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Confusion, Failure, Low Turnout Plagues Iowa Caucuses

The Iowa caucuses fell to pieces on Monday night. Whereas in the past results were in before 10 PM on caucus night, this year? Noting.



The Iowa caucuses fell to pieces on Monday night. Whereas in the past results were in before 10 PM on caucus night, this year it may be a full day or longer before day before the first results begin appearing.

Officials say that a new app set up to help the counting crashed and burned. It appears that the newly designed “quality control” system set up to assure the reliability of the vote tallies simply did not work, and the inaugural use of the new system was an abject failure.

Iowa’s Democrat officials also wanted to be sure that people understood that this was a failure of their system, not a malicious hack.

“We want to emphasize that this is a reporting issue, not a hack or an intrusion,” Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price said. “And that’s exactly why we have a paper trail and systems in place to uphold the integrity of our process. They are validating every piece of data we have against our paper trail. That system is taking longer than expected, but it’s in place to ensure we are eventually able to report results with full confidence. We have said all along we have these backups in place for exactly this reason.”

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The candidates have already abandoned Iowa and have headed to the first state with a normal primary, New Hampshire, which is set to begin voting next Tuesday.

However, many reports found that the day may belong to Bernie Sanders in first place, then a shocking second place showing for Pete Buttigieg, and a sad third place for former Vice President Joe Biden.

Iowa will likely start the long slide into failure of Joe Biden’s front runner status.

But before any likely winners were even given Iowa’s nod, one thing became clear: turnout was terrible.

This turn out debacle is extremely bad news for the Democrat Party. The left-wing party has just spent three years attempting to whip up their voters to destroy President Donald Trump. But have they so seriously over played their hand that their base is just uninterested in turning out to vote?

At least for Iowa, that seems to be the case. And in that case, establishment candidates like Joe Biden will take the worst hit. After all, like always, the radical nuts who want crazy commie Bernie Sanders are excited to turn out for their man. But if the sane, normal voters stay home, that leaves the candidates perceived as the centrists out in the dark.

In the end, all the news out of Iowa seems to be good news for President Donald Trump’s re-election.

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Democratic Civil War: CNN Gives Instructions on How to Beat Bernie

Will there be anything left of the Democratic Party when this is all said and done?



The Democratic Party has gone full Donner Party this week, as the left cannibalizes its entire supporter base ahead of the 2020 election.

The organization is split right down the middle, with radical progressives amassing under the Bernie Sanders banner and moderate centrists playing the role of political anchor, dredging up the grime from the lake bottom as the other side drags them kicking and screaming into the future.

Now, as the clock continues to tick on the primary, Sanders has taken a resounding lead.  This has the Democratic establishment out in full force, trying to wedge one of their more moderate candidates into top spot.

They’ve even managed to recruit some help from CNN in the process, who reported this week on exactly how to beat Bernie:

“If no one drops out by Super Tuesday, is it even possible to stop Bernie Sanders?” NBC’s Chuck Todd asked former Obama White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer on Sunday. “I do not believe it is,” responded Pfeiffer.

Pfeiffer is very likely right. But if there is a way to stop — or at least slow — Sanders, most Democratic insiders are convinced it’s this: Former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama get behind an alternative candidate to the Vermont senator. Not only that, but the Obamas make their endorsements soon — like pre-Super Tuesday — and they urge all of the other candidates to get out of the race ASAP.

Why might this work? Because the Obamas are hugely popular figures among Democrats — especially African-Americans, who would be the first building block of any candidate trying to build a coalition to beat Sanders. Obama left office in early 2017 with 6 in 10 Americans approving of the job he did as president, and those numbers have only improved since — as people forget what they didn’t like about his presidency and remember the good times.

The insinuation that the Obamas could get involved to beat Bernie will almost certainly rile up the conspiracy theorists among the Vermont Senator’s supporter, many of whom already suspect that something foul is afoot in the delegate gathering process.

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Bloomberg Claims Fellow 2020 Candidate Took Help from NRA in Previous Elections

Mr. Mayor just went nuclear on one of the race’s most promising candidates.



The knives are definitely out for Bernie Sanders in 2020, as the Vermont Senator continues to rack of delegates in the race for the Democratic nomination.

The left’s upper echelon isn’t interested in nominating Sanders, of course, on account of his love for the concept of democratic socialism, which they believe stands no chance against the capitalism-incarnate of incumbent President Donald Trump.

Candidates running parallel to Sanders have conveniently seized on the Democratic Party’s disdain for the longtime Senator, and are taking every opportunity they can to lambast Bernie.

The latest attack comes to us from moderate Democratic billionaire Mike Bloomberg, who is attempting to stitch three scarlet letters to Sanders’ career:  N, R, and A.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched a scathing attack against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on gun control Monday, focusing on what is a wheelhouse issue for Bloomberg ahead of the South Carolina Democratic presidential debate Tuesday.

The ad, posted to Bloomberg’s Twitter account, argues that Sanders was elected to Congress with the help of the NRA and has multiple times taken pro-gun stances in Congress. The ad cites a 1990 letter by NRA chief Wayne LaPierre telling Vermont NRA members that Sanders is a better choice for Vermont than former Republican Rep. Peter Smith, who backed an assault-weapons ban.

“With that letter, and thousands of dollars in advertising, the NRA helped elect Bernie Sanders to Congress,” the caption on the ad reads. “Sanders voted with the NRA and opposed federal background checks by trying to block the Brady Bill 5 [sic] times.”

When it comes to the radical wing of the Democratic Party, few things are as damning as a connection to the NRA and Michael Bloomberg knows it.


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Hollywood Liberal Throws Weight Behind Surging Sanders as Party Panics

The Democratic Party is going to have a heck of a time digging themselves out of this hole.



There is a new sheriff in town, and the Democratic Party is none too pleased about it.

Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed democratic socialist and Senator from Vermont, is now the out-and-out frontrunner of the 2020 primary.  His radical ideologies have long been considered a boon to Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, with voters appearing hesitant to simply toss capitalism aside here in the land of opportunity.  After all, the American Dream itself is predicated on the idea that you work harder to achieve more.  Socialism just does’t jibe well with that longstanding reality.

The Democrats just don’t know how they’ll quell Sanders’ sudden rise either, especially now that Hollywood seems to be coming to his side.

Left-wing activist and actress Susan Sarandon posted a video to Twitter to let fans know she was headed to the Palmetto State to stump for Bernie Sanders in Charleston.

“OK, guys, I’m on the road again for Bernie. On my way to Charleston, South Carolina. Loved it that last time I was there,” the Thelma & Louise star said as she rode in the back of a car. “It’s happening, guys, it’s happening.”

Sarandon’s political leanings are what the Democratic establishment’s nightmares are made of.

Susan Sarandon was deeply involved in the 2016 election, but this time, along with supporting Sanders, Sarandon is also calling for the ouster of Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi should Sanders win the White House.

“We’re not looking to keep Pelosi because there’s a progressive running against her who supports Medicare for All and the Green New Deal, among other things,” Sarandon tweeted on Saturday.

The Little Women actress was also staunchly opposed to Hillary Clinton during that contest, contributing to the mass exodus of young Democrats that played a part in Donald Trump’s electoral evisceration of the former First Lady.



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Clinton Operative Warns: Hillary Cooking Up ‘Scheme’ to Become Democrat Nominee

A Clinton operative is warning that both Hillary Clinton and Mike Bloomberg have cooked up a scheme to take the Democrat nomination.



A former Clinton operative is warning that both Hillary Clinton and Mike Bloomberg have cooked up a scheme to take the Democrat nomination away from Bernie Sanders.

“Here’s the deal that I think is going down. I think Hillary and Bloomberg have gotten together and cooked up a scheme,” former Clinton strategist Dick Morris told John Catsimatidis on the Cats Roundtable radio show on Sunday.

Morris said that it appears that Bloomberg intends to stay in the race all the way to the Democrat Party convention even if he has no chance to win the nomination via a delegate count.

The reason for staying in, Morris added, is so that Bloomberg can prevent Sanders from being nominated.

“Nobody will be nominated on the first ballot, and it’ll go to a second ballot,” Morris told the hosts. “The problem is that the party establishment doesn’t have a candidate. They can’t do Bloomberg because he got killed in the debate. … Can’t do [Joe] Biden because he’s already lost the front-runner status. … [Pete] Buttigieg looks like a high school kid at the Model UN. … [Elizabeth] Warren is third, but she’s pretty far to the Left, and they’re not going to want to trust her.”

Morris also said that Sanders will get “massacred by Trump” in a general election.

But Morris also predicted that Bloomberg won’t get the nomination. But Hillary might.

“And then Hillary begins to gain; the other candidates begin to drop out. And Hillary is the nominee. That, I think, is the establishment scenario,” he exclaimed. “Hillary is the only candidate that they’ll be able to come up with that can measure up to Donald Trump.”

Hillary has refused to rule out making a stab at 2020.

“I never say never because I do believe in serving my country, but it’s not going to happen,” Hillary said early this month.

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Twitter Calls Fraud, Suspends 70 Pro-Bloomberg Accounts

Social media giant Twitter has shut down 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts, saying it was clear they were campaign spam.



Social media giant Twitter has shut down 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts, saying it was clear they were campaign spam because each account posted the exact same Tweets.

Twitter accused the account holders of “platform manipulation” when canceling the spam accounts, the New York Post reported.

The accounts were operated by the Bloomberg campaign by the candidate’s so-called “deputy filed organizers” who are paid $2,500 a month to push Bloomberg’s campaign on social media.

Per the Post:

One identical post shared by at least four different accounts directs users to a recent pro-Bloomberg tweet by singer Barbra Streisand.

“A President Is Born: Barbra Streisand sings Mike’s praises. Check out her tweet,” the post reads.

Twitter told The Times: “We have taken enforcement action on a group of accounts for violating our rules against platform manipulation and spam.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, the former New York City mayor is throwing around money like it is water… and with his $64 billion fortune, apparently it is.

The paper says that Bloomie is paying the $2,500 a month to 500 people performing a job he is calling a “deputy digital organizer.”

The amount is more than most campaigns even pay their senior staffers, the Journal added.

The highly paid social media influencers are told to “to promote Mr. Bloomberg to everyone in their phones’ contacts by text each week and make social-media posts supporting him daily.”

The Bloomberg campaign expects these workers to spend between 20 and 30 hours a week performing their social media tasks.

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After Bloomberg Campaign Office Vandalized, Mayor Mike Blames Fellow Democrat

Michelle Obama said that Democrats “go high”. That turned out to be incorrect.



The Democratic race for the 2020 nomination has certainly entered its “ugly” phase, but just how nasty is it going to get?

That’s the question on much of the nation’s mind this week after a raucous, pre-caucus debate in Nevada devolved into the roast of Michael Bloomberg.  Candidates from all across the Democratic spectrum slammed the former New York City Mayor, calling him an out-of-touch billionaire, a sexually inappropriate employer, and overall bad hombre.

Shortly after the affair, a Bloomberg campaign office was vandalized, leaving the Big Apple billionaire to start pointing fingers.

Michael Bloomberg’s campaign office in Knoxville, Tennessee, was vandalized Thursday evening with “[F**k] Bloomberg,” “oligarch,” “classist” and “authoritarian” spraypainted on its door.

Bloomberg campaign manager Kevin Sheekey issued a statement Friday saying the vandalism “echoes language from the Sanders campaign and its supporters,” but also saying that they don’t know who’s responsible for the action.

This is just the latest in a long list of incidents that seem to run counter to former First Lady Michelle Obama’s “we go high” ethos, and we highly doubt that this is the last we’re going to see of such vandalism.

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Trump Blasts Sanders After Russia Revealed to Be Favoring Bernie

The President’s clever diss comes as the Vermont Senator is said to be receiving unwanted help from The Kremlin.



Donald Trump’s entrance into the American political scene was rife with melodrama and conspiracy.

The liberal left had chosen to despise Trump from the moment he set foot onto the proverbial dais, attempting to smear him in any number of ways.  He was a racist, a bigot, and a sexist.  He was a con-man.  Heck, some even insinuated that he was sexually attracted to his own daughter.

But the great grandaddy of all of these bizarre allegations was that Russia was trying to help get Donald Trump elected, and that Trump was in on it somehow.  This accusations spawned the lengthy and expensive Mueller investigation which, in the end, found insufficient evidence to charge the President with a crime.

In 2020, Russia appears to be at it again, working to bolster both the Trump campaign and the Bernie Sanders campaign.  To the President, this seemed to make a lot of sense.

President Donald Trump mocked Democrats for suggesting that Russian President Vladimir Putin would try to help him win reelection in 2020.

“I see these phonies, the do-nothing Democrats, they said today that Putin wants to be sure that Trump gets elected,” Trump said. “Here we go again.”

Trump dismissed the rumors as “disinformation” from Democrats, pointing out that it was the only thing that they were good at.

But Trump appeared skeptical that Putin wanted him to win.

“Doesn’t he want to see who the Democrat is?” he asked. “Wouldn’t he rather have Bernie, who honeymooned in Moscow?”

Sanders rather famously took a trip to Moscow after his wedding, with video of a drunken Sanders cavorting around the Russian capital having made the rounds on social media on several occasions.


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