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Creepy Joe Biden Caught Acting Inappropriately Again, Despite Promises to Stop

Joe Biden has still not learned how to comport himself in public adding to his long list of incidents of inappropriately touching women and children.



Joe Biden has still not learned how to comport himself in public and has once again added to his long list of incidents of inappropriately touching women and children, and his penchant for very creepy stories.

In two new incidents, Biden is once again seen acting off-the-charts creepy and it is clear he really is oblivious to his own inappropriateness.

In the first incident, Biden was seen strangely nibbling on his wife’s outstretched fingers at a campaign stop in Iowa.

At a rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Biden’s wife, Jill, made a wide sweeping motion with her arm as she spoke at the podium while Joe stood close behind her on the riser. When Mrs. Biden made a second sweeping motion, Joe quickly leaned forward and grabbed her fingers with his mouth.

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But that was nothing compared to his creepy, pedophile-like story of how he likes to have little kids “rub his legs.”

Joe blurted out this strange story during a campaign stop in Wilmington, Delaware, on Sunday where he appeared to go off script. During his address, Biden suddenly started rambling about how he likes to have little kids rub his naked legs.

“And by the way I sit on a stand, I got hot, I got hairy legs that turn, that, that, that, turn blond in the sun,” Biden said. “And the kids used to come up and reach in and pull and rub my legs, and watch the hairs rise up again. So I learned about roaches. I learned about kids jumping up on my lap. And I love kids jumping on my lap.”

Uh… what?

Just look at Biden’s smug, creepy face during that video. He really thinks he’s delivering a folksy, homey, real-Joe story! He really doesn’t have the tiniest clue how weird he acts in public. He thinks everything is just great.

Biden has a VERY long train of Inappropriate interactions with women, young girls, and even males. Over and over again he has been seen giving unwanted kisses, touching and sniffing hair, fondling, and caressing people against their will.

It got so bad, he even had to apologize and say he would try NOT to be his normal, creepy self during this campaign.

In fact, according to some reports, the Secret Service detail and Navy personnel who used to guard and serve Vice President Biden had to cancel their annual Christmas party because they were all so uncomfortable with Biden’s habit of pawing at their wives and daughters during the party.

According to Blacksphere the unnamed agent revealed, “We had to cancel the VP Christmas get together at the Vice President’s house because Biden would grope all of our wives and girlfriends’ asses,” he wrote.

The agent went on saying, “He would mess with every single woman or teen. It was horrible.”

Another Secret Service agent was reportedly suspended after Biden pawed at his wife. The agent is said to have been furious enough to almost hit the VP.

Biden is also rumored to have developed a habit of walking around nude in the Vice Presidents mansion during the Obama regime. He also constantly swam in the nude even if there were female agents or staffers on duty at his home and VP residence.

Best-selling author Ronald Kessler wrote of these incidents in his book The First Family Detail.

“Agents say that, whether at the vice president’s residence or at his home in Delaware, Biden has a habit of swimming in his pool nude…Female Secret Service agents find that offensive,” Kessler wrote.

The compiled evidence seems to prove that Joe Biden is a creepy, sick, dirty old man who should not be installed in the White House.

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WATCH: Man Cleaning San Francisco’s Filthy Streets Asks PERFECT Question Liberals Can’t Answer

A man who has volunteered to clean up San Francisco’s filthy streets is seen on a video asking liberals a question that they can’t answer.



A man who has volunteered to clean up San Francisco’s filthy streets is seen on a viral video asking liberals the very question that they just can’t answer.

Gay conservative activist Scott Presler is still on his campaign of cleaning up the filthy, human waste-strewn streets of some of America’s biggest liberal-infested cities.

Presler has been crisscrossing the country to help clean up the mess often left behind by tens of thousands of homeless people swarming all over these cities. These are people left homeless because of the failed policies forced on our cities by liberal politicians.

But as he worked the streets of San Francisco this month. Presler was confronted by some leftist protesters. Presler, though, asked the perfect question of the protesting liberals.

Why, Presler wondered, do we have tens of thousands of true Americans in the streets and homeless while our politicians are giving illegals “everything”?

Well, isn’t that a good question?

Take a look:

Yep. Not a single liberal could answer that question.

Finally, can we ask another question, here?

How can any liberal protest what Mr. Presler is doing? He is raising private funds to clean up America’s filthy streets and is doing so without asking for a single penny, or for any help from government.

How can a liberal want to come out to protest that?

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Tlaib Attacks Census Director For Not Having Middle East Racial Category

Wow, she is so rude!



Tlaib Attacks Census Director For Not Having Middle East Racial Category

Rep. Rashida Tlaib attacked the Census Director Dr. Steven Dillingham: ‘You’re erasing us.’

TLAIB: “We are rightfully concerned about communities like mine that are at serious risk of being undercounted in the 2020 census. But something I’m particularly concerned about is the lack of representation on the form of people who look like me. Starting in 2015, a research effort spanned years under the previous administration led by the Office Management and Budget, by community organizations like Access and the Arab-American Institute and many others, which pushed to add the new category in the 2020 survey called ‘Middle Eastern North African,’ or what we call MENA. In 2015, director, the category went into the field for testing, and based on the finding, the Census Bureau recommended the inclusion of MENA category in the 2020 census. Despite these findings, however, the Census Bureau announced under the current administration that MENA category would not be included in the census. Dr. Dillingham, do I look white to you?”

Rep. Tlaib Attacks Census Director for Not Having Middle East Racial Category: ‘You’re Erasing Us’

Posted by Barracuda Brigade on Friday, February 14, 2020


DILLINGHAM: “ Congresswoman, I think that if you tell me what you identify with, I think I would respect that.”

TLAIB: “So, director, are you aware that people like me who are Arab, Middle Eastern, North African, have to indicate that they are white on the U.S. Census?”

DILLINGHAM: “Congresswoman, we actually have on the — and I understand there was a process in deciding, certainly before I got to the census, and there’s a history to coming up with the questions in the race and ethnicity categories —“

TLAIB: “No, they ignored him. Director, the previous administration decided to put MENA on the form, they ignored it. But do you think if I circled ‘white’ category, that would be an accurate of my racial and ethnic background?”

DILLINGHAM: “Congresswoman, we do not second-guess what you put down there, and we do have a write-in, people can —“

TLAIB: “You are not giving me an option because let me tell you, there is a reason why the recommendation happened. Because circling ‘white’ on the census changed my lived experience as a person of color in our country. Even saying that, you understand there is a difference when you actually have the check-off box. Because the MENA community, like others, relies on accurate census representation for health research, director, language assistant, civil rights laws, and reporting educational outcomes. In addition, it would help address things like crime reporting, director, helping minority business owners get loans and drawing congressional and state legislative boundaries. So, director, do you believe it’s important to better collect racial and race information from census participants of Middle Eastern and North African descent?”

DILLINGHAM: “Congresswoman —“

TLAIB: “Do you believe that?”

DILLINGHAM: “I can say that by having the write-in provision —“

TLAIB: “Sir, it does not have the same impact and you know that. You know that. That’s why the community pushed to add the category MENA, and they did it right, they went through the process and they got it approved. And this administration decided to ignore them and make them invisible again. Right? That is what you are doing, you are making us invisible. Now, the continued absence of this ethnic category attributes to erasing us. We all live and work and raise our families here. I truly believe this issue needs to be addressed and we need your leadership to push back against this current administration lack of wanting to see people like me being represented on an official government federal form that decides around funding, decide how they will treat us and approach health research, language assistance, all those kinds of things. Director, we need to get it right because I am not white. I’m not. And I don’t try to say to others that you should be this or that. But when I sit on this form and I look at it, I don’t see myself represented on this form. And I think that’s a huge issue for people like me, and I need you to do more in pushing back against the current administration ignoring what the previous administration was able to do. The U.S. Census Bureau decided to add MENA and they ignored it.”

DILLINGHAM: “Congresswoman, I assure you that we continue to study race and ethnicity in the options for self-reporting — let me just say — we want your views and were beginning to process looking at the 2030 census.”

TLAIB: “It’s too late because for ten years we will be invisible. The health research, small business loans, we’ll be invisible for another decade in our country. And I think it is wrong and it was wrong to ignore the effort of not only the office of management and budget but the organizations and others who follow the process, did what they needed, get public input to make sure we are seeing finally by the own federal government. Thank you.”

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Watch Raging Leftists Attack College Republicans, Spit On Flag



The College Fix posted a video that shows two attackers vandalizing a tent and display belonging to the College Republicans. One of the individuals physically assaulted a conservative student.

“This is a flag of white supremacy,” the Leftist declared.

The College Fix:

College Republicans tabling at the University of California, Santa Cruz were accosted by passersby who ripped their signs, spit on their Betsy Ross flag, tussled with them physically, and yelled obscenities, according to video of the incident obtained by The College Fix.

The president of the UC Santa Cruz College Republicans, Dylan Temple, was also doxxed on social media with a false accusation that he attacked peers at the campus LGBTQ center, a move he said was done in retaliation for following the aggressors around until police arrived, he said in an interview with The Fix.

What’s more, the Feb. 7 incident happens to involve Hayden Williams, a conservative campus activist who was famously clocked in the face at UC Berkeley last year by someone triggered by his MAGA signage, another incident caught on camera. It made national headlines at the time and landed him on the same stage at CPAC with President Donald Trump, who lambasted how Republicans on college campuses across the nation are frequently attacked. More

I’m tired of these videos where conservatives get attacked and wait for something to get done about it by whatever local authority who we all won’t do anything.

These snowflake millennials perceive themselves as offended when others do not share their political ideology. In their twisted minds, they have the right to strike out any way they deem necessary.

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Omar’s New Bill Would Allow Congress Restrict President On Sanctions, National Emergencies

Chance of becoming law, less than zero.



Congresswoman Ilhan Omar introduced a package of new proposals called the ‘Pathway to Peace’; outlining her vision of what American foreign policy should look like in the 21st century.

“Today, I am proud to introduce the Pathway to PEACE, a bold vision that prioritizes multilateralism and diplomacy over militarism,” posted Omar on social media. “I believe that when the United States says it champions human rights, democracy, and peace, we should mean it!”

“I now get to have the honor and the privilege of using my experience and perspective to create a vision for a world where there are no young girls living through war, there are no nations being destroyed.”


Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has introduced a series of sweeping foreign policy bills, including one that would let Congress limit the president’s power to place international sanctions and declare national emergencies.

Omar describes the legislative package, titled “Pathway to PEACE (Progressive, Equitable, and Constructive Engagement),” as “a bold progressive vision to rethink the country’s approach to foreign policy by centering human rights, justice and peace as the pillars of America’s engagement in the world, and making military action a last resort” in a press release. “I believe in a world where there are no young girls living through war, and no nations that are being destroyed,” she declared in the statement.

She spoke about the bills at a panel discussion on Capitol Hill Wednesday, framing them as a globalized approach to U.S. foreign policy.

“These sets of bills are not about a single country or singling out one particular country,” said Omar, who serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. “It’s about setting a common set of standards for the world.”

One of the bills, the Congressional Oversight of Sanctions Act, would give Congress power to limit the executive branch’s authority under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act to declare national emergencies and place economic sanctions. More

There is a nation that would be “destroyed” if Omar’s policies ever became law. It’s called the United States of America. What an absolute disgrace this woman is to the People’s House. This anti-American malcontent despises the Constitution and our Republic.

Rep. Ilhan Omar is a rising star in the Democratic party which tells you more about the Democrats than it does about Omar.

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Schumer: Dems Will Be ‘Strongly United’ Behind Nominee, Even If They’re A Socialist



Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer pledged that Democrats will be “strongly united” behind a socialist if they end up being the nominee.

“Primaries are primaries and there’re always lots of sturm and drang,” Schumer insisted. “You will see in a few months Democrats will be strongly united together, and we will be focused like a laser on beating Donald Trump. The enthusiasm that you last saw in 2008 to elect Barack Obama, you will see among Democrats this summer and fall to get Donald Trump out of office.”

Just shows you the Democrat’s stupid way of thinking. They want to hurt America no matter what. I hope Sanders wins the nomination, so all the Democrats can come out of the Socialist closet.


Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) reminded Democrats on Tuesday that the party would be united behind the eventual nominee, even if that nominee happens to be a socialist.

In a joint press conference with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Schumer rebuffed questions over whether the party will fracture if Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), a “Democratic socialist” is named the party’s presidential nominee, leaving some Democrats — including, perhaps, Schumer — out in the cold.

Schumer was adamant that the party would be “strongly united” behind a nominee and “focused like a laser” on defeating President Donald Trump.  More

That is because Democrats don’t care who is running as long as they think they can beat President Trump. Such a sad state of the country to have a party do so much to harm and take down a President. So much hate and negativity is hanging over the Democrats.

They are one by one admitting that their entire platform is to turn America into a socialist state, that’s what Obama meant with his statement: We will transform America, when will the people get it?

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Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Calls Trump’s Budget Racist



Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Calls Trump’s Budget Racist

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee calls President Donald Trump’s budget plan racist: “This document is trying to uproot the long belief that poor people, particularly African Americans, and now immigrants and others, are lazy. This budget clearly emphasizes that unfortunately racially charged direction…”

You can watch the full video here.

JACKSON LEE: “But I would offer to say that this symbol and language is clearly both misdirected and incorrect. This is not about America’s future. This is not about an investment in America’s future. this is a destructive document for ending America’s future, particularly as it relates to the question of investing in all of the people of this country. I am stunned, literally stunned, at the various cuts including the trillion dollars that is being cut out of Medicare and Medicaid, including close to $4 billion that’s coming out of lifesaving medical research in light of coronavirus, there is a briefing coming up a minute or so. The reduction and education in districts like mine, $6.2 billion are focused on charter schools, private rather than public schools. I am stunned. I am stunned at the lack of sensitivity of what this country needs. I am stunned that you would cut FEMA federal assistance coming from a district that experienced Hurricane Harvey, 51 trillion gallons of gas, primarily state and local grants critical for terrorism and disaster preparedness by $746 million. I am stunned. And then finally, I am further stunned, and I will ask a question, that all that it seems to be geared toward is to ensure that the most vulnerable people in this country get the short end of the stick.

Let me share some information with you very quickly, from the Center for the Study of Social Policy, the racist roots of work. Work requirements do no support work, they harm families. The most basic part of it in the years since temporary assistance for needy families, welfare, mandated work for families receiving cash assistance, hundreds of thousands of families have been left with less than $2 a day of cash in America. When Arkansas and other states have begun to implement work requirements in Medicaid, thousands of people have lost their health insurance. This spring, over 700,000 people will likely lose food assistance as states begin to implement the Trump Administration expanding SNAP time limit. What they are gearing it towards is that enslavery, they begin to characterize the descendants of enslaved Africans as lazy. That’s all the stereotypes. There were laws put in place that if you were picking cotton, you could not get assistance. So this document is trying to uproot the long belief that poor people, particularly African-Americans, and now immigrants and others, are lazy. This budget clearly emphasized that unfortunately racially charged direction in cutting Medicaid, in cutting nutrition programs, in cutting housing. So my question is this —“

VOUGHT: “Congresswoman, that is ridiculous.”

JACKSON:” Excuse me, I have the time and i am reclaiming it. [cross-talk] I have the time.”

UNKNOWN: “Mr. Vought —“

JACKSON LEE: “Mr. Vought is out of order and my clock needs to stop. You don’t have the time.”

UNKNOWN: “You will be given a chance to respond.”

JACKSON LEE: “How can you justify the inclusion of work environments which are not supported by any of the evidence that they increase employment and the repeal of the Medicaid expansion. In addition, how do you justify a budget like this that’s full with the — how should I say it? It’s full of the highway of damaged human beings and you continue to do so with this destructive domestic cuts budget. You also had an agreement where you would agree to fund defense spending and domestic spending the same and you reneged on the agreement. What is your answer to that? Now I yield to you.”

VOUGHT: “Congresswoman, President Clinton signed into law historic legislation to reform welfare that had a work requirement in the TANF program that led to historic drops in case loads. Why? Because people were getting off of welfare and getting onto the ladder of economic opportunity. The only thing that we do —“

JACKSON LEE: “I voted against that bill.”

VOUGHT: “The only thing we do in this budget is expand to food stamps and Medicaid and housing because we think it is a principle that’ll lead to more opportunity rather than less.”

JACKSON LEE: “Mr. Chairman, I would like to put in the record, ‘The Washington Examiner,’ ‘Seven years of change you can see and feel’ by myself, dealing with the collapse of the economy under this administration, dealing with what President Obama did. I don’t think that’s an answer because it did not work under the past administration, it is not going to work now. Poverty is on the increase. You have people paying more money under the Trump tax cut for those making $50,000 to $100,000. They’re going to pay more taxes, upwards of a billion dollars, and those in the top 1% are going to pay less taxes. That’s what I’m saying about a destructive pathway, and I don’t know how in good conscience that you could put this budget forward for us to even receive. You are doing nothing to reduce the deficit except on the backs of children, poor mothers, elderly and the disabled. It is shameful. Those who seek an opportunity, they can then provide for the greatness of this country. I am stunned. I yield back, Mr. Chairman.”


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Virginia Democrats Pass So-Called ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Including Confiscations

The new Democrat-controlled Virginia House has just passed its first sweeping major anti-gun bill.



The new Democrat-controlled Virginia House has just passed its first sweeping major anti-gun bill that includes bans on a list of weapons, and forces gun owners to hand their property over to the government via a confiscation order of the suddenly “illegal” ammunition magazines that hold more than 12 rounds.

The bill (H.B. 961) outlaws a raft of firearms including the nation’s most popular rife, the AR-15. It makes ammunition magazines holding more than 12 rounds illegal and imposes a one-year jail sentence for anyone caught in possession of one.

It also demands that anyone who owns any of these “large capacity” ammunition magazines must then them over to police. If they don’t turn them in, gun owners risk a one-year prison term for every banned magazine discovered in their possession.

Gun owners have until January of 2021 to hand over their magazines before risking the jailing. Several states such as Hawaii and New Jersey have already passed laws demanding that gun owners turn over magazines of this type. Very few gun owners have complied.

Of course, the problem is, hundreds of magazine-fed firearms have been sold with magazines exceeding 12 rounds. The bill also concern handguns.

“This bill would affect more than just your modern sporting rifles like the AR-15,” Mark Oliva, a spokesman for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, told the Washington Free Beacon. “It would affect the vast majority of handguns.”

The National Rifle Association also slammed the bill.

“HB961 will turn law-abiding Virginians into criminals overnight,” the NRA said. “Under this bill, anyone who owns a standard capacity magazine must submit to mandatory confiscation or face one year in jail for each magazine they own. No law-abiding Virginian will be able to buy an AR-15—America’s most popular all-purpose sporting rifle. After receiving money from Michael Bloomberg, House leaders have their hands out for more and clearly have no regard for the will of their constituents.”

The passage of the bill was telling. Indeed, the only bipartisanship in the vote was among those who opposed it. Not a single Republican voted for the bill, and several Democrats voted against it. But with Democrats controlling the state government, the House of Delegates had enough Democrat votes to pass the bill.

H.B. 961 now goes to the Virginia Senate (again, controlled by Democrats and will likely pass) and then to a Democrat governor to sing into law (and he has already said he would sign it).

The state Senate has already passed a list of strict anti-gun laws including universal background checks, a red flag bill, and a one-gun-per-month purchase restriction.

Once this bill is signed into law, it will become the strictest gun ban in the nation.

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