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Biden Pleads with Fellow Democrats to Leave Hunter Alone

As the impeachment battle grows larger, so too does the awareness of the Biden family’s business, and this has “Sleepy Joe” walking a tightrope.



Former President Joe Biden has found himself in quite the predicament during this latest “formal impeachment inquiry”, as a double-edged sword of truth swings wildly within our political realm.

The Democrats are now alleging that Donald Trump attempted to abuse his office for personal-political gain, but asking the President of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden’s son Hunter, and his business dealings within the nation.

While Trump facing impeachment would normally be cause for celebration among 2020 Democratic contenders, current frontrunner Joe Biden can’t rest easy.  You see, all this talk about his son’s time in Ukraine has been catching up to his campaign, and Liz Warren now appears destined to overtake the former VP in the polls.

This has led to Joe Biden practically pleading with his fellow Democrats.

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The Biden campaign is warning any presidential candidate who “calls themselves a Democrat” to refrain from repeating “discredited lies” about Joe Biden (D) and his son Hunter during the next presidential debate.

The Biden campaign is taking an aggressive stance in an effort to dismiss the mounting questions and concerns surrounding the Bidens’ business dealings in both China and Ukraine. The latter has become a particular point of interest in recent weeks, following President Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Democrats say Trump “pressured” Ukraine to investigate his potential rival, Biden, who played a key role in the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating Burisma Holdings. Hunter Biden served on the board, making $83,000 per month, despite a stunning lack of qualifications for such a position. The former vice president wanted the prosecutor fired and threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid, bragging about his ultimatum last year.

The campaign was clear in their message to the rest of the party, however.

A Biden aide warned anyone who “calls themselves a ‘Democrat’” from pushing the “discredited lies.” If they choose to do so, they “would be making a profound statement about themselves,” the aide said, according to Bloomberg.

“Aides to some of the other candidates in the debate say they do not expect their candidates to shy away from repeating their public criticisms,” Bloomberg reported. However, Biden’s Democrat rivals have largely refrained from talking about the Bidens’ questionable business dealings, focusing on party-approved impeachment talking points instead.

As the impeachment battle grows larger, so too does the awareness of the Biden family’s business, and this has “Sleepy Joe” walking a tightrope.

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John Kerry Profanely Curses Lone Congressman Who Voted ‘No’ on Virus Relief

President chimed in as well, calling the publicity stunt the work of a “third rate grandstander”.



First, the good news is that the federal government has passed an enormous, $2 trillion economic relief package aimed at helping Americans survive the coming economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic.  The bad news is that one of our elected officials exploited the legislative process to make a political point.

Here’s how it went down:

The House initially planned to pass the coronavirus stimulus package by unanimous consent or voice vote with a skeleton crew of legislators present in order to minimize the risk of spreading the coronavirus among its members. The body, under its rules, can pass legislation by unanimous consent – with no representative in the chamber objecting – or a voice vote — an exercise in which those for and against a bill yell yea or nay, and the loudest side wins.

But either method can be shut down by a “point of order” from a member who could argue a lack of quorum, meaning less than half of the House’s total members are present in the chamber. At that point, it would need at least 216 total members present to hold a recorded vote.

Massie has indicated to House leaders, despite significant efforts from Republican leadership, that he may force a recorded vote by suggesting the lack of quorum. House leadership is also concerned a handful of other members –Republicans and Democrats – might be considering taking the same action.

That threat forced several elected officials to travel back to DC in order to vote – an unnecessary risk to health and resources.

President Trump was quite unhappy with the move.

Then came John Kerry, former Secretary of State, to pile some additional shame on Massie.

“Breaking news: Congressman Massie has tested positive for being an a–hole. He must be quarantined to prevent the spread of his massive stupidity,” Kerry tweeted. “He’s given new meaning to the term #M-sshole.”

Kerry added: “Finally, something the president and I can agree on!”

The Commander in Chief acknowledged Kerry’s take.

We should allow this brief bit of profane bipartisanship to guide us in these troubled times, because if John Kerry and Donald Trump can agree on something, then Americans can come together to defeat this dastardly COVID-19.

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Trump Approval Rating Takes Unexpected Turn in Nation Crippled by Coronavirus




One would think that we cooped up Americans, stressed as ever as to how long we’ll be confined to our “social distancing”, might be angry at the world.  But we’re not.

Some of this ironically hopeful sentiment comes from knowing that, when the chips are down, US citizens unite.  Instead of bickering and dividing, a great many of us shove the national electorate into a grandiose, higher life-form.  We’re no longer Americans but, instead, we are America herself.

And, despite what you may see on the evening news, or on the surface of the mainstream media, this cohesive unit is rooting for President Trump’s success with everything that we’ve got.

So far, we like what we’re seeing.

President Trump’s job approval numbers are surging to the best figures of his 3.5 year-old presidency.

According to the RealClearPoltiics poll of polls, Trump’s approval rating sits at a very healthy 47 percent, beating his previous record of 46 percent by a full point.

What’s more, Trump’s disapproval rating dipped to 49.5 percent, his best showing since February of 2017, the month after he assumed the presidency. In fact, this is the first time his disapproval rating has been below 50 percent since February of 2017.

Here’s some context…

Ten days ago, Trump’s average approval rating was three points lower at 44 percent, while his disapproval rating was 3.5 points higher at 53 percent.

In just a little over a week, Trump’s numbers have improved by a net 6.5 points.

You see, he’s not my President when times are well and angst is all that the left has.  But when we’re backed into a corner, all of that partisan lip flapping goes right out the window.


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Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Tweets Support of Neighbor Who Assaulted Rand Paul

This was simply incorrigible.



So much for Americans sticking together in this time of need.

While teamwork may be the name of the game for many during the COVID-19 crisis, there are some rather apparent gaps in that thinking – particularly in the realm of American politics.  Of course, some of the issue seems to stem from the “resistance” and their undying devotion to disrespecting The Donald.

But there are other targets out there as well, including Senator Rand Paul who recently tested positive for the deadly virus.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s daughter Christine took an ugly cheap shot at Paul on Twitter this week.

Christine Pelosi, a political strategist and daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is under fire over a tweet that appears to endorse the 2017 assault of Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., after the lawmaker revealed he tested positive for the coronavirus.

Paul’s announcement this past Sunday that he had contracted the virus led some other GOP lawmakers to self-quarantine, including Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah.

Washington Post congressional reporter Paul Kane echoed Romney’s concerns about contracting the virus because of his wife, Ann Romney, who has multiple sclerosis.

“He told us the other day his biggest personal concern was not getting this because his wife has MS. Now he can’t see her for almost 2 weeks,” Kane tweeted.

“Rand Paul’s neighbor was right,” Christine Pelosi reacted Sunday evening.

Paul was tested for the coronavirus before he showed any symptoms, which is rare, due to the fact that part of his lung had been removed after he was brutally beaten by his neighbor, placing the Kentucky Senator in an “at-risk” population with preexisting conditions.

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Hillary Clinton Accused of Absurd and Pedantic Plagiarism of Fellow Liberal

For many voters, both Democrat and Republican alike, the real joke is that Hillary Clinton has remained relevant all these years. 



Hillary Clinton doesn’t need much help in being envisioned as some sort of villain; she plays the part extremely well all on her own.

Clinton has cultivated quite the reputation for herself over the course of the last few decades.  She’s ruthless, cold, calculating, and omnipresent within the Democratic ranks.  She drives the liberal narrative by tweet and speech, while assuming no political risk herself thanks to her independent wealth.

In 2020, Hillary has heaved herself into the fracas on the regular, lobbing shots at both President Trump and Vermont Senator Bernies Sanders…much to the ire of the Democratic voters.

Now, as if Clinton wasn’t already loathed enough, she’s apparently stealing jokes from comedians.

On Monday, the two-time presidential whiffer tweeted, “Please do not take medical advice from a man who looked directly at a solar eclipse.”

The joke obviously refers to Donald Trump and that fake news moment of 2017 when the corrupt media claimed the president looked directly into the sun during an eclipse.

Even the far-left Boston Globe was forced to concede that “videos showed that Trump wasn’t as cavalier as the still images made it seem: He looked up for a brief moment with his naked eyes beforehand in what appeared to be a joking manner before putting on his glasses.”

But here’s where it gets weird.

Anyway, regardless of the truth, a meme was born, which Bill Maher took advantage of a couple weeks ago, with this joke….

“Trump said he had a hunch that the virus wasn’t as bad as the World Health Organization says,” Maher tweeted on March 7. “So on the one side, you have the World Health Organization. On the other side, you have a guy who stared at an eclipse.”

For many voters, both Democrat and Republican alike, the real joke is that Hillary Clinton has remained relevant all these years.

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Quarantined Senators May Show Up In Hazmat-Like Protective Gear To Vote



Quarantined senators may show up in hazmat suits to vote.

There is talk that if push comes to shove the GOP senators who are quarantined may show up in the Senate to vote while wearing hazmat-like protective gear.

American Mirror:

Despite vows not to vote for any package from the White House, notwithstanding House Speaker Nancy “Nanking” Pelosi (D-CA) writing a bill of her own, although media attacks persisted on the GOP legislation, it looks like today the Senate will vote for the nearly $2 trillion Trump relief package and send it to the president for his signature.

“Nanking”? Well, if the Democrats are going to do the bidding of the Chinese Propaganda Ministry their public labels ought to reek of it.

Shanghai Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and the Democrats have given way on more than several budget proposals they tried to include in the bill that had nothing to do with the virus.

So far the GOP only had to agree to an oversight mechanism for a business fund that will be used by the Federal Reserve to pump more than $4 trillion back into the economy.

DC GOP insiders say that oversight was intentionally left out of the plan by the president, knowing the Democrats would balk, so that he could look like he was compromising on something he had already planned on doing.

It’s the old political trick of asking for the stars so you can get the moon.

There is also word that if push comes to shove the GOP senators who are quarantined may show up in the Senate to vote while wearing hazmat-like protective gear. More

I am very glad that we have a great leader like President Trump in charge during this time of crisis. According to reports from the Los Angeles Times and Bloomberg News, the federal stockpile of N95 respirator masks was depleted under the Obama administration but never replenished, despite two separate recommendations to do so.

Republicans must do whatever necessary to stand firm against all of the unrelated pork Nancy Pelosi tried to push into the bill. With November coming, both parties are being watched closely.

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Rand Paul, Under Fire for Expedient Virus Test, Reminds Nation of Underlying Condition

Will this statement quell the masses?



This week, America and Americans have turned on a dime.  We have adjusted our intent and our output in order to fully engage a deadly global pandemic known as COVID-19.

Businesses large and small have begun to lend a hand in the effort to curb the spread of this highly contagious and serious virus.  Small town breweries and distilleries have repurposed their equipment for the purpose of making sanitizer-strength alcohols, while Ford and Tesla have both offered to shift production from vehicles to ventilators.

But there has been some concern among We The People regarding testing and treatment, particularly as we see NBA players and other celebrities gaining access to medical professionals at a time when many of us regular ol’ citizens cannot.

In the case of Senator Rand Paul, who recently tested positive for the virus, the politician is assuring the nation that his ability to be expediently tested had nothing to do with this status in society, but rather, his pre-existing lung condition that could make him an “at-risk” patient.

“I believe we need more testing immediately, even among those without symptoms. The nature of COVID-19 put me – and us all – in a Catch-22 situation. I didn’t fit the criteria for testing or quarantine. I had no symptoms and no specific encounter with a COVID-19 positive person,” Paul said in a statement. “I had, however, traveled extensively in the U.S. and was required to continue doing so to vote in the Senate. That, together with the fact that I have a compromised lung, led me to seek testing.”

Paul revealed in August that he had undergone surgery to remove a part of his lung damaged during his 2017 assault by a neighbor.

Paul noted that despite the diagnosis, he remains asymptotic of the illness that has infected over 40,000 people and killed 479 in the United States. He then pushed back on criticism of his decision to undergo testing, arguing that had he not sought out a test, he may have still been interacting with others on Capitol Hill, putting them at risk of infection.

Let’s hope that the statement sits well with the country.

Americans are already furious over Congress’ lack of action on a virus-related economic stimulus, and any perceived privilege received by Rand Paul certainly wouldn’t go over well.


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Joe Biden’s Age Shows as Candidate Seems Confused About ‘Teleconferencing’

Every day, Biden’s potential pick for Vice President becomes more and more important.



Over the course of the 2020 election, there have been no shortage of concerns regarding the mental acuity of former Vice President Joe Biden.

The septuagenarian candidate was a late comer to the 2020 race, but made quite the splash upon entering, holding the top spot in the field for nearly the entire duration of his campaign.  His only really slip had come in the weeks before Super Tuesday, likely due to an all-hands-on-deck approach from the Bernie Sanders campaign to flood the national narrative ahead of the important contest.  Sanders has since been relegated to the first runner-up position after failing to gather any significant delegates in these important contests.

Despite Biden’s frontrunner status, there are still many who are worried that that former Vice President has lost a step or two in the cognition department, and that he may simply be too out of touch to effectively steer the ship of American governance.

A comment this week about teleconferencing seems to have stoked those fears.

Joe Biden has largely been absent from public view for the last several days, but on Friday, he told reporters he’s now heard about this newfangled gizmo that just might help him: teleconferencing.

During a call with reporters, the Democrat frontrunner said he is “desperately” looking to be in contact with Americans, and, “They tell me there’s ways we can do teleconferencing via us all being in different locations.”

Biden’s campaign team attempted to conduct a virtual town hall just days ago, but the event was plagued by technical difficulties.  The campaign then canceled another such event.

A fundraiser that was going to be held virtually on Thursday was postponed, and the campaign denied it had anything to do with last Friday’s debacle.

“We are really looking forward to convening with you virtually. As we are adjusting to all of the changes and still in transition, we would like to postpone our virtual event until next week. We will follow up shortly with the new date,” the campaign said in an email to donors, CNBC reported.

Biden has cemented his status as the presumptive nominee with his massive delegate gathering numbers, but he has yet to garner the trust or respect of the youth voting bloc within the Democratic Party – something that has many doubting whether or not he stands a chance against incumbent Republican Donald Trump come November.

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