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Coronavirus Lockdown Causing Up to 75,000 Suicides, Drug Overdoses, More

A new study suggests that coronavirus lockdowns are causing upwards to 75,000 deaths from suicides, drug overdoses and other causes.



A new study suggests that these overwrought coronavirus lockdowns are causing upwards to 75,000 deaths from suicides, drug overdoses and other causes.

The lockdowns are causing marginal people to go over the edge, the study finds, CBS reported.

“Rampant unemployment, isolation and an uncertain future — could lead to 75,000 deaths from drug or alcohol abuse and suicide,” the study finds.

The study says that these deaths are called “deaths of despair.”

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Per CBS:

“Deaths of despair are tied to multiple factors, like unemployment, fear and dread, and isolation. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, there were already an unprecedented number of deaths of despair. We wanted to estimate how this pandemic would change that number moving forward,” said one of the study’s authors, Benjamin Miller. He’s chief strategy officer for the Well Being Trust in Oakland, Calif.

The previous high for these “deaths of despair” reportedly came in 2017.

But these needless lockdowns have topped the charts.

“The primary response at the time was to look at the opioid epidemic, but that didn’t even come close to cracking all of the issues of mental health related to deaths of despair,” Miller explained.

The researchers pointed to several factors from the pandemic that could make problems worse:

  • The potential for a serious, even deadly infection from a previously unknown microbe.
  • An unprecedented economic shutdown.
  • Skyrocketing unemployment.
  • Months-long social isolation (mandated in many states), sometimes with no set end.
  • Uncertainty about treatment and prevention strategies.

The study claims that as many as 150,000 will die from “deaths of despair” because of the coronavirus.

People are feeling isolated, and others are relapsing into addictions because they don’t have their normal lives to lead.

It’s all just another reason that the lockdown is one of the worst public policy mistakes in history.

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Andrew Cuomo Signs Executive Order Regarding Masks, Unnerving Some Citizens

Business owners have rights too.



New York State has been the focal point of America’s experience when it comes to the global coronavirus pandemic, and rightly so:  The Big Apple was, and maybe still is, the national epicenter of the illness on account of its incredible population density and the fact that this is the city that never sleeps.

This focus on the Empire State has also meant that Governor Andrew Cuomo has been under increased scrutiny in recent weeks, as he struggles to balance the needs and concerns of The Big Apple with the rest of his much more sparsely-populated state.

His latest actions certainly won’t quell the fervor, either.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) said Thursday he will sign an executive order allowing private businesses to deny entry to customers who are not wearing face coverings.

“We made them mandatory in public settings, public transportation etc., but when we’re talking about reopening stores and places of business, we’re giving the store owners the right to say, ‘If you’re not wearing a mask, you can’t come in,’” Cuomo said during his daily press briefing.

Store owners have a right to protect themselves and other patrons, he said.

He would go on to further tout the order…

“The masks work, they work,” he said. “And we have to culturalize the masks, we have to customize the masks for New York, to get New Yorkers to wear them.”

Of course, business owners have always reserved the right to refuse service to anyone, at anytime, thanks to the freedoms inherent here in the United States.  This move by Cuomo is merely an emboldening of that ethos.

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Oregon Judge Slaps Down Governor’s Coronavirus Restrictions

Baker County Judge Matthew Shirtcliff recently slapped down Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s coronavirus stay-at-home orders.



Baker County Judge Matthew Shirtcliff recently slapped down Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s coronavirus stay-at-home orders.

The judge also refused to vacate his order despite pressure from the state Supreme Court.

On Saturday, the Oregon Supreme Court issued a writ of mandamus telling Judge Shirtcliff that he had until 5 p.m. Tuesday to either vacate his injunction or explain why it should remain in place.

According to KATU:

Since Shirtcliff chose to stand by his original ruling, the state must file a brief with the Oregon Supreme Court by Thursday, May 28 and the plaintiffs must file briefs by Tuesday, June 2.

Shirtcliff’s decision tossed out Brown’s restrictions on Monday, May 18. He said she didn’t seek the Legislature’s approval to extend the stay-at-home orders past a 28-day limit. His decision came as a result of a lawsuit brought to him by 10 churches and other plaintiffs that felt Brown’s executive order from March 8 that restricted Oregon residents’ activities was invalid or had expired.

The courts are still tussling over Judge Shirtcliff’s order, but he made it in response to a group of Oregon churches that balked at Gov. Brown’s decision to summarily eliminated their First Amendment rights and shutter their houses of worship.

Kevin Mannix, an attorney for Common Sense Oregon, helped file the lawsuit on behalf of the churches.

In a statement Mannix said:

“I am pleased that Judge Shirtcliff chose to stand by his original decision, which I firmly believe is strongly supported by proper analysis of the statutes. We will now have the opportunity to fully engage with the Governor’s representatives in front of the Supreme Court. We will make the case that the rule of law in Oregon allows continued standard regulation of public health matters, but it does not allow the Governor extraordinary powers to close down businesses and churches, beyond 28 days from the original declaration of a public health emergency,”

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Watch MSM Journalist Ask Kayleigh McEnany Truly Insane Question



An MSM journalist asked Kayleigh McEnany a truly insane question: “What is the number of dead Americans that they should tolerate?”

Journalist Asks Kayleigh McEnany a Truly Insane Question

"What is the number of dead Americans that they should tolerate?"

Posted by Barracuda Brigade on Tuesday, May 26, 2020


MS. MCENANY:  Yes.  Yeah, let me — let me get a few people in the back because I want to make sure — equal opportunity question caller.  So, yes.

Q    Kayleigh, we’re about to cross the 100,000 dead American milestone.  What would — what does the White House view as having — by Election Day, what does the White House view as the number of dead Americans, where you can say that we successfully defeated this pandemic?  Is there a number?

MS. MCENANY:  Yeah, you know, every loss of life counts.  We say 100,000, but like the President says, you know, one death is something to be mourned.  These 100,000 individuals have a face.  The President takes this very seriously.  It’s why he lowered the flag to half-staff for three days, to remember these men and women.

I think, you know, Dr. Birx said it best when she said that in their estimates they had anywhere between 1.5 and 2.2 million people in the U.S. succumbing to the virus if we didn’t shut down the economy.  The President made the very hard choice of shutting down the economy, so we avoided that extraordinary number.

Every — one death is too many.  We never want to see a single individual lose their life.  But that being said, to be under, significantly, that high mark shows that the President did everything in his power and helped to make this number as low as humanly possible.

Q    When Americans — when voters go to the polls in November, and they want to judge the President on his response to this pandemic, what is the number of dead Americans that they should tolerate as have — and where they can argue that, yes, he successfully defeated the pandemic?

MS. MCENANY:  I think, you know, you’re asking the wrong question.  The right question is where did —

Q    Well, no, no —

MS. MCENANY:  — where did the data —

Q    — that’s the question I want to ask, Kayleigh.  So please don’t tell me —

MS. MCENANY:  Where did —

Q    — whether I’m asking the right or wrong question.

MS. MCENANY:  And I answered your question once, but if you ask it twice, it doesn’t make it any better of a question.  So I’ll respond in kind.  I’ve given you one answer, and I’ll continue to extrapolate upon that: that he always listened to the science.  The President — when Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx said, “You need to shut down the economy,” that was hard for the President.  You know, in a typical year 120,000 people die of suicide and drug overdose.  That’s in a typical year.

And doctors have said, when you shut down an economy for an extended period of time, that number gets greater.  People don’t show up for their cancer diagnoses.  There are a litany of results when you close down an economy.  But closing down the economy for this amount of time kept us far below the 2.2 million number.

As we start to reopen, we keep in mind the people who are missing their screening appointments, the people who are not — who are succumbing to suicide and drug overdose because of economic hardship.  This President made the right choice.  It was a delicate balance, and he did it exactly as he should, guided by data, and we are far below 2.2 million dead Americans because of the actions of President Trump.


Q    Hi.  I have — I’m going to read something really quickly.  Timothy Klausutis wrote, quote, “Conspiracy theorists, including most recently the President of the United States, continue to spread their vile and misinformation on the platform, disparaging the memory of my wife.”  Why won’t the President give this widower peace, and stop tweeting about this conspiracy theory involving his wife?  Why won’t — why can’t this widower get peace from the President?

MS. MCENANY:  I’ve already asked and answered this question, and our hearts are —

Q    You did not.  You did not ask and answer this question.

MS. MCENANY:  — our hearts are with — our hearts are with Lori.  And I think I’ll — the onus is on Joe Scarborough to explain —

Q    The onus is on the President.  The widower is talking specifically about the President.

MS. MCENANY:  — his interaction with Don Imus and his laughing on this very matter on Don Imus’s show.


Q    But the widower — the widower —

Q    Hey, Kayleigh.  So, going back to the FISA Courts and the FISA warrants —

Q    Excuse me, the widower is talking specifically about the President.  Are you not going to answer that?

Q    — with regards to ex-CIA chief, John Brennan: How far or how willing are you able to go forward and say that he lied to the FBI or obstructed justice in the process of discussing Russian collusion and the Trump family?

And on that note, we now have new information showing that Obama himself used foreign intelligence to actually request surveillance on the 5th and 26th floor of Trump Towers.  So to what extent was John Brennan behind that?  To what extent can you share with us what you know?

MS. MCENANY:  Yeah, John Brennan, of all of the — I’ll call them bad actors, because indeed they were — of the Obama administration, John Brennan probably has the most to answer, because it was John Brennan who sat before Congress and said the Steele dossier — paid for by Hillary Clinton, paid for by the DNC — that that document played no part of the role in opening the Russia probe, when, in fact, we know it did; when, in fact, we know it was the impetus.  And testified before a FISA Court for its truthfulness to spy on the Trump campaign.

So John Brennan, of all people, probably has more to answer.  So too do Samantha Power and Susan Rice and these individuals who had admitted under oath that they, in fact, spoke to foreign leaders and representatives of foreign leaders during their transition, but yet somehow, during the Trump transition, that was uncalled for; what has been done all throughout history was uncalled for and meriting unmasking and meriting cornering General — Lieutenant General Michael Flynn.

All of these people have really legitimate questions to answer.  I think we’re slowly getting to the bottom of this, but it’s a real travesty and really one of the biggest political scandals in modern history.


Q    Thank you, Kayleigh.  It’s about the G7 Summit.  So the area still has a very high number of cases.  Prime Minister Trudeau spoke yesterday with Chancellor Merkel and President Macron.  Is the President still confident of being able to organize the event in, like, three weeks?  It’d be three weeks from now, if we stick to the date.

MS. MCENANY:  Yeah, it’s a really great question and an important one because the G7 — the President wants to see this take place.  As America reopens, as we try to approach a place of normalcy where people go back to work, where people do recreational activities but socially distance while they do it, the President thinks no greater example of reopening in this transition to greatness would be the G7, and G7 happening here and happening probably more towards the end of June.

Robert O’Brien, I believe it was, was asked about this, this weekend.  And Robert O’Brien said that he’s getting a great reception from world leaders who are asked about coming.  We will protect world leaders who come here, just like we protect people in the White House.

So we want to see it happen.  We think it will happen.  And, so far, foreign leaders are very much on board with the idea.

Q    So it will be last week of June and here in D.C. or at Camp David?

MS. MCENANY:  I don’t know if it will be the last week of June, but towards the end of June.  And the goal for it is for it to be here at the White House.


Q    Right.  So after the lowering of the flags this past weekend, does the President have any other plans in the works to honor the victims of the virus?  And —

MS. MCENANY:  Yeah, I think he’s — oh, go ahead.

Q    Sorry.  And a larger question is: Does he see his role as mourner-in-chief, in some way, which would be the traditional role of President?

MS. MCENANY:  Yeah, I think he takes that, that responsibility, very seriously.  He said that this is the hardest part of his presidency — going through this pandemic.  He says so many times that he thinks about many of his friends — some of his friends, I should say — who have perished because of this disease.  It’s real to him.  It’s personal to him.  It’s why he says, you know, one death is too many.  And he thinks about it all of the time.

So he does see his role as that — comforting the nation, but reopening the country, giving the country hope at this time as we look forward to going back to work and resuming our lives, although in a new reality with new CDC guidelines.

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Pro-Trump Pastor Says Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Used ‘KGB-Style’ Tactics



The pastor of a Baptist church in Chicago told the “Todd Starnes Radio Show” Tuesday that his sermon on Sunday was interrupted by the city’s police department that he likened to Soviet-style KGB members.

Pastor Courtney Lewis of the Cornerstone Baptist Church said the police were armed and arrived in three squad cars and two unmarked SUVs. He said his church attendance was only 45—about half a normal Sunday.

Lewis said the police were following protocols put in place by Mayor Lori Lightfoot. He said the only thing Lightfoot has not done yet is “beat the doors down and arrest our members.”

He said he is currently working with an attorney to obtain a video of church members entering the building, which he said was clearly an act of intimidation.

“The mayor said that she would ‘educate us into compliance,’” he said. “No, it is intimidating us into compliance. And we’re not going to comply.”

Lewis insisted that his church is doing everything it can to go above and beyond the standards set by the Centers of Disease Prevention and Control. He said all members need to wear masks, there are hand-sanitizer stations and temperatures are taken at the entrance. He said their standards are far more advanced than businesses deemed essential.

“We’re taking it serious,” he said. “Because we do believe it’s a serious thing, but at the same time we’re not willing to give up our constitutional right of peacefully assembling.”

He said there was a representative from the mayor’s office who was there with police who said he was “sorry” for the whole situation. Lewis said he believes it was damage-control from the mayor’s office.

Todd Starnes, the radio host, said churches are under attack across the U.S. due to coronavirus restrictions. Starnes later spoke to Hogan Gidley, the deputy White House press secretary, who said President Trump has been “clear on the issue” and said that places of worship are essential.

“They should be open and people should be able to worship freely,” he said. “This president stood up for religious freedom at every turn and he’s doing so again.” More

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Virginia Set to Make Masks Mandatory Despite Governor’s Own Reluctance to Wear One

How embarrassing.



President Trump calls them the “do nothing” Democrats. This weeks, they have become the “do as I say, not as I do” Democrats.

First and foremost, there was the issue of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s husband, who apparently tried to pull rank on a marina employee in order to get his boat out for Memorial Day despite his wife’s extremely strict coronavirus lockdown protocols.

Now, in an even wilder bit of hypocrisy, the Governor of Virginia is preparing to mandate the use of face coverings despite recently having been photographed not wearing one while not social distancing.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) announced Tuesday that residents will be required to wear a mask inside public places beginning Friday as part of an effort to combat further spread of the Chinese coronavirus.

Northam said in a press conference that people must wear masks “anywhere people can congregate” inside, including retail spaces, government facilities, and public transportation. Masks will also be required in restaurants, except while patrons are eating. Residents won’t have to wear a mask during exercise, and children 9-years-old and younger are exempt from the rule.

“I am taking this step because science increasingly shows us that the virus spreads less easily when everyone is wearing face coverings,” said the governor.

Ironically, law enforcement agencies in the state have not been tasked with enforcing this mandate.

The news comes after a bit of a mask mishap by Northam himself.

During another part of his press conference, Northam acknowledged that he takes “full responsibility” for failing to wear a mask while visiting Virginia Beach over the weekend, saying he forgot his mask in his vehicle.

“People held me accountable and I appreciate that,” he added.

Critics on social media chided Northam, a physician, for not practicing what he has preached.

Virginia has become a hotbed of controversy in recent years, as a Democratically-led statehouse began a blitzkrieg of left-leaning legislation that stirred protests among the liberty-minded.   There is no doubt that this mask mandate could spawn more of the same.

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500 Doctors Banded Together To Tell Trump To End COVID-19 Shutdown, Warn It Will Cause More Deaths



500 Doctors Banded Together To Tell Trump To End COVID-19 Shutdown, Warn It Will Cause More Deaths

500 doctors have banded together to tell President Donald Trump to mandate an end the coronavirus shutdown, saying it is a “mass casualty incident” that will cause more death and destruction than the virus itself.

“We are alarmed at what appears to be the lack of consideration for the future health of our patients. The downstream health effects of deteriorating a level are being massively under-estimated and under-reported. This is an order of magnitude error,” says a letter that was written by Simone Gold, a California emergency medical specialist, and signed by hundreds of doctors.

“The millions of casualties of a continued shutdown will be hiding in plain sight, but they will be called alcoholism, homelessness, suicide, heart attack, stroke, or kidney failure,” the letter says. “In youths it will be called financial instability, unemployment, despair, drug addiction, unplanned pregnancies, poverty, and abuse.”

Daily Wire:

On March 22, President Trump took to Twitter and typed out a message in all-caps: “WE CANNOT LET THE CURE BE WORSE THAN THE PROBLEM ITSELF. AT THE END OF THE 15 DAY PERIOD, WE WILL MAKE A DECISION AS TO WHICH WAY WE WANT TO GO!”

That was more than a month ago. And while all 50 states have begun to take some steps toward reopening shuttered businesses and closed restaurants, the pace is achingly slow.

Now, 500 doctors have banded together to tell Trump to mandate an end the coronavirus shutdown, saying it is a “mass casualty incident” that will cause more death and destruction than the virus itself. More

This will not even scratch the determination of the blue state governors. They have a political goal, and the lives of mere citizens don’t figure into it. Protect the vulnerable, open the economy, and oust all the petty tyrannical, power-hungry, government officials that stand in the way.

I don’t support lockdowns, I do however support closing our borders and international travel bans. There is evidence that these two measures are far more effective than lockdowns.

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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Sent Armed Police To Shut Down Black Baptist Church



Pastor Lewis said Christian pastors are under assault in Chicago and they need help: “All we are seeking is the same consideration and trust that is being tendered toward the liquor stores, abortion clinics and Walmart,” he told the Todd Starnes Show.

Courtney Lewis, the pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Chicago, was in the middle of his sermon when he heard loud banging on front doors. It was the police and they were denied entry into the sanctuary according to Todd Starnes.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot had dispatched three squad cars and two unmarked cars filled with armed officers. A representative from the mayor’s office was also present.

Pastor Lewis said the intent was to shut down their Sunday services. It was “like the Soviet-style KGB,” he said.

“The only thing she hasn’t done yet is beat the doors down and arrest our members,” the pastor said.

Pastor Lewis tells the Todd Starnes Radio Show that the men of the church were instructed not to open the doors during the services — per protocol.

“Thankfully our doors were locked as a normal safety precaution we take each service to protect our members from the escalating gun violence in Chicago,” the pastor said.

A church usher, who is typically positioned outside the building during the services, saw the mayor’s goon force attempt to enter the building and began taking photographs.

Even more disturbing, an individual in an unmarked car with tinted windows was seen filming and photographing church members as they arrived to worship Jesus Christ.

“The mayor wants to educate everyone into compliance – which means intimidate,” the pastor said.

Rev. Lewis wrote a letter to U.S. Attorney John Lausch pleading for help and protection against the city’s Democrat mayor and her jackbooted thugs. More

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