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Both Freedom & Fairness Must Be Maintained for a Democratic Republic to Continue




“The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground.”  —Thomas Jefferson


Two Kinds

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There are two kinds of government in the world: 1) rule by the few, or an oligarchy (which generally vests power-wielding authority in a dictator) and 2) rule by the people, or a republic (where the people govern).  The alternative to these two fundamental kinds of government would be no government at all, or anarchy.


The Spectrum

The political spectrum extends from 100% total government control to a free-for-all of 100% anarchy.  In terms of power, this would mean going from 100% government to 0% government.  The proper midpoint between tyranny and mobocracy is the republican middle, where there is law, but only law which is made by the people and respects the natural rights of the minority, according to the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.



When a totalitarian government holds power, no individual rights exist, only government-granted privileges.  The state decides to whom privileges may be given and from whom privileges may be taken away.



When anarchy reigns, no privileges are granted and no rights guaranteed.  The Law of the Jungle reigns.  And might makes right.


Republic: The People’s Thing

defend freedomWhen proper balance is maintained, whereby everyone enjoys equal protection under the law, opportunities for achieving success, pursuing happiness, and exercising liberty are made accessible to everyone.

Republican civil society—where problems are solved with the most freedom possible, and where people are allowed to keep the fruits of their labor and benefit from their hard work—promotes the creation of a greater number of life-enhancing and life-saving solutions than any other system.  Republicanism generates more wealth creation and a greater sense of well-being for any and all who take advantage of the free enterprise that cannot help but take root under such a system.


Utopianism: A Real Problem

Utopianism is problematic, since utopias tend to privilege elite notions above populist ones, even when those ideas might not work well for solving certain kinds of problems.  Utopian ideals are invariably the products of oligarchical central planning that is, necessarily, limited to the ideas of the few who are in power.  Although utopia is from the Greek, meaning “good place,” in practical terms, it generally works out to be anything but that.  The problem with an “enlightened few” planning for everyone else’s benefit is that elitist approaches can never accommodate all situations, and many possibilities for problem-solving will be forbidden or overlooked, due to a lack of experience with the particulars of those experiential worlds on the parts of elitist planners.


Freedom Is the Solution

The only system that is fair to all people is a system where people are free to solve their own problems, as long as they respect the rights of others while doing so.  The equal protection of everyone’s rights, along the lines of an ethical system based on the Golden Rule, is in order.


Democracy as Tyranny: The End of the Story

Democracy, without any republican form of equal protection, can often prove tyrannical.  Only a Golden-Rule-based system, where each person has equal protection, really works.  Here is a famous example: A horse thief is caught by a posse of 31 people.  A member of the posse shouts, “Let’s hang him from a tree!”  A vote is held, and 16 vote to hang the horse thief.  In a pure democracy, the horse thief is hanged, and that is the end of the story.


Republicanism to the Rescue

ConstitutionBut in a republic, the sheriff calls out, “You can’t hang him!  He has his rights.”  The Golden Rule is invoked.  “You would want a chance to explain why you stole a horse, so this man gets a chance to explain.  He’ll have his day in court.”  This fleshing out of the Golden Rule, called the right to due process, means that judgment is withheld until after a full hearing of all evidence has taken place.

Perhaps the man stole the horse as a result of having been threatened.  His side of the story must be heard.  It is his right.  Safety and freedom are both promoted when natural rights are protected and equal protection for all, per the Golden Rule, is enforced.


Delegating Power to the State

The people can only delegate powers to the state that they themselves rightly possess.  State power is instituted to protect what is natural to the people that predates the state altogether; republican government does not grant us our rights as a list of privileges.  Natural rights predate government.

The sheriff from the story was legitimately hired to protect the lives and property of the people, because the people already had the natural right to protect their own lives and property.  So the delegation of this power to an agent who might act on the people’s behalf was right and proper.  It is also fitting that the sheriff enforce the Golden Rule, making sure the people treat the accused as they would wish to be treated.


Frederic Bastiat

The French political theorist Frederic Bastiat, in The Law, wrote, “Life, liberty, and property do not exist because men have made laws.  On the contrary, it was the fact that life, liberty, and property existed beforehand that caused men to make laws in the first place.”  The people are thus superior to government and must ensure that government remains subservient, lest the people lose their freedom and themselves become the servants.


The Principal of Agency

Freedoms-Battle-posterRepublican government operates based upon a set of universal principles, applied consistently across place and time.  An overarching Principle of Agency permits the government to do on your behalf only what you have the right to do yourself.  The converse of this principle is also true: If the act of another does not seem in some way offensive to you, you have no right to compel the state to punish such an act.

This means that, if you have no right to go into a wealthy neighbor’s home to take his money for the purpose of redistribution to neighbors, then you may not delegate this redistributive power to government.  And, even if everyone in the neighborhood is in agreement that it would be a good thing for the richest neighbor to share, they have no right to compel him to do so.  No one knows his situation.  Also, collective rights devolve from individual rights.  Thus, whatever is immoral for an individual to do is, likewise, immoral for a group to do.  Taking someone’s money, and giving it to others without permission of or benefit to its owner, is stealing.  And it is still stealing if a group does it.


Forcing the People

This immediately calls into question the validity of any kind of government-mandated welfare state.  Government-forced redistribution fundamentally changes the relationship between the state and the people.  It gives government the power to usurp the people’s natural rights, dictating to the people instead of serving them.  Thomas Jefferson once said, “A wise and frugal government . . . shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned.”


How Freedom & Fairness Are Lost

The problem with state-sponsored welfare programs is that they harm some in order to benefit others.  By treating people differently, based on degree of wealth, they violate the right to equal protection under law, a timeless principle, based upon the Golden Rule, enshrined in the US Constitution.

This equal-protection principle is found in Leviticus 19:15: “You shall not render an unfair decision: do not favor the poor or show deference to the rich; judge your kinsman fairly.”  In government, this principle applies to legislators and judges alike, for, if a law passed by legislators requires that courts treat people differentially, judges are forced to violate this principle of fairness.

The only fair expenditure of taxpayer money is for goods and services that everybody has equal access to, such as municipal libraries, public roads, and police protection.  Helping others is the domain of private individuals and private charities, rendering people—rather than the state—their brothers’ and sisters’ keepers.  And, indeed, when private charities serve this function, more people are better served by an equal expenditure of funds than when the state does it.


An Unfortunate Set of Results

Once the rule of equal protection is violated, the poor stop trying as hard and vote themselves money from the rich.  The rich stop trying as hard, since the harder they work, the higher they are taxed.  And the overall wealth and well-being of the republic, thus the overall ability to help the poor, decreases as a result.  And fairness and freedom are lost in the process.

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Protesters Storm Baptist Church, Harass Children, Assault Parishioners (Video)





Protesters Storm Baptist Church, Harass Children, Assault Parishioners (Video)

Black Lives Matters protesters have been threatening and harassing attendees of Grace Baptist Church as they enter the building for the past few weeks.

Video footage shows no one is safe from harassment regardless of age or race. There is also a video of these leftwing BLM agitators entering the sanctuary to disrupt church services.

Daily Wire:

Videos posted on social media show parishioners, both black and white, being harassed and physically assaulted at Grace Baptist Church in Troy, New York.

The protesters, repeatedly shouting “Black Lives Matter,” even harassed and blocked churchgoers while they were with their young children, using a megaphone to scream at the families, shaming and threatening their parents with calls to CPS, or Child Protective Services.

The assaults, harassment, and protesting have been occurring since at least the end of June, according to the viral videos posted online. The church has refused to close or backdown, directing men from the parish to help escort fellow worshipers inside as they are blocked by BLM protesters.

Grace Baptist Church made headlines last month for giving away an AR-15 as a prize for a church raffle. When the giveaway was first reported, Pastor John Koletas told WNYT that the church held it in solidarity with hunters and gun owners who have been “viciously attacked by anti-Christian socialist policies.” One local critic told WRGB at the time that the giveaway exhibited “extreme poor taste,” citing “all of the shootings going on in all of our communities.” More

Where is their mayor? Governor? They need to stop this insanity. People have a right to protest but not to be able to go into churches and harass and assault people.

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‘Hamilton’ Musical Once Praised, Now Slammed by Wokesters for Celebrating American Founders

The wokesters are now out the cancel celebrated rap musical ‘Hamilton.”



Only five years ago the rap musical Hamilton was praised as high art and an important achievement. But now, the Black Lives Matter haters are slamming the musical for daring to lionize the founding fathers.

When Lin-Manuel Miranda unveiled Hamilton in 2015, he was hailed as a genius and celebrated for bringing the history of the founding to a new generation of people.

But now he is already being attacked for the play. Why? because he wrote his play about the founders who today’s Black Lives Matter terrorists want to see destroyed, not celebrated in a play.

First of all, before we get to the fools attacking the play today, we must dispense with this idiotic claim that Hamilton is anything but fake history created with racism at its heart — anti-white racism.

Miranda’s play is not “history.” It is garbage. The fact that he puts blacks in the roles of white men is absurd. And rap is not music, anyway, so let’s get beyond all this nonsense that Hamilton is important art. It is woke garbage not worth being celebrated.

But, even if those who have been celebrating it since 2015 were right that it is a great piece of work, Hamilton has already become the newest thing to cancel by anti-American, woke activists.

Over the July 4th weekend, Hamilton began trending on Twitter as BLM wokesters began attacking it for daring to say that America’s founding was a good thing.

As The Blaze reported:

“Are y’all ready to talk about how problematic Hamilton is? Lin Manuel Miranda created a piece of work that used hip hop (a genre created by black people) to tell the story of colonizers and slave owners,” one Twitter user wrote.

“As much as I love the show, it and it’s writer are deeply problematic,” another wrote. “I’ve intentionally or unintentionally ignored these things for years, but I’m trying to fix this now so I can fully contextualize and understand Hamilton and it’s effect as a whole.”

“Hamilton is deeply problematic in concept and so is Lin Manuel Miranda to some degree,” another person tweeted.

“I mean I think the fact that a musical like Hamilton (which is deeply problematic and nationalist) has to exist in order for non-white actors to have a space on Broadway is just very indicative of how non-white stories will never be able to thrive on this elitist medium,” another person said.

“Reminder for all y’all Hamilton watching mofos: Hamilton was a racist slaveowner, and casting POC as white bigots isn’t the reclamation you think it is,” read a tweet that had nearly 60,000 likes. “It’s a romanticized telling of a white man’s plights, so none of y’all better be stanning the founding fathers AGAIN.”

First they came for Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Now they are coming after Lin-Manuel Miranda.

You reap what you sow, liberals.

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Six Black Children Murdered in Violence Over Weekend — Black Lives Matter Silent

At least half a dozen black children were shot down in black neighborhoods over the Fourth of July holiday.



Home Invasion

At least half a dozen black children were shot down in black neighborhoods over the Fourth of July holiday, and yet Black Lives Matter is utterly silent.

Black children were murdered in Washington D.C. Chicago, and San Francisco over the weekend. But no one on the left seems to care even a tiny bit.

Per the Daily Wire:

In Washington, DC, 11-year-old Davon McNeal was preparing to leave a Fourth of July cookout with his mother when shooting broke out somewhere nearby. A bullet struck the youth football player in the head, killing him, according to The Washington Post.

“We just had a real genuine kid who wanted to get out of the neighborhood. That’s all he said is, ‘I’m gonna make it,’” McNeal’s football coach Kevin McGill said remembering the boy’s dreams of playing in the pros. “These kids’ lives are being robbed over nothing.”

Just under 90 people have been killed in Washington, DC this year, a roughly 17% increase over last year. 2019 ended with the most people killed in the city in a decade.

D.C. was not the only Democrat-led city to see a child murdered.

In Atlanta, 8-year-old Secoriea Turner was killed. Thirty others were killed in Atlanta that weekend, too.

Moving west, in Chicago 7-year-old Natalia Wallace and a 14-year-old boy whose name has not yet been released were murdered.

Next up, in Hoover, Ala., 8-year-old Royta Giles Jr. was killed in the city.

Finally, a 6-year-old boy was shot and killed in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood.

So, have you heard Black Lives Matter lament these murders?


One man from Atlanta took BLM to task over the 8-year old killed there.

“If this was a white police officer gunning down three blacks and injuring four, Wilson High School would be set on fire and every black leader, every community leader, would be up here,” the man told reporters. “Black Lives Matter, hands up. Blacks have murdered other blacks every 32 hours since June. I’ve been in this town all my life, I’m 56 years old, I am afraid of being shot and gunned down by a black man.”

“Again if this was a white police officer shooting and killing three blacks, people will be out here, the school will be on fire, people will be coming forward saying, ‘I saw this white police officer,’” he continued. “But because it’s black on black crime, it’s socially acceptable for blacks not to talk to The police. It is appalling. Every 32 hours since June, blacks have been murdering blacks, and you all have to do a better job.”

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The Year of Stupid: Boeing Forces Exec to Resign Over 33-Year-Old Op-Ed Opposing Women in Combat

33 years ago, Boeing exec Niel Golightly wrote an op-ed wherein he opposed women in combat. Now he’s lost his job.



Thirty-three years ago, Boeing executive Niel Golightly wrote an op-ed when he was a 29-year-old Navy Lt. wherein he opposed women n combat roles. Today, in the year of stupid, Boeing forced him to resign.

Until this week, Golightly was the head of communications for Boeing, but now he is out for having an opinion 33 years ago that was the prevailing, common opinion of nearly everyone but the most fringe activists at the time.

The then Navy Lt. had his op-ed in a magazine published by the U.S. Naval Institute. It is an outfit which describes itself as “an independent forum for those who dare to read, think, speak, and write to advance the professional, literary, and scientific understanding of sea power and other issues critical to global security.”

Who would have thought the magazine article printed in 1987 would be so troublesome after three decades?

In his op-ed, Golightly expressed the common feeling that introducing women into combat units would disrupt the dynamics necessary for a cohesive fighting unit.

“At issue is not whether women can fire M-60s, dogfight MiGs, or drive tanks. Introducing women into combat would destroy the exclusively male intangibles of war fighting and the feminine images of what men fight for—peace, home, family,” Golightly wrote, according to an excerpt published on the U.S. Naval Institute’s website.

Indeed, women were barred from combat in U.S. military forces from our founding all the way until Barack Obama broke down those barriers in 2013.

Absurdly, Golightly’s then extremely uncontroversial opinion has led to his job loss today.

“My article was a 29-year-old Cold War navy pilot’s misguided contribution to a debate that was live at the time,” Golightly said in a statement this week. “My argument was embarrassingly wrong and offensive. The article is not a reflection of who I am; but nonetheless I have decided that in the interest of the company I will step down.”

“Boeing does not agree with the views expressed in the article, and it does not reflect Niel’s views today,” the company added.

“Niel and I discussed at length the article and its implications for his role as the Company’s lead spokesman,” Boeing President and CEO David Calhoun said. “I want to emphasize our Company’s unrelenting commitment to diversity and inclusion in all its dimensions, and to ensuring that all of our employees have an equal opportunity to contribute and excel.”

David Calhoun, you are a morn.

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Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid Statue Defaced with ‘Racist Fish’ Graffiti

Now the left-wing loons are coming for Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid statue which was defaced with “racist fish.”



Now the left-wing loons are coming for Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid statue which was defaced on Friday with the words “racist fish.”

Isn’t it wonderful that we have lunatic leftists around to let us all know that fish are racists?

The “Little Mermaid,” a bronze statue honoring folk tale writer Hans Christian Andersen’s famous story, was erected in 1913 and placed on a rock near the sea off a pier in Copenhagen.

The local police said they had no clue who defaced the 107-year-old tourist attraction.

“We consider it vandalism and have started an investigation,” the Copenhagen police said on Friday morning.

According to Reuters:

“I am having a hard time seeing what is particularly racist in the fairy tale “The Little Mermaid,” Ane Grum-Schwensen, researcher at the H.C. Andersen Center at University of Southern Denmark, told local news wire Ritzau.

How is the Little Mermaid racist?

Since when does the Black Lives Matter movement need logic, facts, or reality to intrude upon the world of lies they have built?

All they are interested in is wanton, meaningless, destruction.

BLM’s SOLE goal is to destroy what they deem white civilization.

Follow Warner Todd Huston on Facebook at:

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Report: Schiff’s Staff Knew In February About Russian Bounties On American Soldiers




House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff saw reports back in February that Russia was purportedly paying Taliban operatives to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan but took no action.

The Federalist reported that “multiple intelligence sources” told the publication that some members of Schiff’s staff “were briefed in February on intelligence about Russia offering the Taliban bounties in Afghanistan,” but that Schiff “took no action in response to the briefing.”


A new report alleges that top committee staff for Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), were briefed in February about Russia offering the Taliban bounties to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan, but Schiff remained inactive vis-à-vis the issue. According to The Federalist’s Sean Davis and Mollie Hemingway, “multiple intelligence sources familiar with the briefing” said it occurred when a congressional delegation made a trip to Afghanistan in February.

Davis and Hemingway note that Schiff was asked on Tuesday if he knew about the Russia story before it was printed by The New York Times report, and Schiff answered, “I can’t comment on specifics.” They point out, “As chairman of the intelligence committee, Schiff had the authority to immediately brief the full committee and convene hearings on the matter. Schiff, however, did nothing. He did not brief his committee on the matter, nor did he brief the gang of 8, which consists of top congressional leadership in both chambers.”

Schiff has implied that President Trump did not have access to the full intelligence, saying, “You don’t deprive the President of the United States of information he needs to keep the troops safe because you don’t have it signed, sealed, and delivered… If the intelligence community had intel along the lines that is publicly reported … this is information I think would be negligent to keep from him.” More

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff needs to be removed from his position on the intelligence committee. The congressional trip that was not recorded into the record needs to be thoroughly investigated. Schiff is most likely the source to The New York Times and he needs to be held accountable.

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Rapper Blasts Black Lives Matter: ‘Not Our Movement,’ ‘Given To Us By George Soros’




Rapper Blasts Black Lives Matter: ‘Not Our Movement,’ ‘Given To Us By George Soros’

Rapper Lord Jamar sparked controversy when he renounced the Black Lives Matter organization over its Marxist origins, alleging it was created by far-left philanthropist billionaire George Soros and saying it is robbing Black Americans of their own “organic movement.”

In a viral video, Lord Jamar said that he is not a “Black Lives Matter” supporter, saying the organization’s radical views that fall outside its original mission statement.

“I’m not a Black Lives Matter supporter,” Jamar said in an interview on SCUM.

“You’re not?” the interviewer asked in surprise.

“No, absolutely not,” responded Jamar. “Because it’s not our movement. This is a movement that was given to us by, you know, George Soros and his f***ing boys. Because they saw how things were going and they didn’t want to go back to the 60s to where we started having our own organic movements. That was a big f***ing problem for them. So let’s give the people a movement that we can control. We’ll provide them the leaders and all this type of s**t. That’s what black lives matter is.”

“Look at the leaders of Black Lives Matter,” he said. “These lesbian women who are trying to incorporate, you know, LG whatever the f*** the letters are, incorporate their concerns into black people’s concerns. Go to the website. Look it up.”

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