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Democrats and the Main Stream Media Celebrate: New York Times Publishes Hit Piece on President Trump

Attacks on President Trump are not just about destroying him, but also about destroying the vision of America that lead to his election.



By Greg Holt

(The Olive) I want to begin by stepping back for a moment to a memo authored by Richard Higgins (who was on the National Security team) in May of 2017, (which subsequently got him fired by H.R. McMaster) that lays out in great detail what is going on. This memo is invaluable reading, almost as if Higgins had a window into the future.

Here are a couple of short excerpts:

The Trump administration is suffering under withering information campaigns designed to first undermine, then de legitimize and ultimately remove the President.

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Attacks on President Trump are not just about destroying him, but also about destroying the vision of America that lead to his election. Those individuals and groups seeking the destruction of President Trump actually seek to suffocate the vision of America that made him president. Hence, the end state is not just a delegitimized, destabilized, immobilized and possibly destroyed presidency; but also a demoralized movement composed of a large enough bloc to elect a president that subsequently become self-aware of its own disenfranchisement. 

How true…

You can and definitely should read the full report, (only eleven pages) it is well worth your time. Read the PDF here.

The “big news” of recent days has been the New York Times publication of the hit piece, I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration by the alleged “White House” insider. The NYT caused quite a stir with this anonymously penned article – NYT editors apparently know who this individual is.

This is becoming all too common in today’s world of supposed journalism; articles based on or written by anonymous sources, insert CNN here. Just recently CNN, the leader in fake news proclaimed: ‘CNN does not lie,’ according to Fox News. From this writers perspective, saying CNN does not lie is like saying kids don’t like candy, it’s preposterous.

President Trump called on the New York Times to reveal the identity of the article’s author for reasons of national security, and Trump is exactly right in this.

The title of this article alone should set off alarm bells, not to mention the particular publication it was published in. The New York Times has shall we say, a rather questionable past with plenty of mistakes, as well as falsehoods, and questionable judgment.

The anonymous crafter of the NYT article may well be a person in the Trump administration, and if so, this person should have their security clearance revoked immediately for penning this drivel. Second, this person should be fired and consideration should be given to charges being brought against said individual. Charges for what you say? How about for starters, subversion.

The definition of subversion:

the act of subverting : the state of being subverted; especially : a systematic attempt to overthrow or undermine a government or political system by persons working secretly from within (source)

That does indeed sound like what this individual is attempting does it not?

What if this individual, as a part of a team hears Trump action plans concerning other countries, or other sensitive classified information and/or intelligence? Will that information wind up in the New York Times as an Op-Ed too?

In this writer’s judgment, the New York Times once again exercised poor judgment in allowing, I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration to be published. This article is nothing more than a direct attack on President Donald Trump’s administration with the intention of causing as much damage as possible, i.e. a hit piece.

What does the crafter (I will not dignify him/her by referring to him/her as an author) of this so-called article hope to accomplish here? In this writer’s opinion, the goals of this piece are:

  • To sow dissension and doubt in the ranks of the President’s administration, as well as the American people
  • To sway public opinion against Trump, thereby influencing the 2018 midterm elections
  • To firmly develop the idea that there are plenty of key players in the Trump administration that are hostile to and working against this president whom they see as a clueless buffoon – therefore we the public should see this as well
  • To portray themselves (the resistance, i.e. the Deep State, despite the denial of being such) as patriotic Americans looking to protect America from a dangerous and foolish dimwit, capable of incalculable harm who just so happens to occupy the Oval Office

We also need to see and understand the timing of this hit piece. The midterms are right around the corner, the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings are under way, and there is more and more information being released to the public concerning the Illegal FISA warrants and other political corruption matters. It is no accident then that this anonymous hatchet job represented as a, we are here to save America piece was released now.

This is yet another desperate Deep State attack against the president to sway public opinion against him. The president does not play by the Deep State’s rules, when Trump says he is going to do something, he actually does it, unlike former presidents. Donald Trump is not a man to couch everything he says and does behind “diplomatic-speak,” he would rather say it like it is, he is therefore a threat to be eliminated.

In July of this year I wrote an article; Democrats: The Sky is Falling, It’s the End of America, and Trump is a Treasonous Russian Sympathizer – this NYT article is merely more of the same with a slightly different twist.

Look at this excerpt from the NYT article:

The bigger concern is not what Mr. Trump has done to the presidency but rather what we as a nation have allowed him to do to us. We have sunk low with him and allowed our discourse to be stripped of civility.


We may no longer have Senator McCain. But we will always have his example — a lodestar for restoring honor to public life and our national dialogue. Mr. Trump may fear such honorable men, but we should revere them. (source)

In other words, Trump does not allow America to be put in last place. Trump will not allow even our allies to continue to take advantage of us – NAFTA, NATO, Paris Climate accords etc. Then the icing on the cake, this fruit loop actually thinks John McCain is the cat’s meow, that should tell you everything you need to know about this person. In a word, clueless, just like the socialist leaning Democrats and RINO John McCain.

This article also laments that our country is “bitterly divided” over Trump’s leadership. That is not the case at all, this country voted Trump into office because we the people are sick and tired of people like this making empty speeches filled with empty promises while enriching themselves at the cost of this country’s greatness and the people’s not-so-deep pockets.

Then there is this gem from the article:

But we believe our first duty is to this country, and the president continues to act in a manner that is detrimental to the health of our republic. (source)

I have some problems with that statement:

If your “first duty” is to the country, then your first duty as part of your job is to the president of the United States as a part of his administration. If you don’t like the direction of the administration, then discuss it with the president, or one of the higher up staffers, or leave! Don’t write a whiny, snarky hit piece that you don’t even have the courage to put your name behind – that is called cowardice.

President Trump is acting in a “detrimental” manner towards our country? Really?

Under President Trump:

  • Companies that went over-seas have returned to the U.S. mainland
  • The U.S. economy is booming and growing at an unprecedented rate
  • North Korea (which Bill Clinton and Barack Obama largely ignored) is no longer threatening us
  • S. companies have increased wages, given bonuses, expanded operations, and hired more workers due to the Trump tax cuts
  • The Trump tax cuts (despite the Democrats hindrance) have actually increased S. tax revenue
  • NATO members are paying their fair share for the first time since NATO was begun
  • Other countries are not being allowed to take advantage of the U.S. in wildly unfair trade deals

Trump is for sure far from perfect, but is he running off the rails, damaging this country, a buffoon with no idea what he is doing, and running amok and in need of removal from office? Not hardly. The Democrats want Trump impeached and removed from office because he through his very accomplishments alone has revealed just how corrupt and inept they are.

Yes friends, Trumpaphobia is alive and well.

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Judge Sullivan Hires High-Profile Attorney To Argue His Reasons For Not Dropping Flynn Case



The federal judge Emmet Sullivan overseeing the case against former national security advisor Michael Flynn has hired a high-profile attorney to help with his response to an appeals court, The Washington Post reported.

The judge was ordered by an appeals court this week to explain his unorthodox handling of Michael Flynn’s ongoing case in district court. The DOJ this month moved to drop its case against Flynn, but Sullivan declined to immediately do so, instead, he’s appointing a retired judge to argue against dismissing the case.

He has retained Beth Wilkinson to represent him in defending his decision to a federal appeals court in Washington, according to a person familiar with the hire who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter.


As you know by now, the Department of Justice moved to drop the federal government’s case against Michael Flynn in light of new evidence, but the presiding judge in the case, Judge Emmet Sullivan, has resisted. He opened the case to public comment and appointed a retired judge, John Gleeson, to look into the possibility of trying Flynn for contempt of court for perjury. Gleeson had said he’d have his amicus brief filed by June 10, but on Thursday, a three-judge appeals court panel gave Sullivan until June 1 to explain his reasoning for not dropping the case.

Now it looks like Sullivan is pushing back even harder, as he’s hired a prominent trial lawyer to argue his desire to investigate whether dropping the case would be legal and ethical.

Sullivan is looking for all the help he can get not to dismiss the case and to charge Flynn with contempt of court. The Washington Post reports:

The federal judge who refused a Justice Department request to immediately drop the prosecution of former Trump adviser Michael Flynn has hired a high-profile trial lawyer to argue his reasons for investigating whether dismissing the case is legally or ethically appropriate.  More

You know I am not an attorney, but if a very experienced sitting Judge can’t articulate the reasons that he made a decision or order then the decision/order is probably unfounded.

Also, if a very experienced sitting federal judge needs to hire a high-profile attorney to shield himself then the order/decision is probably not just unfounded but possibly illegal too.

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Coronavirus Death Counts Found Wildly Over Reported

The number of people who have died from the coronavirus have been inflated by states hoping to milk the deaths for federal dollars.



More proof is coming out each week that the number of people who have actually died from the coronavirus have been greatly inflated by states hoping to milk the deaths for federal dollars.

On Saturday, it was reported that Colorado had to amend its death count because the reported numbers were far higher than the really are.

Per Fox News:

The change came after Colorado’s Department of Public Health admitted that its COVID-19 death toll was counting those who tested positive for the coronavirus but had died of other causes, Fox 31 Denver reported late Friday.

The department now says 1,150 Coloradoans who died had COVID-19 but only 878 of those deaths were “due to” COVID-19.

“We have been reporting at the state, deaths among people who had COVID-19 at the time of death and the cause of that death may or may not have been COVID-19,” said Dr. Eric France, the health state department’s chief medical officer.

France noted that state officials began hearing from hospitals, medical examiners, doctors, and others that the numbers were suspect.

One such story emerged from Montezuma County where a 35-year-old man was added to the coronavirus death rolls, but who didn’t actually die from the virus.

“The state is reporting that death as a COVID death, but our health department wanted to let people know that even though the person did have the virus, they did not die from it,” county officials said.

The numbers in Michigan have also come under a cloud.

“I think a lot of clinicians are putting that condition (COVID-19) on death certificates when it might not be accurate because they died with coronavirus and not of coronavirus,” Macomb County, Mich., Chief Medical Examiner Daniel Spitz told the Ann Arbor News last month.

“Are they entirely accurate? No,” Spitz said. “Are people dying of it? Absolutely. Are people dying of other things and coronavirus is maybe getting credit? Yeah, probably.”

Similar miscounting is occurring in states across the nation.

Per Fox News:

Illinois has been accused of skewing its COVID-19 death count. The CDC on Friday reported 3,792 coronavirus deaths in Illinois, which has been hard hit by the pandemic.

In April, the state’s Director of Public Health Dr. Ngozi Ezike told a coronavirus news briefing that the state’s COVID-19 death toll was counting those who died of “a clear alternate cause” but had the virus at the same time.

Another death in Arkansas was tallied as a COVID-29 death despite the truth of the matter.

In Arkansas, where 97 COVID-19 deaths have been reported, the count includes a woman who died at a nursing home in April.

But KTHV-TV reported interviewing the woman’s daughter, who had questions about including her mother in the count.

“My mother was 91 when she passed,” the daughter, who requested anonymity, said. “She had been in hospice since January. I feel the diagnosis of ‘respiratory failure due to COVID-19’ is not true. To add a death due to the virus just to inflate the numbers is not right.”

Indeed, San Diego recently had to admit that it has had only six actually COVID-19 deaths despite recent claims.

This sort of nonsense is going on everywhere.

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Secret Service Busts Nigerian Crooks Defrauding U.S. Unemployment System for Hundreds of Millions

The U.S. Secret Service has busted a Nigerian fraud ring bilking America for “hundreds of millions” in fraudulent unemployment payments.



The U.S. Secret Service has busted a Nigerian fraud ring that has been bilking America for “hundreds of millions” in fraudulent unemployment payments.

As if the U.S. isn’t bankrupting itself fast enough with the massive loss of jobs amid this coronavirus hysteria, now we find the Nigerians stealing millions from us with our obviously easily defrauded unemployment benefit system.

A Secret Service memo obtained by the New York Times described the attack as a well-organized Nigerian fraud ring that may be stealing “hundreds of millions of dollars.”

“We are actively running down every lead we are getting,” Roy Dotson, a special agent who specializes in financial fraud at the Secret Service, told the paper.

The foreign crooks are using stolen Social Security numbers and other personal information likely purchased by hackers to file for unearned benefits.

The fraud ring jumped into action thanks to the millions of lost jobs because of the coronavirus lockdowns.

The first place the growing fraud was seen was in the State of Washington where people who did not file for unemployment found that their names were being used to file for fraudulent benefits.

The Secret Service noted that the fraud is slowing down response time for people who are legally filing for benefits.

At Bellingham, Washington’s Western Washington University, more than 400 of 2,500 employees have been targeted with fake unemployment claims, the university’s spokesman told the Times.

“This is a gut punch,” said Suzi LeVine, the commissioner of the Washington State Employment Security Department.

The Secret Service said they are also finding evidence of the fake claims in Florida, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island and Wyoming.

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Nancy Pelosi Admits What Democrats Want Would Cost An “Endless Amount Of Money”



House Speaker Nancy Pelosi admits that the coronavirus relief measures that the Democrats are planning would cost an “endless amount of money.” From an interview on CNN with host Jake Tapper.


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Outrageous: Now Leftist L.A. Mayor Proclaims that City ‘Will Never Completely Open’



The left-wing mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, has issued the shocking proclamation that the city will “never” fully re-open because of the coronavirus.

The liberal mayor insisted this week that the city will never fully reopen until there is a “cure” for the feared coronavirus.

This, though, is an utterly unscientific proclamation because science has yet to cure many viruses like the coronavirus. So, if Garcetti is going to wait for a “cure,” he may never be ready to allow his city to reopen.

These outrageous comments come on the heels of his decision to keep much of L.A. shuttered through August.

In a rambling interview with ABC’s Good Morning America, Garcetti attempted to clarify comments made by county public health director Barbara Ferrer that initially suggested the coronavirus lockdown would stretch into August.

Garcetti scolded residents telling them not to “overreact” to Ferrer’s comments, but added that L.A. would “never be completely open” until there is a vaccine for COVID-19.

“I think we have to all recognize that we’re not moving beyond COVID-19,” Garcetti exclaimed. “We’re learning to live with it.”

“We’ve never been fully closed, we’ll never be completely open until we have cure,” he said.

But even the left-wing media’s favorite doctor, Anthony Fauci, noted that there may never be am effective vaccine. “There’s no guarantee that the vaccine is actually going to be effective,” he said.

So, if Garcetti intends to shut down L.A. permanently, the city will be entirely destroyed.

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California Prisoners Tried to Give Each Other Coronavirus to Get Free Ticket Out of Jail Card

California’s criminals used the coronavirus to get out of jail by trying to give the virus to each other, reports say.



California’s criminals used the coronavirus to try and get out of jail free by trying to give the virus to each other, reports say.

Prisoners at the North County Correctional Facility in Castaic, California, were caught on video passing a paper cup to each other and huffing air through a used medical mask in an attempt to get infected with the virus according to Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

Sheriff Villanueva said that the inmates had the “mistaken belief” that they could pass the virus to each other, the New York Post reported.

The sheriff said that the plot was “a way to force our hand and somehow release more inmates out of our jail environment.”

Still, Villanueva did report that 21 of the prisoners did contract the virus “as a result of the behavior.”

Naturally, all the inmates denied trying to infect themselves.

You can’t blame the crooks for the attempt, though.

After all, the left-wing state has already freed 5,000 inmates because authorities are afraid they would get coronavirus in jail.

Despite the release, the state has still diagnosed 357 prisoners with the virus still in the system.

But with the state freeing people for such an idiotic reason, of COURSE the prisoners tried to infect themselves.

Follow Warner Todd Huston on Facebook at:

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Trump Tweets Jesse Watters’ Breakdown Of #ObamaGate



President Donald Trump tweeted Jesse Watters’ breakdown of #ObamaGate in which  Jesse Watters says new smoking-gun documents are coming.


#ObamaGate finally started trending today after all the information about the scandalous Obama administration that was confirmed this week.

One reason was because President Donald Trump tweeted a great recitation of some of that information, as recounted by Fox’s Jesse Watters.

It’s always been astonishing that the media has treated the Obama Administration as though it were free of scandal, that all Obama was guilty of was wearing a “tan suit.” The Watters video leads with Obama saying in 2017 that his administration was the only one “without a major scandal.” Does he think that people can’t remember that far back? Indeed, there were a boatload of scandals, from spying on reporters and Congress to the biggest one of all still being uncovered: spying on their political opponents. But perhaps the biggest scandal was there never being any consequences for their actions despite their actions and the media just always moved on, never holding them to account.

As Watters lays out, he lists the various Obama officials who called Trump a traitor and implied there was evidence of collusion with Putin. Yet they all knew that was untrue, indeed they testified to that themselves. So they were out and out lying to the public each and every time they said it. House Intel Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) didn’t want to release the transcripts that would show they were lying until he was forced to by the Director of National Intelligence, Ric Grenell. Schiff knew there was no evidence of collusion, yet he, too, continued to lie publicly and say that there was. They stoked unprecedented division to undermine a political opponent in order to try to regain power. More

Let’s hope all the posturing is finally over. I believe it’s time. For the last three and a half years we watched as democrats did their horrid chicken dance for all the world to see. The impeachment fiasco for sure. Let’s hope that Barr and Durham do have guns loaded and will go after these traitors with the full force of the law!

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