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Dr. Fauci Takes Subtle Shot at China, as Movement to Blame Beijing Blooms

China’s bad data, whether negligent or nefarious, has cost us an untold number of lives.



These are undeniably dark times here in America, where, ironically, the weather has been mostly beautiful.

We are in the midst of a slow motion war, where each victory takes two weeks to manifest itself.  It’s a silent and isolated battle we’re fighting as well, and it makes us wonder if we’re all really doing it.  Is everyone safe?  The stress of it all will likely be a problem for many in the coming days.

But when the battle ends, or at least dies down a little, the stress and worry will begin to subside, and we will be left with questions like how did it get this bad?  The answer to that heavy question will likely revolve around China’s honesty when reporting the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak to the unsuspecting world at large.

A growing number of prominent politicians and pundits have begun to question what Beijing’s responsibility or culpability will be when it’s all said and done, if it is discovered that they intentionally mislead the world.

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Dr. Anthony Fauci, an infectious disease specialist on the White House coronavirus task force, has now added a subtle jab of his own.

From an interview on PBS:

Fauci stated that in “early January…it became clear that what the Chinese had claimed originally, that this was just a virus that jumped from an animal reservoir to a human, and wasn’t being transmitted from human to human, well, it became very clear pretty quickly that that was not the case. … And when the numbers started coming in as to what the morbidity and the mortality was, it was during that period in early to mid-January that it became clear to me that this was not just another SARS, it wasn’t another MERS, or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.”

He added, “I don’t think anything would have prevented the spread of this virus. Once it emerged into society, with its capability of efficient spread and morbidity and mortality, that was it. But what could have been different…is that, if we had known that this was highly transmissible early on, when it was just in China, I think other countries would have maybe been more quick on the trigger to try and inhibit travel from China to their country. … So, that delay in transparency, I think, likely had an impact on what I just said, the awareness that this could seed the rest of the world.”

Last week Senator Marsha Blackburn went so far as to propose that China relieve a portion of the US debt they own commensurate to the economic impact that their negligence has caused.


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Steve Bannon: Biden is Directly ‘In Cahoots’ with China

Former Trump strategist Steve Bannon warned that Joe Biden is not just friendly to China’s goals, he is in direct cooperation with our biggest enemy.



In an interview on Fox News, former Trump strategist Steve Bannon warned voters that Joe Biden is not just friendly to China’s goals, he is in direct cooperation with our biggest enemy.

Bannon joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures and rang the klaxon bell.

Bannon essentially pointed out that if Biden wins the White House the United States may as well become a vassal state of the red Chinese.

“In Biden You Don’t Have a Manchurian Candidate, You Have a Beijing Candidate,” Bannon warned.

Check this out:

If I was the campaign at the RNC I would amplify the message coming out of the (DNC) convention.

Trump won in 2016 because he stood up for America, he stood up for working class people against a financial and political elite that was driving the managed decline of the United States. And you’re going to see over the next four days. That’s what they’re going to be talking about ore globalization, more economic devastation.

Now coupled with this kind of undergirding of this cultural Marxism of Antifa and certain elements of the Black Lives Matter. So I think it’s perfect. This is going to come down to a pretty bold choice. Do you want the America of globalization? Do you want the America of Joe Biden… Or do you want the America of America First, economic nationalism and populism of Donald Trump.

Look Jared laid out very succinctly in the first segment what the national security and foreign affairs are with this pivot… It was Joe Biden who was put in charge of trying to confront the Chinese Communist Party and he failed.

So I think this week is going to be great for the Trump campaign and the RNC and the White House… They (Democrats) want death and destruction. They want the death of the American economy and the destruction of the American way of life.

I think if that is highlighted by the end of the week it will smoke Joe Biden out of his basement. I think the policies themselves will blow this election out… Remember, with Bide you don’t have a Manchurian candidate. You have a Beijing candidate. Victory for Trump is very specific. It goes right through Beijing… Joe Biden is in cahoots. He’s compromised by Beijing.

Right on!

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Trump Signs Order Banning China Spyware Apps TikTok, WeChat – China Threatens Retaliation

Trump has signed a pair of Executive Orders to ban the spyware-laden Chinese social media apps TokTok and WeChat



President Donald Trump has signed a pair of Executive Orders setting a 45-day window to ban the spyware-laden Chinese social media apps TokTok and WeChat. And now, China has threatened to retaliate.

The president signed the order on Thursday afternoon noting that Tencent’s WeChat app and ByteDance’s TikTok app have 45 days before being banned. Both are owned by the communist Chinese government and both are used to track American’s and amass data on American users.

In putting the ban in place, Trump invoked the International Emergency Economic Powers Act and the National Emergencies Act to ban the invasive Chinese programs.

The administration maintains that the apps are a national security risk and gives out enemies in China an open invitation to use the apps as a military weapon against Americans.

“The spread in the United States of mobile applications developed and owned by companies in the People’s Republic of China (China) continues to threaten the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States,” the EO states.

“TikTok automatically captures vast swaths of information from its users, including Internet and other network activity information such as location data and browsing and search histories,” the executive order states. “This data collection threatens to allow the Chinese Communist Party access to Americans’ personal and proprietary information — potentially allowing China to track the locations of Federal employees and contractors, build dossiers of personal information for blackmail, and conduct corporate espionage,” Trump added in the order concerning TikTok.

“Like TikTok, WeChat automatically captures vast swaths of information from its users. This data collection threatens to allow the Chinese Communist Party access to Americans’ personal and proprietary information,” Trump said in a second order covering WeChat. “In addition, the application captures the personal and proprietary information of Chinese nationals visiting the United States, thereby allowing the Chinese Communist Party a mechanism for keeping tabs on Chinese citizens who may be enjoying the benefits of a free society for the first time in their lives.”

“The United States must take aggressive action against the owner of WeChat to protect our national security,” the executive order said.

China’s foreign ministry criticized the executive orders against the Chinese companies, according to wire service Reuters.

during a press briefing on Friday, Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that Beijing will defend the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese businesses. He threatened Trump and said that the U.S. would have to bear the consequences of its actions.

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Defected Chinese Scientist Says China Created COVID-19 ‘In a Military Lab’

Dr. Li-Meng Yan says that the wet market story was a cover and that China created COVID-19 as a military weapon.



Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a Chinese virologist who fled to the west, says that the wet market story was a cover and that China created COVID-19 as a military weapon.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a former virology specialist for the Hong Kong’s School of Public Health, told the Taiwan News Agency Lude Press that she “had clearly assessed that the virus came from a Chinese Communist Party military lab” and the “Wuhan wet market was just used as a decoy.”

She added that she raised the alarm but was ignored by her superiors. Soon, though, she began worrying that communist Chinese authorities would seek her out for punishment. So, she fled to the west.

“I knew that once I spoke up, I could disappear at any time, just like all the brave protesters in Hong Kong,” she said. “I could disappear at any time. Even my name would no longer exist.”

Big League Politics adds:

Even though she understood “what kinds of things the Chinese government would do” by growing up under communist tyranny, Li-Meng still never would have guessed “how low [the CCP] would stoop.” She hopes that her claims about COVID-19’s origin will accelerate “the outside world’s understanding of the regime and helping the Chinese people to overthrow it.”

“The China government refused to let overseas experts, including ones in Hong Kong, do research in China. So I turned to my friends to get more information,” Li-Meng said.

Li-Meng said that the Hong Kong School of Public Health initially told her to continue her investigation but later told her to “keep silent and be careful.” They released a statement confirming that Li-Meng is no longer employed at the university but would not give any further details

None of this could be much of a surprise.

Rumors have persisted since this began that the virus came from the military weapons lab near Wuhan.

All this makes perfect sense. But we will likely never know for sure.

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Democrat Senator Feinstein: China Is ‘Growing Into a Respectable Nation’




Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein said China is “growing into a respectable nation” and cautioned against holding the country accountable for the coronavirus pandemic.

How many millions did they have to murder to get there?

How many millions did they have to murder to get there?


FEINSTEIN: “Well, there clearly is a difference between the East Coast and the West Coast.”

UNKNOWN: “We’ll stipulate to that.”

FEINSTEIN: “Where I live, we don’t hold China in the words of my predecessor speaking. We hold China as a potential trading partner, as a country that has pulled millions of — tens of millions of people out of poverty in a short period of time,
and as a country growing into a respectable nation among other nations. And I deeply believe that. I’ve been to China a number of times, I’ve studied the issues. And during our committee hearing, we heard Prof. Keitner testify that the United States has the most to lose by permitting civil lawsuits against China for harms arising from COVID. In her written testimony she explains, and I quote, ‘The more expansive the exceptions, the more they could also apply to the United States conduct and the worse off we will be, because the unparalleled reach of the United States activity in every corner of the globe leaves us uniquely exposed to capricious action by foreign litigants in foreign courts.’ So in short, if we eliminate sovereign immunity for countries engaging in reckless behavior that contributed to the spread of COVID, other countries, including China, may very well do the same thing to us. We launch a series of unknown events, they could be very, very dangerous. I think this is a huge mistake. Thank you.”

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Kids Abused At NBA Youth Training Camps; Employee Says It Was Like Working In ‘World War II Germany,’




Kids Abused At NBA Youth Training Camps; Employee Says It Was Like Working In ‘World War II Germany,’

 ESPN released a bombshell story in which several American coaches at three NBA training academies in China have come forward to say that Chinese coaches at the camps were “physically abusing young players and failing to provide schooling.”

“American coaches at three NBA training academies in China told league officials their Chinese partners were physically abusing young players and failing to provide schooling, even though commissioner Adam Silver had said that education would be central to the program,” ESPN reported. “One former league employee who worked in China wondered how the NBA, which has been so progressive on issues around Black Lives Matter and moved the 2017 All-Star Game out of Charlotte, North Carolina, over a law requiring transgender people to use bathrooms corresponding to the sex listed on their birth certificates, could operate a training camp amid a Chinese government crackdown that also targeted NBA employees.”


The NBA is facing a new scandal stemming from its ties to communist China after a new ESPN report revealed that the league opened up youth training camps in China, including a camp in a Chinese state that operates concentration camps, where allegedly kids repeatedly endured physical abuse at the hands of officials.


Sources who spoke to ESPN said that coaches at the academies wondered if Silver, who just donated the maximum amount possible to the Biden campaign, knew about the alleged child abuse.

One the academies that was opened by the NBA was in Xinjiang, where the Chinese Communist Party allegedly has millions of people locked up in concentration camps. ESPN says that it obtained an email that the NBA sent to employees that instructed employees not to tell ESPN that they were being instructed to answer questions about the league’s new China scandal.

A former league employee told ESPN that working in Xinjiang was like “World War II Germany,” while another said that it was “a sweat camp for athletes.” A former coach said, “we were basically working for the Chinese government.” Multiple coaches quit because of the abuse that they were seeing happen to the young players. More

I feel bad for the kids but what would you expect? It’s China they operate sweatshops everywhere and they don’t care about children.

The Communist Party of China has been engaged in crimes against humanity for decades. Any multinational corporation, including the NBA, doing business with the CCP is complicit in their atrocities. Any finger-wagging these self-righteous hypocrites attempt to do here in the USA should be met with a stiff and unrelenting middle finger.

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NBA, Nike Under Fire After Shocking Video of Chinese Security with Hundreds of Detainees Near Factory

The NBA, Nike, Disney, and others are again under scrutiny again for the Chinese slave labor that makes their products.



The NBA, Nike, Disney, and others are again under scrutiny after a shocking video showing Chinese security forces guarding up to four hundred cuffed and blindfolded prisoners in a factory region where sportswear and other products are manufactured.

The video depicts black-clad, uniformed security guards standing over hundreds of newly shaved, blindfolded, and handcuffed prisoners sitting cross-legged on the ground in their blue prison uniforms.

Analysis of the video lends credence to its veracity and finds that the video was recorded in mid-August of last year near the factory sector of Xinjiang, China.

It has been reported that many of the prisoners in this region are comprised of China’s Uyghur ethnic minority. The use of Uyghurs as a forced labor force was recently chronicled in an extensive report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI).

The reports says that between 2017 and 2019, the Chinese government relocated a minimum 80,000 Uyghurs from Xinjiang in western China to factories across the country where they work “under conditions that strongly suggest forced labour.” The government is reportedly using the slave labor for manufacturing items ordered by some 83 international companies making everything from footwear to electronics.

“The Chinese government has facilitated the mass transfer of Uyghur and other ethnic minority citizens from the far west region of Xinjiang to factories across the country,” the ASPI report revealed. “Under conditions that strongly suggest forced labour, Uyghurs are working in factories that are in the supply chains of at least 83 well-known global brands in the technology, clothing, and automotive sectors, including Apple, BMW, Gap, Huawei, Nike, Samsung, Sony, and Volkswagen.”

The list of big-name, western corporations is long and includes companies such as Apple, Nike, Amazon, Disney, Samsung, Zara, Costco, H&M, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, and many more. Often the products made for these giant companies that parts and supplies for finished products, so the large companies don’t always note that their products come from factories in Xinjiang where the Uyghurs are imprisoned in forced labor camps.

At the time that ASOI released its report, Chinese officials virulently denied the report.

“This type of report is full of lies. The aid program is a beneficial scheme that helps Uygur people to earn income and learn new skills,” a Communist Party official in Xinjiang told the government-run Global Times. “Xinjiang workers are recruited in a formal and legal way, some through local personnel departments, and others via human resource agencies. They [the workers] are all voluntary.”

But this video casts serious doubt on just how benevolent the factory camps could be. With hundreds of men lined up in all too familiar railroad depot scenes, the video is not the look of “beneficial” training programs, but prison-styled oppression.

Companies like Nike, Disney, the NBA, and others have been repeatedly confronted with their reliance on Chinese slave labor to produce their products, but few have taken any concrete steps to put an end to their reliance on these suppliers.

The NBA, in particular, has come under fire for its close business ties to China. That cozy relationship was highlighted when the league rose up as one — players, coaches, team owners, and league officials alike — to attack Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey for an inoffensive tweet expressing support for the pro-democracy forces in Hong Kong.

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WHO Finally Admits China Never Reported The Existence Of Coronavirus Outbreak




WHO has backtracked on its original claim that China self-reported the existence of Coronavirus in Wuhan, admitting it never happened.

The WHO’s updated timeline that was posted online this week, now states that officials first learned about the virus on Dec. 31, 2019, through information posted on a U.S. website by doctors working in Wuhan, where the virus first emerged. This contradicts the agency’s initial timeline, which said that China first presented this information on that date.

Washington Examiner:

The World Health Organization backtracked on its assertion that the Chinese government alerted the United Nations agency about the coronavirus outbreak.

The WHO quietly updated its “Timeline of WHO’s response to COVID-19” on Tuesday following the House Foreign Affairs Committee Republicans’ mid-June Interim Report on Origins of COVID-19 Pandemic (led by ranking member and China task force Chairman Rep. Michael McCaul of Texas), which concluded that “despite public reporting to the contrary … China never notified the WHO about the outbreak in Wuhan.” The change was spotted by McCaul and first reported by the Washington Free Beacon.

“I’m glad to see the WHO and the Chinese Communist Party have both read my interim report on the origins of the pandemic and are finally admitting to the world the truth — the CCP never reported the virus outbreak to the WHO in violation of WHO regulations,” McCaul said in a statement to the Washington Examiner. “The question now is whether the CCP will continue their false propaganda campaign that continues to claim they warned the world or whether they will come clean and begin to work with the world health community to get to the bottom of this deadly pandemic.” More

WHO’s integrity is completely blown. Why should we trust them on anything when these degenerates are obviously willing to lie during a world pandemic?

WHO must be angling for U.S. funding. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have said anything.

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