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BREAKING: Ukraine ‘Whistleblower’ Has Ties to Joe Biden

The so-called Ukraine whistleblower’s motives are suspect because he has ties to Joe Biden.



On Wednesday news broke that the so-called Ukraine whistleblower’s motives are suspect because he has ties to a major 2020 Democrat candidate for president. Now it appears that candidate is Joe Biden.

Lawyers for the “whistleblower” initially said that the CIA analyst worked in “the executive branch.” He was also reportedly “detailed to the National Security Council at one point.”

Intelligence Community’s inspector general Michael Atkinson later revealed that the so-called whistleblower had some sort of “professional ties” to a Democrat running for president.

Now, according to information that was obtained by the Washington Examiner, it appears that the Democrat candidate for president that this CIA operative parading as a “whistleblower” has ties to is Joe Biden.

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A retired CIA officer told the Washington Examiner, “From everything we know about the whistleblower and his work in the executive branch then, there is absolutely no doubt he would have been working with Biden when he was vice president.”

As an experienced CIA official on the NSC with the deep knowledge of Ukraine that he demonstrated in his complaint, it is probable that the whistleblower briefed Biden and likely that he accompanied him on Air Force Two during at least one of the six visits the 2020 candidate made to the country.

We already had the August 26 letter that Intelligence Community’s inspector general Michael Atkinson wrote about his concerns that the fake whistleblower showed “some indicia of an arguable political bias … in favor of a rival political candidate.” We later found that the “whistleblower” was a registered Democrat.

Then came Atkinson’s report that the whistleblower had ties to a Democrat.

According to the Washington Examiner:

“The IG said [the whistleblower] worked or had some type of professional relationship with one of the Democratic candidates,” said one person with knowledge of what was said.

“The IG said the whistleblower had a professional relationship with one of the 2020 candidates,” said another person with knowledge of what was said.

“What [Atkinson] said was that the whistleblower self-disclosed that he was a registered Democrat and that he had a prior working relationship with a current 2020 Democratic presidential candidate,” said a third person with knowledge of what was said.

Atkinson did not divulge to which presidential candidate the faux “whistleblower” was connected.

This is just the latest bit of proof that this whistleblower is a fake, political attack, and not a real concerned citizen.

The so-called “whistleblower” who went to the government with inaccurate accusations of President Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president “accidentally” forgot to tell investigators that he had already been in contact with members of the Democrat Party.

More evidence piles up every day that this “whistleblower” is a partisan political actor and not a true watchdog over possible presidential malfeasance.

The latest proof of the illegitimacy of this “whistleblower” is that he did not tell the government that he was being coached by Rep. Adam Schiff, the California Democrat who currently chairs the House Intelligence Committee.

Per reporter Catherine Herridge:

This is most significant because according to Sean Davis, the form this faux whistleblower had to fill out for his complaint required him to disclose contacts such as that with the top Democrat on the House Intel Committee.

CNN’s Jake Tapper reported last Thursday that a source came through with the information that the whistleblower is a registered Democrat.

“First from CNN, a source familiar with the whistleblower investigation tells me that the political bias referred to by the Intelligence Community Inspector General is that the whistleblower is a registered Democrat,” Tapper said on his Thursday The Lead broadcast. “That is the bias. The IG acknowledged the bias in his statement that said didn’t change the facts of the whistleblower complaint. The attorney for the whistleblower declined to give us a comment.”

There is more.

Only a day before, Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff admitted that the politically motivated “whistleblower” worked with his office to attack President Donald Trump long before he ever filed his intel complaint.

Contrary to Schiff’s claims that he never spoke to the “whistleblower” before he made his complaint about the president’s call with the Ukrainian president, the California congressman and ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee admitted he worked with the man after a New York Times article outed the information on Wednesday.

According to the New York Times, Schiff’s office was contacted at least a few days before the “whistleblower” filed his complaint against Trump.

“The early account by the future whistle-blower shows how determined he was to make known his allegations that Mr. Trump asked Ukraine’s government to interfere on his behalf in the 2020 election. It also explains how Mr. Schiff knew to press for the complaint when the Trump administration initially blocked lawmakers from seeing it,” the paper wrote.

Then there is the fact that the “whistleblower’s” lawyers are major Democrat activists.

According to Breitbart News:

Whistleblower Aid, a small nonprofit helping the lawyers for the so-called whistleblower at the center of the impeachment movement targeting President Donald Trump, is heavily tied to far-left activist organizations and Democratic politics.

One of the co-founders of Whistleblower Aid previously worked at several liberal activist organizations financed by billionaire activist and Democratic Party megadonor George Soros. The other co-founder currently leads a separate organization that boasts on its four-person advisory board John Podesta, who led Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, served as Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton and founded the Soros-funded Center for American Progress pushing a progressive agenda.

Clearly this whole mess is a partisan political effort and no act of a “whistleblower.”

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Florida’s Largest Police Union Endorses Trump, Dems Using Cops Like a ‘Punching Bag’

Florida’s largest police union endorsed President Donald Trump’s re-election because Dems are using police “like a punching bag.”



Florida’s largest police union has endorsed President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign because the Democrats are using police “like a punching bag.”

On Friday, the Florida Police Benevolent Association’s president, John Kazanjian, jumped to Twitter to say that Trump has the back of every police officer in the country.

In an appearance on Fox & Friends, he added, “I spelled it out. What’s going on in not just in Florida but across this country that, ‘Hey, you know what, we’re getting beat up. We’re being used like a punching bag, and we’re tired of it. And President Donald Trump has been there for us. He supported us.”

Kazanjian said he is prepared to meet with the president to discuss policing.

“Not only the 30,000 members that we have down in Florida. Don’t forget about friends and families, retirees. Yeah, we — I believe last cycle we also put the president on top. And guess what? We’re going to come out in force this time to get him over that top,” Kazanjian said.

The Trump campaign celebrated the endorsement.

In a statement the Trump campaign said:

Florida PBA is the largest police association in the state of Florida, and their support marks the fourth endorsement of President Trump from law enforcement in the month of July. President Trump will be heading to Florida today to meet with local sheriffs and hold a coronavirus and storm preparedness roundtable.

“Joe Biden and the radical left are using our brave law enforcement officers as punching bags and scapegoats to divide the nation and conceal the truth – you will not be safe in Joe Biden’s America,” said Bob Paduchik, Trump 2020 Senior Advisor for Law Enforcement and Labor Unions. “The unanimous endorsement from the Florida BPA is proof police officers understand the importance of re-electing this Law and Order President for four more years. President Trump will continue to defend the Thin Blue Line and fight for the safety and security of our communities, and America’s law enforcement officers are with him every step of the way.”

Kazanjian also noted that his organization is 3,000 strong and that they made their decision at an emergency meeting.

Kazanjian said that after he voiced the idea of supporting Trump, everyone supported it “unanimously.” Kazanjian said that the vote “carried a lot of weight.”

The group also rescinded its previous endorsement of Democrat prosecutor-turned-criminal attorney Michael Weinstein in his bid for a Florida state House.

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Free Speech Candidate Laura Loomer Surging in Florida Congressional Race

Pro-Trump Florida congressional candidate Laura Loomer seems to be surging in Florida’s 21st District.



Pro-Trump Florida congressional candidate Laura Loomer seems to be surging in Florida’s 21st District.

Polls are showing Loomer pulling closer to do-nothing, Democrat career politician and incumbent Lois Frankel than the Democrats ever thought possible.

In a weighted poll conducted by American Liberty Fund (ALF), Loomer is within the margin of error, trailing Frankel by only four points. Additionally, Loomer also has stronger favorability ratings than Frankel.

Loomer has a 35 percent favorability rating with an 11 percent unfavorable rating while Frankel has a 23 percent favorable rating and a 37 percent unfavorable rating.

Loomer has often outraised Frankel, too. In February, for instance, she outraised Frankel for two quarters in a row.

Loomer raised $154,000 during the third quarter of 2019, only 60 days after announcing her campaign.

By April, Loomer had raised two and a half times more campaign cash than the Democrat incumbent.

The Florida Primary is set for August 18. Loomer faces a list of five lesser-known candidates for the task of taking on Frankel in the general election this November.

Loomer is a journalist and self-described Jewish conservative activist originally from Tucson, Arizona. As a journalist, she has worked at Project Veritas and Rebel Media. She attended Barry University in Miami, Florida as an undergraduate, where she first became involved in Republican political groups on campus.

Loomer’s campaign has been a standout in what many assumed was a safe Democrat district.

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Hilarious: 100 Police Agencies Quit Milwaukee’s Democrat Convention

More than 100 police agencies have told the Democrats that they will not work their 2020 Democrat convention in Milwaukee.



More than 100 police agencies have told the Democrats that they will not work their 2020 Democrat convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, next month.

The law enforcement groups said they will not put their officers in danger because the city has banned the use of tear gas to quell the riots many expect to occur during the convention, the Associated Press reported.

Milwaukee recently issued an order to stop using tear gas on rioters after a citizen oversight committee lambasted the department for using the measure during the city’s riots in May and June.

Police Chief Alfonso Morales was told he would be fired if he did not end the use of the gas.

But the order had other consequences that the city likely didn’t expect.

Per the AP:

Since the Milwaukee order was issued, more than 100 law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin and across the country decided against coming to Milwaukee, Morales told WTMJ-TV on Tuesday. They were concerned with directives placed on the police department, including not allowing tear gas or pepper spray, he said.

Morales did not say which agencies would not be coming or how many officers were still expected. The original plan was to have 1,000 officers on hand from outside agencies to assist with security. Morales said utilizing the National Guard or enlisting federal assistance was under consideration.

The convention, scheduled for Aug. 17-Aug. 20 at the Wisconsin Center in downtown Milwaukee, has been scaled down to a mostly virtual event, with only about 300 people expected to attend in-person. Most of the speeches will be delivered online from other locations, though former Vice President Joe Biden has said he will be in Milwaukee to accept the nomination. Despite the event’s smaller scale, police are preparing for potentially large protests in and around the venue.

So far, the Democrats have not made a comment on the loss of the auxiliary law enforcement contingent.

The AP added, “Fond du Lac Police Chief William Lamb told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the agreements were collapsing, saying he expects other agencies in the state to also withdraw. Lamb chairs the Wisconsin Police Executive Group, which is made up of police chiefs from cities with populations of more than 20,000 people.”

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Joe Biden Wants Your Kids to Take Classes on Islam in School

Joe Biden is lamenting that our schools don’t teach kids enough about that wonderful “religion of peace,” Islam.



Joe Biden is lamenting that our schools don’t teach kids enough about Islam, that wonderful “religion of peace,” and he thinks kids should be exposed to Islam at a young age.

“I wish we taught more in our schools about the Islamic faith. I wish we talked about all the great confessional faiths. It’s one of the great confessional faiths,” Biden said during a Muslim voter outreach forum on Monday.

It is sad to see a Democrat call for our kids to be indoctrinated in Islam even as he spearheads the elimination of Christianity in our schools.

Biden went on to excoriate President Trump’s “vile” Muslim travel ban and said that on the “first day” of his administration, he would end such restrictions.

“I’ll continue to champion the rights of Palestinians and Israelis to have a state of their own — as I have for decades. Each of them, a state of their own,” he said promising to maintain a U.S. dedication to the so-called “two-state solution” in the Middle East.

The event was held in cooperation with a group called Emgage Action, a group that works to convince Muslims to vote for the Democrats.

This upcoming presidential election is arguably the most important one within our lifetime,” Emgage Action CEO Wa’el Alzayat wrote in a statement. “We cannot afford another four years of a Trump presidency.”

This group has worked to end what it falsely calls Trump’s “Muslim ban.”

There is no such thing, of course. Trump has banned travel from several terrorism=plagued countries that export their terror abroad, but he has not “banned Muslims” because he has not banned travel for all Muslim nations. Just the one that are filled with terrorists.

Calling the president’s temporary moratorium on travel from a small handful of terror-exporting countries is not anywhere close to a “Muslim ban.”

So, like all leftists, these terror-supporting enemies are lying.

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Joe Biden Urges American Muslims To ‘Mobilize’ Voters Against Trump




Joe Biden Urges American Muslims To ‘Mobilize’ Voters Against Trump

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden called on Muslim Americans to “mobilize” against President Donald Trump for the November election.

“We need you. I need you,” Biden said Monday during a “Million Muslim Votes Summit” hosted by Emgage Action, the country’s largest Muslim American PAC. “I need you to mobilize and motivate one another to register to vote.”

Joe Biden also said U.S. schools need to teach more about Islam, praising it as “one of the great confessional faiths.”

“Look, one of the things that I think is important is I wish we taught more in our schools about the Islamic faith,” Biden said.

“We all come from the same root here in terms of our fundamental basic beliefs and I just want to thank you for giving me the opportunity, for being engaged, for committing to action this November,” Biden said. “You’re doing what has never been done before. You’re registering and turning out more than 1 million Muslim voters this November. It matters. … Under this administration, we’ve seen an unconscionable — and unconscionable rise — in Islamophobia.”

In his speech, Joe Biden also said he “won’t write love letters to dictators,” and as president would strive to “meet the moral demands of the humanitarian crisis in Syria, Yemen, and Gaza.” And he said he would seek to protect the rights of Palestinians and Israelis.

“I’ll continue to champion the rights of Palestinians and Israelis to have a state of their own — as I have for decades. Each of them, a state of their own,” he said.

Several of Muslim American officials, including Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, and Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) on Monday signed a letter organized by Emgage Action endorsing Biden.

“Our number one goal is to remove Donald Trump from office and to replace him with someone who can begin to heal our nation,” the letter said. “A Biden administration will move the nation forward on many of the issues we care about,” it said, citing racial justice, affordable healthcare, climate change, and immigration.

Said Emgage Action CEO Wa’el Alzayat in a statement: “This upcoming presidential election is arguably the most important one within our lifetime. We cannot afford another four years of a Trump presidency.”

In addition to Minnesota, which has a large Muslim population, Michigan Muslims will be key in the November election.

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Texas GOP Ousts Establishment Party Chairman, Replaces Him with Lt. Col. Allen West

Conservatives in the Texas GOP have risen up put activist Lt. Col. and former Florida Congressman Allen West in his place.



Conservatives in the Texas GOP have risen up and deposed the state party’s establishment chairman and put conservative activist, Lt. Col., and former Florida Congressman Allen West in his place.

West immediately said he intends to use his new chairmanship to fight back against the Democrats’ “progressive socialism.”

“I am sick and tired of Republicans being on their heels, being on the defense, always being reactionary with a party that as we see right now — they don’t stand up for the rule of law, they stand for rule of the mob,” West said on Monday according to the Dallas Morning News.

President Trump quickly congratulated West on his victory.

Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz also congratulated the Lt. Col.

The News noted that West intends to take a “combative approach.”

On Monday, he challenged his state Democratic counterpart, Gilberto Hinojosa, to a series of three debates. He said he’ll visit the Rio Grande Valley next weekend and post the GOP message “on billboards and on the sides of buses.”

“If there’s one place where we can be successful and make that stand it’s here in Texas,” he said in one conservative media interview, with former Trump adviser Steve Bannon.

West said the key to keeping Texas red in November is to stay on offense and to “shift the narrative to the policies” – that is, away from a focus on Trump, as Democrats harp on the president’s low approval ratings, especially on the pandemic.

“I have not heard any single Democrat leader, especially here in Texas, to stand up against the mob, antifa, Black Lives Matter — which is an oxymoronic name in and of itself,” West said, depicting Democrats, who hold the mayor and county judge posts in most of Texas’ urban areas, as unwelcome outsiders.

“They have come in here to the great state, the Lone Star State, and taken over the major population centers, and we’re allowing them to create these little fiefdoms in this incredible red state,” he said, adding, “And of course that’s where you see the greatest amount of failure rates of socialist left policies.”

So, congratulations, Mr. GOP chairman.

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Joe Biden Calls America’s Highway System ‘Racist’

Now Joe Biden is saying that our highway system is a white supremacist tool to “enforce racial segregation.”



Want to know how childishly left-wing Joe Biden has become? Now he is saying that our highway system is a white supremacist tool to “enforce racial segregation.”

This bit of idiocy is disgorged on Biden’s campaign website where the candidate insists that building the highways was a “federal policy” to make sure blacks stayed where they belonged cooped up in the inner city.

The amazingly ignorant characterization of our interstate highway system is seen on the “Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations” document where Biden and communist Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) layout their policies for “pursuing environmental justice.”

Biden claims that the “impacts of climate change are not evenly distributed in our society,” before going into how the highways are meant “to enforce racial segregation.”

In fact, this racist policy is a direct matter of “federal policy,” this senile, anti-American, fool yelps.

Get a load of this tripe:

Like so many crises facing the United States, the impacts of climate change are not evenly distributed in our society or our economy. Communities of color, low-income families, and indigenous communities have long suffered disproportionate and cumulative harm from air pollution, water pollution, and toxic sites.

Highways have been built to enforce racial segregation in our cities, with federal dollars and federal policy support. Coal companies have been allowed to reduce or ignore their obligations to fund retirees’ promised health care benefits and pensions. From Flint, Michigan, to the Navajo Nation, to Lowndes County, Alabama, millions of Americans have been denied access to clean, safe drinking water and even the most basic wastewater infrastructure. And although the youngest generations of Americans have contributed the least to this calamity, they stand to lose the most as they suffer from the impacts of runaway carbon pollution for decades to come.

Biden goes on to accuse the federal government of violating the mythic “environmental justice” by enforcing policy that “disproportionately causes illness and premature death in communities of color, low-income communities, and indigenous communities.”

Next up, Biden wants federal dollars to “train” minorities in how to fight for this made up “environmental justice.”

The clean energy economy must represent the diversity of America. We will invest in the education and training of underrepresented groups, including people of color, low-income Americans, women, veterans, people with disabilities, and unemployed energy workers for jobs in clean energy-related industries. Democrats will also mobilize a diverse new generation of young workers through a corps and cohort challenged to conserve our public lands; deliver new clean energy, including to low income communities and communities of color; and address the changing climate, including through pre-apprenticeship opportunities, joint labor-management registered apprenticeships for training, and direct-hire programs that put good-paying and union jobs within reach for more Americans.

Biden ends on a head spin by pivoting to say that America has wrong the Indians, or something.

Democrats recognize the historic wrongs that have been perpetrated against Native American tribes and communities, including with respect to infrastructure permitting decisions. We commit to managing federal actions and federal undertakings in a manner that honors the trust responsibility; respects the nation-to-nation relationship and sovereignty of tribes; and protects treaty and other reserved rights, natural and cultural resources, and sacred sites of federally recognized Indian tribes.

Apparently, someone forgot to tell the roughly nine million blacks who left points south to move to northern inner cities between 1960 and the year 2000 that only white people were supposed to be using the highways.

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