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Devin Nunes has dire warning as Big Tech pushes for total domination of political dialogue



In the United States today, we are toeing a very dangerous line.

We are guaranteed the freedom of speech, yet we have allowed our most powerful platforms for expression to become compromised by political ideologues who censor, ban, and delete at will.  Twitter, Facebook, Google, and others have long been leaning to the left, and openly working to crush the conservative conversations that occur within their digital walls.

This has led us to the precipice of something that has George Orwell rolling in his grave:  The possibility of a political technocracy in the land of the free.

One Congressman has seen the writing on the wall for some time, however, and is lashing out against the unruly digital mob.

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Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), the ranking member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, told Breitbart News he is “very concerned” about the rising threat of the “tech oligarchs” at Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other tech giants censoring conservatives in an effort to stymie free speech and push a leftist agenda.

Nunes, who is suing Twitter right now in Virginia, said in an exclusive appearance on Breitbart News Sunday on SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125 this weekend that that company “has been the worst” and that tech companies have gotten away with bias against conservative for years because of a special “carveout” in federal law.

Nunes is not known for pulling any punches, and his appearance on Breitbart News Sunday was no exception.

“Well, in general, I have a real concern overall about what I call the ‘tech oligarchs,’” Nunes said. “But Twitter has been the worst, especially to me. So if you look at what they’ve done, specifically to me, is they enforce their rules selectively. So I’m arguing they’ve operated their property negligibly. They’ve been negligent with the operation of their property, and they’re actually content developers. They have had it their way for a long time by having this ability to get out from lawsuits because Congress has actually carved out a special provision in law for them because they were supposed to be an open square—an open public square; they’re the Internet. So they’re not treated like someone like, say, some other kind of product would be treated like a car, for example, or a kitchen appliance. They’ve had this special carveout for 20 years.”

Just weeks ago, a Google executive was caught on hidden camera intimating the online leviathan’s hopes for avoiding “another Trump situation in 2020” – a shocking admission that raised red flags for freedom advocates the nation over.

Nunes would go on to lament the inability of Congress to act on the subject, thanks to the leftist slant of these platforms being weaponized at a time in which democrats control the House of Representatives.

“So I am very concerned. You ask what can be done. The answer right now is nothing can be done because Nancy Pelosi controls the House, and she is going to ensure that nothing happens to these companies as we sit right now,” Nunes said. “So it’s going to have to be word of mouth, through conservatives and through Republicans, and we’re just going to have to overwhelm them. Hopefully, someone will come up with a better search engine. But I think that’s going to be very difficult. So what does that leave? It leaves the court system. I’m in the best position to do it because I’m one of the ones who’s been most slandered. So hopefully, the courts will step in, right? If I can win one of these cases, it will really set these guys back. If the Covington school kids can win a case, that would set them back. So I think between defamation laws and treating these tech companies what they are, which is property, this is going to be the fastest and only way to solve it before 2020.”

The issue has been front and center for President Trump as well, who earlier this year held a “social media summit” at The White House in order to address the concerns of conservative journalists, in particular.

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House Impeachment Inquiry Not Over, Despite Transmission of Articles to Senate

Nancy Pelosi should introduce a personal infrastructure bill so that she can build a bridge and get over it.



House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a hard time letting go, it seems.

Not only did Pelosi refuse to transmit her articles of impeachment to the Senate promptly after their passing the House, but now it appears as though she hasn’t yet let go of the inquiry that spawned those articles.

In a press release issued on the day before Pelosi transmitted the articles to the Senate on Wednesday, House leaders pursuing the impeachment inquiry against Trump conceded that they continued to investigate the president after the lawmakers voted to impeach him and charge him with the two articles.

The chairmen of the House Committees on Oversight and Reform, Foreign Affairs, and Intelligence declared in a joint statement:

“Since the House voted to impeach President Trump, we have continued our investigation so the House Managers can present to the Senate the most complete factual record possible before the trial on the Articles of Impeachment.  Despite the President’s unprecedented and sweeping obstruction of our impeachment inquiry, we have continued to collect additional evidence relevant to the President’s scheme to abuse his power by pressing Ukraine to interfere in the 2020 election for the President’s benefit.”


On the eve of Pelosi transmitting the articles to the Senate, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) indicated that Democrats might continue with their inquiry after the Senate receives the articles.

In a letter dated January 14, Schiff wrote House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) that he was transmitting new evidence related to the impeachment.

“Despite unprecedented obstruction by the president, the [House Intelligence] Committee continues to receive and review potentially relevant evidence and will make supplemental transmittals,” Schiff declared.

It unfortunately appears as though we will need to get used to the idea of perpetual impeachment…at least for the next 5 years.

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New Details of Soleimani Strike Emerge from Trump 2020 Fundraiser Dinner

Donation-dinner guests got the ‘inside scoop’ for desert.



When it comes to political fundraising, no one seems able to hold a candle to incumbent President Donald Trump.

In the run-up to the 2020 election, Trump and the RNC have become juggernauts of the political donation game, outpacing their Democratic rivals by orders of magnitude.  A part of the reason for this disparity has to do with the perception that Democratic voters hold regarding wealth.

You see, on the left, donations from wealthy corporations and their CEO’s are considered “dirty” money, and only a candidate who passes this “purity test” will truly win over the radical corners of the left’s voting bloc.

Over on the GOP side of things, Donald Trump is holding $10 million dinners, cavorting with attendees, and retelling the intimate details of the assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani.

President Trump performed a dramatic retelling of the US drone strike on Qassem Soleimani for top GOP donors at a Mar-a-Lago fundraiser Friday night.

In audio from the $10 million event, Trump explained that Soleimani was “saying bad things” about the United States in the run-up to his targeted killing.

“How much of this s–t do we have to listen to?” Trump asked, CNN reported Saturday.

Trump called the Iranian general, who was the head of its elite Quds Force, a “noted terrorist” who “was supposed to be in his country” – not in Iraq, where he was slain.

The president gave his guests a version of the minute-by-minute narration he heard from military officials in real-time during the Jan. 3 operation.

At the time of his death, Soleimani was considered by many to be one of Iran’s top terror masterminds, already responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans, and possibly planning to take many more in the very near future.

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Dershowitz, Now on Trump Legal Team, Says ‘Abuse of Power’ Not Impeachable

Things could get very interesting on Tuesday…



We have endured speculation regarding a number of possible defenses to be employed by President Trump in his upcoming Senate impeachment trial.

The Commander in Chief himself has offered up a few variations on what he expects to see, sometimes intimating that the trial will be swift and streamlined, and other times seemingly pushing for a “show trial” of sorts, complete with exonerating witnesses and a clear verdict.

There was even talk of attempting to dismiss the motion to impeach the President outright, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had to pump the brakes on that plan after it was discovered that he didn’t quite have the votes.

One of the President’s high-powered attorneys is now offering up a fairly novel suggestion as well:  That “abuse of power” is not an impeachable defense.

Speaking during an interview on MSNBC, newly hired counsel Alan Dershowitz explained it thusly:

Dershowitz began by stating that the obstruction of Congress impeachment article “is completely made up. The president invoked his executive authority, separation of powers, checks and balances. That’s an extremely dangerous article of impeachment.”

He then turned to abuse of power, arguing, “virtually half of American presidents, from Adams, to Jefferson, to Lincoln, to Roosevelt, have been accused of abuse of power, and the framers explicitly rejected those kinds of broad, open-ended criteria. They were fearful that it would empower Congress to turn the presidency into the prime ministership of England, where the prime minister can be — have his tenure ended by a simple vote of no confidence. That’s not what the framers wanted. They wanted specific criteria for impeachment, and none of those criteria, in my view, have been met. And I will lay out that argument.”

The Senate’s impeachment trial is set to begin on Tuesday.

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The Lev Parnas Plot Thickens as Devin Nunes Suddenly Involved Via Text

The plot thickens again.



By the time that We The People finally get to the bottom of whatever this UkraineGate mess really, truly is, there will be a thousand more strands to follow.  Hundreds more rabbits to chase down their holes.

The sheer convolution of the public perception, due to this gluttonous informational gorging we’ve been doing as a nation, has woven a web the likes of which we may never see again.  To truly understand what is currently happing in our nation’s capital could be decades away…if not longer.

John F. Kennedy was assented over 50 years ago, and one would be hard pressed to find someone who is satisfied with the answers they’ve been provided on the subject.  We’ll be at this UkraineGate thing for a while still.

Now, as if things couldn’t get any wilder, a Republican prominent throughout the House of Representative’s impeachment probe is being implicated in the entire mess.

House impeachment investigators sought Friday to pull Devin Nunes, the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, deeper into the Ukraine scandal at the center of President Donald Trump’s upcoming impeachment trial.

A set of text messages released Friday evening by the Intelligence Committee show a top Nunes aide, Derek Harvey, in frequent contact with Lev Parnas, the indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani who has become a key figure in the Ukraine controversy that resulted in Trump’s impeachment last month. In one exchange, Harvey appears to pass along Nunes’ contact information two days before the Intelligence Committee’s impeachment report indicated that a phone connected to Nunes made contact with a phone connected to Parnas.

The text messages, provided to investigators by Parnas, show Harvey in contact with Parnas throughout the spring of 2019 — the same time Parnas was working with Giuliani and other Trump allies to remove the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch. Yovanovitch had been viewed as an obstacle to Giuliani’s effort to convince Ukraine to investigate Trump’s political rivals, including former Vice President Joe Biden. Previously released information suggested Harvey and Parnas began communicating at least as early as January 2019.

Nunes was infamous during the House’s impeachment inquiry for verbally eviscerating his liberal colleagues whenever an opportunity arose.

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Pelosi Pushes for Parnas on Witness Stand in Impeachment Trial

Pelosi’s time is up on impeachment, yet still she chirps.



House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s bit part in the impeachment soap opera is over, but it doesn’t appear as though she is quite ready to let it go…almost literally.

After she put an unprecedented hold on the transmittal of the articles of impeachment themselves, Pelosi was badgered and berated.  Republicans, alongside members of Pelosi’s own party, decried the stonewalling as unproductive.

Heck, there is even a conspiracy theory floating around that the maneuver was meant to bolster Joe Biden’s chances in Iowa by taking Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren off the campaign trail to do their due diligence back in the Senate.

Now that the articles are in the hands of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Pelosi’s work is done.

Yet still she chirps.

From her weekly press briefing, on the subject of Lev Parnas:

Pelosi said, “He’d be a credible witness if what he is testifying to relates to the issue at hand, the president’s behavior. But again, they — there is a process for — for how you go forward with witnesses and that’s not done in the basement of the congressional visitors center but in — you know, among those who are making those decisions about how to go forward. And I’m so proud of our managers, our members have been so positive about it and, you know, this is not without risk. They are going to give a great deal of their intellect as an intellectual resource, as patriots gave me a great deal of time, of course, but also they are courageous, let me say it that way, they are courageous.”

Parnas, a former acquaintance of Rudy Giuliani, has been singing like a bird as of late, as he faces charges of illegally funneling money through foreign channels and back into the American political system.  He has suddenly turned on Trump, and is pushing a theory that the White House was directly involved in the hold on Ukrainian military aid that kicked off the entire impeachment hoax.

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Pompeo Puts Space Between Himself and Giuliani Pal Lev Parnas

The supposed bombshells from Lev Parnas are fading fast as Washington roundly rejects the idea of his involvement in supposed Ukraine scheme.



Washington DC is a pressure cooker this week, and likely for some time to come.  Impeachment is here, folks, and the fireworks show is about to begin.

Tuesday begins the arduous process of adjudicating Donald J. Trump’s impeachment over his alleged abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.  The articles have been called “shallow” and “flimsy” by their detractors, and “grave” by those who’ve long been in favor of somehow removing Trump from Office.

The Democrats understand that their impeachment battle is an uphill one, given how little power they wield in the Senate currently, and have taken their fight directly to the public instead.  The latest affront to the President has come in the form of former acquaintance to Rudy Giuliani Lev Parnas, who has been going around telling the nation that “everyone” was “in on it”, and that the President was doing precisely what the Democrats say he was doing.

On account of these accusations, a number of Washington insiders are attempting to distance themselves from Parnas, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

From an episode of Hugh Hewitt’s radio program this week:

HUGH HEWITT: I want to talk China and Iran, but first, a couple of questions from the headlines. Do you know Lev Parnas?


HEWITT: All right. Until this story broke, were you aware that Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch was being surveilled while serving as an ambassador?

SECRETARY OF STATE POMPEO: Yeah, never heard about this at all, Hugh.


SECRETARY OF STATE POMPEO: Until this story broke, I had, to the best of my recollection, had never heard of this at all.

Parnas is, however, an indicted individual who may very well be attempting to shorten his coming sentence by performing his best canary impression.


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