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Bloomberg’s Rise Puts Former NYC Mayor in President Trump’s Crosshairs

Bloomberg’s blip is getting larger on Trump’s radar as of late.



To fully understand the 2020 Democratic Primary, you must first understand that there is a war raging within the party itself.

There are two types of Democrats these days:  Radical leftists and “moderate”, centrist Democrats.  On the left, you have your Bernie Sanders, your Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  In the centrist column there’s Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, and whomever else would fit your personal perception of a typical politician.  In 2020, the party must choose which end of the animal is going to get bitten off by Trump come November.

For the centrist “wing”, (which feels like a semantic oxymoron, I know), the choices seem to be former Vice President Biden, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, or maybe Amy Klobuchar; the verdict is still out on how moderate Klobuchar truly is.

Should these three fail, there’s always former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose late-start, long-shot candidacy has been on the rise as of late thanks to his exorbitant wealth and willingness to purchase enormous tracts of advertising space.

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This sudden rise has Bloomberg on the President’s radar.

Trump first quote-tweeted a photoshopped image that portrayed a diminutive Bloomberg standing next to a stack of papers while an oversized president cut symbolic red tape above. Trump called Bloomberg a “LOSER who has money but can’t debate,” before adding, “He reminds me of a tiny version of Jeb ‘Low Energy’ Bush, but Jeb has more political skill and has treated the Black community much better than Mini!”

The President then attacked Bloomberg’s height, which is listed at Google as 5’8″.

Bloomberg retaliated via Twitter, insinuating to the Commander in Chief that he is often laughed at behind his back, and is likened to a carnival barker among his peers.

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Absentee Ballots Found Among Discarded Mail in Ditch in Wisconsin

The Police in Greenville, Wisconsin, reported finding three trays of mail — including absentee ballots — in a ditch.



The Police in Greenville, Wisconsin, reported finding three trays of mail — including absentee ballots — in a ditch.

Now is the right time to remind you all that a major U.S. postal workers union endorsed the senile Joe Biden for president.

According to the Outagamie County Sheriff’s Office, the mail was found dumped in a ditch near Appleton International Airport, WLUK reported.

Local post office officials later reported that some of the mail included Wisconsin absentee ballots.

“The United States Postal Inspection Service immediately began investigating and we reserve further comment on this matter until that is complete,” spokesman Bob Sheehan wrote.

The discovery comes U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero ruled in New York that the Post Office must “prioritize” mail-in ballots.

“The right to vote is too vital a value in our democracy to be left in a state of suspense in the minds of voters weeks before a presidential election, raising doubts as to whether their votes will ultimately be counted,” Marrero wrote in his Sept. 21 ruling.

Marreo, a Bill Clinton appointee, also slammed President Trump for sending “ambivalent managerial signals” about the mail service.

“Conflicting, vague, and ambivalent managerial signals could also sow substantial doubt about whether the USPS is up to the task, whether it possesses the institutional will power and commitment to its historical mission, and so to handle the exceptional burden associated with a profoundly critical task in our democratic system, that of collecting and delivering election mail a few weeks from now,” Marrero wrote.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think President Trump or Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has sent “signals” that mail carriers should dump the mail in a ditch near a Wisconsin airport.

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Pollster with Best Record from 2016 Says Trump is Now Leading, Likely to Win

The Trafalgar Group polling firm was one of the few pollsters that correctly saw the 2016 election surge for Donald Trump.



The Trafalgar Group polling firm was one of the few pollsters that correctly saw the 2016 election surge for Donald Trump and predicted that he would win the election over Hillary Clinton.

When nearly every other polling firm had Hillary running away with the election in 2016, Trafalgar thought that Trump could well pull out a tight victory. Obviously, they were right.

Now Trafalgar is warning other pollsters of the “hidden” Trump voters and is predicting that Trump is actually now just barely leading Joe Biden in many states. This is in stark contrast to almost all the other polling firms that have Biden up from four to six points and more over Trump.

According to Just The News:

[Trafalgar’s chief pollster Robert] Cahaly last week posted a North Carolina poll showing Trump with a slight lead over Biden, though most other pollsters in the RCP average had Biden ahead:

“Our new @trafalgar_group #2020Election #NC #Battlegroundstate #NC #poll conducted Sept 9-11 shows a Trump lead: 47.8% @realDonaldTrump, 46.1% @JoeBiden, 2.0% all others, 2.5% Und. See Report: “

Cahaly said that his results hinge on the “hidden” Trump voters ho generally refuse to speak up about their support for the president because leftists have engaged in so much hate and violence. In fact, Cahaly says that this hidden voter demographic in 2020 is “worse than it was four years ago.”

Just the News goes on to quote the pollster on how he is factoring all this into his polling:

“I grew up in the South, and everybody is very polite down here, and if you want to find out the truth on a hot topic, you can’t just ask the question directly,” Cahaly told POLITICO Magazine. “So, the neighbor is part of the mechanism to get that real answer. In the 11 battleground states, and 3 non-battleground, there was a significant drop-off between the ballot test question [which candidate you support] and the neighbors’ question [which candidate you believe most of your neighbors support]. The neighbors question result showed a similar result in each state: Hillary dropped [relative to the ballot test question] and Trump comes up across every demographic, every geography. Hillary’s drop was between 3 and 11 percent while Trump’s increase was between 3 and 7 percent. This pattern existed everywhere from Pennsylvania to Nevada to Utah to Georgia, and it was a constant.”

He also noted that his company’s past polling found that machine-voice polling gets a better result than polling by live operators.

“Every single time we polled in the primary, the push-button said 4.5 points better for Trump,”Cahaly said noting that many Trump supporters just don’t want to admit they support Trump to a live poll taker.

If Trafalgar can be believed, this “hidden’ Trump vote will be enough to pull him over the finish line.

The big question is just how badly the Democrats will cheat in the days after the actual election?

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Idiot Who Demanded that Dad Chose Trump or His Grandchildren Apologizes After Massive Backlash

There was a backlash for the moron who said he was forcing his father to remove his Trump yard sign or risk never seeing his grandchildren.



The moron who proudly went online to tell the world that he was forcing his father to remove his Donald Trump yard sign or risk never seeing his grandchildren again was hit with a massive backlash. Now he is apologizing for being a huge creep.

Scumbag leftist Leo Guinan was swamped with attacks last week after posting an article saying that he was going to excommunicate his own father because the man was a Trump supporter.

In his original article, “Today I Gave My Dad A Choice: Trump or His Grandkids and His Son,” Guinan was furious that his father had the temerity to put a Trump sign in his yard.

He wanted to physically hurt his father for supporting Trump.

“Hands shaking, tears in eyes. This is what it said,” Guinan wrote. “Due to the signs in the yard, the kids and I will not be down. The current occupant of the White House is preaching hate and violence, endangering the lives and safety of many of my friends. This is not acceptable to me at all. There is a complete disregard for women, minorities, science, ethics, and morality. Please consider if you support Trump that much. Because I hate him that much. I wanted to be upfront and honest about my feelings.”

“At this point, it is not acceptable to me,” he added. “You can vote for whom you wish. But I can choose who I surround myself with. I love my dad, but I can’t be around him until he understands how vital I believe this election to be and what is truly at stake. It is not easy. But it was necessary.”

Now, Guinan is apologizing for being a jerk.

But, like a good liberal, he is still blaming something other than himself. It is all because social media is pernicious, you see.

“I took an emotional moment in my life and framed it in a specific way because I wanted to trigger a response,” he wrote in his follow-up article.

“I was trying to prevent others from being manipulated by manipulating them,” he exclaimed. “And I was doing this because I had the ability to, through social networks. And I let that go to my head. I am sorry to everyone who experienced that. It made me truly realize the incredibly destructive power that social media can provide.”

“I screwed up by trying to influence others through social media,” Guinan lamented. “[I’m] sorry that I influenced your thoughts and actions via social media. … [I] deleted all of my social media accounts. There were toxic to my life.”

At lest the creep deleted all his social media accounts after this.

The world is better off without him and his liberal ilk.

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Joe Biden Muffs the Pledge of Allegiance: ‘One Nation, indivisible, Under God, for Real’

During his visit to Wisconsin on Monday, Joe Biden tried to say the Pledge of Allegiance, but somehow couldn’t get it right.



During his visit to Wisconsin on Monday, Joe Biden tried to say the Pledge of Allegiance, but somehow couldn’t get it right.

Biden stopped in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Monday and at one point he simply botched the Pledge.

The whole this started off badly when he stepped on stage with his mask on upside down. He had the part that was supposed to be on his chin instead covering his nose.

Then came the botched Pledge.

Biden said, “I pledge allegiance to the United States of America. One nation, indivisible, under God, for real.”

Um… “for real”?

It got worse, though. Later in the day Biden claimed that two hundred million Americans would die of COVID… before he was done with his speech!

“If Donald Trump has his way, the complications from COVID-19, which are well beyond what they should be — it’s estimated that 200 million people have died — probably by the time I finish this talk,” Biden said during a stop in Philadelphia.


First of all, even the skewed, badly reported number that the media accepts isn’t even at 200,000 yet.

Where did the millions come from, Joe?

This man’s brain is fried.

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Ghoulish Democrats Immediately Fundraise Off Death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

In the 24 hours after the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the ghoulish Democrats have raised $91 million off of her death.



In the 24 hours after the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the ghoulish Democrats have raised $91 million off of her death.

Per The Hill:

ActBlue said Ginsburg’s death had led to an unprecedented surge of donations to progressive groups. Donors gave $6.3 million in just one hour late Friday and $70.6 million on Saturday, the platform said, both records for their respective time periods.

The previous daily record was nearly $42 million. The previous hourly record was a little more than $4 million.

“The record-breaking response we’ve seen from small-dollar donors shows that the left is eager to fulfill her final wish and ready to fight back against [President] Trump and [Senate Majority Leader Mitch] McConnell’s [R-Ky.] vow to push through a Supreme Court nominee,” ActBlue Executive Director Erin Hill said in a statement. “Grassroots donors are fired up and investing in taking back the Senate majority and the White House, electing Democratic candidates up and down the ballot, and bolstering organizations on the frontlines of the impending judicial confirmation fight.”

ActBlue is also a quasi-criminal fundraising platform, as well, because they do not track overseas credit cards.

That means much of this money can be coming from foreigners, and that is illegal in our political system when the cash is funneled to candidates.

Joe Biden has potentially been the recipient of millions in these illegal donations.

According to a report by the group Take Back Action Fund, Biden’s donations show a disturbing and suspicions trend.

The data show that more than half of the 2019 contributions Biden received on the Democratic fundraising platform called ActBlue came from unemployed people, Fox News reported. This is a sure sign that the donors are trying to hide where they earn their living meaning many are likely foreigners.

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Trump hits 53% Approval and His Path to Winning 2020 is Clear

The Rasumssen Daily tracking poll has President Donald Trump’s approval rating at 53 percent, meaning he has a clear path to winning re-election.



The Rasumssen Daily tracking poll has President Donald Trump’s approval rating at 53 percent only 45 days before Election Day, meaning he has a clear path to winning re-election.

Per Rasumssen:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 53% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-six percent (46%) disapprove. The last time the president’s job approval reached a high of this number was in September 2019.

The latest figures include 44% who Strongly Approve of the job Trump is doing and 40% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of +4.

Trump is on track to re-election, even when compared to President Obama’s trending numbers when he ran for his second term.

Well-respected statistician Sean Trende also noted that these numbers show that Trump could well win re-election despite claims by national pollsters that Joe Biden maintains a slim lead in national polling.

Indeed, Biden is doing a bit worse than Hillary Clinton was doing when she, too, was ahead but lost to Trump in 2016.

In fact, according to Trende, Trump is already mirroring the winning presidents in modern times by having an approval rate above 45 percent.

On Thursday, Trende wrote:

Exit polls show that presidents typically receive a vote share that is roughly in line with their job approval. This isn’t particularly surprising: Elections tend to be referenda on the party in power. If you like the job the president is doing, you vote for him. If you do not, you vote against him. So when Barack Obama won reelection in 2012, his job approval in the RCP Average was 50%; he won with 51% of the vote. When George W. Bush won reelection in 2004, his job approval was just shy of 50%; he won with just under 51% of the vote. Presidents tend to get the votes of those who think they are doing a good job, and maybe a hair more.

When he wrote this, Trump’s number was at 46 percent. And that, Trende said, would be enough to usher in a victory for the president. But if it is even a few points higher now, it is a definite win.

Obviously, there can be other factors — and the death of Justice Ginsburg may become one of those factors — but history is on Trump’s side.

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Professor Uses E-Learning Class to Demand that Students Vote Against Donald Trump

A New York “women’s studies” professor used her e-learning class to demand that students vote against Donald Trump. Now the school is taking action.



A New York “women’s studies” professor used her e-learning class to demand that students vote against Donald Trump. Now the school is taking action.

Janet Gulla, an adjunct assistant professor of women’s studies at Suffolk County Community College in New York, was seen during her Internet-based class telling students to vote against Trump, according to The College Fix.

“He’s had four freaking years of a chance and he’s done a crap job and he’s really ruining our country,” she said.

“Many of you this may be the first time that you’re voting,” she continued. “I’m sorry it’s such a contentious situation that you’re being thrusted [sic] into. If any of you do still think Trump … is a good person, I beg you to not only go into your heart’s center and think about this a little more, pull up all the stuff that he’s been doing to our country, taking away so many of our rights. He’s trying to turn this into more of a … dictatorship…”

Gulla supposedly teaches “Sexism and the Humanities” and “Women’s Health in the 21st Century,” according to the school website. Her entire field of “study” is a sham.

In any case, students were not happy that their teacher used her class to push her political ideals.

The school also took action.

The school’s director of communications, Drew Biondo, said that the school was “aware” of the video, but that they do not condone “electioneering by faculty in the classroom.”

College Fix added:

Newsday reports the “selfie-video shows a student’s face and the audio is allegedly of a professor during a live virtual class. The student’s father, Anthony Salvatore, posted the video Wednesday night on his Facebook,” adding that “Salvatore took issue with the professor urging students not to vote for Trump.”

“This is … not what we are paying to send our kids to school for,” the father reportedly posted on Facebook. “You have no business telling these kids who to vote for and we will be calling the school tomorrow!!! You should be terminated on the spot!!!”

Biondo added that the teacher was under investigation for the video.

“Pending an investigation of the content and context of that video, we have reassigned the faculty member involved in the video,” Biondo said. “Suffolk County Community College encourages any open and diverse discussion and exchange of ideas. The College does not, however, condone electioneering by faculty in the classroom.”

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