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Democrat Tim Kaine Faces Backlash after Claiming U.S.A. Invented Slavery

Virginia Democrat U.S. Senator Tim Kaine was slapped around good on social media after his great lie when he said the United States invented slavery.



Virginia Democrat U.S. Senator Tim Kaine was slapped around good on social media after his great lie when he said the United States invented slavery.

Tim Kaine, if you don’t remember, was picked as Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential running mate, but he is wholly ignorant of American… no, human history.

This lying half-wit took to the floor of the U.S. Senate on Tuesday and disgorged this outright lie:

“The first African Americans sent into the English colonies came to Point Comfort in 1619. They were slaves, they had been captured against their will, but they landed in colonies that didn’t have slavery — there were no laws about slavery in the colonies at that time. The United States didn’t inherit slavery from anybody. We created it.”

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“It got created by the Virginia General Assembly and the legislatures of other states. IIt got created by the court systems in colonial America that enforced fugitive slave laws.”

Nearly every word Kaine said in this is an outright lie, not to mention wholly illogical.

Firstly, the blacks sent to the colonies in 1619 were NOT “African Americans.” There was no “America” at the time. There was no United States for well over 100 years after 1619! The colonies were British territory. And other slaves were sent to Spanish and French territories in this new world.

So, these were AFRICAN Africans, not “African Americans.”

Secondly, there absolutely was slavery in the New World, and it was here before white men ever came here.

Many Native American tribes practiced slavery through conquest and war. They would capture members of other tribes (especially women) and hold them in captivity. This practice occurred in every corner of the Native American world before whites even knew this continent existed.

It is also idiotic to claim that American somehow invented slavery. After all, slavery is in the Bible which was written thousands of years before the British Colonies and the United States were founded.

Slavery has been practiced by every race, every ethnicity, and every nation going back to the dawn of time. To claim that the idea sprang into being because the United States is evil is woefully ignorant of any part of human history.

And on top of all that… how could they be slaves BEFORE America “invented” it? Kaine admitted that the Africans were “captured” and “sent against their will” before they came to America. So, slavery obviously existed before they got to America, or they could not have been “captured” and “sent” here in the first place. So, how could Americans have invented slavery if the slaves were enslaved and sent here first? Kaine’s brain does not work the way it is supposed to.

Get a load of this moron:

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