indeed?

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Kamala Harris Lied: Lincoln Did Not Refuse to Appoint Supreme Court Justice Before an Election

During the debate, Democrat Sen. Kamala Harris mischaracterized the facts of what Abraham Lincoln did with his last Supreme Court Justice nomination.



Democrat Sen. Kamala Harris claimed that Abraham Lincoln refuse to nominate a Supreme Court justice ahead of an election because it “wasn’t the right thing to do.” But Harris severely mischaracterized the facts of the matter.

Harris was attempting to use “Honest Abe” Lincoln to prove why Trump is evil for nominating Amy Coney Barrett only a month before the 2020 presidential election.

According to Harris, Lincoln steadfastly refused to sully the court with political motives.

“Abraham Lincoln’s party was in charge, not only of the White House, but the Senate, but Honest Abe said it’s not the right thing to do. The American people deserve to make the decision about who will be the next president in the United States. And then that person can select who will serve for a lifetime and the highest court of our land,” Harris insisted on the debate stage. “And so, Joe and I are very clear, the American people are voting right now. And it should be their decision about who will serve on this most important body for a lifetime.”

But this is not at all the true story of what actually happened.

The truth is that Lincoln’s party was not united and if he had suggested a new judge just before the election it could only serve to stir trouble among the several Republican factions. And in 1864, Lincoln was already worried that he was going to lose the election to Democrat ‘Peace” candidate, George McClellan, He did not want to cause himself needless squabbling when he need the vote of every Republican.

So, Lincoln postponed his nomination not because it was the “right” (meaning in Harris’s terms, the “moral”) thing to do, but because it was the politically expedient thing to do.

But there was even another reason Lincoln put off the nomination. At the time that the previous justice (Roger B. Taney) died and Lincoln was given the opportunity to fill his seat, the U.S. Senate was already out of session. So, Lincoln had no urgency to announce any candidate for the high court because it could make no movement forward, anyway.

As soon as he won reelection, Lincoln immediately nominated his Secretary of the Treasury, Salmon P. Chase, to fill the spot on the court.

In short order, Chase was elevated to the court and became the nation’s 6th Chief Justice.

THAT is the REAL history of what Abraham Lincoln did in 1864. Harris simply lied through her teeth about the facts of the case.

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National Assoc. of Scholars Demands Pulitzers Revoke Award to Fraudulent ‘1619 Project’ Creator

The National Association of Scholars demanded that the Pulitzer Prize Board rescind a prize awarded to the lead author of the fraudulent “1619 Project.”



On Tuesday, the National Association of Scholars demanded that the Pulitzer Prize Board rescind a prize awarded to the lead author of the fraudulent “1619 Project” published by the New York Times.

If you are unaware, the “1619 Project” is a political effort to destroy American history and re-write it to claim that the United States really started in the year 1619 — instead of 1776 — because slaves were brought to this continent in 1619.

It would be bad enough of this fake “history” was just floated in the pages of the New York Times, but the paper has also created an entire school curriculum with this pack of lies and hundreds of leftist school boards have eagerly snapped up this program to warp the minds of kids and turn them into haters of the U.S.A.

But the “1619 Project” has many detractors and most of them are among the ranks of real historians who almost universally have denounced the contents of this political attack on our nation.

And now, there is yet another scholarly group attacking the “1619 Project” and trying to get it eliminated.

The open letter was signed by 21 scholars and public writers who said the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary awarded to Nikole Hannah-Jones is a major mistake. The open letter criticizes Hannah-Jones’ essay as “profoundly flawed” and “disfigured by unfounded conjectures and patently false assertions.”

“We call on the Pulitzer Prize Board to rescind the 2020 Prize for Commentary awarded to Nikole Hannah-Jones for her lead essay in ‘The 1619 Project,'” the letter says. “That essay was entitled, ‘Our democracy’s founding ideals were false when they were written.’ But it turns out the article itself was false when written, making a large claim that protecting the institution of slavery was a primary motive for the American Revolution, a claim for which there is simply no evidence.”

“The duplicity of attempting to alter the historical record in a manner intended to deceive the public is as serious an infraction against professional ethics as a journalist can commit,” the letter adds. “A ‘sweeping, deeply reported and personal essay,’ as the Pulitzer Prize Board called it, does not have the license to sweep its own errors into obscurity or the remit to publish ‘deeply reported’ falsehoods.”

The new letter, is hardly the first one from scholars and historians. Indeed, there are no serious historians or group of scholars in the nation that supports this fake “1619 Project.” It has been widely denounced by everyone with a modicum of knowledge about history and a desire to teach the truth.

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Failed Schools Turn Out Majority of Students Who Know Nothing About the Holocaust

Our failed school system has turned out a majority of students who either believe false claims about the Holocaust or know nothing at all about it.



A new poll finds that our failed school system has turned out a majority of students who either believe false claims about the Holocaust or know nothing at all about it.

According to the survey, nearly 20 percent of millennials even think that the Jews themselves caused the Holocaust, the New York Post reported.

The survey asked Americans under 30 in all fifty states what they know of the World War Two event that took the lives of more than six million Jews around the world.

Results among New York respondents, for instance, found that 58 percent of New Yorkers could not name a single Nazi concentration camp, such as Auschwitz, Buchenwald, or Dachau.

In another case, 60 percent had no idea that six million Jews were murdered in those camps.

“The results are both shocking and saddening and they underscore why we must act now while Holocaust survivors are still with us to voice their stories,” said Gideon Taylor, president of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.

The paper added:

A total of 34 percent of respondents in New York believe the Holocaust happened but the number of Jews who died has been greatly exaggerated or believe the Holocaust is a myth and did not happen or are unsure.

A shocking 28 percent of respondents in New York believe it is acceptable to hold neo-Nazi views, while 62 percent have never visited a Holocaust museum in the United States.

“Data was collected from 1,000 interviews nationwide and 200 interviews in each state with adults ages 18 to 39 selected at random,” the Post reported.

The results were similar in each of the 50 states.

This is proof once again, that our school system is an absolute failure.

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Black Lives Matter Rioters Destroy Statue of Famed Anti-Slavery Hero Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass is the single most famous anti-slavery American ever. So, Black Lives Matter had to destroy his stature.



Frederick Douglass is the single most famous anti-slavery American ever born. So, naturally the domestic terrorists of Black Lives Matter had to destroy his stature.

Douglass was born a slave in pre-Civil War America, but escaped his bondage, fleeing to the north to become the most important leader against slavery in U.S. history.

So, why did Black Lives Matter destroy a statue to him in New York?

Because they are brainless, mindless, terrorists who have no goal but to destroy America — even the things they pretend they are fighting for.

The statue once stood in Rochester New York’s Maplewood Park. Now it is gone.

Authorities confirmed the incident, and said that the statue was later found in a gorge some distance away from the park.

Douglass was a resident of Rochester during the Civil War era, hence the memorial in the park.

Of course, it makes no sense for this statue to be destroyed. Neither does it make sense to destroy statues to Lincoln — the man who freed the slaves — or General Grant — the man who ended the Civil War and championed rights for blacks.

But Black Lives Matter is not about anything legitimate. They are just about destruction.

They have no true American principles. They are anti-American through and through.

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Virginia Church Removes Memorial to Founding Father George Washington

George Washington, the father of our country, is being erased from his own church in Virginia.



George Washington, the father of our country, is being erased from his own church in Virginia.

We truly are becoming two separate countries within the same borders. One country that loves the United States and the other that is ashamed of everything about it.

This latest expression of hate from liberals comes from Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia, the church that our first president and war hero attended at the end of his life.

Christ Church was also the church that Confederate General Robert E. Lee attended most of his life.

But now the church is deleting both august members from its history. Whitewashed because they are not politically correct enough.

The two plaques honoring Washington and Lee were placed on the walls of the church in 1870 right after Lee’s death. At the time of his death, Lee was in charge of Washington-Lee college.

Church rector Rev. Noelle York-Simmons insisted that church leaders had debated the move for a long time.

Naturally, the left-wing loons who were attending the church claimed that they felt unsafe, or some such idiocy, because of a few small plaques.

“The plaques in our sanctuary make some in our presence feel unsafe or unwelcome,” church leaders told the media. “Some visitors and guests who worship with us choose not to return because they receive an unintended message from the prominent presence of the plaques.”

“Because the sanctuary is a worship space, not a museum, there is no appropriate way to inform visitors about the history of the plaques or to provide additional context except for the in-person tours provided by our docents,” the anti-American churchmen bloviated.

It is all just another example of leftists attempting to eliminate American history so that they have full control over the minds of American citizens.

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Thomas Jefferson’s Hometown Dumps Founder’s Birthday in Favor of Slavery Memorial Event

Charlottesville, Virginia, is dumping its annual celebration of Thomas Jefferson’s birthday and will replace it with an event about slavery.



Founding father Thomas Jefferson’s hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia, is dumping its annual celebration of his birthday and will replace it with a navel gazing event about slavery, the city says.

The city has officially celebrated Jefferson’s birthday for more than 70 years, but in a spiteful move to whitewash American history, the city is turning its back on one of our greatest founders.

The move comes on the heels of an announcement that the city council dropped the birthday celebration from its annual calendar, the Washington Post reported.

Instead of celebrating Jefferson’s April 13 birthday, the city will now celebrate “Freedom Day” on March 3. That is the day that the Union Army emancipated the slaves in 1865, the paper reports.

The vote was three to one to eliminate Jefferson from his hometown.

“This marks a wholesale shift in our understanding of the community’s history,” said Jalane Schmidt, a professor at the University of Virginia who is working to eliminate the founders from American history. “To take Thomas Jefferson’s birthday off the calendar and add this is a big deal.”

No doubt.

Jefferson, of course, is the principal author of the Declaration of Independence, our third president and a member of the founding generation. He is also the founder of the University of Virginia, which is situated in Charlottesville.

Area attorney Charles L. Weber, Jr., a plaintiff on a suit that seeks to protect Charlottesville’s Confederate statues, told the Post that “expunging”” Jefferson “is not the right answer, just like taking the statues down is not the right answer.”

“I have a problem expunging Thomas Jefferson from our history,” Weber added.

It’s all part and parcel to the radical left’s desire to destroy American history, to remove it from view, and to prevent anyone from ever learning any lessons from the past.

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D.C. Cancels Grade School Lesson About Slavery to Make Snowflakes Feel Better

The city schools in Washington D.C. recently put an end to a lesson on the history of slavery in the U.S. because it made some snowflake kids “feel bad.”



The city schools in Washington D.C. recently put an end to a lesson on the history of slavery in the U.S. because it made some snowflake kids “feel bad.”

Fifth-grade teachers at D.C.’s Lafayette Elementary School came under fire for a recent lesson plan on historical slavery as it existed previous to, and during the Civil War, and its aftereffects during Reconstruction. One of the assignments asked kids to create “living pictures,” podcasts, or dramatic readings to show how they personally understood that history.

But once the kids started reacting to the assignment, the leftist hand-wringing began.

According to CNN, there was shock and horror over the assignment:

Some students of color were asked by their peers to play roles that are “inappropriate and harmful,” including “a person of color drinking from a segregated water fountain and an enslaved person,” the team wrote.

During classroom circles and small group discussions, [Principal Carrie] Broquard said, some students said they were uncomfortable with the roles their peers had asked them to play. Others, she said, had been unsure how to respond or stand up for their peers who were uncomfortable.

Well. bring over the fainting couch, Mabel.

After the snowflakes began whiling, the principal jumped into action and sent a strong letter.

In [Borquard’s] letter, she said students who were directly affected have been meeting with the school’s social emotional learning team and members of the administration to “process and talk through” the incident. The social emotional learning team and a racial equity committee at the school will work to ensure all assignments are “culturally sensitive and appropriate,” she wrote.

The staff will participate in a full day of training on equity and race in January, and the school plans to create a diversity and inclusion committee, the letter stated.

“As the leader of the Lafayette school community, I am distressed this happened and saddened our students were hurt,” Broquard wrote in the letter. “The voices of our students, their resilience and their compassion continue to inspire me to lead us all forward in a better way.”

Oh, the humanities.

The school district also adopted a speedy resolution to this “problem”:

District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) called the lesson inappropriate and said the school was responding to the situation.

“We acknowledge the approach to learning that took place around this lesson was inappropriate and harmful to students,” DCPS said in a statement to CNN.

“The school recognized its mistakes, addressed the matter with families, and is actively reinforcing values of racial equity across the entire school community. We support Lafayette Elementary as it nurtures young scholars to be models of social awareness and responsibility.”

Still, despite the absurdity of this whole situation, you can bet these “schools” were teaching fake history, anyway.

You can be that facts were never part of the program in the first place.

For instance, you can bet the kids were never told any of this:

1). Slavery has been practiced since man emerged from the muck and every race, color and creed has been enslaved at one point or another

2). Muslims were and are still today the biggest practitioners of slavery

3). Other black tribes in Africa captured rival black tribesmen and sold them into slavery

4). The first culture to begin putting an end to the then common practice was European culture (i.e. white people)

5). The founders almost lost their bid to start the country because of slavery but wisely added a way to get rid of it later instead of making it permanent like other cultures had in the past

6). Many rich black people in pre-Civil War history also owned slaves here in the U.S.

These fact would REALLY upset the snowflakes.

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