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BOX OFFICE BOMB: New ‘Terminator’ Features Murder of U.S. Border Patrol Agents by Mexican Character

The newest ‘Terminator’ movie series features a scene showing the mass murder of U.S. Border Patrol agents at the hands of a Mexican character.



The huge box office bomb that is the latest entry in the Terminator movie series features a scene showing the mass murder of U.S. Border Patrol agents at the hands of a Mexican-American actor in the film.

Terminator: Dark Fate, the much awaited sixth entry in the Terminator series of films, has landed with a thud at the box office. For its debut weekend, the action flick starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton has pulled in a paltry $28 million in ticket sales. This is a major flop, folks.

Often if these Hollywood blockbusters don’t make back a good chuck of their production costs in the first weekend, the chances are it will lose money. So, how much did Dark Fate cost to make? $185 million. And it only made $28 million that first weekend? Yes, this is a huge flop.

The movie is the most “woke” Terminator yet, too.

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Not only are viewers assailed with “strong women” tropes throughout the movie, but one scene features U.S. Border Patrol officers and ICE agents being slaughtered by a Mexican character while illegal aliens flee and escape custody.

Apparently, the Terminator is just as prepared to kill the immigration officials who protect our country as it is to kill robots from the future.

But with its hate for males, its murder of American immigration officials, and its general “wokeness,” the critics sure love the film.

As American Greatness noted:

“It’d be fascinating to see a world where the Terminators are working as ICE agents,” wrote one critic, “the ultimate purveyors of evil.”


The “best-paced scene in the movie,” wrote another critic, is set “in a U.S. Border Patrol detention center, complete with, yes, undocumented migrants in cages.” That’s the part where “Rev-9,” the villain played by Gabriel Luna, hacks, slashes, and disembowels a platoon of Border Patrol agents who happen to be conspicuously white. That scene made it into the trailer, presumably because producers thought it would play well with woke viewers.

And this:

One “great thing about the film,” wrote a critic, “is that there are barely any cis men in it—the only ones have bit parts, and most of them die.” Well, then . . . what better to recommend it?

The left-wing, anti-American critics absolutely loved Date Fate.

Audiences are avoiding it in droves.

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